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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mariam Hanaffi Buys A Strap-on!

fetish Samuelx 2018-01-14

When I showed Jean-Bernard Guillot, my sweet J.B. what I brought home from my special shopping trip, the Haitian brother was grinning from ear to ear, folks. Before Jean-Bernard and I tried anal sex for the second time, I cleaned up in his washroom with soap and water, and we both got properly lubricated before beginning. It definitely took some coaxing and pleading, but I convinced Jean-Bernard, the macho Afro-centric brother from the island of Haiti to let me, his sweet and kinky Somali Muslim girlfriend, fuck him up the ass with the new strap-on dildo I bought at the adult video store on Rideau Street. J.B. moaned and groaned as I fucked him up the ass with the strap-on dildo, and at times he cried and complained like a little bitch.

Taser Sparkle Dances For Her Admirer

fetish fischer_mike 2018-01-13

Graham put down his drink, leaned forward and looked her in her eyes. She wanted to be fully naked, and sit down on Graham’s hard cock. Alexis opened her mouth and took his hard penis as deep in her mouth as she could. Alexis felt a hand slide up between her legs, following the inside curve of her left thigh. Exaggerating the movement of her hips, she started sliding her wet pussy over the hand. Graham got out of his chair, his hand grabbed the back of her neck and she was pushed towards the couch. He pushed her hard against the leather with his hips, and started to fuck her with long, slow strokes.

Last Request

fetish HungryGuy 2018-01-13

But I'd be lying too if I didn't say I might like to get laid one last time before I become a living statue for the rest of my life--while I can still feel my body and enjoy it." I'd let guys wrap me in rubber suits with a tube to breathe through, and keep me tied up all day, and fuck me at their whim, but it wasn't what I really wanted." He snaked the four feeding tubes into the base and dipped one into the can of soup, another into the jar of baby food, another into a small jug of fresh water, and the fourth into the jug of grape juice.


Quid Pro Quo

fetish bad_mann_ers 2018-01-13

Standing in the utility hallway and watching those two women go at it, I don't even remember pulling my cock out. "You probably don't know," she said, "that one of the first jobs that I got when I started my own plumbing business was replacing the antique pipes in this building. Her one hand still held the soft tip of my cock while the other reached up and gently turned my head back to the action in the restroom. I didn't look away from the action in the mirror until the blonde collapsed and the brunette had to catch her. I felt Hanna's mouth engulf my cock, and when she pulled away, I could feel her saliva dripping down to my hand.

Probed In The Name of Research

fetish Ivyvines 2018-01-13

He looked ready to answer and then let out a breath, “Uh, you’re gonna want a drink,” he told her as he lead her to his full sized bar with granite countertops and customized taps. “We aren’t even approved for use of the lab, where the hell do you propose this takes place?!” She started to feel hope bloom a little, but was angry at the thought of being let down again. These stirrups will push your legs back a little farther than normal OB beds, but I assume they aren’t that uncomfortable.” Sure enough, she scooted her ass down and he looked from her crazy blue eyes straight down to her perfectly round cheeks, smooth white thighs, and the most beautiful pair of lips he’d ever seen.

A written proposal

fetish besidethesea 2018-01-13

Now he couldn't move this was starting to seem a little less like a good idea, but as she walked back towards the cameras to set them to record, Emma removed her shirt and dropped her jeans, kicking off her trainers at the same time. David could hear she had moved he face close to his left ear, perhaps she was kneeling but the custard had blurred his vision so much he couldn't make anything out, even when he turned his head. Emma moved away with David's head uselessly trying to follow her, which is just what she wanted for the camera.

Anything For Georgetown Part four (the spanking and tickling scene)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-01-13

As delicious as she was, Houlihan didn’t want to actually touch her with his fingers or his body. Houlihan took his time moving the feather back and forth up those long, slender legs, once alternating back and forth between the tip and the pointy quill. She liked having her breasts touched, and she liked doing the private dances, and of course, the money was great … but those boys couldn’t get her to Georgetown. Still excited, she ran upstairs to her huge, pink and white bedroom, still looking very girlish, and got out a vibrator that made the little portable one she took with her on her special “dates” look like a pencil.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 06: Our Nude Wedding

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-01-13

I glanced away from Dudley towards Charles and noticed that he was facing away from me; noticing also in the dim light that he was kissing Shyla and had his hands busily involved caressing her breast and pussy. I felt Charles move, his body breaking contact with mine as he rolled towards Shyla, their lips locking in a sexy kiss as he positioned his hips against hers, his erect cock seeking an entrance. As we lay there, clutching each other in post-orgasmic bliss, I felt movement alongside me and turned my head to see both Charles and Shyla, and Eamon and Penny engaged in making love together.


Highway Stranger in the Rain

fetish stevebrum1975 2018-01-13

At that moment she catches me looking and says with a sarcastic annoyed tone, "Like what you see?" and then pulls the top of her dress together to cover her wet cleavage. By this time i have layed my seat back and was enjoying this stranger sucking my cock so much, the feeling of exctacy is overwhelming! I grab her foot and begin to kiss her ankle, I can see her mouth open and her body squirm just a little for the tickle of my lips on her leg. Just when I am over the knee I see her dress start to part wide open revealing her large breasts and her stomach and a tattoo of a butterfly just over the lips of her pussy.

Arab Femdom in Ethiopia

fetish Samuelx 2018-01-13

I seriously sexed Jamal Garrison down and hypnotized him using my awesome Black pussy. Having seduced Jamal Garrison away from the white sluts of Carleton University, I made sure I kept him. Jamal Garrison loves the taste of my pussy. A lot of Black men think if they let a Black woman finger their asshole or use a dildo on them it makes them gay. So, straight brothers, letting a hot sister plug your ass with a strap-on dildo does NOT make you gay. Jamal's dick actually got harder as I worked my eight-inch dildo up his ass. While fucking his ass with my dildo, I stroked his big Black cock.


The Cape

fetish ThePhantom 2018-01-13

As he tongue enters my mouth her small hands slowly run their fingers across the cape from my shoulders down to my hips and moans as she does it. I can feel her warm breasts pressing against my flesh as she begins to rub herself against the cool material of the cape. As she begins to gently slide it in and out of her sweet mouth I lower the cape and she disappears under a blanket of heavy black satin. Tina stops long enough to allow her arms to poke out from under my cape and circle my hips. Her hands run down the tall peaked collar to my shoulder where she hugs me tight and pressing her hot breasts against the cool front of my cape.

Ethiopian Femdom Chronicles

fetish Samuelx 2018-01-13

From wealthy Canadian, American and even Arab and Asian businessmen right here in Toronto to guys from places like Latin America and Eastern Europe. A native of Riyadh City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Wahid moved to the Confederation of Canada a while back and dealt in textiles and rare, pricy rugs. Wahid hadn't been to his homeland of Saudi Arabia in more than ten years and absolutely loved life in Canada. I've dominated my share of Somali men and Arab men but the Saudi guy was unique. Too many cultures in the Arab world and in sub-Saharan Africa reinforce the myth of male power and treat women like shit.


My blindfold fetish

fetish PetiteWife 2018-01-13

I'd been dating this guy named Rich, and we had pretty typical sex several times a week. So back with Rich, we had been having sex a few times a week like I said, and whenever he would get close to cuming, if I had my eyes open he would tell me to close them and keep them closed until he was finished ejaculating. So one time as we kissed I asked him straight up if he would like me to wear one. As I lay there glowing and musing, Rich soon after came inside me once again, moaning beastily, like a man getting sex after spending years on a desert island.

Sandra's True Nature

fetish Bernie54 2018-01-13

Euh... "Euh. It is "Honey where are you?" She called. "Do you understand to what you are agreeing to? You might not like it and there will be no safe word to bail you out. "I understand no safe word." He answered. He drank her juices; she was going to come again. She poured a glass of orange juice and called him. She ate her breakfast with him standing silently in the corner, watching her. He stripped on the spot. Then he heard her walk in. She drove to the mall and ate a light lunch. "Have some asparagus at lunch one day. He heard her car in the driveway and quickly stripped. "Honey I am home." She said when she was in the kitchen.


A Little Pee Game

fetish naughtyannie 2018-01-13

I never mind anyone else eyeing you up, because I know you’re mine and I’m yours and we don’t want or need anyone else. “Oh Annie, yes!” You don’t even pretend that you don’t want to - you’re already tugging your dress up. A long stream of your pale pee arcs out and splashes onto the steps, immediately starting to run downhill in a series of little waterfalls. You have your hand on your clitoris, rubbing it excitedly as you pee, watching our twin streams flowing down the steps in front of us. “Oh Annie, now I’m going to come!” A few more little squirts of liquid splash out onto the steps; I’m not sure if they are more pee or your vaginal juices.

A Wet Sleepover

fetish lunaswift 2018-01-13

Although she couldn't talk really, under her dressing gown she was naked, still nervous about revealing this in case Emma didn't feel the same as she did about the two of them, the years in between yearning for her friend, never knowing if she remembered the drunken things they did together as teenagers. Paul began to fuck Sophie, each thrust pushing his cock further inside her, feeling her tight moistness against the head of his tool with each shove of his hips. Emma just smiled, then got up and walked away to the bathroom, Sophie staring at her naked bottom as she left the room, wondering if maybe her dream had happened after all.

Under Her

fetish HungryGuy 2018-01-13

Of course, Tameka put Jack under her ass as soon as she got up and started writing her column. Tameka has had numerous toilet slaves at her service, and knew the horror that this one was experiencing in having a woman shit directly into his mouth for the first time. Tameka got in her bed and closed the light, saying, "Good night, slave." She was a little disappointed that he came so fast, but he was such an obedient and talented slave -- letting her sit on his face non-stop all day yesterday while drinking a near constant flow of piss and shit from her and then serving as her bedpan last night -- that he deserved his reward.

Project Sister Pt. 05

fetish Doctork053 2018-01-13

Finally Siobhan had my entire length in her throat as Cindy brought a cigarette to her mouth, spit running down her jaw, as our eyes met and she exhaled right at me. Angie gently held my face taking a deep drag, doing a french inhale, and slowly exhaling our lips almost touching. As she finished her cig her body was shaking and I worked my tongue as hard as I could as her juices flooded my mouth and her hands pulled my head deep into her orgasm. Her pussy grabbing my cock like a hand as she blew smoke in my mouth and we kissed deeply. "Hurry up and finish you still have to fuck my ass." Angie laughed exhaling her smoke on my softening cock.

Sweetest Sins

fetish Poppet 2018-01-13

I kiss him deeply, as he sucks on my tongue, tasting me and the chocolate mix. I begin to suck gently on him, wanting to taste the mix of both him and the chocolate. Sucking his cock out of my mouth hard, with a nice smacking pop I look at him with a giggle. His mouth never moving, teasing me still he dips two fingers into the chocolate before making his way between my thighs. He keeps thrusting inside me, fucking me with his chocolate covered fingers, his mouth biting and sucking harder. His fingers thrusting deeper, the slight sound of wetness making its slicking noise turns me more, as he bites my clit hard.

Harem Ch. 06

fetish MyCherryTree 2018-01-13

He understood some of Gerig's troubles, the man had been trying to have a son for eight years, likewise Adam had been trying to just get his wife pregnant at all - he was starting to suspect that she might be barren. So when Gerig mentioned his kingdom and his club fully stocked with pregnant women, Adam didn't believe him at first. 20 minutes into their flight his flight attendant Anika had come back to his seat and sat lightly on his lap, her pink pleather mini skirt uniform riding up high enough for him to see her dainty white panties. "Of course Mr. Adam," said the driver with a nod. She was an astoundingly beautiful Swede, over 6' tall, with long black hair, and a beautiful face with big blue wide set eyes and soft petals for lips.

A Slave To My Fetish

fetish UtahBrit 2018-01-13

She smiled as she lifted her foot again, sliding it up the inside of my legs until the toe pushed between my cheeks. "Did you want that nibble now Jerry?" she moved her foot higher and rested it on my chest as I resumed my kneeling position. I held it in front of my face and gently slipped her shoe off before bring it to my lips, kissing her toes then letting my tongue brush over her sole, over the deliciously curved arch of her instep to her rounded heel . I nibbled, kissed and sucked eagerly on each of her pretty painted toes, my fingers scraping gently up and down her instep, caressing her foot. She urgently pulled her dress up to her waist, spreading her thighs wide apart and sliding the tip of one finger up and down her slit until it slipped between them.

Cordelia's Feet

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-01-13

"Of course, Miss Wilkins." She quickly stowed her book in her bag, gave her friends a quick wave and sashayed to the front, looking like a young tennis star in her white tank top and miniskirt, where she sat down gracefully at the table right next to my teaching desk. "I’ve read those authors you mentioned, and I found them most…" She paused for a second, and I looked up into her eyes, "intriguing." She licked her lips, which glistened invitingly, like ripe, sweet fruits. "I can see it on your face, in your eyes," she purred, "you want to lick my feet, taste my yummy toes, suckle on them and worship them.

The Awakening of Ben's Foot Fetish

fetish Banes1 2018-01-13

"Mmmm, did I do that to you Ben?" said Corrine, while rubbing her long slender foot along the vertical bulge. "Ben, would you like to go out Friday night?" said Corrine, as she tried on the fourth pair of shoes. "I can help you with that problem, Ben." said Maxine, reaching out and placing her hand on the bulge that grows longer and harder under her touch. "Where are we going, Corrine?" I said as I reached over placing my hand on the hem of her skirt. Corrine placed my hand on her firm tanned thigh, looking at me she told me not to go any higher and to be patient. "Mmmm Corrine, I love the fresh clean scent of your feet," I said as started to kiss her big toe.

3-Day Stand, Part III

fetish Francisco 2018-01-13

He decides to pull out and does so with a two consecutive “blurps.” His left hand reaches up to twizzle the sticky white nipple on her left breast and his right hand coils over her thigh to hold her ass down on his face. The movement of his chocolate lips, revealing, in contrast, neon white teeth, sends her into paroxysms of laughter, Ruby rolls to her right on all fours facing the other direction and then turns like a brown bear on trout to lumber over his body and stare down at her prey. Still holding the bottle in her left hand, she slides forward so that her breasts drag up his belly until she is staring him right in the face.