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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Lake

fetish Naxos 2018-06-27

She looked sexy underwater as she swam around the fat wooden dock posts below in the clear water. Pulling with my arms I tried to reach the surface but she held me down by my Speedo in one hand and her fingers wrapped around a metal ring in the other. Taking a deep breath, and still with her hand between her legs, she dove and disappeared beneath the splashing water. I tried to thrust off the bottom and on to the surface but without a lot of air in my lungs for buoyancy, I had a hard time reaching ascending. I accidentally tried to breathe too soon and got a mouthful of pussy juice and lake water.


On Display: A Mannequin Fetish, Part 1

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-06-27

"I didn't bring one, but I'll be happy to email it if you'd like." The store clerk seemed pleased by Michelle's enthusiasm and eagerness, though in taking a careful look at her appearance, it did not seem that she would be a good fit for such a specialized boutique. "It's good to see you here Michelle," said Cecilia, the lady with the angled short black hair, now wearing a long red sweater dress that appeared to be cashmere. In a lavender floral print dress and dark purple heels, Michelle confidently admired her display work as a very attractive couple entered the store; a man and a woman in their mid-twenties.


fetish Adagio 2018-06-27

As I watched him saunter my way, I knew my dark veil did little to disguise my arduous desire to expose his kinkiest obsession. With a glint in my eye I placed the urethral sound bar deep within his now growing prick. As the bar tolled, her smooth tongue voluntarily explored the underbelly of my prick, and I was trapped like prey. Knowing that he would be mere putty in my hands, I couldn't disguise my own thrill at the thought of preying on his kinky obsessions. I could hear his guttural moans as I stroked and sounded his pork covered prick while now vigorously humping his crooked, gnarly foot.


Jill - Chapter 5 and 6

fetish Heel 2018-06-27

I propped her casted leg on a stool, stole a glance at her toes and handed her the remote control. She kicked her pump off and rested her right leg on the couch, then glared angrily at the cast. “I like this predicament of yours,” I said and knocked on the cast. “I know you can’t forgive me,” she said and withdrew her hand. “George, how long do I have to wait?” she said just before I handed her the t-shirt. Five minutes later, she appeared, leaning on her crutches, and dressed only with a t-shirt and a cast. Don’t be silly!” she said, and her casted toes curled up as if to convey some kind of emotion.

Do You Know?

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-06-27

She grabbed him, running her fingers through his short hair, then pushing him back so she could look at his face, into his eyes, feeling that no matter what had happened in her life with men, despite the rude treatment and the humiliation, it had all led up to this moment, with the man she'd craved for months. It was always slowly; of the few times he watched tickling videos, he couldn't get excited by the men who looked like they were jabbing their fingers into the ribcages and armpits of their victims. Jane happened to be the perfect height for what he wanted to try next: tickling her feet with one hand, and gently working his way up her thighs to the flesh in between her legs.

To Spank a Schoolgirl

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-06-26

Every day it was something different, a short skirt that would lift up to reveal a pale ass (perfect for spanking) as she bent over to pick something up on her way up the stairs to a lecture seat in the back, lowcut shirts that made the most of her considerable cleavage... "You see, I've always wanted to sleep with a person of authority in my life," a pale white hand reached up and brushed back one long ponytail over her shoulder, then began unbuttoning her blouse, "And lately, I've mostly been thinking about sleeping with a teacher... Steadily he turned that lily white ass a bright pink, by now she was whimpering every time he hit and her demeanor wasn't nearly as confident or self-assured.

How I Became Big Sister's Sex Slave

fetish uselessslave1888 2018-06-26

The guy behind Karen really picked up the pace then, slamming his cock into her as hard and fast as he could, pulling out the entire length and then driving it into her until his balls slapped against her red ass cheeks, making her scream and moan as she continued to deep throat the blonde in front of her. "I knew you would, Brian; you're such a naughty little slut-boy." With her fingers still embedded deep in my hole, Karen rummaged in the bag with her other hand for a moment and withdrew a small red butt plug, narrow at the tip and widening out to a flared middle section before narrowing again where it met the t-bar at the bottom.

Olivia Takes Spring Break

fetish Perimedes 2018-06-26

This raised my ire a little as I had told her that I wanted her smooth shaved when she arrived. I reached around and stroked her little bottom as I started to kiss and suck on her slit. Olivia began to coo as I continued kissing, sucking and began to lick the top of her clit hood. “Oh, Daddy,” she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair and gently held my head in place as I enjoyed my feast. I sucked and flicked at her little nub until she was grabbing my hair and grinding on my face. I put my arm around my little girl and we began to kiss. She then began to lick the head a little before sliding her lips over the end.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-06-26

Claire did not hesitate to take the younger woman in her arms for a warm hug and she ran her hands then down Karen's sides and cupped them below her bottom cheeks as she helped her up onto the commodious bed. Karen daringly ran her finger over Claire's large protruding labia right down through her legs and the hair there to dab at Claire's puckered little anal rosette. Being treated as a younger person appealed to the soft side of the highly assertive Claire, who giggled like a schoolgirl and said, "I will, yes, if you decide to let me, mommy." When Claire finished enjoying her cum, Karen again probed the dark puckered anal opening with her index finger and again felt the imminent need Claire was having to sit on the toilet soon.

Black Love In Somalia

fetish Samuelx 2018-06-26

While at the University of Ottawa, he met a lovely young Somali woman named Aisha Khaled, and sparks flew. This gorgeous, scantily clad Somali-American chick was decidedly different from any of the Black Muslim women he'd met in Ottawa. That night, Laban Suleiman went home, and thought about Khadija Osman, the sexy Somali-American chick who took his breath away. Khadija and Laban walked through the Carleton University campus, which she knew fairly well in spite of only having moved in a couple months before. Laban Suleiman was mesmerized by this gorgeous, absolutely amazing young Black Muslim woman. A few months later, Laban Suleiman and his new lady Khadija Osman flew from Ottawa, Ontario, to Calgary, Alberta.

A Little Sexy Fun For Robert

fetish Mysteria27 2018-06-26

Both girls kneeled down and licked Denise’s panties that Robert was wearing. Pamela was stroking his cock, while Denise licked his cock through her soiled panties. Pamela got on her hands and knees and Robert was licking her ass and pussy, while Denise slid her cock into her boyfriend’s ass. Denise grabbed Robert’s hips and slid her cock deep into his ass. Denise then kneeled down in front of Robert so he could lick and love her pussy and ass. Robert was licking and loving Denise’s ass and pussy. Pamela was fucking Robert’s ass good and hard. Denise then got up and she started to jerk her boyfriend’s cock and shoved his cock into her mouth, while Pamela fucked her boyfriend hard and fast.

Kelly's Awakening Pt. 2

fetish mature_nylons 2018-06-26

We carried on chatting like this for a while until the wine was finished and Victoria said, "I have an idea, I'm going to show you just how hot it is to have that much power over a guy." The thong was pretty, I have worn them in the past but never found them particularly comfortable, however after seeing how good Victoria's ass looked earlier I wasn't NOT going to wear it. It wasn't happening fast enough for me, I grabbed the gusset of the pantyhose with both hands and pulled tearing a large hole, Victoria's £20 tights were ruined and I couldn't give a fuck!

Old Friends, New Loves (part five)

fetish Green_Man 2018-06-26

I was so happy to be taken in by Kate and Pierce after my mother passed away from her battle with cancer. I laughed, thinking of the way I had whipped his brother's ass one night, giving him a little Mistress business. I laughed at the look on his gentle face, and then Kate and Pierce found us, and they asked us to come in and help make breakfast. Eventually Kate and Pierce said goodnight, and went into their room to retire for the night. When I decided I had enough of his mouth on my pussy I let loose a stream of piss onto his cock and his reaction was wonderful to see.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 06

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-26

"Coke and pussy my two favorite things." She said before pulling off my panties and burying her tongue in me. "That's it suck my cock, suck it like the whore you are." He said his ecstasy taking over his reason. "That's it Art, use this fucking whore." I said taking a big drag and exhaling on his large penis head. "You want to fuck this whore, you want to fill my fucking pussy full of cum." I said with true excitement. After an amazing orgasm I got on my knees as Art drove the large head through my pussy lips. "God Anna you're a great whore." He said smacking my ass one last time.

Restraining the Personals girl

fetish eroticus 2018-06-26

She was wearing a snug white T-shirt that outlined her upper body: hear breasts were nice C cups, just the way I like them. I lead her then into my living room, turned her around, and slowly and gently bumped into her, forcing her slowly backwards towards the large glass sliding door that gives out to my balcony. Once again, I let my hands do the walking over her body, slowly tracing her outlines. I started to caress her breasts with the palm of my hand, slightly teasing her nipples that are now erect. I took one nipple between my lips and started to pull them.   Then I walked her to the door, gave her a final kiss, opened the door, turned her around and removed the blindfold and then closed the door behind her.

Joe's Therapy Ch. 02

fetish Bernie54 2018-06-26

"Get your head under my dress, put your lips around my asshole and make a seal, I will push a stool in your mouth swallow as much as you can then bite it off, I will try to hold back, I do not know if I can, it is the first time I shit in a human toilet. He was already in position, so he nodded his head, he had dreamed about that scene often, so he put his tongue in her asshole and felt a stool coming, it was moving in his mouth, then it reached his throat that he open and he started to swallow.

Extramarital with Gail

fetish woreout 2018-06-26

She went from a shy little house wife and mother to a fully confident sexy inked model in that short time. She actually made her new friend beg her to come visit him at him home. The excitement of having sex with such and hot looking woman covered with sexy ink was to much for him. They dressed and sat together talking for a short time before she said she had to go. She figured if she dressed like this and if she happened to be late coming home she could explain it away as having been at the gym all day. She got to her friends house at ten , they talked for a short time and soon got down to business.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 07

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-26

"I'm taking Nicky to our aunt's house." She said as we polished off the lines. As I left the bathroom before heading home, I was shocked as Kaitlyn met me at the door. "Great." I said leaning over and taking the strange dick into my mouth. Kaitlyn had now started on a second cock her free hand finding her pussy, moans escaping from her full mouth. I could hear a knock from Kaitlyn's hole and knew she was taking a second load. "Fuck it, take that black cock in your dirty white pussy." I said firmly. The stranger responded depositing a load of black cum in her tiny hole. Kaitlyn showing me another black dick before engulfing it with her pussy.

Navel Sacrifice

fetish StrangeSounds2003 2018-06-26

I slowly kiss over your sweet little shivering "belly" as you dance and give your tummy to me - as I watch your soft little navie wiggling - as I stroke my fingers into your sweet little pussy. "Stab your baby's navie right, daddy!" you whimper, as I touch the dagger into your navel as I kiss your tummy - and slowly push it in, as you cry out hard and lift your navel to my dagger - as I watch it slowly slide into your little tummy. I hold my little "belly" baby - my very SWEET navie-sacrifice as you lay in my arms, softly brushing your lips on my bare navel and causing me to shudder and gasp.

The Art Of Shaving

fetish Raedigga 2018-06-26

  Still kneeling you affectionately apply baby oil to my skin with your strong hands slipping your fingers skillfully into me fucking me exquisitely while you begin to circle my navel languidly with your tongue, biting my waist sensuously, kissing my hips reverently then using your hot stiff tongue replacing your fingers instead parting my pussy smoothly and plunging inside until your soft full lips press mine.   “You make me feel so good” I moan and just when I think I have reached the pinnacle of my pleasure and I cannot go any higher you move me to the floor laying me down arranging my legs over your shoulders your chest against my thighs aggressively punishing my pussy delivering with all your strength each thrust penetrating me deeper each time than the last burying the plum colored head of your cock further into my pink depths.

total sissy humiliation

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-06-26

introduced myself to Lee, and within minutes had found myself dressed as a girl with his hard cock inches from my face. as I fastened them I heard lee say "mmm...blonde I think" I looked up as he opened the wardrobe....the camera stood on a tripod....behind it hung leather bondage chains and shackles....oh god! he knelt me down....then walked to the room door....he opened it, and there stood the guys from the bar downstairs....both naked...both erect.... "I told you she was perfect" said Lee...."and wait until you feel her mouth around your's like she was born to suck dick!" he said "fuck!...she could suck it" one of them said....quickly pulling my hard cock from my panties. Lee still Filming said "open wide slut....your about to swallow your tenth load tonight"

My Panties (Part 1 of 3)

fetish tcg 2018-06-26

I watched as Eddie grabbed a pair of my black satin bikini panties, and started rubbing the crotch area between his finger tips. “Mark I better go before your s****r gets home and catches us.” Eddie said pulling his pants up, and tossing my now cum covered panties back into the laundry basket for me to wash, as did my b*****r Mark. As I walked passed him in the kitchen to get a drink I could feel Mark looking at me, so I purposely bent over, knowing my white satin thong panties were going to slip out the back of the low cut waistline of my comfy pants.

That pinup is my wife

fetish woreout 2018-06-26

I enjoy looking at all the cool cars and I love showing my wife's body off as we walk around the shows. With her small frame she really doesn't need a full corset but she likes the way it feels under her dresses. I left and started walking around, as I looked at the cars my mind was on what my wife might be doing. I answered and my wife said in a very sexy voice do you want to come pick me up? How can you take a big cock like that without it hurting I asked. I said you let him fuck you in the ass? She said I gave him head for taking the pictures and let him come in my mouth.

Mindy's Destiny

fetish HungryGuy 2018-06-26

Guy's new girlfriend, Mindy, was serving cheese and crackers while Lillian, Shelly, Fuschia, Maria, Srinivas, Eric, Gamila, Al, Chin, Sue, and Eileen played Trivial Pursuit in the living room. Lucian, Lakeisha, and Neha stood admiring Guy's latest artistic creation: a life-sized nude girl, painstakingly painted in natural skin tones, sitting in a sultry pose on a black cube with her legs spread provocatively with her elbow resting on her knee and resting her chin in her hand. The pipe that Lucian pointed at continued from the bottom of the garbage disposal unit mounted on the ceiling directly under the toilet, and passed through a partially constructed false wall of fresh, new concrete blocks that formed a small room at the end of the basement.