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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Taz - Part 2

fetish hisbrattyslut 2018-09-15

He tries to pull me in his arms for a kiss and I slip out and tell him to go run a bubble bath for me and to light the candles in the bathroom. I hiss his name and tell him that he forgot the most important part and I stand up in the tub and turn to face the wall spreading my legs and exposing my ass. I run my fingers and hand over his hard cock making precum appear on his briefs. I then get the flogger and smack his cock, balls, thighs and stomach with the flogger hard several times as I tell him how badly he has behaved.

Jennifer Visits Ellen

fetish Jennifer540 2018-09-15

Peggy had gotten on the floor next to me to improve her view of this process and a couple of times grabbed my head and turned my face towards her to see and comment on the mess that was taking place all the while with Ellen telling her - see - isn't she amazing - Jen is going to do everything we ask of her. Peggy continued to hold her pussy open for my face so I used my hands to push her knees back and roll her ass up allowing me to tongue her more completely. Ellen pulled her shit covered fingers out of my ass moved them to my now open mouth and I began licking them clean as I knew I must.

Fucking my friend's wife on vacation

fetish wzzzyzk 2018-09-15

Like most people going to a resort, we wanted to hit the beach as soon as possible. As the sun climbed on the horizon people slowly joined us on the beach and I found myself not only enjoying the sight of Anna topless, but watching the men check her out as they walked by us. “So was it really that hot watching people check me out on the beach today?” She worked like a pro for a few minutes before pulling me out of her mouth and telling me, in detail, how she’d expose herself on the beach tomorrow for me.

Bob Dresses for Halloween

fetish LaffWithMe 2018-09-15

They looked like any couple dressed to go to dinner or dancing except that Casey wore a black eye mask and Bob wore a rhinestone crown on his head. My wife's gone off with a friend and I really feel like dancing", Ted said as he grabbed Bob's hand. Bob's cock responded, it grew stiff and hard, pressing against the tummy tuck panties, pushing out against the panty hose, making a bulge in the black sheath dress. On the one hand he was reveling in Ted's attention and compliments, had gotten more excited than he ever imagined when he felt the man's hard cock pressing into him on the dance floor.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 02

fetish Scribler 2018-09-15

While Josie went to take a shower I sat and contemplated what she had told "Go brush your teeth your mouth tastes like shit." Josie's sister told her "You didn't tell her anything did you Nick." Josie asked. "You are so bad Cathy, now Nick's going to think we've been taking about Nick if and when you meet our mother she going to seem like a tyrant and It's not like there's a chance that we're going to be married." Josie Do you want to marry me?" Josie asked after she ties into the fact that I am now wearing panties." Josie thought for a minute "It sounds like the husband are always on the losing end." I said

Their First Meeting

fetish reteps 2018-09-15

Remembering their conversations, he slid his hand down her belly to her groin, then gently up the parting of her body until he found her secret place with the tips of his ring and middle fingers. He removed his fingers from her and anointed his thumb, ball of his hand and his knuckles liberally with her secretions. He folded his thumb into the palm of his right hand and returned four fingers to her vagina. As he sensed that she had become accustomed to the intrusion, he started to move again, slowly, gently rotating his fist, pulling it slowly clear of her until his knuckles dragged at her flesh, then twisting again and returning his hand to its haven.

A Smoky Night At The Theatre

fetish fantasyboy 2018-09-15

Once again I glanced around and watched women enjoying a cigarette and quite a few took my fancy and I feasted my eyes on them as they inhaled and exhaled. As they lit their cigarettes I immediately noticed the tall one using french inhales to smoke and would then turn her head and blow a long plume of blue smoke through the centre of her lips. Then she took a deep inhale, took the cigarette out of her mouth, turned her head slightly a blew a long blue plume to the right of my face. Her mouth was slightly open and I could see the smoke in her mouth as she inhaled and then exhaled through her mouth with the cigarette still gripped softly with her lovely red lips and also through her nose.

How I Became A Witches Foot Slave

fetish klammer 2018-09-15

I couldn't believe it, but the next thing I did was crawl to where her foot was pointed at me and stuck her big toe in my mouth and started sucking! "Because of the potion, or does my toe just taste that good?" Diedra said giggling. I cook breakfast for the three witches and sit under the table sucking Diedra's toes as she eats. I spend most of my time in her room, either sucking the dirt off her toes, licking her filthy heels, or washing her dirty socks with my mouth. I am now nothing but a toe sucking slave to a young, red headed witch who hates men and is also my princess, with the constant taste of her dirty feet in my mouth.

Sharing My Wife's Feet in a Movie Theater - T

fetish cali19 2018-09-15

My hot wife then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my already throbbing cock and began sucking my hard cock while Alex fucked her soles. I then massaged my hot loads of cum into her soft perfect soles while she sucked Alex and jerked off his throbbing cock. Alex again massaged this big load of cum into her hot feet and then spent a few more minutes slowly tickling her soles and toes as she giggled some more between soft moans. I came several more times inside of her that night while licking her sexy soles and tickling them as my big hard cock fucked her cum soaked pussy again and again.

Moving Day

fetish Silini 2018-09-15

Luckily, I had a good friend, Niall* who drove a van and kindly offered to drive me and my many boxes to Dublin. Niall got a blowjob, Patrick got his kink satisfied, and I, well I just love sucking dick! Having arranged this in advance, Niall called to my house and we loaded the van as normal, with me saying goodbye to my friends and family and gathering my last minute possessions. I showed Niall around my lovely penthouse, all the while texting Patrick, whom I had told to leave, that I was about to get on my knees for another man. When we got to the bedroom, we wasted no time in stripping each other, the long drive heightening our lust for each other, and soon my lips were firmly around Niall's big, hard member.

Some English

fetish Theladder45 2018-09-15

She would always wear flesh toned nylons and that could quickly turn me on if I paid them any attention, which wasn't helped by her taking off her heels to walk the class in her nylon covered feet. "Not really, It's just I haven't really had a spectacular day." Over time I've learned that these talks go faster when I tell the truth, teachers always seem to see through the bullshit, or maybe I'm just not that good of a bullshiter. "Yes Miss Hallingsworth," I said, quickly pulling out my shaft and getting to work on lubricating her fruit flavored arches. "Yes Miss Hallingsworth," I said and put on her sexy flesh toned nylons and headed for the door.

Happy Birthday

fetish rhonda1125 2018-09-15

I told Travis I still wanted to be blindfolded and that anyone could touch my pussy but only he could finger me, that is if he wanted to. She has stated that you all have made her plump little pussy soaking wet and she would like to share in her delight." The crowd began to gather back around as he replaced the blindfold. Travis whispered in my ear, "That's the fourth different female that has held open those soaking wet pussy lips and sucked on that gorgeous swollen clit of yours. After a couple minutes he told the woman to come up there and suck my tits while he got a turn to eat the pussy every one else had a turn at.

Black Cock for Him and Her Pegged and More

fetish 425olds 2018-09-15

As Jay's cock softened he slowly withdrew and his cock fell against my lips; I immediately took it into my mouth and gently sucked him clean for a few seconds before Katie sat up, and still above my face, reached down and opened her pussy with her fingers, releasing a torrent of cum into my waiting mouth. Jay was really going for it with me, ramming his black cock in and out of me until suddenly I felt him stop, his cock buried deep up my ass and then I experienced the feeling of cum being fired deep inside me.  Tony pushed my legs back so my knees were against my chest and with one final thrust I felt his cock begin to twitch and the warm feeling of his cum spurting deep inside me, causing me to groan in pleasure.


The Lindy Series Ep. 08: Lindy's in Love

fetish PTWaters1 2018-09-15

She loved Helen and Clara both, but somehow seeing them together in such an intimate act left Lindy feeling almost betrayed. Holding Helen's hands, Lindy explained the feelings that had been lingering with her since last weekend, and did her best to not look upset or sad. Helen stopped pacing and looked deeply into Lindy's eyes, "That's because you don't know what it means to be in love. And I think I have been for a while," Lindy said calmly, making it clear she had gained a new perspective on her feelings toward both Clara and Helen. Lindy knelt before Helen, taking both of her hands, "At least I understand why you were feeling so guilty and you need to know that I don't hold it against you.

My friends step daughter

fetish Panty-Freak 2018-09-15

Told the guys I have to take a piss and went to the bathroom. I opened the white one up to the gusset and it was caked with girl cum. The white thong had an open gusset so I put my steel shaft inside of it. Started stroking my cock while the head was inside the gusset. Not even 30 seconds later with smell, my cock started erupting cum like a volcano inside the gusset. So I took the cum filled white thong and placed it in the hamper under a few pairs of pants. I had enough to drink plus I had a cute black thong to smell.

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 01

fetish yellowfrog 2018-09-15

I know I must have smiled inwardly: without looking up I could see from the corner of my eye Bob too smiled. Without waiting for an answer, I unbuttoned my blouse, giving Bob a full, albeit in-the-dark view of my flat chest and beige lace bra. Bob was looking at my face, at my hands, at my chest, through my bra seeking a glimpse of my hardened nipples. I smiled as I turned away, "Bob, I had already started to cum long before you even got there!" (Which was of course true: women can do it without so much show and fuss.) I smiled as I turned away, "Bob, I had already started to cum long before you even got there!"

Light / Dark

fetish lustybard 2018-09-15

The kiss has no touch of cruelty -- for pain here, in the fleshy lips or muscular, spiraling tongue, would bring no pleasure, only echoes of infernos. I have time to feel my own reactions, now while my tongue moves down to the hollow of your fine throat and my hand cups your breast, fingers still squeezing. My tongue licks up and down the cleft for a moment; but in the interest of my sensitive nerve endings, I mostly run the course with my lips and fingers. I am frantic, with no thoughts of breathing or of my own body -- I am a tongue at your clit and two hands reaching desperately for your nipples.

Futa Queen

fetish CrescentRose 2018-09-15

So Emily's job was simple (at least in Brooke's fucking cruel eyes): Go in, order her and her friends the most gargantuan meals that were offered (remember, it's the number nine combo she'd said) get fucked, literally for it, and bring it back to them. I should have fucked her into the next century when she first started trouble here." Diana sat in the chair beside Emily again kept going, "I have rules here, you see, rules that make sure everyone enjoys the experience. "You never gave Emily a real choice either." Diana said, unapologetic, "Maybe you'll learn something from this." Diana walked slowly behind Brooke again, trailing her hand along the teen's spine up the curve of her ass and very gently prodding her backdoor.

A slut is born

fetish basa930 2018-09-15

“come on baby you want it don't you, do you feel how big it is?” I was so lost for words I didn't know what to do until I felt Lisa pull me back to the store. I looked down at Lisa and noticed her legs were spread a little, her hands clutching the arm rests of the chair and her mouth open from heavy breathing. “now let's see those beautiful lips, he ran two fingers on my red luscious lips rubbing them back and forth “ooohhh beautiful lips sweetheart” the sound of him jacking off grew faster and I could hear him breath heavily “open your mouth for me sweetie, show me your tounge, come on stick it out”.

Favourite Fantasies #22

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-09-15

Looking in, I see Betty lying on her back completely naked, with her "companion" licking her cunt. Betty is wriggling around on the kitchen floor, moaning with pleasure, urging the "companion" on. Suddenly, she pushes him away, and spinning around on the floor, she grabs his prick and begins to suck him off. His cock plunges in and out as Betty pushes her ass back to him. “Let him fuck your ass,” she moans, “he knows how.” The "companion" jumps up behind me and begins to search for my asshole. The "companion"’s cock is filling my ass to the point of tearing it (and me) open. We collapse on the bed, the "companion" pulling out and hopping to the floor – my cock still in Betty.

Virgil's Story

fetish Blkkink 2018-09-15

Once Suzie had her completely naked, she pushed her down on the couch next to Trent, dropped to her knees, spread my wife's legs and started working Shanice's pussy with her mouth. Shanice looked back at Trent and said, "Baby, it's been so long since I had that big beautiful dick in me, please fuck me hard while I eat your hoes cunt, I want to scream into her pussy while you fuck my married cunt." I think Shanice knew what was on my mind, because she came up for breath from between Suzie's legs just long enough to say, "Virgil, get down between my legs while Trent if fucking me, I want your tongue on my clit while he is working my pussy.

Paid By The Foot

fetish lovecraft68 2018-09-15

The idea for this story came from a long time friend of mine who when we were talking about fetishes told me that back when she was in college there was a guy at a local club nicknamed "The Foot Doctor" who would go around offering girls money to be able to jerk off on their feet. "Hey, Keri, you're looking hot tonight!" Joe called from the middle of the group I'd waved to, "We didn't even know you had legs, let alone a pair like that!" "Tell you what, Keri, you are a pretty girl." Joe said, "You and Sarah are one hot pair."

My Toy Nancy Ch. 05

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-09-15

Hmmm, I love the taste of her pussy too." She turns to her sister and starts kissing her, Sue meeting her lips and forcing her tongue into Nancy's mouth. I hear Sue say "Spread your knees a little bit sis, I want to finger your pussy." I pull my face away and Nancy's tongue is out between her opened, sweet lips as she opens her thighs and Sue lightly strokes her clit. Oh my god I think to myself, between Nancy's tongue in my ass and her twin sister soon to be draped over my cock I don't want to lose it and prematurely cum.


The Wet Factor

fetish lunaswift 2018-09-15

Clare guided Alice back to the judges table, she had to half shuffle with her ankles bound so tightly. Clare stood back, she hadn't planned to lick Alice but that clit was so exposed, the shaven skin around it so inviting she hadn't been able to control herself. Clare moved round the table and pulled at the two sides of Alice's shirt, buttons flying off as it was ripped open, exposing her bare breasts for the first time. To her surprise Alice kissed her back, their tongues entwined for a moment before Clare pulled away. In the booth the crew member was still frozen, not knowing what to do just watching the monitor as Clare sank downwards, her pussy was directly over Alice's face.