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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Bath: A Greek Tale

fetish Knkycatowman 2018-09-14

I take the cleansing oil out and start to massage your cheeks toward your anus. Taking the tubing and gently fuck your ass with it as I stroke your cock. I feel your hand slide between my legs and pinch my clit hard. I feel your mouth on my cunt sucking wildly. I feel you start to tense you are driving your cock in me further and further. In doing so you thrust you, cock into my mouth your hands pulling my hair as you empty your seed in to me. You can feel my wet hot cunt on your all ready hard member. Placing your hands on my tits, you grab them hard and thrust even harder.

SSBBW Cassandra

fetish pervert4panties 2018-09-14

I never had a boy get a bra off so fast!" I pushed her back on the bed and leaned over her fat tits, playing with one and sucking the other. She was eager as well, because she grabbed the waistband and pulled my little black underwear down quickly, causing her to gasp in surprise as my cock sprang free. I stopped playing with her tits and moved down her huge stomach, outside her panties and started rubbing the wet spot. I pulled away and started kissing my way down her body. Does it feel like you're fucking a dirty slut?" Hearing her talk so nasty made my cock hard as a steel rod!

Nigel's Pet Ch. 03

fetish SDcowboy 2018-09-14

As he still stood in the doorway Ali teased him by spreading her legs wide and slowly pulling the long toy out of her hot wet cunt. Then plunge his hard cock into his sister's wet pussy. She drug her hand over her brother hard cock and said" Good morning Steve. It was Ali's and Steve's first job of the morning to mix the dry milk with warm water. Their tongues explored each others mouths as Ali's hand unzipped Steve's pants. Steve moved up close behind Ali. She reached back and grabbed his cock. " Ali ordered her little brother"I need that beautiful cock inside of me.

Divine Goddess

fetish jeb22 2018-09-14

He heard the bolt throw on the door and was confronted with the girl from the pictures only she was wearing a black silk robe that came down to about mid thigh," Hey there," she said looking him up and down," okay so you are dressed nice. John was thinking maybe he should just go, "Sounds good Jessica...but maybe I should just call it an early night." He started to walk towards the door as he looked at her," thanks but something feels off here and it would be better this way I think."

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 03

fetish laplappapillon 2018-09-14

Almost helplessly I slid my cock from inside her and as she climaxed I wanked slowly along her slit, waiting for her to finish to let her watch my little fountain. Her climax seemed to last an age, but eventually she regained control and bent her head to watch my pulsing cock as it splashed little jets of spunk onto her knickers...she reached down to catch the splash and massaged it all over her swollen clitoris and pussy lips, moaning and mewing as she did. "Before it goes soft, honey, slide it up my bum, I will cum again as sure as apples, I do love that gorgeous feeling of something pressing gently up that tight little hole.

Making of My Sissy (Part Three)

fetish sissymishel 2018-09-14

I asked "dressed as what?" "This is what you liked and you agreed that you would like to try dressing." "Part of doing house chores is answering the door as well." “ He said he was sorry and that he wasn't ready to show his fetish to outsiders." I knew I had to help him with his shyness about who he was. As our coversation continued Linda asked about my hubby and I told her that he was really doing well even though he was not working. She asked about his job loss and I told her but everything works out for a reason, and I believe he was to be at home and take on the Mr Mom chores.

How Did He Get Here

fetish lsa3 2018-09-14

When she gets home that evening, she is bubbling with excitement and won't tell Tommy her "secret." Instead, after dinner, she ties him to the bed and spends almost two hours working on him without letting him cum. Suddenly Mitch started to pump his cock harder and faster into Tommy's throat, holding his head immobile as he came closer and closer to cumming, pounding his cock into Tommy's mouth faster and faster. Watching Mitch fuck Tommy's mouth with that huge cock of his made her sooo wet and she couldn't help stroking her hard clit in time with the action. With that, Mitch pulled out of Tommy's mouth and came around the bed where Margaret stroked some lube onto his hard cock.

She Knew I Liked Panties

fetish vinceh23 2018-09-14

The panties had created a small, but noticeable lump in my pocket area and my hard on was adding to the bulge in front. Also, and I had been thinking how very clever I had been at grabbing the panties, as I stretched a bit of the blue was apparent in my pocket. "You know, Vince, I think I dropped a pair of panties when I grabbed the basket. As she does this she looks up into my eyes, pulls the panties out and with her left hand again brushes my cock. "I like how your cock looks through the panties, Vince. My balls hang over the edge as I hold the blue panties to my nose and start to jerk my cock with my right hand.

Development of Hysteria Ch. 01

fetish Succubiaccess11 2018-09-14

What had occurred unbeknownst to her was that the creature had slipped into her bag of research papers when the glass she dropped ship the seal of its containment and she had turned her back to hang her lab coat up on a hook at the corner of the room. Still absorbed in watching videos, She took no note of anything out of place, but the now skin-hued mass came near to the place where the bandages had been on her fingers being that she had removed them after showering and the wounds dried. She returned to the lab where she threw on her lab coat again ready for her rigorous evaluation of organisms, but instead of the ordinary clipboard of serial numbers for the unclassified creatures downstairs, there was left eight more boxes identical to her encounter the previous day.

EPT & Bathtime Fun

fetish Antonio1950 2018-09-14

"You've turned into my beautiful a white, blue eyed, big black cock slut." I let you watch me bareback fuck Black cocks to get me pregnant and you love me more than anyone because of it." I love watching the cum explode out of his cock and then once feeling the warm cum on my tits, I’m able to play with it and smear it all over but that's not what happened this time. I'm a black cock slut married to the most wonderful man ever and now I'm pregnant again, but this time with my first Black baby. My Black baby suckled on his mother's creamy white lactating tits long after he was weaned because my husband found it so arousing to watch me nurse.

Erotic Wrestling-Introductions

fetish readingfoxhound 2018-09-14

The woman at the desk, arched her eyebrows and bit down on her pencil as she looked me up and down.It was really intimidating as she sized me up.Don't get me wrong she was beautiful. I turned to the a red headed woman with sparkling blue eyes complete with a warm smile. As we circled the corner leading to the open door, I could see what was plainly a hispanic female violently thrusting into a petite Thai woman. I was informed that Sarai (Hispanic female) and Lai (Thai woman) were in the mist of a refreshing course. At the end of the "refresher" Sarai looked over at me and Amber, her face still covered in juices finally aware of our existance.


Changing Mouse

fetish Wifetheif 2018-09-14

Your bed time as of now, except for lake classes is 9:00 P.M. If you survive this Mouse, not only will you be fully restored as a sister but I will put your name on the short list for president of this chapter for you will have proved yourself tougher and more resilient than the rest of us combined. As I made my way out of the huge Gamma house various sisters came up to congratulate me and thank me for helping the sorority out in their time of need. I don't think I was imagining it but I got the feeling that if I helped Mouse successfully complete her punishment the Sisters would be more than happy to help me out.

The Virtual Girl

fetish ronblack 2018-09-14

I un-cuffed her and laid back on the day bed and she then went to work on my hard dripping cock sucking and licking me stroking me with her tiny hands and her tight mouth stretched to get my thickness into her mouth she moaned as my cock pumped pre cum out into her mouth and she continued to suck and lick my cock, I then got her to sit on top of me and she desperately tried to bury my shaft into her taking about 2/3 of my length as her lips strained tight around my girth.

Michelle's Fetish

fetish peepeedaddy 2018-09-14

I asked him what he thought he was doing and he told me he just wanted to feel me like I had felt him. I continued to watch and listen as my finger ran gentle little circles around a spot I had found felt the best (I would later discover that this is called a clit but I was too young to know at the time). It took a little more than half an hour before I started to feel my bladder tell me that I needed to go. It was part of me and even though I felt a little weird and dirty afterwards it was not worth missing out on earth shattering orgasms to feel like I was what most people would call normal.

Sharon's Ultrasound Ordeal

fetish Slutty63 2018-09-14

As soon as we set off Sharon got started on her second 1 litre bottle of water obviously calculating that by the time we arrived she'd have consumed the entire 2 litres and her bladder would be nice and full for the ultrasound scan. I made my way over to the ticket machine trying to look like I was going as fast as I could but in reality taking my time - I don't know what had come over me but by now I was so turned on by poor Sharon's predicament that I was determined to prolong her ordeal. Sharon seemed to come to a decision and stood up quickly - for a minute I thought she was going to the toilet to pee but instead she walked stiff-legged over to confront the receptionist.

Camping - The Shower

fetish rrspence2002 2018-09-14

It wasn't one whole song before the two of them were squeezed perfectly together, standing on three legs in a VW Westphalia in a small campsite in the Kootenay, listening to soft music and sipping a cocktail before Jonni was totally WET and Ross was totally HARD. With Jonni so supple in his hands, perched on her spectacular long leg, so perfectly perched on a strong wooden high heel sandal, and Ross, thrusting-dancing-sleazing forward with his crotch and bulging manhood into Jonni's LOVE-SPOT, she received him with her soft stump, stabbing, rubbing, rolling and gently massaging his manhood.

Fruit Cup

fetish giveandreceive8 2018-09-14

In short time Sandy was coated in strawberry pulp and juice, and she was swooning from the flavor and smell and the firm movements of Arthur's hand. Sandy began to heave, her hips rocked, her thighs clenched around Arthur's head, driving his face farther into her sweet mound where taste and smell converged. Sandy lay slack, the soft lamplight illuminating the sheen on her gently heaving body, her half-open mouth, her half-closed eyes, and Arthur's head resting on her hip next to her exhausted gap. Bits of juice remained among her labia and thatched hairs; Arthur slowly reached for them with soft kisses, giving Sandy delicate aftershocks.

Punishing My Tits Ch. 01

fetish RedHawke 2018-09-14

As I rubbed the ginger over my nipples, I could feel them start to warm up, then to burn and sting. While that looked attractive, it didn't feel very sexy, just uncomfortable, and I quickly took some ice from the bowl and started rubbing my stinging nipples with it. As I rubbed and the melting ice washed the ginger away, the burning sensation subsided and my nipples grew very stiff from the cold. I kept this up until the two cubes I was holding melted away, then I cupped my hands over the skin of the nipples to warm them quickly and avoid damage.

Hotel: Windows

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-09-14

"Ah, wrong room, sorry, I was just going to get some popcorn from the vending machine, so I could strip down, watch a smutty movie, 'Lay It As It Plays', great porn, on pay-per-view, have you seen it?" A breast brushes against my arm and I take the other in my hand feeling the nipple react nicely to my touch. I take in the way the t-shirt lays hiked over one full, firm breast then lean down and suckle the rounded orb, my hand holds and moves it around slightly. I look at her and I pull the black boy-cut panties past short leg stumps of different length, taking in the lack of hair over her lovely mound.


Femdom Family Album

fetish Chastebob 2018-09-14

She was fond of saying that "the man who marries me should be able to take harsh discipline while remaining loving and devoted, and I will expect proof before the wedding." She founded a private studio for the discipline of men that did not provide any sexual favors. Dorothy's younger daughter liked to employ fetish wear for some of her disciplinary sessions, as well as focusing on what she called, "the seat of all male problems". Neither of these ladies ever joined the Institute officially, but Donna was right about Jennifer -- she's since grown into quite a sexually demanding woman and always ensures that men put her first.

School Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 01

fetish sophiewilliams 2018-09-14

He was holding the unlit cigarette at the opposite end to the filter and slowly, very slowly he began twisting and turning the filtered end across the top of his pre cum soaked cock. He knew from the state of my nipples that I was turned on, but he didn't know my pussy was pulsing at the thought of putting the cigarette in my mouth. Within seconds I was bent over his gear stick and hand brake in just my white cotton panties and holding a cigarette with his cock buried deep in my mouth. I quickly got dressed and as he drove me to school I managed to smoke another cigarette before putting the packet into my bag.

It Started As A First Date

fetish spandexman 2018-09-14

Trixie LaRue, the very pretty, well tanned, 21-year-old, 5'7", model, with high cheekbones, big baby-blue eyes, thick long to the middle of her back curly platinum-blonde hair, and a very busty 38GG-30-34 figure, that her tight white knit turtleneck, skintight white riding breeches, and shiny brown riding boots hugged so well the outline of her very thick circumcised 11" cock and huge set of hairless balls were clearly visible through the pissed in knit material, struggled on the canvas dropcloth, her well manicured hands were secured behind her back, her booted ankles held together with more red duct tape, her pretty mouth was stuffed with a very worn jockstrap and a wide red bandana was wrapped over her full pink lips.

Life Ch. 09

fetish Jizaz_Jester 2018-09-14

"I knew you collected knives, and I remember about three months ago you said you had really started getting into middle-eastern stuff, so I looked around online." I remember telling her all that, because she had asked me the difference in a steel bladed saw and carbon-coated blade and during the explanation I told her about the different knives and swords I had hanging from the wall, and the reason I was into all things mid-east was because Dixie and I had started having threesomes with her new neighbors from Oman's youngest daughter around the same time. This time, as the steel barb in her tongue pressed into the bottom of my shaft, when the head of my dick hit the back of her mouth, I heard her jawbone pop and felt her throat open to accept me.

Across the River

fetish raself 2018-09-14

When Marilyn then took hold of my cock, her touch was knowing and sure -- she did not make the typical move of letting her hand brush the sensitive skin of my shaft, but she held onto my strained member snugly, so that the effect was of a deep massage, the flesh in her hand squeezed just tight enough so that there was no abrasive alarm, no startling sensation at all, just that deep rolling encirclement -- Marilyn knew how to hold a man's attention with firm yet delicate force, how to keep him from feeling discomfitted or abused.