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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pegging Fantasy Weekend Pt. 01

fetish Findingnewexperience 2018-09-12

Before I am able to process that last comment, she start to drive her hips back and forth, pushing her cock in and out of my ass, slowly gaining speed. She grabs my hips with both hands and thrusts her girlcock deep into my ass, leans in and says: I bite the bed in front of me as she drives the rest of her cock all the way into my ass. It takes the wind out of me, but she draws almost all the way back out and drives her hips as hard as she can, pounding my ass. "You're going to make me cum, slut." she moans, driving into my ass until the orgasm hits causing her to shake with her cock inside me.

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 05

fetish sissymissyct 2018-09-12

"Take a nice deep breath of your sissy sauce Brenda", she whispered in my ear as I felt Miss Annie bind my wrists and legs to the chair. Breathe deep." I tried to tell myself that I didn't want to suck cocks but the pictures were bombarding my mind. " I am a sissy bimbo, I need to suck cock, I need to drink cummies, I want to be fucked. Mistress Maddy's face lit up like the morning sun and said yes my bimbo I would love to see you suck my Thomas' cock" When Miss Maddy told Thomas it was time, Sissy felt the cock swell a bit in her mouth and the first stream of cum splashed into her throat.


fetish peebudy 2018-09-12

"Dude, I'm the guy who set you up to surf porn at work, remember?" Eric chided, knowing that John must have been somewhere naughty to shut his whole browser down like that so quickly. "That must have been some pretty hot porn you were reading?" Eric's question snapped John back to reality, and he realized he had not been paying attention to his friend's yammering for a very long time. John and Eric quickly claimed the table, and ordered a round of drinks from the cocktail waitress, who was 10 times better looking than the best looking dancer at the last strip club they went to, 10 years ago for Eric's bachelor party.

You're Like a Little Boy at Times Ch. 06

fetish Myneed 2018-09-12

"...sodomy, I think," Rachel said, looking up at Mel with large brown eyes. I came so hard listening to what you were telling him..." Rachel stopped, embarrassed at her own enthusiasm. Despite the late hour, Mel texted Diana to let her know Michael and Rachel were safe. And so sexy." Rachel stood and looked over to where Mel was talking to Diana and Michael. Why is my cock in Rachel's mouth?" Mel was still talking so sweetly. "Mel told me to make sure my finger was in your ass when I made you cum." Her mouth sucked in my cock again. Tell Rachel that what her fingers are doing makes you think of a hard, juicy cock being pushed into you.


Of Cocks & Clits Ch. 01

fetish sexotics2006 2018-09-12

The "boner belt" modification was one that Mathias Jennings hadn't required for close to two years - and thus, there was nothing stopping the incredible ballooning of his crotch when his cock surged back to life. Then again, with her mouth agape as wide as possible, tongue extended so far that it curled down to the tip of her chin, Lauren looked as though she had a pretty good idea what was about to happen and not the least bit reserved about having him explode on her face. The hail of cum that drenched her mouth and face was probably the most volume Matthias had pumped from his body in years.

Panty Games Ch. 02

fetish SpacegirlLynn 2018-09-12

On Monday Bob told me how he got home from work and was really turned on after thinking about me all day long. Heck, I felt like inviting him over at that very moment for a full on naked fuck fest but I was having fun drawing this out a bit so I just sat back with my hands in my panties, Jilling off, while he told me about how Nikki fucked him Monday night. Even though I myself had had sex with my husband a couple of times since Sunday I felt like I had just released three days worth of built up pressure and I couldn't help but squeal a bit on the phone as I gushed.

Lydia: A Prologue

fetish MissKaneda 2018-09-12

The instant he felt her warm toes touch the side of his face, the salesman took a sharp, indignant breath and jerked his head back to reflexively glare at the woman, but she was too occupied with pulling her phone from her bag and checking something on it while she waited for him to remove her other boot. Lydia softly breathed as she watched the boy guide the immaculate shoe onto her eagerly awaiting toes, even letting a soft sigh of contentment leave her as her heel settled into the back of the pump and she experienced the rich, virgin leather yielding to the curves of her foot for the first time. His rather forced conversation lost its way very quickly as Lydia lifted her foot and let the platform sole of her shoe settle on the man's shoulder.

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 08

fetish asianspankee 2018-09-12

So pretty soon Mei was "red-bottomed" over your lap bawling her eyes out like a naughty little girl. "Ok, since we're all confessing and stuff," Mei finally breaks her silence and chimes in the conversation, "I've been kinda wondering what happened to you in the bathroom after our spankings when the rest of us have to do corner time, with our red asses on display?" Then I feel a pair of delicate hands gingerly touching my bare nether skin as Jing begins to play with my well-spanked posterior. this lewd object inside you?" Jing asks as she spreads my asscrack wide open for a better look at the point of insertion, for everybody's benefit (except mine of course).

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 03

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-09-12

He didn't even know Lindsay's gorgeous step mom was in the room until he heard her say, "Wow Lindsay, his penis IS really small...and look, your making it turn purple!" This was followed by Cindy laughing, almost hysterically. You see the one girl, wearing bra and panties...It's like she's naked," Lindsay's dad said to Jordan, before he went inside to get some spices for the grill. Brett, Tom, Jason, and Lindsay's dad, raced back and forth in the pool 5 times. It only got worse as he heard Tom say, "Ok Lindsay, Lets see those tits." Jason now realized that some random asshole guy was now going to see his own girlfriends breasts before he did...and he had been dating her for over a month now.

Freedom For Goddess Ch. 02

fetish DarkestSecrets 2018-09-12

Goddess instructed ant to talk and ask questions freely during dinner, but she reminded him with a squeeze that the private activities required silence and obedience. This went on for almost an hour until Goddess pulled away and ordered ant, still blinded, to stand with his hands on his spread ass cheeks and come sit next to her in a chair. Goddess had positioned her hand on ants swollen testicles and was abusing them while he sucked with squeezes and soft spanking. Goddess demanded that he lick up all the juices and sweat from her ass and when he had complied, she had him wipe up his face with his hand and lick his fingers clean.

Girl Talk He's Got the Biggest Cock

fetish 425olds 2018-09-12

I thought he was talking about taking a couple of times together to prepare me for the final act of putting his cock inside my pussy and I started to protest. Then he started to slowly withdraw right to the knob, making me groan and cry out even louder, clutching at his back with my hands and trying to hunch my hips upward in and attempt to get more of his cock inside of me. That has to be the BEST lovemaking any woman has ever had!" I could feel his cum oozing out of my well fucked pussy and I said, "I can't believe how MUCH you cum.....God, it's unreal!" He just groaned and left his semi-soft cock inside of me.

Night shift enjoyment of a much older women

fetish 2018-09-12

She told of always wanting to try sex again, just fear her daughter might think she was some wild woman. We watched a movie one night and the sex scene was prett hot, I ask her if she would like ot try that position. Following night she pulled her skirt up to show me her undies. Pulled out my cock and went to work. I ask to see her lace undies again, she pulled her skirt up and put her ass on the table. He wanted a blow job almost every night. We fucked many nights and few times had to stop mid fuck and once she had cum runnign down her leg when officer of another department came to the office.

Porphyria's Pursuit

fetish justifiedmedea 2018-09-12

His hand tugged as much as possible at that awkward angle and she willingly went down to her knees behind him, finally reaching up to tug the scarf down and her hat off so that she could bury her face behind his ear and breath in his musky scent through the heavy layer of his straight hair. Wrapping his hair in one of her fists, she began to wind it around his throat, making it tighter and tighter as she spoke, loving his little gasps and the thrust of his hips as he tried in vain to brush his hard flesh against something more substantial than air.


Christmas Panties

fetish DrLit 2018-09-12

The first person out was a very sexy African American lady dressed in white panties and bra, garter belt and white stockings. Just as the couple turned to walk back the runway they kissed as they squeezed each other's ass in panties. This time the woman had on red panties and a matching bra and garter belt with fish net stockings. Several more couples walked the runway, but nobody topped the guy sucking his wife's cock in red panties. She then pulled her skirt up and said, "My husband loves to fuck me in panties and as soon as we get home his cock will be filling my pussy and cumming in these exact panties.

Balloon Animals

fetish camillecaraway 2018-09-12

I pressed the balloon up against his bare chest, rubbing it up and down his body, letting him feel it roll against his skin, straining to pop. I grabbed his hand and pulled him down into the floor with me, letting the balloons surround him, brush up against his skin. I grabbed a red balloon, shiny and taught, ready to pop at any second, and brought it to his cock. I felt his body shudder as I dropped the limp pieces of latex to the floor and grabbed another shiny and supple blue balloon. As the balloon popped he pulled his cock from inside of me and shot another load of sticky cum all over my stomach.

Agent Jada of MOCOC

fetish 2018-09-12

I’m gonna get your big cock so hard, you’ll feel like you’re going to grow right out of your skin! Feeling my toes curled around your great big cock-head-stroking your long shaft? She gives his swollen cock-head a sloppy, wet kiss & then continues to slowly kiss up & down the length his long shaft - tracing her tongue along the thick veins that ran along it. After he feels like he can take no more & is about to explode his jizz, Agent Jada looks him in the eyes while clamping the base of his pulsating hard-on tightly to assure that he does not cum. As she walks away, still in her barefeet, Agent Jada looked back on her bound prisoner-admiring the sight of his stiff johnson in full view.

The Science Experiment Ch. 05

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-09-12

"Hi Mom!" Maya said when her mother walked into the kitchen. "Because no one but you, me and him," she said pointing to her male, "knows the truth of Testeekul's secret. "Trying to steal a female so they can abuse her like she is a worthless piece of shit is tough too," Michelle said more sternly. "I love you too." She turned to her male and said, "We have a beautiful female, don't you think?" The stringing together of these nucleotides is what created the DNA strand and genetic map that cells used to express all of the traits whether physical, mental, emotional and spiritual that makes every person -- every living organism - unique. For the next week Maya learned the basic concepts, then the finer points and eventually the allusive details that only her mom knew.

Appliance Desires

fetish Worker11811 2018-09-12

The vacuum makes slurping sounds as it sucks the water off your body. I make sure your hair and your body are completely dry before leading you, still naked, out of the bathroom and down the hallway. You feel excited to sleep, naked, in a fur bed for the first time. I just want you to feel fur on your body. You will feel like you are in Heaven when I massage your boobs with soft fur. Your legs instinctively spread apart, allowing my fur to give you a long, slow massage to your most intimate place. It still vibrates, just the same as usual, but I have also installed a motor in the end that makes the ball of fur rotate at any speed.

a post conference meeting

fetish up4it2gether 2018-09-12

Heat radiates from her body as he feels the flush pass over her flesh… her throat, her cheeks, her breasts, her inner thighs all alight with the glow as her vocalizations rush forth from deep within, “Ohhh my fuckinnnn gawwwd…” “Justtt like that….” “Don’t fuckin stop nowwww” intermingles with moans and unintelligible cries of delight as he drives the fishnet stocking deep between her toes as he draw each digit in it’s turn in and out of his mouth, his lips wrapping around them, his tongue flashing as he continues to suck them each in turn.

The Girl on the Train, part 2

fetish abbiuk 2018-09-12

The frog’s eyes shifted in infinite slowness to follow her, and as she leant forward to kneel on all fours, her pert bottom high in the air and feeling deliciously exposed, she watched the frog slowly open its its huge mouth, and in its eyes she saw approval replaced with invitation. The pressure and warm slickness of the quivering organ pressed against her clit was enough to clear most of the remaining thought from her mind; she felt her pussy begin to radiate waves of pleasure through her body and a low moan escaped her to float down into the depths of the creature’s belly.

The Necklace

fetish DarkRefuge 2018-09-12

The movement of her body caused my head to shift to the right side and I knew in an instant that my mouth was very close to her nipples. I didn't stop and kept moving down till I had reached pendant again. As she took away her hand my body went into a near convulsion. She pushed my head down and suddenly -- for the first time that night -- I felt her nipples rub against my lips. Then suddenly she started thrusting her breast into my mouth and I knew she was close. Her body kept on jerking involuntarily for some time and then stopped. Her hand started moving up and down my dick and her tongue licked mine.

Eddie's Cock: An Atrocity of Nature

fetish stinkfoot22 2018-09-12

I was so preoccupied watching him handle the mammoth organ that it took until now until I realised that his testicles were also of shocking proportions, looking almost like grapefruits so large that he could barely fit them between his legs and spread his legs wide to allow them room to lay on the hay bales. The pool of sperm on the concrete floor was enormous, and a viscid cord still stretched upward to Eddie's cockhead, swinging obscenely to and fro like a jumprope as Eddie continued to stroke his cock slowly. I kept staring at it in shock, the cum glistening in the sunlight, so white and thick it looked like curdled cream, strands still hanging down from Eddie's monstrous cock head, and obviously still tense from his huge orgasm as he grunted with sounds that filled the stable.

I Wait on My Wife and Her Lovers Hand and Foot

fetish CuckinChastity 2018-09-12

My wife, Laurel, had called about 45 minutes ago to tell me that she was on her way home and that she was bringing a dinner guest. Turning to the gentleman she went on, "Charles, Fluffy is here purely to take care of our needs and wants. On my knees in front of him I looked up into his eyes and asked, "Mr. McCullough, would you allow me to use my mouth to bring your penis to full erection?" And you know, if I ever do feel like the daily work of caring for you and your men is a little tedious, I just think back to the day my peepee was locked up.

Help! Make My Husband A Cuck

fetish 2018-09-12

So the conversation continued with Renuka – I asked why do you want your husband to be a cuck? Then Renuka mentioned that her husband likes to read cuck stories on the phone and she has seen it as well. I also thought to myself I want to fuck Renuka as soon as possible cause I don’t travel to Pune often and I should make a plan to fuck her and make him a cuck too. She smiled and said now its my turn, I laid back and this time she went down, I pulled the sheets on top my our heads so I can see she sucking my cock under the sheet.