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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nameless Breeding Slut Ch. 04

fetish LoveHugeBoobs 2018-09-12

They are both free spirits, especially Val. She seems like the kind of girl to tell you off," Jason observed. We'll meet you in a moment," the mystery girl said to Dory. The mystery girl waited for her to be far enough away, and turned to Jason. The red head looked Dory up and down, wanting to laugh at the way she dressed. With their enormous breasts resting in front of them on the table, the girls looked to Dory. For some reason, that was the moment Jason wondered if Dory knew the name of his mystery girl. Dory eventually told the story of meeting Jason's mystery girl in the park. He knew because all three girls flashed him a look when Dory said it.

The Angry Wife

fetish stryker53 2018-09-12

As her dedicated foot slave he kissed the tops of her ankles and then licked the tops of her shiny black leather marching boots. Then Marcie lifted her leg and placed her nasty stinky socked foot on his forehead. As she continued washing his face with her foot, Ronald soon learned what stink tasted like. Ronald was sniffing and licking both sweaty feet until the socks were soaked with her sweat, and his saliva. As he greedily fed on her toe jam and foot filth, Marcie reached two hard, gut wrenching orgasms. After it stopped she whispered, "On your knees fool, lick and swallow every drop off my foot." Without hesitation Ronald complied.


fetish 2018-09-12

She didn't think i saw her, but she would go in to get the dirty laundry and when she saw my boxer-briefs she would put them to her nose, actually smothering her nose with them. I held off as long as i could and I had a pretty huge load. She actually wiped the cum from her nose and lip and put in in her mouth. After she "cleaned" my dirty laundry, she threw her head back with a huge smile. She turned and said "Do you think this time I can drink right from the fountain?". When I came, it was another huge load and she didn't swallow right away.

I Lost It

fetish maverick3489 2018-09-12

After that I would retire to my bed, fantasize about her in all the possible nude postures and shake myself well till I shoot the cum all over my bare tummy, wipe it and doze wake up again next morning dreaming about the cunt, I could only get a distant dim view of in the hours of midnight. Soon it was time for bed, and the two women retired inside, and I was left to toss and turn on the couch in the living room. This was the first time my cock had got so much attention, otherwise till date I was only stroking it in the dark of the night, dreaming of the cunt hole of my Queen.

Getting to Know Her

fetish Dilandau 2018-09-12

Erik walked down the steps in between the rows of benches in the lecture hall, and picked a seat. Those puppies were easily big enough to be seen from the back, and the stadium seating of the lecture hall would mean he could probably look down at her cleavage over her shoulders if she was close enough to him. The garment felt like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, and if that did occur it would cause some additional problems for Erik, and presumably most of the males in the class. Yet he couldn't change the path his mind had gone on, and he was now imagining what those magnificent breasts would feel like against his hands.


fetish Spiraltib 2018-09-12

I turned off the water, grabbed my towel to wipe my wet hand and face, and put the cellular to my ear without looking to see who it was. "And what would those ideas look like?" I asked, my mouth suddenly dry. "All you're going to get right now, big boy, is a good drying, I said as I made use of the towel in my right hand. I slipped the DVD into the player and began watching as the redhead led the man by a leash on his cock. Sparky kept right on cumming in ever smaller squirts as Mary watched from the bedroom door. "You've been a really naughty boy and you're going to have to be punished," she said as she came toward the bed.


fetish FelixOfDane 2018-09-12

Hell, when he knocked, she was lounging on her dorm bed in her rolled-up wool skirt and oxford top, listening to One Direction on her little pink Ipod while reading Portrait of the Author As A Young Man. She was laying very unladylike, as Mother Superior would call it, but it's comfortable and nobody will see up her skirt anyway. "I don't feel much like dealing with your pedantic bullshit, Melesinda." She swears a lot, but it paces naturally with the rest of her speech. For the love of God himself, they already had near-ankle-length skirts and oxfords, knee socks, and church-issued underpants that looked more like tea towels than anything.

Magikal Goods

fetish dreadknots 2018-09-12

Dark One is so formal." She smiled and winked, but when she saw that Sam wasn't in a joking mood, she sighed and continued her explanation, "Your friend Karlus the shopkeep tried to trap me, using my power as a source of magical fuel for his experiments. He's constantly aroused, leaving a trail of pre-cum from his limp dick wherever he goes." She pet the man's head, and he moved to lick her pussy. "Why are you showing me these...horrors?" Sam said, his mind lingering on 'wonders' a little too long for his liking. Magikal Goods needs to look like a proper store, if I'm going to use it as cover for my magical misdeeds.

Mario Returns to the Club Pt. 01

fetish Ha275 2018-09-12

"No wonder my sister was never excited to talk about you." said Kara as she stood firm in one place staring at Mario's cock who clenched his fists angrily and got into position. The crowd gave a mixed reaction as Kara was seeing stars and her beautiful face was still covered in her silky blonde hair because she hadn't recovered yet but was beginning to moan as she got hammered in the ass by a dominant Mario. They were kissing each other's wet bodies as Mario fucked Kara in the ass and she covered his waist with her thin legs. Kara grabbed Mario's head as he kissed her breasts and started smothering his face in.

Sue's tights

fetish tightsforever 2018-09-12

She had long jet black hair and a lovely smile and she always wore tights. She seemed to favour barely black but some lovely days she wore natural shade which are my favourite. I could see right up her skirt and saw that she was wearing navy blue panties underneath her gorgeous natural shade tights. The closest I got to her cunt was when I dropped some paperwork on purpose by her empty chair when she was away from her desk and pressed my nose onto her chair and inhaled hard hoping to get a faint trace of pussy scent, the seat was still warm and I had a surge of excitement coursing through me as my face was where her nylon encased cunt had been moments earlier!

Wife's Pantyhose Tease at Church

fetish mugs101 2018-09-11

The feeling of my cock trapped between her hose covered thighs was heaves, I turned and placed my nose along the arch of her foot and took a deep breath loving the scent of her foot in her shoe. I couldn't see but I knew she was rubbing her clit, I felt her push her foot into my face each time she hit her magic button in the right place. There was so much going on, kissing her nylon-covered foot, feeling my cock trapped between her thighs and her scent filling my nose. I am close and she know sit, she takes her foot with the pump still on and again placed the heel in my mouth, I pull it off and drop the shoe.

Mistress Melanie's Face Slave

fetish Spar 2018-09-11

Spread my ass-cheeks with your left hand and work the tip of your right fuck-finger into my asshole. Roll your finger-tip in my ass slowly, Stretch my butt-hole." With that she let go a strong short burst of pee. As it subsided Hunter stabbed his tongue upward at her clit and rolled his middle finger in a manner that was nastier than he thought possible. She squirted six more times and by the sixth time, the two middle fingers of his right hand were buried deep in her ass, to the palm. "Yes, Mistress!" He was three excited strokes into complying and shooting copious white globs of his cum into her butt-hole as he spoke.

Transformed Into A Shemale

fetish girlboybootsie 2018-09-11

"Hi Jessie, my name is Tom. I'm happy to have the company and you look like you were getting hot out there," he says and I notice his eyes roaming down my body and with a shock, I notice that they linger on my cock (or is it my imagination?), outlined against my tight shorts that is still hard from my daydreams about John, and now my proximity to this handsome leather clad hunk. I feel very relaxed and sexy now from the herb, and I lean against the door with my body turned toward Tom. He has done the same thing and my eyes feast openly on his gorgeous body, and zero in on his clearly outlined cock which looks like it is going to burst from the tight confines of his sexy leather pants.

Surprised Teacher

fetish LR 2018-09-11

She was looking up at me with pleading eyes as I started to fuck here face. "I am going to use you as my personal whore until you tell me the truth." I started to thrust deeper and felt myself hitting the back of her throat. He/she arched his back and moaned as I began to finger fuck her ass while I sucked her dick deep into my throat. Suddenly Lisa/Wes's hands were on the sides of my head and then the load of cum was in my mouth. I looked into her smiling eyes and slowly spit the cum on her face. I moved between his legs and pushed the head of my dick in her ass.

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 04

fetish rmlooker 2018-09-11

He was sitting up at her bottom with her stumps up on his legs and as Sara started to orgasm for the second time he moved his hook over to her clit and not so gently bumped it several times. Sara lifted Rob's cock and said she wanted to sit on it and would she help her. Rob got hard watching her and since Sara was sitting on his bended leg, she noticed and started pumping him with her hand. Even though J's breasts were very small her large nipples seemed to have a direct wire to her clit and with Rob down there working it over she came twice in no time, one right after the other.


fetish klammer 2018-09-11

"They'll go very nicely with that cute little apron," Carla said. "Very good," Carla beamed, "You certainly know how to move that ass. "It's quite dark out tonight," Carla said, "If we're a little into the place was immediate expulsion for any man, and Carla would know looked down at my nude, totally feminine body, the pert breasts, the the letters were gone, Carla would undoubted come looking in the most this way, looking like a woman, wearing only bathing cap and sneakers, "Certainly, my Dear," Carla said with false sweetness, "Whatever did "Very good, Fifi," Carla said, lounging on the sofa, her figure I saw Carla looking on with interest, so I smiled and replied, "Yes

My First Cigarette & My First Man

fetish SeraPopular 2018-09-11

Steven quickly and with force grabbed me my ass and said firmly, "you are in training, you will not speak unless you are told so, you will let me do as I wish with you, and I promise that you are safe, you still trust me don't you?" I said "yes", he replied, "No more talking, let me finish preparing you". He continued cutting through my dress and my slip, then I felt two hands reach inside my bra and pull my tits up and over, this made me release a gentle moan from pleasure!

Die Belohnung - Teil 01

fetish 2018-09-11

Dass Birgit mit Ende 50 gut zwanzig Jahre älter als meine Frau ist, war dabei kein Problem. Marion hatte es mir postwendend weiter erzählt und dabei gegrinst: „Jetzt stehen schon die Omas auf Dich." Ich hatte ihr nur die Zunge rausgestreckt. Nun eignete ich mich nicht unbedingt als Tröster -- das übernahm meine Frau -- aber nach seinem Tod tauchten diverse rechtliche Probleme mit dem Erbe auf. Klar muss meine Frau nicht jedes Mal die Beine breit machen, wenn ich Lust hatte, aber mal ehrlich: drei Mal im Jahr? Und weil Du mir doch so viel geholfen hast, dachte ich, dass ich Dir .....", sie sucht mit tiefrotem Gesicht nach Worten, „... Und so das ein oder andere Mal hatte ich mir schon mal vorgestellt, wie sie wohl nackt aussehen wprde.

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 04

fetish luv2flirtamswf34 2018-09-11

Your hot wet mouth, trailing over my body as you return to a sitting position, fingers plucking on one nipple as you gently bite and suck on the other. Am growing so hot and tight around you, trying to rock my hips up to you, make you move inside me but you hold me down with other hand as you watch my face. When you feel me right on the very edge, you completely withdraw from me pulling your cock out hard and fast, taking your stroking finger away from my clit. I want to cum with you deep inside me, feel you sliding in and out as the muscles of my pussy clench around you, riding my orgasm with me.

The Preacher Wife Confession

fetish VsLighting 2018-09-11

Kathy was moaning with so much joy from Tommy making love to her that I start to feel myself get a little wet between my legs. Knowing they were in the next room making love made me think about my husband Hank until I fell to sleep. I got so wet, then Tommy apply some baby oil on his rock hard cock and slowly eased his cock in Kathy ass hole. I said it's okay I fell to sleep and Kathy up stairs that when I notice my sun dress was up and exposing my ass. As I turn my head to see who was at my bed room door it was Tommy with his hard cock in his hand.

Swimmer Keiko's Lotus Goddess Lust

fetish gomorrah 2018-09-11

Namiko held the embrace slightly longer, and as the two treaded water holding onto each other, her thigh passed between Keiko's legs, brushing against her now tingling pussy. Viewed from behind, Namiko had a beautiful curved arse, an inch-wide gap between her upper-thighs, with her curved, lycra-clad pussy bulging downwards, and muscular legs which made Keiko wonder how she looked naked. All Keiko knew at that moment in the pool was that the wide gap between Namiko's powerful thighs, and the bulging mound that protruded from her latex-covered crotch looked beautiful from behind. She shook her head, suddenly aware of the crowd in the swimming centre watching them getting out of the pool, and again blushing as she worried someone may have seen her watching Namiko's arse for a moment too long.

Hail Mary

fetish likestoplay 2018-09-11

He never said a word, just came up to me and kissed me hard, his hands were under my dress before I knew what was happening, he was caressing my 36C chest and rubbing my pussy with his other hand. He told me to take it down all the way down my throat, I got on my knees, as I started to suck on his hard prick he put his hand on the back of my head and held me there, not pushing too hard on my virgin mouth. He threw me down on the bed and kissed his way up my body, until his dick was right outside the entrance to my virgin pussy.

Mora's Vacation Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2018-09-11

He had asked Cara on the phone about Mora's height, weight etc and made up a chair he thought would be a good starting point. Cara said that Sam's left stump was just like Mora's right one. Cara said she thought Mora would look very sexy with her new chair and abbreviated body. Sam said he had better get going and asked if Mora was happy with her chair. Cara took her leg off and Mora said for her to come over and let her rub some lotion on it. Mora told her about Cara's sore stump and Janie said yes she was still in the wheelchair when she came to work last night. Mora asked if her stump needed a massage also and Janie said that would be great.

Sweet Strawberry Cream

fetish Alice Wells 2018-09-11

He turned back around with pink nylons in his hand, then came back to the bed where I could see them. Without trying he held it until I moved my hand up to push him away, gasping for air as soon as his mouth was off of mine. I squirmed; he kissed me again without the nylons, working his fingers in and curling them. I moaned for him, watching my own eyes as my voice lifted up. He brushed the hair off of my face and I watched him look at my gaze, then at my reflection where it was fastened. Soft sounds, half moans, worked their way into my breathing. I watched myself as he pulled back all the way, I saw how it dug into my skin.