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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish footlover95 2018-12-04

We started talking about old times, and she told me that she owned the shop. “You’ve always told me that you wanted to smell my feet, why don’t you give them a sniff,” she said. She removed her feet from my mouth and continued with the foot job. “Yes, just let me fucking cum!” I replied. “What the fuck did I tell you about talking to me like that,” she said. She let go off my balls and went back to stroking my cock, with her feet. Straight after I had finished Cumming she shoved her cum covered toes in my mouth and said,

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 02

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-12-04

Claudia assumed she'd be naked for the session, but she desperately wanted to make a good impression on Mistress Eva. She worried that her peach-colored dress, albeit relatively short, would be too vanilla in its image. Mistress Eva deflated the rubber anal plug and replaced it with a metal one that looked like 4 steel balls welded together. Claudia couldn't see her own shit on the inflatable plug as it was removed, she only felt Mistress Eva wiping something clean on the back of her white stockings. After picking up what looked like some kind of toolbox, Mistress Eva started pulling Claudia along cumbersomely by her chain and collar.

Black Woman Sodomizes Black Man

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-04

I place my hands on Jeremy's hips and shove the dildo into the big black man's asshole. I don't know why but I love fucking black men in the ass. I think it's because, in strap-on videos, you see Asian guys, Latin guys and White guys getting drilled by dildos but never Black men. I mean, could you imagine a strap-on video series featuring black guys getting fucked in the ass by women wearing dildos? In the porn industry, lots of white women love getting fucked in the ass. He's too busy screaming his lungs out as I ram ten inches of long and thick dildo up his tight black male ass. This black man loves a good and hard ass fucking, with him on the receiving end.

Black Mistresses For Black Sissy

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-03

I turned Abdul the macho Muslim guy from Somalia into Abby, my Sissy Slut. I admired Abdul/Abby's sexy Black ass in those pink panties. Time for the Black male Sissy slut to get her ass violated by this rather eager dominatrix. I asked my Black male bitch if she was ready to get fucked and Abby the slut nodded. I always wanted to tame a macho Black man and transform him into my Sissy Slut, my Cross-Dressing Bitch and my own personal Man-Whore. Finally, after getting fucked up the ass relentlessly by my strap-on dildo, Abdul/Abby the slut begged for mercy. I smiled triumphantly and pulled my dildo out of the Black male Sissy Slut's dirty butt.


Shaming Carly's Mum

fetish hairysurfer 2018-12-03

"And then I'll want you to bend over and pull open your huge flabby buttocks so I can have a good close look at your rancid, hairy asshole. You can start by opening up the front of your dress if you like and letting me have a good sniff right in that big fat crotch of yours." He made some pig like sniffing noises for effect. He was immediately drawn to a spray of coarse wiry pubes which hung out from the right hand leg hole like some kind of ugly black lichen. As the waist band rolled down, Smith feasted his eyes on the sight of her huge black bush as sprang free of her pants, at the same time releasing a flurry of loose curly hairs which floated down to the floor.

Roleplay With My Boyfriend

fetish sugarhotspice 2018-12-03

I decided to wear white jeans and a long-sleeve nude colored silk shirt with cutouts on the sleeves. A garage door opened, and he pulled me out of the car and threw me on a soft bed. I knew he was still wearing his socks, I could feel them when he got off the bed to throw his clothes out and grab something. He sat on the bed and rubbed the tip of his huge hard dick on my clit extremely slow while pinching my nipples and occasionally biting them. He licked and sucked my clit so hard I was angled towards his dick in the hope that he would fuck me as hard as he bit my nipples.

Joe's Therapy Ch. 06

fetish Bernie54 2018-12-03

"Bridget I will face sit him at diner then we will alternate every day." Diane said. He got in position as Diane was sitting her delectable ass on his mouth, he squirmed, his ass and his penis were sore. Slave I want scrambled eggs, toast and coffee" Diane said "I like serving Mistress Bridget but it is not as good as serving you Mistress Diane." He said. "Slave, I want iced tea." Diane said. I will have to shit in his mouth by the pool then." Bridget said with a wink at Diane. "Stay on your knees" Diane said as she straddled his mouth to pee. "Hey Diane, I just broken him outside." Bridget said laughing.

There's nothing like watching your wife fuck

fetish woreout 2018-12-03

I came in the house wanting to surprise my lovely little wife, the shower was running so I tip toed down the hall. It took all my strength to ask how long does he fuck without my voice cracking. She again showing superior strength very calmly said he can fuck for well over an hour at a time. She said yes, I drove over to his house wearing only a garter belt and stockings with my long coat over it. I said I want to watch you fuck him. She said he might stop if I tell him you want to be there watching. I quickly kissed her and as I held her face in my hands I told her I had watched them fuck.

A Young Stepmother Takes Charge Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-12-03

"Well," said Yvonne with some gravity, "I do think we shall have to correct this behavior of yours before it gets out of control altogether." With that fearful comment, she went into the closet and returned with an adult-sized diaper that she told Kathryn to move into diaper position on the bed so she could be placed inside it. "Now just to make sure you remember this occasion, darling," Yvonne said as a distraught Dennis remained in the humbling position over her lap, "I think you will need a few strokes from my cane to drive the lesson home."

The Lotus and the Flame - Part Two

fetish NancyAllbright 2018-12-03

‘That’s a kind thing for you to say,’ Farida finally managed, her heart starting to beat a steady tattoo. She looked at Anderson and felt his hand on her thigh. Farida felt Anderson's hand on the back of her head and he pulled her face close to his, so close she could smell his minty breath and the musk of his aftershave. She felt like she was frozen in time and everything happened in slow motion. Farida tried to pull her hand away but Anderson kept it clamped there. ‘If you want the grades and the result, we need to come to some arrangement.’

College Girl's Punishment

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-12-03

"No, Barbara," Glenda responded, with a slight smile, "it will do you good for them to see how we punish naughty girls who don't wipe themselves after they make doody." Glenda's last humiliating comment, using such a childish word to make it clear that Barbara had soiled her panties like a little girl, led Barbara to start quietly sobbing as she lay across Glenda's grey-skirted lap. With that, she and Linda rose and quickly said good-bye to Barbara who was still ignominiously lying across her stepmom's lap and showing the signs of the spanking on her burning red bottom and her tear-stained face. His wife knew that even hearing about Barbara's being spanked turned him on but she was waiting for a truly major occasion to invite him to witness her stepdaughter's humiliation.

Black Femdom Among Somalis

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-03

The big and tall young Jamaican dude is freaky and was afraid of his freaky side until he met me and realized that it's okay to be black, male and freaky. I rubbed my strap-on dildo against Rupert's asshole, and the brother turned around and looked at me. "Time to get fucked, my brother," I said, laughing as I playfully slapped Rupert's ass while fucking him. I absolutely love fucking a black man with my strap-on dildo. Now, as a dominatrix, I've dealt with men of all races but brothers have the nicest asses and they're more fun to fuck. Rupert is six-foot-two, dark and handsome, and big, just the way I like them.

The game

fetish OrionTat 2018-12-03

I counted down the last few strokes before she would start the non stop thrust to get inside me. She saw the smile and when I glanced upon her face I saw her smile and she twisted her hand and squeezed my prostate between her fingers and I couldn't stop the rush of come as it launched out of my cock. She grasped my cock still tingling from the orgasm and started a rough tight downward stroke and she forced her hand deeper and deeper inside me. Just about to the point where she would have pulled out and I thought this was over she twisted back to her starting position and resumed the cycle.

Wet Weekend

fetish radi0act1ve 2018-12-03

She felt like she was going to explode, but as Dean's fingers finally reached her pussy, a new sensation hit her. While he rubbed her pussy through her shorts, Dean's thumb drifted up slightly, and pressed ever so slightly against her lower belly- right over her bladder. Dean returned his hand to her pussy, now able to slip under her panties and rub against her slit. "Dean...stop!" Beth moaned as he went at her clit again, pressing between her pussy lips through the thin cotton of her panties. Getting a little excited herself, Beth looked around the empty parking lot, them leaned in and replaced his hand with her mouth.

Sometimes They Come To you

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-03

My own eyes are green, my nose is nice and medium, and I round off the works with a pair of dick-sucking lips that can caress a cock into orgasm before you can say, “fuck me.” The head looked like it would feel very nice scrapping hard on the way out of my pussy. My fat lips blanketed the shaft like hot dog buns as I licked, slurped, and smacked my way all over his cock. Suddenly I was being attacked from both sides, Jarred and Paul were savaging my cheeks with their own hard cocks, smearing thick gouts of pre-cum all over my face.

Janine & George Ch. 02

fetish hairybush 2018-12-03

I looked over at my master George, and my pussy almost flowed with juices to see him inserting a huge, thick cucumber into his hairy, brown shithole. With my eyes fixed on the huge vegetable going in and out of my master's fat asshole, I began sucking Janine's nasty crack for all I was worth. When she came down I was moaning from the vibrator up my nasty ass and our master's hard cock was sticking out from his bush, and the cucumber was protruding from between his thick hair covered assbush. George grunted and pushed hard, and the cucumber began to slowly emerge from his asshole like an enormous turd.

Black On Black Pegging: Hijabi

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-03

I saw this fine-looking Somali chick with a majorly big ass walking around with an Arab dude and as usual, I committed the cardinal sin of booty gawking. I looked at the bozo and I told him that if he tried trash-talking to a big Black man like myself, he'd get to Heaven and get his seventy virgins sooner than he thought. The Somali chick asked me if I was suicidal, walking up to an Arab guy and talking trash like that. Smiling cockily, the Somali chick told me she was going to fuck me in my black ass with her strap-on dildo. Yes, I am a heterosexual Haitian-American male who got fucked in the ass by a Somali woman with a strap-on dildo.


Karen and I, parts 1-3

fetish BlueEyedNick 2018-12-03

My first thought was: sure I can wear them under my boxers and no one will ever know but that plan went out the window when Karen specified with a giggle and that special smile she had - like poison come to dinner - that I was to wear no other underwear than those panties. Of course, I knew that this was somehow all related to the surprise reward she had promised for completing my birthday dare and the thought of what Karen might have planned for us kept me in an aroused state all through the school day. Having said this Karen took Molly by the hand and led her into her mum's bedroom, pushed her roughly onto the bed and pulled the yellow summer dress over her head exposing her naked body to me before climbing on top of Molly.

Friends Wife Andrea. chapter 1

fetish james141 2018-12-03

I told her playfully that she was a cheating slut and she replied by taking a massive drag on her cigarette and blowing the smoke in my face telling me that she had wanted to fuck me for ages. We snogged, hugged and Andrea had one final cigarette with me before I went home and said this was to be our secret and we would act normally around each other as I usually spent a lot of time in their house. Monday morning would soon come and I'd be having coffee in their house with Gareth before we started work as if nothing happened and him giving me the rundown of is weekend............To Be Continued

Hosed on the Street

fetish ahotwildcpl 2018-12-03

Whispering in Gibson's ear, "Baby, I want to give you a blowjob right now in front of everyone." I was squeezing his package through his jeans and getting ready to drop to my knees at the bar. We walked toward the exit door, then Gibson glanced over his shoulder making sure the bouncer was looking the other way before detouring me into a dark room off the foyer. As soon as we were in the car, Gibson pulled his pants down and told me, "Get back to work you dirty slut!" He pushed my head to his crotch, threw the car in gear, and drove off with me slobbering on his cock.

My Friends Girlfriend

fetish tcg 2018-12-03

Feeling a bit of a draft, I managed to tear my eyes away and look down to see that my cock had gotten so hard that it had pushed between the opening of my robe and was standing tall and proud for the entire world to see. "You know," I said, "I could sure use some inspiration about now." With wide eyes she looked up away from my hard cock and asked what I wanted her to do. She took them and looked at me for a few seconds like she didn't know what I wanted so I just smiled and told her to put them on.

Jill - Chapter 2 – La Donna e Mobile

fetish Heel 2018-12-03

“We have to place her on the table over there!” Pratt said to the nurse. “Could you please ask Moira to help us?” the doctor said. The doctor pulled a padded bar from under the stool, and adjusted it so that it propped up the calf of her injured leg. “The good news is that the fracture is not displaced and there is no need of surgery,” the doctor added. “This makes me brimming with joy,” Jill said scornfully. “I was reluctant to do it myself so I asked a big pick-up truck to help me,” Jill explained mockingly. “It seems you are serious,” Jill said and looked intently at the doctor. “We have only white fiberglass now,” Pratt said as he finished with the wadding.

The wonders of feet

fetish SeanR83 2018-12-03

As I was starting my routine with her foot I watched Alice slip her hand between her legs. She closed her eyes as she played with herself, groaning as I started to suck on her big toe. As I sucked on her toes, she rubbed her other foot up against my balls and the underside of my cock. I pulled away from her feet and spread her legs. I inched forward, pushing my cock into her tight pussy as I held her close to me. I pulled my cock from her quivering cunt and held her feet together. It took me all of ten seconds before my cock exploded over her perfect toes and feet.

The first time I saw my wife being fucked

fetish woreout 2018-12-03

Well when I told Linda about me inviting Tim to come with us she asked what I had planned? As Tim was in the shower she and I where in the room , I told her to look at the pool and see if anyone was in it. Well it was your idea from me to go commando she said, it's almost like you want Tim to see my pussy and ass. I said Tim and I are headed to the pool, when you get cleaned up come on down. At the pool I told Tim he is welcome to have sex with Linda any time he wants to. The rest of the week consisted of Tim and Linda fucking once during the day and she slept in his bed.