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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

true story

fetish always_performs 2018-09-13

to let everyone know right now, i play with my cock on average about once or twice a day, regularly. as committed as i was, i wouldnt play with it for a couple more days. home, i was about 2 beers down when i decided, "im gonna treat my cock to a nice nut tonight." i pulled out my laptop, and threw on some porn. i wouldnt be long before i was gonna cum. "here it gonna cum!!" the first shot was short, then the f***e of the second shot released the cock from my grip, and sprayed all over my laptop screen. there was hot cum laptop, my bed, my cock, my hand and my chest were all drenched.

Peggy the Pegger Pt. 04

fetish FreakyBiFantasyGuy 2018-09-13

Soon, I went back in and fucked her hard and fast until she came, gushing girl-cum from her cunt and firing jet after jet of my piss from her gaping asshole. Pulling out just before I came, I pointed at Peggy's round bubble-but and sloping back and fired big, thick jets of hot white cum all over them, followed by a hot stream of piss. Then, Roxanne started peeing down the tube, her big cock firing a powerful jet of piss. Peggy finished peeing and knelt in front of Beth, licking her own pee from her tits, making out with her and then bending her over and finger-fucking her pussy as she ate her ass.

Tgirl Hooker pt3

fetish 2018-09-13

I built up my speed and used my spare hand to play with her balls, I then used some of my dribble to make her ass hole wet, Emma knew what I was trying to do and put her foot up on this broken post to allow me more access to her ass, with this I pushed my finger in and within a few more strokes she held my head, pushed her cook deeper in my mouth and screamed “I’mmmm cummmminnngg” with this Emma’s cock throbbed and shot load after load into my mouth making me gag but she held my head still and continued to squirt loads of her hot and salty cum, I could not swallow quick enough.

Virgin Waitress in Pantyhose

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-09-13

It all fit real well, only the tights were a bit hard to put on and I had to stretch them quite a bit but I thought they would probably fit better over time and my legs would look nicer that way as well. His hard penis was definitely ready for more pleasure and I ripped open the foot part of my tights and gave Dan's boner some more massage with my nude feet, rubbing the shaft and the gland in turn, then also paying attention to his balls. "I want you inside of me!" I begged and he ripped a hole in my tights right at the gusset, took his big penis in his hand and gently inserted it into my vagina.

Fruit of the Evil Loom Ch. 02

fetish Seuler 2018-09-13

"Shall we stop here," said Myrna, "or keep going and hope we reach the next town before dark?" "Wait!" said Elsteen, grabbing Myrna's arm but looking at the four men. They were just about to walk away when Elsteen called, "Wait!" She picked Myrna's panties up off the ground, dusting them off. Myrna disappeared for a few hours, returning to their room with six pairs of panties. "Let's go to the butcher's," Myrna said, grabbing Elsteen's hand. "Well," said Elsteen, looking at Myrna. When she opened the door to her room, she found Elsteen sitting on the face of her toilet slave, her skirt bunched up round her waist, the scent of poop in the air.

Mr's Briefs Tricking others and treating hers

fetish Zieg87 2018-09-13

Hearing the door slide open again, Bulma cocked her head over and asked the arbitrary question of 'going out now mom?' to which her mother, without turned her head replied 'yes dear, make sure not to set the house ablaze.' clearly joking with her and Bulma knew full well, resulted in an eye roll and moved on to her departing words 'safe driving mom' and with that, the mother left with her daughters slut wear, used at a time when her little girl was desperate for a man, and for it's new purpose, sex for her desperate mother.

Pretty Feet

fetish NymphWriter 2018-09-13

"You sure did make quite an impression on Mr. Cagaha," said Ciera with a smile. you never know," Ciera said, touching my leg gently and she gave me a sly smile. I began to think about what Ciera had said about the impression I had made on Mr. Cagaha and what he would want to talk with me about. As Ciera finished up, I asked, "Do you think I bothered Mr. Cagaha with my Groupon the way I did the receptionist?" Mr. Cagaha's office was modestly decorated, with a dark wood desk, book shelf, computer, and off to the side was a salon chair with a foot bath. I grabbed my purse and began to leave when he said, "Don't forget your money, Pretty Feet."

Me and Rob Bound

fetish dna27fog 2018-09-12

'This is so fucking hot' I thought as I sat tied in a glider rocker as Heather sat facing me on the couch tracing the outline of her beautiful pussy with her fingers. As I watched her slowly insert the neck of the beer bottle into her pussy, I glanced over at Rob, also tied up and also just as enthralled with the show. "Do you like to watch me fuck myself?" she asked as she moved closer to me, rubbing her palm across the raging hard on in my pants. "OK" she said as she abruptly went to the other end of the couch where Rob was facing her tied up in his chair. "Rob gets to cum on my face" she said as she began to slowly unzip his pants.

Watching Her Go Ch. 05a

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-09-12

"Okay, babe, look as long as you want, but it needs to come out soon. I seriously think she would have stood there all day, had I wanted her to, but I had other things on my mind, and my erection needed attention soon. With her legs spread like that, I could see that her pussy could hold back her bloody flood only for so long before it seeped out from between the folds of her labia and dripped to the floor. When we broke our kiss, she moaned and murmured into my ear that I needed to help her come now, and she pulled me into the bedroom, my cock and her pussy dripping as we walked.

wife has me as a cockboy

fetish asslicker88 2018-09-12

Jen was excited by that news and wanted to know if I clean her cunt after she gets fucked.My wife was turned of by that thought of me eating another mans cum. Jen said next time u fuckin your fuck buddy ask your husband if he loves you to clean off your pussy. About a week later according to my wife was the next time she was fucking this young 30 year old stud when she asked me to eat her pussy and clean the cum out. Maybe one day I'll get to fuck Jen, Until then I'll continue to suck black cocks and eat black cum from my wife pussy and asshole and jens too, I'm a little sissy cockboy.

Disappointing finish after 69 - Premature Ejaculat

fetish addrenaline 2018-09-12

For most of the 30 minute drive home, I was rubbing her pussy through her blue and white striped VS panties. I slid my hand between her legs and slowly began to rub her pussy. Within a minute or two, I began start moaning, and thrusting my dick farther into her mouth. Nicole knew me well enough to know that I was getting close to cum. I don't want you to cum as soon as you are in me." She stopped sucking me as I continued to eat her pussy. "Yeah, just give me a moment and go really slow." After a little while, Nicole began to slowly ride me. I screamed fuck, and began to pump hot cum deep inside of her.

Anything for Her

fetish aweatherly 2018-09-12

I was so pissed off, so jealous, so mad - but at the same time, my cock was dripping precum like crazy, my balls were producing more cum than I knew they could, my entire body felt sensitive and horny. She fucked him back at times, her hips grinding to get him deeper inside her, and she moaned softly as he leaned down and kissed her, his finger and thumb kneading her hard nipples. She put her small hands on his chest as she kissed him, and when they broke the kiss, she looked him in the eyes and said softly, "I'll meet you upstairs." He nodded in agreement and left the room, making no acknowledgment of me as he did.

Fun Size

fetish runtz4 2018-09-12

"Look, I'll make you a bet, if you're bigger than this candy bar," Janet said holding up a fun sized Snickers, "I'll give you a blow job, and we'll be sure to convince all our friends Angie was just messing with us." "I think you lost more than the bet, dude." James smiled a little disgusted and a little turned on at the thought of Angie sucking his dick. "I think you'd rather have tiny little penis and be made fun of than to have a big, hard, pleasurable cock." She continued to taunt me, as she jerked James's cock in her hand. Angie on my right, Janet to my left and James directly behind me, I grabbed my dick and jerked it.

Futa Flight

fetish phallicdelights 2018-09-12

I could see his face reflected in the dark parts of his laptop screen, where it looked like he was typing up some kind of report. Every time his hand grazed the tip, he let out what I could only assume was a moan given the fact that I couldn't hear it over the sound of the plane. My hand grazed my left nipple and I immediately bit my lower lip to avoid moaning at the sensation. I saw the lavatory in the back was unoccupied, so I practically jumped out of my seat and walked as quickly as I could to the back of the plane. I got some weird looks from the passengers and flight attendants, but I didn't care as I flopped onto the toilet seat and peeled off my leggings.

A Laura Toy

fetish ZonkerTheDude 2018-09-12

As you lick and suck it, taking it down your throat, I sit drinking, and Laura, unable to look away, stares, spit threatening to dribble out if her mouth as she lusts for the same. As Laura screams out her anal orgasm, writhing and thrashing on your fingers and tongue, you scream out in the most massive cum yet, my fist, still pounding your cunt, up into your cunt almost to the forearm. As my cock slides in and out of your mouth, the head popping into your throat, you smear your cunt across Laura's face, smearing her with your cum. Laura pushes her tongue out, licking the cum that drips out of your cunt, sliding up and around your clit.

Finding Travis Ch. 01

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-09-12

Several notes on the back dated periodically throughout the year by his teacher read: "not understanding why Travis doesn't want to play with the other children. In a different pen another notation read, "Travis only has one friend - a girl that sits next to him in class. Yes he lived just inside the walking/bussing distance the city had set for their bussing criteria but Travis knew of others living within a half-mile of school who were bussed. That's when he noticed there was a return email with the subject heading "Re: Want to talk?" Travis felt his pulse quicken. Between classes in school the following day Rachel Kennedy stepped back from her locker just as Travis Reynolds stepped into her path.

Dee Maple - The Principal Daughter - A

fetish deemaple 2018-09-12

I used my feet to rub them on his cock - Jerroti then lifted one foot admiring it’s beauty “Oh god, those feet, dee” - and passionately started to suck my big toe his eyes boring on me with lust - “you can call me Sam, daddy” I said while making a cute face and biting my lower lip, his raging dick, jumped and raised my feet on it, the mere mention of Sam made him go wild with passion, his other hand quickly unbuttoned his pants and released the belt buckle and his massive cock as if released from prison jumped up raging to fuck me.

Secret Sessions

fetish fancyface1 2018-09-12

She did not know if she could comply with his request being that he was licking and sucking on her clitoris, and finger fucking her pussy and ass all at the same time. Eric continued to fuck her mouth and was going a little faster and deeper getting her used to his large cock and getting her ready to accept it all the way down her throat when it was time. After Eric released his load he moved off the bed and laid down between Kathy's legs and started to suck on her clit and was finger fucking her as fast as he could. As soon as she started to squirt the fake cock was removed and she felt a warm mouth on her pussy to catch all of her cum.

Reluctant Prisoner

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-09-12

The hotel offered to drop its complaint against Paul if he agreed to go with the women for one day, accompanied by a bus driver and a security guard, and submit himself to any punishment the women wanted to impose (which would replace the entertainment that had been planned); subject only to the requirement that he would be done no lasting physical harm and the punishment would be administered away from public view. Most of the women shook hands with him, but one middle-aged lady instead of taking his hand, reached down and gently shook his penis, saying, "I think I prefer this!" He seemed a bit shocked, but took it in stride.

Jasmine's Second (and Third) Wind

fetish giventofly 2018-09-12

When she was finished lubricating, she took my cock between the arches of her feet and pumped away at my swollen member. I took her by the ankles and pulled her feet to my face and started licking and sucking her toes and arches. She rubbed more furiously at her clit and stuck in three pre-lubricated fingers to her tight, swollen pussy. She kneeled at my side, stuck out the bottle, and oozed a few ounces of chocolate all over my cock and balls, which were now thinking of round three. After moments of contemplation, I stuck the nozzle of the bottle into her ass and pumped chocolate into her. When I approached ejaculation, I pulled out and Jasmine licked the chocolate off of my cock.

BBW Whore for Old Cock Ch. 03

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-12

Her hand slid down to my dripping wet pussy and began rubbing my clit, as Walter approached me and grabbed me by my hair and forced his cock into my mouth. I took his cock like the greedy whore I was now becoming, and then Sandy roughly spread my legs, and got down on her knees and began licking my swollen clit. I was roughly turned onto my side facing Sandy, and was staring right into her eyes when she plunged her big cock deep inside my pussy, and Walter rammed his big old cock deep inside my ass. With that Walter slid his still hard cock deep inside my cunt, and they rammed my holes, filling me up, giving me what I so desperately needed.

In a Rush to Get Back Home

fetish CatUK 2018-09-12

"Oh fuck yes," she moaned feeling him working them inside her that sensation of being full that she'd been longing for all day. She cried out as he pushed his whole hand into her, the pain excruciating but quickly replaced with other more pleasurable sensations as he started to move it inside her hitting sensitive spots. Sliding between his legs so he could watch her she took the head into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it, teasing the spot he liked best. "I want to watch you to swallow me," he told her and pushing her away rolled onto his side and took his cock in his hand and began to wank.

A Cuckold's Story

fetish yumacd 2018-09-12

A segue here...When Lexi calls your penis small on her clips any guy who possesses even a little sub-angst can not help but get hard or cum. It wasn't something I had to work at or think about, but at that moment I had become a true submissive guy with a woman for the first time in my life. But when a woman as beautiful and bed-experienced with big cocks like Lexi says only big cocks do it for her, well...a guy's got to wonder. I whispered across the table looking as serious as I could, "Lexi, I don' t know if you're making fun or if it's all real about you liking big cocks.

Me And My Fuck Buddy

fetish Miss Minky 2018-09-12

Later in the evening Max asked if I would like to stay the night at his home. Alcohol had definitely lowered our inhibitions, as we both knew he already had another friend staying in his tiny house that night. The spare part - although of course he did not know that - and I giggled companionably together at the violent sounds emitting from the other end of the house and decided that perhaps now was a good time for us all to rest our heads for the night. We never did reach orgasm that night, but I did my best to remember those precious moments when, despite a slumbering friend invading the house, we spent our first night together.