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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nick's Special Girl

fetish Dracowrath 2018-09-14

Nick pulled into his driveway, turning the car off and relaxing in the seat. Just looking up at his house, knowing his girlfriend was home and all too willing to give him what he needed made him smile and form a bulge in his jeans. Sofia was a little short, just under 5'5, which made her look tiny next to Nick's 6'. Once inside, Nick began shedding his clothes. Nick's lips wrapped around her cock, lovingly kissing and sucking on it. Moans and groans filled the room as she slowly and lovingly worked Nick's ass. He gasped and moaned anew, feeling her tongue licking up that cum inside him. He turned and smiled back at her, reaching a hand out to lovingly caress her flaccid cock.

Saturday night ASS FUCKING

fetish Shittyanal 2018-09-14

she lay on her back with her head facing the foot of the bed where I was standing, so my FAT BONER was pointing right in her face as I started rubbing the oil on her tits. I said "where the fuck did that come from you little slut", all she did was giggle and started buzzing her clit with the powerful little toy. She likes it when I breath heavy on her neck, hold at least one leg up with my hand, and start anal fucking slow. It almost felt like she was pushing out while I was pushing in and the soft mess inside slid down about half the length of the underside of my cock.

Metra - The Way to Really Fly!

fetish Surrenders2you 2018-09-14

As I am holding it, he reaches inside the tissue and pulls out a lovely black suede collar, with a very shiny "O" ring at the center, and two chains dangling from the ring, with adjustable clamps at each end. He pulls my legs wide again and says, "Something tells me he'll be back...and you seem to have another fan, too." He points below, to a man sitting on the other side of the train from us, in the row directly across and below. D lifts one of the chains and reaches inside my blouse, pulls the nipple sharply, then attaches the clamp. The man reaches out and gingerly pulls my right side labia between his fingers, looking for the small hole.

Power Trip - Chapter 1

fetish frozenhero1 2018-09-14

Veronica pushed away from the kitchen counter and sauntered towards her step-son, “Because there’s only one way to tell if a man is gay, and it doesn’t work if his pants are on. Confusion muddied his decision, “No, I don’t think so.” Colin wanted to, his erection was a sign of that, but he was afraid of Veronica’s motives, worried she would tell his father or use the encounter against him in some way. “I-I-don’t know,” Colin muttered, still staring at the screen as the kneeling man began to suckle on the head of the other man’s cock. Veronica nodded knowingly, “When you see a big cock like this you must know it’s so much bigger than yours.

Rooms of Sin Ch. 01

fetish Blue_Suzi 2018-09-13

Sophie was on her hands and knees, dressed in a black PVC cat-suit, open at the crotch, her body jolted as Victoria, who wore a strap-on dildo, fucked her from behind. Sophie was dishing out commands to her 22 year old, blonde submissive, while Victoria's husband Timothy sat chained to a carver chair. Victoria's thighs slapped hard against her Mistress's buttocks, her rubber cock spearing Sophie's pink pussy lips, until finally her climax subsided. After a light meal, Sophie and Oscar prepared themselves for their first experiences at Michael and Katrina's exclusive club. Leaving Oscar in the bedroom, Sophie donned her mask and ventured out in the club, navigating her way to the fetish rooms.

13th July 1985 - can you remember what you were do

fetish geordiekev 2018-09-13

Happy with their work I was made to stand on the desk in the bay window through which the sun light streamed as they watched Live Aud. I don't know what time it was but Elton John and Wham I think were playing when I eventually plucked up the courage to speak "excuse me but when can I go home" Helen hit the mute button on the matsui portable tv they were watching "we'll if you want to go home like that dickless, right now !" The thought of walking home in a northern industrial town early Saturday evening in a skimpy bikini scared me shitless "no no it's ok " I said, Helen smiled, "in the morning I promise, but its to late now and Live Aid s on" With a nod from her Claire and Gina took me down from the table and secured me in Jenny's wardrobe again.

Sow Primer Ch. 05

fetish InYourDreams 2018-09-13

As time passes, you will feel exactly the same sense of gradual tightness and tension inside your body as if your udders were collecting milk. From now on, at least until you finish these lessons, you must keep to this regime of drinking a glass of water every half hour and as you drink think of your sow body gradually accumulating all this fluid inside your udders. Then when you feel you can no longer hold it in, when little rivulets are escaping, seeping through the tight crack in your belly, when you feel the dam about to burst and the floodgate to release, cave way to the pressure building behind it, go over to the tall mirror and look at your body.

So you think you know girls. Read on.....

fetish 2018-09-13

He presses close to the wire, he is breathing in my girlish scents, they drive him wild with passion, and I remove my hand from under his grasp, he panics, but I continue to press hard against his throbbing cock, then he realizes I am pulling my panties down with my free hand and as I ease off I slide in between our bodies and feel him, encircling his manhood with my slim fingers and guide him between my soft thighs, where his erection is caressed and encased in soft warm flesh, and being lubricated from my secretions above, where his erect angle pushes to penetrate the softer wetness, but my little pink man is happily rubbing his manhood in its own selfish contact, it need friction also, but it wants friction against a hard cock, and in his state and cock angle, I deem it perfect and begin to ride his shaft, feeling his knob-end protrude and rub against my anus, I can close my eyes and let him see the pleasure written on my face as my mind imagines another probing and pushing his cock into my bum, I start to use my bum cheeks, squeezing in a separate frequency, as each touch on my anus makes me squeeze him, this is going to make me cum, and fuck him if he cant get into the rhythm.

Pool Fun Ch. 4

fetish MsGoldenGirl 2018-09-13

I was hoping to get this new slave trained for your homecoming." Liz turned to John, "SIT" Just as he began to feel relieved Liz pulled his head back so he was looking up into her face. Liz instructed Amber to follow John close and if he was to get out of line he was to be bitten on the bottom. "Well my little slave if you can't keep your mouth shut, I will just have to keep it closed for you." Liz pushed the ball into John's mouth and tied the ribbon about his head. "Your not scared of me are you slave?" Liz looked into John's face all John could do was shake his head in response.

Best Birthday

fetish joshua0258 2018-09-13

Her face was exquisite; she had big blue eyes that sparkled when she laughed; a small, red mouth with sexy, pouty lips, and a cute little nose that was turned up at the end. I hung out there a little longer, but then they said that they would be going out soon, so I wished Mary happy birthday once more and went back to my room across the hall. I got up and peeked my head out the door, and there they were, five smoking hot girls stumbling down the hall, totally bombed out of their minds. I thought about her full red lips kissing the tip of my cock, her little mouth opening to suck on the throbbing, purple head.

Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

fetish klammer 2018-09-13

"If you tell Helen I gave you a super dose of girl power this week I "Helen is satisfying her dominant sexual needs in life by turning you She knows every day you will be on your fours taking a real man inside "This is the first time that Derek has ever hired a t-girl," said Kate, worry about taking a week off every month like a real woman does," added mommy and Kate walked in laughing like old friends. "Your mother has agreed to become the house's new receptionist," Kate want," said the girl as she pulled out an image of the tattoo Derek "Thank you for wanting me to part of your new life," mommy said as her

Shadows by Lights

fetish Eskhellion 2018-09-13

She doesn't care if he's annoyed by her lateness as she puts one hand on his shoulder and brushes the hair off the back of his neck. As she moves in, she can feel her hard nipples press against his back and before bending in to kiss his neck, she hesitates as her breath catches again. She moves her hands up his chest and holds him closely as she continues to kiss his neck, his shoulders and the top of his back. She smiles gently as her lover himself begins to tremble, and slowly she pushes him far out of the light and into the shadow. He moves so that his hair is touching her shoulders as he kisses them, and his hands move over her breasts.

My Pissing Asian Girlfriend Ch. 01

fetish westvme 2018-09-13

I told her I needed to pee and I wanted her to drink it, and Lan said No Way and that I made her wait so I would have to wait, she got off my cock and Surprised me by mounting my face again telling me I was a dirty bad boy and she needed me to clean her up, I had never eaten a cream pie but she must have understood just how dirty I was. I Started licking Lan's pussy tasting my own cream and she started to squirt again, and when she felt satisfied she stood up over my head and started pissing and trying to aim at my mouth, I drank as much as I could, when she was done she told me that was fun and she needed a shower, I got up and went over to the toilet, where she surprised me by holding my cock while I pissed.

Riding Coach

fetish Charles Petersunn 2018-09-13

LA does have five metro rail lines (the Red, from Union Station to North Hollywood; the Purple, from Union Station to Wilshire; the Blue, from Metro Center to Long Beach; Green, Norwalk to Redondo Beach; and Gold, Union Station to Sierra Madre), but the rail system of LA is nothing like the actual rail system in which this story actually occurred, and so some aspects of the rail system described herein do not apply (e.g., first class cars, conductors helping passengers load, and length of rides), and certainly nothing that is described herein has ever happened on an LA rail line. In any case, this apparent man of authority, wealth, and dignity had his hand firmly clasped on the butt cheeks of a woman on the subway train.

Entree Ch. 07

fetish NastyPierre 2018-09-13

When the car pulled up and I saw my Mistress and her friend emerge, I crawled to the door and opened it slightly. Once again I was waiting on my hands and knees watching through the crack as my Mistress and her friend got to my landing. I was sure the neighbors door would open and was prepared to dart off, but I had to capture that finger first, the entire hand, my friend and lover. Together they zipped my left leg into a pink leather sheath that extended from my knee to my toes, leaving my big toe exposed. Once my hand was snuggly in place my Mistress zipped the leather sleeve together.

lust and desire

fetish robin8n8 2018-09-13

i got down and started teasing that cute pink dickhead with the tip of my tongue slowly and that drived him crazy then i slided that cock in my mouth ..all of it i sucked him with lust and pleasure ..i sucked him hard till he couldnt handle it anymore and begged me to untie him but i refused..and he told me he wants to cum i instantly stopped ,stood up and left him for a couple of minutes to cool down while i smoked a cigarettes and poured myself a drink and watched him left alone with that erection hummm that was tempting.

Bare Foot to Bare BALLS!

fetish zandoraus 2018-09-13

I looked down at her feet and saw her wearing white socks and tennis shoes and as she slightly arched her right foot leaning in the car, I thought she must have great feet as well. She then just kept kicking as I asked, "Only faster and yes even harder, the last was very hard, it felt liked she pan-caked my left nut!" It was hard to tell, but I think she got maybe three kicks in before the final hard kick that sounded like a loud slap; I grabbed her foot and held it to my aching balls.


fetish malesub01 2018-09-13

I looked at BabyGirl, who was caressing a nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other, She was breathing rapidly and staring at C’s anus. “Do it!” she said, “Now!” I pulled my fingers out and slid my cockhead up and down in C’s ass-crack, acquiring lube and enjoying the sensation of dipping into his anus with each movement. As I stared at BabyGirl’s active ass, I decided that fortune favored the bold and I reached out and grabbed her delectable hips and held my rigid cock against them. BabyGirl meanwhile had supplemented fucking C’s ass by pushing her hips back against my cock at every out-stroke. I heard C moan loudly and I could feel the jiggling as BabyGirl stroked his cock while she fucked his ass.

My Job as a Tester Ch. 04

fetish dreamer_of_urges 2018-09-13

As we sit there and continue to talk about the different costumes everyone is going to wear Kim walks up and asks us if we want refills. "Remember to dress comfortably tomorrow Carla and Mac, We are going shopping!" Denise says. "I agree with Denise, Mac you're now my little brother and I won't put up with hearing you say that!" Carla says as she playfully swats me on the shoulder. "Mac, today you're going to shop like a woman and this is how we do it!" Denise says. Carla smiles and says, "I show you how little brother but you're going to need a gaff!" then she looks at Catharine.

Fantasies Revealed

fetish 4nickeightor 2018-09-13

I knew she must be talking about the xxx stories I had written about my fantasies but I had never intended for anyone to read them. "I know you love me honey, and I love you, and that's why I want to help you explore some of these fantasies. Seems you dream of a woman with a strap on having her way with you." She started to say as she retreated to the closet. "Another common theme in your stories is being forced to eat cum and I think it's a great idea. I gagged all over again but when she saw how quickly it made my cock get hard again I knew it wasn't the last time I'd be eating my cum.

Susuruss Pt. 21-23

fetish Macjay 2018-09-13

As David took a load of laundry down to the garage, Kate picked up both pairs of the high boots and held them up to her face inhaling the combined scent of the rubber and the new leather. "Kate," she said, "I couldn't wait to kiss her again and this time both our tongues were going at it while, at the same time she was opening my shiny black rubber mac and undressing me. She then selected her dark blue rubberized satin mac and her new over-knee rubber boots warning David that she would not be able to walk too far or too fast. Kate began to move and the scent of sex and rubber was overwhelming while she opened the top buttons of her mac and presented her rubber-highlighted nipples for David to suck.


How She Learned To Love The Fist

fetish vespasian 2018-09-13

Usually Nils didn't tie her up for their fisting sessions He would let her body squirm against the brutal intrusion of his fingers into her wet cunt as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide as if she was giving birth. Her hands were free to work her clit because Nils enjoyed the sight of her masturbating and Liza needed to stimulate herself to overcome the pain of a spanking or a fisting session. At long last the orgasms ended but Nils remained in position on his knees between her legs with his hand inside his lovers' pussy, admiring his hard work.

Baby, I'm Going to Have a Baby Ch. 01

fetish Kanah 2018-09-13

Leslie didn't even know how it happened, maybe she forgot to take a pill one day, or it didn't work like some freak occurrence. You know you're not supposed to be making personal phone calls, it's not even lunch time!" Donny liked to tease her, knowing she was a stickler for proper etiquette at work. "I tried to cook you dinner, but it obviously didn't work." Leslie looked put out, and he came over to give her a hug. "What I wanted to tell you was that...Baby, I'm going to have a baby." She started sobbing full on now, and Donny didn't know what to do.

Feathering Berry

fetish nemo_quill 2018-09-13

I could hear my heart pounding in my head, like some villain in a tale by Poe. She lay sprawled across the couch, with one leg bent and resting up against the back. Keeping any other secrets?" As I asked the question I produced one of the new quills and held it in her line of vision. Her words, and her self-control, were lost in the din of her screams as I turned the quill and began to faintly scratch lines in and around that quaint little hole in her belly. "It's a quill, not just a feather, and it's about to write an ode all over your quim!" I pressed my right hand over her slit and expose the moist, blushing lips.