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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wet Encounter

fetish NicolasSix 2018-11-19

I had been holding out for a long time for myself, and I was so hard that even though I was aiming at her tits, the moment I started pissing it went all over her. Once I finished pissing on her, she started licking and then sucking my cock, really moving her head; just on the verge of coming, she took me out of her mouth, aimed my bell end into her face, and wanked me off until my spunk was dripping down her face. As I had come, I was feeling quite placid, and did not expect what happened next; Susan pushed me down, and started grinding her pussy into my face.

Contest Ch. 09

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-19

"Yes, a very surprising development." Jared's voice was like the voice of doom behind her, deep and amused, but to her ears foreboding and ominous, "You see, Violet came here last night a little before midnight and asked me to help her complete a fifth task." Not long afterwards her tears and moans were heading straight into Violet's pussy, she was eating her friend out as Jared paddled her ass from behind. She wasn't even really paying attention to eating Violet out anymore, her ass hurt so much, but it didn't seem like her friend noticed too much, she was soon rubbing her pussy all over Danielle's mouth and nose as she came.

Disciplining Mom Ch. 10

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-19

Here she was, in charge of Emily's sisters, both older than she, and her mother, at home, but at the office, she was afraid that her use of the ladies room might start the gossip mill turning with sordid discussion of whether and how much she farted in the stall and whether she did a large jobbie that plopped loudly into the bowl. "Marian," she quickly added, "lift your little skirt, pull down those panties, and hold yourself open down there so the ladies may see what your pussy looks like after a little time with us." "I certainly can't disagree with the logic of that," Emily responded with a wide grin, and proceeded to thank Deb, as did Karen, for the time and effort she had clearly expended on training Marian.

Pee Slut

fetish dreambitch 2018-11-19

Then, I put on my sexy, black 4" heels as I decided it was time I head out of my home to fulfill the task my mistress commanded. So, it was one of those days when my mistress had ordered me to do something for her and, of course, I was gonna follow her command. So, around eight in the morning, I got into my car and headed out. I pushed my inside in order to release my piss while I stood at a public place, at eight-thirty on a Monday morning. While she did that, she attracted a lot of attention towards us and I had around eight people, male and female look at me while I pissed myself in public, like the dirty bitch that I had become.

The Pampered Pussy Ch. 01

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-19

Eventually Eugene was happy with the result and ran a comb through it several times, seeking any stray long hairs that would ruin his work of art. Eugene took his clippers and before fitting a comb, asked Tania how short she wanted the remaining hair. Once off the chair, Sue hastily retrieved her pants and panties, pulling them up quickly as Tania, who had remained naked from the waist down while Sue was trimmed, dressed herself slowly and carefully with many looks at Eugene and his obviously hard cock. Once again she gave Eugene a hug then they went out the door into the reception area, where Tania made a booking for a trim and shave for a week's time.


Mermaid Ranch Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-11-19

This incredible vision went on and on and a small timer in the corner of the screen showed that the girl was underwater for over 2 minutes and showing no signs of needing air! Not that she could stay underwater forever, as the timer moved into the 3 minute range and approached 4; she started choking on the water and appeared to be drowning! As he was on the surface a naked woman swam down and gave her air before she started to drown for the second time. This time the man and the woman started fondling each other leaving the girl trapped underwater begging for air with her eyes.

Black Femdom Among Somalis

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-19

The big and tall young Jamaican dude is freaky and was afraid of his freaky side until he met me and realized that it's okay to be black, male and freaky. I rubbed my strap-on dildo against Rupert's asshole, and the brother turned around and looked at me. "Time to get fucked, my brother," I said, laughing as I playfully slapped Rupert's ass while fucking him. I absolutely love fucking a black man with my strap-on dildo. Now, as a dominatrix, I've dealt with men of all races but brothers have the nicest asses and they're more fun to fuck. Rupert is six-foot-two, dark and handsome, and big, just the way I like them.

The Best Massage

fetish SarahMarelli 2018-11-19

She felt a shiver run through her as his hands worked their way into the crack of her ass, and when he gently forced her legs apart, she offered no resistance as they moved down into her crotch and began working on the inside of her thighs. As he worked up and down her thighs, she moaned softly as the back of his hand continually bumped up against her now very aroused pussy. “What ever you're going to do just do it, I'm fucking going crazy here.” Taking his left hand, Sergio opened the folds of Sami's outer lips, and just like that, slowly sank the huge sex toy deep inside of the middle aged woman's cunt until all eight inches were buried to the hilt.

Pretty Feet

fetish NymphWriter 2018-11-19

“You sure did make quite an impression on Mr. Cagaha,” said Ciera with a smile. “Oh… you never know,” Ciera said, touching my leg gently and she gave me a sly smile. I began to think about what Ciera had said about the impression I had made on Mr. Cagaha and what he would want to talk with me about. As Ciera finished up, I asked, “Do you think I bothered Mr. Cagaha with my Groupon the way I did the receptionist?” He smiled and said, “I knew your feet would be amazing, but now I can taste your pussy is as well.” I grabbed my purse and began to leave when he said, “Don’t forget your money, Pretty Feet.”

Playing the Part

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-19

While her mind wandered, Abby knew that many men had said the kinds of things her agent just told her. Abby reminded herself she'd at least be able to work with Dylan and knowing the script wasn't likely to change, it meant he'd be kissing her a whole lot of times during the next several months, and Abby just couldn't see any downside to that. How does doing photo shoots have anything to do with smoking?" Abby was already very irritated by the whole thing and Howie wasn't helping. Abby laughed and said, "I don't know about famous, but it is pretty great to finally get an opportunity like this.


Wet Passion

fetish NicolasSix 2018-11-19

She smiled and giggled and her breathing got even heavier, and I was just starting to squeeze her boobs through her top when she said again that she was desperate for the toilet. I don't know what it was, but the way those tight jeans were stretched around her gorgeous bum was turning me on and I knew that seeing them covered in her piss would be amazing. She took my hand away from my cock and said "I don't want you to come until you've seen my soaking wet knickers." Encouraged, I started to wank her off through her wet knickers, still kneeling on the floor while pushing her pants into her pussy.

Purple Socks

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-11-19

I saw my sister's eyes bug out as she looked down at my cock, still inside one of her fucking socks. Tammy got up and started walking around in her purple socks, making squishy sounds. My big gooey dick started getting hard again just watching my sister move about in her purple socks that were filled with my cum. While Tammy bounced her tits at me, her sock-covered feet wrapped around my pulsing cock and started stroking it. My sister had a big smile on her face knowing that she was pleasuring her brother with her fantastic feet inside her fucking socks. I was at the mercy of my sister's fucking socks as she moved her feet from the base of my cock to the head.

Celebrate Black Power & Erotica

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-19

Larry and Mindy Watson, as the redneck couple was called, were trying to get to the State House. Well, they didn't seem to be too suspicious as to why a well-to-do black couple would spend time with a pair of loudmouthed rednecks who didn't think much of liberal Massachusetts for voting a black man as their current Governor. Racist rednecks like Larry and Mindy Watson will think twice about calling our hard-working black political leaders a bunch of politically correct uppity fools. Right now, Sharon is sucking my long and thick black cock while slowly shoving a dildo up my ass. Lots of big beautiful black women have these huge, fantastic-looking butts seemingly made for anal sex yet most of them won't let a brother's dick anywhere near their asses.

The Hijab Hunter: Happiness

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-19

I came into the world a couple of years later, and for some reason my parents felt the need to leave racially diverse, progressive Montreal for the urban wilderness of xenophobic and openly racist Quebec City. Last week you got to fuck my ass so tonight I get yours, I said as I donned the strap-on dildo. I made him suck my plastic cock and when he finished, I pressed a special button on the dildo, spewing hot artificial girly cum all over Toussaint shocked face. Once more the dominant man I know and love, Toussaint smacked my big ass and buried his face between my tits as he slammed his dick into my cunt like there was no tomorrow.


That pinup is my wife

fetish woreout 2018-11-19

I enjoy looking at all the cool cars and I love showing my wife's body off as we walk around the shows. With her small frame she really doesn't need a full corset but she likes the way it feels under her dresses. I left and started walking around, as I looked at the cars my mind was on what my wife might be doing. I answered and my wife said in a very sexy voice do you want to come pick me up? How can you take a big cock like that without it hurting I asked. I said you let him fuck you in the ass? She said I gave him head for taking the pictures and let him come in my mouth.

A Surprise Ass-fucking in Panties Part 2

fetish hummmph 2018-11-19

The once hot cum in the front of my panties is now cooling against the front of my crotch as I try my best to walk, still weak at the knees, down the street. I have a panty crotch full of cum here, which feels fucking horny I must say - cold, but horny!” I exclaim. “Well, if that didn’t work, Humph, then I am going to have to go to a little bit further to sort you out because I want you hot and ready when we get back to yours,” Emmy says with a hint of wryness. We just hold each other in a strong embrace the entire time Emmy is pissing through her panties onto my already wet and messy crotch, enjoying the taboo nature of what we are doing.

Black On Black Pegging Is Amazing

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-19

I am happily married to Clifford Lalonde, a big and tall, handsome Black man originally from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. Clifford laughs at me and tells me that I don't have what it takes to dominate a strong Black man like him. It looks like this time my sweet Clifford is actually surprising me by holding on a bit longer than I thought he would. I pounded into his ass, loving the way the dildo's hilt rubbed against my pussy as I worked it into Clifford's asshole. Clifford lay there and took it as I thrust my dildo deep into his ass, loving the way his hard ass yielded to my powerful thrusts.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 03

fetish mceh501 2018-11-19

I was starting to get used to it when he said, "Alright now, we're gonna see how much of this we can fit down that pretty little mouth, okay?" "You were supposed to swallow before I hit you gag reflex, let's try it again." He started edging his cock deeper again, and once I felt it getting too deep I tried to pretend I was swallowing pills, like he said to do. I knew you were a nasty little cock-lover." I couldn't breathe so I "tapped out" so to speak, on his ass to let him know. "Ooh, Jon. I'm starting to get a tingly feeling in my ass, keep fucking me," I said. Fuck me with that big stiff cock, I want it my ass!!!


Debbie's Awakening Ch. 03

fetish jlenil 2018-11-19

She clasped it between her lips, took another puff, and announced, "Sure Bernice." Gus was uncharacteristically quiet, knowing that Debbie was aware of his bulge, and he certainly did not want Bernice to notice it. Bernice laughed as she took another drag from her cigar and said, "I'm having too much fun to leave Gus. We can stay." Debbie took a deep drag on her cigar and blew the smoke into Gus's face. This is the kind of spice that can make us the kind of couple we used to be." Bernice put her cigar to her lips and puffed a few times, then kissed me, releasing the smoke into my mouth. Bernice interrupted me and told me that she wanted Gus to watch me fuck her while she smoked her cigar.

Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 2

fetish drenchme 2018-11-19

Later on I discovered through my mum that Grace would be away on the coming weekend and I had been volunteered to feed her cat. Not something I would normally be too delighted about but as I took Grace’s spare key from my mum so many naughty thoughts rushed through my head! I could already smell the gorgeous musky scent off all her combined dirty washing, but with these panties being close to the top I knew they were a fresher pair. I could barely believe that I was holding an item of clothing where my sexy neighbour’s excited wet pussy had been less than 24 hours previously.

The first time I saw my wife being fucked

fetish woreout 2018-11-19

Well when I told Linda about me inviting Tim to come with us she asked what I had planned? As Tim was in the shower she and I where in the room , I told her to look at the pool and see if anyone was in it. Well it was your idea from me to go commando she said, it's almost like you want Tim to see my pussy and ass. I said Tim and I are headed to the pool, when you get cleaned up come on down. At the pool I told Tim he is welcome to have sex with Linda any time he wants to. The rest of the week consisted of Tim and Linda fucking once during the day and she slept in his bed.

Surrender by Surprise

fetish Resident 2018-11-19

"Fine," Veronica muttered, opening her mouth to welcome the starved member inside, the hot silk of her glossed lips gliding slowly down the head until only the blushed crown was inside. Veronica pulled her mouth from Allan’s plush corona in favor of kissing a path up his stomach. Giving one last suckle, Veronica pulled away and moved upward to kiss Allan’s expressive mouth. Allan met her lips with almost the same intensity as she, generously opening his mouth for her; moving his tongue against hers; elevating her craving. He bit his lip, groaned, and released small bleats of pleasure every time her tongue expertly swept the strip of flesh beneath the head of his cock.

Cordelia's Feet 6 - The Queen Bee's Play

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-19

All these feelings of shame that had built up almost unbearably high inside me evaporated in the blink of an eye, and instead of wanting to flee and hide – as I probably should - I felt the need to jump up and scream, “Yes, it’s me! Cordelia came too, trembling and making the sweetest whimpers, and she fell back into the chair, one hand clutched over her pussy, eyes closed and her face full of bliss. Images of Cordelia appeared in front of my closed eyes, her pretty, soft pussy lips stretched around the huge rubber cock, and that look of bliss on her face I had seen earlier.

Allison & Clark pt1

fetish tcg 2018-11-19

""You do know what that means, right?" he asked slowly, struggling to get the words out and breathe at the same time. "Damn, I guess Warren was right, I do smell pretty bad." When she stood after blotting herself, he noticed that her pubic hair looked like she had tried to trim it with a weed whacker, and he told her so. "Pretty good, actually," he replied, making her half giggle, half sigh as he started paying more attention to her clit. "It doesn't feel wrecked like most of the girls look on that website." After he finished washing her and she rinsed off, he handed her the loofah while they switched places.