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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dear Cho

fetish ChoMoans 2018-09-15

I can't think of anything but how your pussy will feel gripping my cock - imagining already that mix of lust, fear and shame in your eyes that drives me crazy. I roll you over on your back and watch you struggle for a little longer, feeling my cock throb and twitch - you're like a fly caught in my web - each move and squirm and wriggle is only wrapping you tighter in my grip. Finally, looking deep in your eyes, still holding your legs open, I push the head of my cock against you. And I can't control myself once I've got you - for all that foreplay, I take less than 30 seconds till my entire body shudders and jerks like a rag-doll, pumping wad after wad after wad of my precious cum inside you.

In Praise of Pindicks Ch. 01

fetish rembrandt 2018-09-14

Just bear in mind that if you have a pindick as a friend, you can certainly tweak his buttons and play to his insecurities in just the right ways to gain full control over his sexually obsessed little package. You emphasis the idea that you will never be more than friends, you tease his little pindick by exposing your body to him (and by enforcing his sexual addiction to the shame that you do not see him as a prospective lover) and you also end up confusing and conditioning his little pindick to grow hard at the thought of you on the toilet, or dressing, or showering, or plenty of other mundane activities.

The Art of Scat

fetish jessie2015 2018-09-14

When my tongue went inside him I could feel the bitter, nutty taste of his remains yet I tried to ignore it as I continued licking. The more fecal matter my tongue dislodged as I twirled deep inside them told me that they had not bothered to wipe their ass after shitting. Later the Madame told me they had brought in men from all walks of life, many who were instructed not to wipe themselves clean for a couple of days! After graduating I started going to clients, who paid handsomely to be able to shit into a girl's mouth and watch as she ate it and even lick up the remains from the bathroom floor.

fucking Mother in law

fetish 086-kanga 2018-09-14

Rubbing himself through his pants, he thought, "I'll give her some attention." A smile spread across his face as the images of him having his was with his mother-in-law clouded his mind; first sucking on her large breasts before rubbing his face between those large thighs. "I'm going to check in on Mary and thought that I'd play "the good son-in-law" part and bring her the meatloaf." "How sweet," she said. She leaned forward and took the head of her son-in-law's cock into her mouth, giving it a light suck, and moaned as she did. Carassing her breasts, he said, "I want to know what it's like to suck on them." His hand ran down her stomach and touch her between her legs.

P1: My First Blowjob (received, not given)

fetish Strapurple 2018-09-14

I placed my hand self-consciously on the front of my pants, around the shaft sticking out between my open zipper as he moved closer. I was gone and could think of nothing other than how good it felt to have his mouth on my cock, and how good he was at it, how much he was enjoying himself, how I liked watching it, how I couldn’t believe it was happening, and how much I wanted and loved it. My mouth was open, my back was arched, my breath held, the front of my jeans wet from the blow job, when he looked up and asked in almost a whisper, “Do you want to fuck me?”

Believe Me Nora Ch. 02

fetish jackredd 2018-09-14

But now, she was imagining Dave and Zane fucking and she flushed red when she realized that her hand was unconsciously rubbing the bottom of her belly, in a somewhat suggestive manner. "What was it like?" Finally came from the other side of the table though, and Nora looked up, finishing the food in her mouth and arching a brow. "Did you have a nice time last night?" Zane asked, as he stared at the doors to the elevator, missing Tristan's blush at his question. Nora shuddered, a soft whimper escaping her lips as she began to push Zane's head away, her orgasm riding through her and his continued attention causing her to feel almost uncomfortable with pleasure.

Continuing Adventures Of Panty Boy

fetish Panty10 2018-09-14

Pete says, "Cindy can be very persuasive and she persuaded me that you should not be alone in your panties." Everybody sits down and I am really liking this glass top. Pete's says "well we're down to naked Cheryl and panty Joe. I think I like Joe in those sheer panties and besides, I can see everything anyway." I look down and everybody can see my now rock hard cock and the little wet spot that is forming in my panties. Pete instead say's " Joe, why don't you crawl over and lick Cindy's pussy through her panties while Cheryl does the same with Nicole." I go slowly just to see Cheryl's reaction but she is already down in front of Nicole burying her face in her twat.


fetish wifwat 2018-09-14

We like to play fantasy games, my wife Beth especially gets off on this much more than I do. I just ignored him and went over to Beth, I started playing with her tits and sucking her nipples. I didn't need asking twice, I was so turned on that at the first suck, I started to shoot cum down her throat just as Joe was shooting into her lovely cunt. When we were alone, Beth said, 'I need to cum some more, lick me, suck my clit!' I felt totally humiliated and to my great surprise, my cock started to cum all on its own without being touched. Kneeling in a pool of cum, licking my wife's used cunt and being laughed at.

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-09-14

A large clump of bushes on the opposite side of the road looked a suitably safe place to hide behind whilst I dropped my panties to my ankles and showering the ground below with a deliciously hot stream of my squirting piss. As it was, as soon as I had squatted down so that my naked bum cheeks hung suspended the earth, an incredibly large squirting flow of piss started to jet out from my pussy lips. Immediately the air around me was filled with a loud hissing sound as my golden pee stream squirted out of my hairy muff and started to spray over the paving stones beneath my bare legs.

An eye for an eye.

fetish 2018-09-14

Tiffany twitched away from her teacher’s fingers & glared at him, an angry muffled noise of outrage coming from behind her gag as she tugged roughly at her arm restraints. “Do you know how long it will be until the school opens?” he leaned in & tenderly kissed her jawline, making her mew softly and tilt her head, this time, giving him more access, her eyes fluttering closed as she listened to him, her heavy breathing behind the cloth the only sound in the entire building. “You can look it up in the school library, it’s quite clearly written in bold: An eye for an eye.” He smirked and stood behind her, making her twist nervously trying to turn her head to look at him.

Denise NEEDS More Men Ch. 03

fetish Tcs1956 2018-09-14

He got closer still and nearly whispered "That mouth of yours looks like a hot wet pussy that needs to be fucked. I remember thinking how much Denise would love to feel this beautiful cock filling up her hot pussy! Not only was Denise going to be proud of me too, but this guy was actually a really good looking man with a hot body and a perfect cock. As I was texting with Denise I was looking at the pictures of me with this beautiful man's cock in my mouth. I licked him from asshole to the tip and looked him right in the eyes and said, "Take more pictures...I want to remember this cock." He snapped and the flash lit up the night.

Couples Chamber

fetish StoneKidman 2018-09-14

Pam Vickers: 37 years old, 5'5" 129 pounds, 34D, shoulder length dark brown hair with bangs wrestling in a metallic blue string bikini. Terry Vickers: 38 years old, 6'0" 181 pounds, 8 inch cock, short light brown hair, military-style cut wrestles in metallica blue speedos (their team colors). The ref signaled the double team was over as Terry let Daisy drop to the mat, her face covered in sweat as she lie gasping for air. She couldn't stop it and the combination of Pam's tongue and Terry's long cock penetrating her deep was too much and Daisy let loose a loud, shrill cry, as she buried her face in Pam's metallic blue covered crotch, continuing to howl a shuddering orgasm that had the ref ringing the bell a moment later.

Me, Tina, Maggie and Lillian

fetish mikegarza335 2018-09-14

I yanked out the bloody whip, wildly slung it around over my head like a cowboy in a rodeo, and began spanking Maggie all over the back of her neck with it while feverishly pinching her butt. Just then, Tina stared up at the east sky posing like a Greek Goddess Statue and with an angelic vibrato broke out with a glorious rendition of "Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire..." Lillian started quacking over and over again like a broken record when an uncontrollable laughter possessed me and I started laughing like the Riddler. The three us in the heat of the moment: "Tight Lil" quacking like The Penguin, myself uncontrollably laughing like the Riddler, and Tina singing "Chestnuts Roasting", overwhelmed Maggie to the point that Maggie's stomach began convulsing.

Batter Dipped

fetish St_eve 2018-09-14

I must have been asleep for at least an hour or two when I felt my wife pull the covers back reached down and start jerking my cock. I thought how wonderful it was to be waken this way and my dick quickly became hard, I did not open my eyes in hopes that the longer she thought I was asleep, the longer she would play maybe even placing her mouth on my cock. She said she could tell some of them were really hung and it made her horny, so she reached out touched the nearest guy and pulled his shorts down and took him in her mouth. She said three came in her pussy, she swallowed four loads, and had her ass plowed by one huge guy.


fetish leo11169 2018-09-14

"I worked up such a sweat today," she said, swaying her foot back and forth beneath Edward's nose like a pendulum, "and before my shower, I think it's only right that you give my feet a tongue bath. "Look at you, cleaning my dirty, sweaty feet with your tongue" said Freya, more to herself than to Edward, "you're filthy. "It's not just my feet that are dirty," Freya said slyly as she provocatively slid her sports bra up over her head, "all morning I've felt sweat trickling down every inch of my body." She tossed the bra carelessly aside and peered over her shoulder suggestively.

Eve's Tower 02: Return Engagement

fetish EvesTower 2018-09-14

I felt hands gently settle on my head, and spared a look upwards to find her leaning slightly back, eyes closed, a look of bliss spread across her face even as she began to thrust softly forward, a gentle rocking motion that caused her to slide deeper still. But here, in the quiet closeness of the shop, Bridgette's soft but insistent breathing -- half sigh half moan, the hot weight of her cock filling my mouth, the her sweet excitement seeping steadily out across my dancing tongue I found no such hesitation, no resistance as I took her deeper still.


Piss City Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-09-14

Hot, wet piss streamed down the back of the chair as the blond girl continued her pee shower. Her pee stream rose upwards before forming a short flowing arch of urine and then crashing back down to land in a second piss puddle all over the metal floor of the carriage. She would then sit next to the three pissing girls and join in with her own flowing golden shower as she peed for all she was worth over the inviting carriage floor. By now Lisa had lost all control and sat in her seat with her hot piss squirting from her pussy lips and filling into her panties. The floor and opposing wall were covered in cooling piss which the girls had squirted out of their delicious pussies.

Tied In Tights Ch. 01

fetish Footballboy 2018-09-14

She grabs my crotch and begins to rub it, she knows that I am totally defenseless and also boys cum faster in tights. Do now she has full access to my cock and I’m totally defenseless seeing that in tied up with arms behind my back and legs wide open. "You’ve been a bad boy trying to pull this net down, I’m gonna teach you a lesson baby boy." After a while she realized I wasn’t goin down without a fight and she looked down and said," Okay boy now you gonna get it." "I guess I’m gonna hafta take my little bad boy home and prove him wrong.

Lust for Bareback

fetish billstew 2018-09-14

I catapulted myself across it and knew there was no turning back now as I made the few final thrusts before my groaning, shivering body became rigid and I locked myself deep inside her. She wasn’t aware that I had run out of condoms yet but I knew once I got her going she couldn’t say no so I began to kiss her neck and ears while my other hand fondled her breasts through her shirt. A voice of reason cried out in a final vain attempt to get me to stop so I asked her one more time “Are you sure I can cum in you?” “Yes baby,” she whimpered.

Agnes at the Gloryhole

fetish YellowTowel 2018-09-14

With a little effort Agnes worked the man stiff cock into her yearning pussy, and moaned at feeling his hardness. The odd angle put a wonderful pressure on Agnes warm pussy, and with each movement of her partner's cock a wave of pleasure rode over her body. With her head pressed against the wall Agnes could hear the man on the other side groaning with pleasure, and soon heard he call aloud "I'm going to cum!" As she teased the woman Agnes felt a hand caress the top of her head, and fingers running through her short hair. Again Agnes felt a hand placed onto her butt, but something firm and round was being pressed against her wet pussy.

Sex Kitten

fetish sexkitten79 2018-09-14

He slid in a fourth finger, and began pumping them in and out of her like he would with his dick. With his other hand, the boyfriend began to finger her ass. His hips began to go up and down, as he buried his dick inside her tight ass. The boyfriend quickly moved his tongue further down, and began sucking as her juices ran from her. The boyfriend, eager to please his girl, raised up on his knees (thank God the couch was low!), and slid his dick past her dripping labia and into her hot wet snatch. Do you like it?" "Honey, you can fuck my ass all day long if you want!"

Election Ch. 03

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-09-14

They'd been married for long enough and Brian probably knew the truth, but Anne realised there were times when it was expedient to tell him what he wanted to hear, and this was one such occasion. Last but by no means least I must pay tribute to my beautiful long-suffering wife, Anne, without whose love, patience, good humour and hard work I would have stood no chance of ever representing you in parliament." Anne blushed, trying to clean herself up as best she could, getting through countless sheets of toilet paper and grateful there was a plentiful supply of the stuff. Brian's got his dreams for now but I don't think he'll be the Woodchester MP for long.

Pregnant and In Love

fetish plaidskirt 2018-09-14

I didn't feel love for him the way I did for Ashley, but it was sex. As I relaxed, he'd attempt to shove his big fist inside of me, and chew and suck hard on my breasts, letting my pregnant tits nourish his body. I longed to have Ashley whenever I wanted, to feel his loving, long strokes penetrate me. "You know I want to Love, but I can't let you do that to us again." He then helped me onto the bed and put me face down. Now Ashley did have a good sized cock, but I can't begin to tell you how huge it felt in my ass, all that with my weight on my pregnant belly.

A Catfight with Amy

fetish Teresa711 2018-09-14

I was starting to smell a set-up, especially when the challenge involved wearing a bikini and "coincidentally" John just "happened" to have two brand-new bikinis set aside for both of us: one pink and the other one white. When John brought out the bag with the bikinis, I was shocked: they looked like small triangles and some string. We started slow and Steve and John took turns yelling, "Boring!" at us. Amy took advantage of that moment to pull me down. Amy wasn't real happy about the outcome, but John reminded her that she did agree to the stakes. As soon as she got off my lap, he forced her into a bent-over position on the arm of the couch and he rammed his dick in her and started to screw the hell out of her.