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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish Wes99 2018-09-11

When we first got married it seemed like my wife and I had sex almost every night and it was very good, however I still found myself occasionally fantasizing about golden showers and the fantasies were so strong that I would sometimes find time to be alone to jack-off. On this particular afternoon I had brought myself to the point where I couldn't prolong it much longer and just before cumming I let go of my golden stream and bathed my chest and neck with my own hot piss. At that point we were both so turned-on we kissed passionately and I started to gently ease her back so that we could begin fucking again but she resisted me a little and said, "I have one more picture to show you, it's my favorite!" She reached back into the purse and pulled out another photograph.

Daddy's Surprise

fetish babygirl50 2018-09-11

As you slap my ass, you tell me to rub my clit and finger my pussy, but don't stop eating her throbbing cunt. I finger her pussy, rubbing and playing with her clit, you stop just before she cums. Taking your hand, I get on your lap, facing you, and slide my cunt down on your cock, as you finger my ass. You slip your cock into my ass, slow at first, and when you are all the way in you fuck me hard and fast, while you are fucking me, you have loosened her up enough, with your hand, to put four fingers in her pussy, fucking her and working your hand, now a fist, deep into her pussy and get it in to your wrist.

The Landlady Ch. 3

fetish Threesheets 2018-09-11

Smiling up at me she stood up and as she bent to take Liz's drink I moved my hand up the back of her leg and quickly slid my fingers into her juicy pussy. As Ellen bent over to offer the tray to Liz, I again moved my hand up the back of her thigh only stopping when I had a finger in her pussy. She swallowed all of my jizm, then licking her lips she looked up at me and I motioned her to finish Liz. She immediately had her face buried in Liz's pussy, licking and slurping as she to reached her orgasm and her juices were fast becoming a facial for Ellen.


fetish dayfun001 2018-09-11

At my late 30's, 5'9", and a solid 185lbs, with a 6" hard cock, I was pre cumming just thinking about getting sucked off while showering in the gym. He did rub, and sucked my cock througH the speedo making me even hornier until he pulled my uncut meat out and started stroking and sucking it. Brent sucked me almost without any gags as I held his head fucking his eager mouth all the way in several times. About 5 minutes into that great blowjob, I couldn't hold it anymore and grunted cumming heavily in Brent's mouth. I drove back home, and surely enough started to watch some gay guys sucking cock and jacked-off with a new appreciation...

Pamperboy Servitude

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2018-09-11

I quickly sat back down on the floor and could feel all the hot soaked pamper gel squishing under my ass. I took Larry's cock back into my mouth and lovingly swabbed the head with my tongue. We were already into the second scene of this porno when Larry commanded me to pull the pamper up and assume the position! Larry pulled out and I quickly assumed the position, waiting, feeling my submission and the coldness of the piss drenched pamper. With the sticky lube running out of my ass into the pamper and his taste still heavy in my mouth Larry now made me pull the front of my pamper down and stroke off.

Breasts Veneration

fetish mitchawa 2018-09-11

She was a beautiful redhead, she was nude, lying on a canvas cot her pussy, large breasts, and face hung through openings in the canvas, dangling before a handsome man. Using his right-hand, he pushed her left breast while observing the pair swing from side to side until they stopped. "I'm pleased, how does this make you feel?" He pulled her breasts forward and released them. He switched breasts, took the teat into his mouth, and rubbed his file-like tongue around, back and forth, up and down around it with joyful enthusiasm. He freed himself from her nub, pulled both tits toward each other until the nipples were touching, took them into his mouth, sucked and ran figure-eights around her swollen teats until Gloria's body shook with spasm after spasm.

From manager to sub sissy

fetish wannabesubformt 2018-09-11

She asked me if I wanted to touch them and I said, “Yes Ma’am.” She giggled and said that Cindy had told Her I liked big breasts so She and Elizabeth decided to ‘go big’. I got up and She smacked me hard on the butt and said, “don’t you ever set down again unless you ask permission.” I went into the living room to find out which guests needed their coats. Mistress Norma said, “Sure, it is your birthday and you can do whatever you want with Lana, She is your present.” Cindy laughed and bent down and unbuckled the strap for the ball gag and removed it.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 12

fetish TimWLy 2018-09-11

Finally, Diamond and Yvette decided to switch places, and all I could do was watch the scene, knowing that I remembered how tight Yvette's pussy was, and the groan which came from me could have attracted some attention, but I didn't care, I was enjoying the two women for every bit they wanted to give, and letting them enjoy every piece of each other. By the time Yvette dropped down all the way on my shaft, and leaned back, and I tweaked her nipples, and heard those moans, and the slurping which came from Diamond and that experienced tongue going from my cock straight to Yvette's clit and back down, I was ready to come.


spunky car fun

fetish cdjean 2018-09-11

I chatted to a guy on this site and he had told me that he was a panty wearer and wanted to meet, i was over the moon we arrange to meet at the back of morrisons carpark, he told me what kind of car he drove and part of his reg number. thank god it was the rite guy, so i got into his car and said to him staight away, let get down to it so i loosened his belt and pulled his zip down, i nearly came in my own panties his cock was hard over his red satin panties, i rapped my hand round his cock and started to wank him off.

Popped His Cherry Pegging

fetish 425olds 2018-09-11

As I assess the situation I'm torn between trying to slowly pull my cock out of Hank's butt without waking him and go start my day...or maybe I should start fucking him a little and see where it leads... I started to think about what a turn on it would be to feed him his cum while I fucked his pretty ass... His cock was huge and hard, sticking straight out from his body and dripping gobs of pre-cum as he watched me play with my nipples. I continued to pound my husband's ass and stroke his cock feverishly as my eyes closed, I convulsed and succumbed to my orgasm letting loose a flood of pussy juice.

Beach Bitch

fetish Jack_Love 2018-09-11

Once I was sun-bathing on this beach in Thailand, checking out the crowds of smoking-hot 19-year-old tourist-girls, all half-naked, many of whom were indubitably cruising for some big hard vacation-cock for the night to satisfy their horny, vacationing, tight young pussies. I stared down at the horny spectacle as I slowly began sliding my dick in and out of her tight, wet hole as she held her pussy-lips wide open for me with her fingers. Still cumming, I let go of my rod, thrust deeper than ever up inside her beautiful pooper, and continued pumping cum, deep up her big, hot, tight ass, now dripping with sweat from all the fucking and sun.

Store Browsing

fetish chuckp7860 2018-09-11

The times that I got to actually be with the girl and see that cute butt covered in body molding panties or the older soft cup bras that were silky and lacy, holding their beautiful shaped breast was exciting also. Her moans grew as I felt Beth ease up behind me and laid her naked body over my back, feeling her beautiful tits smash into my back and her hands reach around and start rubbing my cock through Jan's panties. I felt Beth's fingers reach inside Jan's panties on me and pull my cock out the side and she took her pair of panties she had taken off and wrapped them around my cock and started stroking it with the soft cotton pair.

Gay Slave Training PT1

fetish 425olds 2018-09-11

And here he was, the small eighteen year old boy who had shaved his entire body just because I told him to was standing in a totally submissive posture at my front door. Pulling a fair amount of drool into my hand, I reached down and coated his asshole in his own spit, sticking a finger inside him and feeling him squirm, unable to get away while being f***ed over the counter. The boy choked and gagged violently as my cock pushed past the back of his mouth and entered his throat. It felt so good to piss straight into this boy's stomach, and I could feel his throat tighten around my cock every time he gagged.

Mother, Daughter, and the Old Pizza-man

fetish 2018-09-11

I awoke some six hours later, with the joys of Spring in my heart, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I felt I was a changed women, then as I thought, it all started coming back, and I felt between my legs, I was really very wet, and I brought some of the wetness to my nose, the smell was familiar, and the tinge of salinity and acridness, told my it was not a dream from a d***ken binge, this was semen, oozing from my womanhood, I did have a cock inside me last night, I was fucked, and I got up and stood shaking on my feet.

Camping Memory

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-09-11

They got quite aggressive when sad sack said he didn't want to play, which I'm sure was just a ruse because they were lovely guys really. "Let's peg him out!" I suggested and we carried sad sack, one scrawny limb each, out of the tent and used guy ropes to tie his wrists and ankles and then pegged him to the ground in a star shape. The cool thing about tents is that sound travels and I made sure sad sack got to hear plenty of orgasmic moans from his wife being fucked by other men. I fucked all three guys in that tent, hugely aroused by their comments and the image of sad sack lying listening to my pleasure, covered in piss.

Maria 1 and Maria 2 Ch. 02

fetish Angelscuck 2018-09-11

The phone rang many times, finally Maria answered. I spent a miserable night imagining what might be going on at home. I kept seeing dirty pictures in my mind of Maria fucking and sucking some stranger. She is presently occupied with two guys getting her brains fucked out. My girlfriend was fucking two guys and I was standing at an airport phone booth with a hard on. I barely remember the flight home to L.A. All I could think about was my lovely girlfriend Maria, taking on two guys. Maria 1 looked longingly at me from across the room. Maria 1, now completely naked, crawled to me and placed her hand around my cock. Sucking my cock and mind-fucking me at the same time.

Of Friends

fetish corylus 2018-09-11

His skirt was black latex, pinstriped with white and pencil slim 'because darling, you have the shape for it'. He arrived at the counter with his milk, the nice man from down the road smiled at him, asked him if he thought it was getting colder, and requested money. 'Come feel Chris's cock honey,' excitedly, breathlessly, 'it's pretty big already.' And with trepidation and as she held him there, he had his face rubbed into a latex covered groin containing a large and well erect member. Simultaneously, his catsuip zip was opened further and he felt an eager tongue at his sweat covered anus. With cock in his ass, mouth on his cock and pussy on his face he felt that familiar push, that need for release.


fetish oggbashan 2018-09-11

Rosemary told me that she had a wedding dress in my size with all the accessories, hooped petticoat, veil, shoes, etc. I hadn't had anything to drink since leaving work and I had nearly finished the coffee as Rosemary returned carrying a massive dress bag over her arm. "I don't want people to know this was MY wedding dress," Rosemary continued. George didn't know it was Rosemary's unused wedding dress. Rosemary had said that the wedding dress was long-sleeved. I stood like a statue as Rosemary threw a massive net petticoat over my head. In those gloves I couldn't help much as Rosemary slid my satin covered arms into the sleeves. I almost looked like a kneeling Rosemary because the picture on the hood was so realistic.

Toxic MILF

fetish feliciacosmina 2018-09-11

Jeanette has an amazing little body with very nice hard tits, a sexy round ass, but she is so tiny and unfortunately she will never have nice long legs! You really like my legs, don't you..." I saw your expression a lot of times, when you looked at my body. My tongue was tired, I felt like it was a few hours since I was feverishly licking her mound, so I stuck two fingers in her hot box and I was rewarded with a deep moan of pleasure. This tall, older woman was trying to take unfair advantage of me, forcing me to lick her pussy and wanted me to stop me from achieving my release, with my cock almost cumming in my pants.

Horny AF!

fetish Nerdybiguy 2018-09-11

She'll suck slowly and deliberately, stopping to swirl her tongue and moist lips around the head of my cock before she takes me deeply inside her mouth again. The sound of her moaning pushes me closer to cumming and the sight of her looking into my eyes as she uses her tongue to massage the magical spot between my balls and the base of my dick sends me over the edge. You want to be on this fat dick don't you baby?" I pull back so that only the head of her dildo was in my mouth as I nodded to her, looking into her eyes as I moaned an enthusiastic, "mhmm" into her strap on.

Magic Fantasy Unicorn Baby Ch. 01

fetish bigpreggoman 2018-09-11

His arms started trembling under the stress, and the pressure on his pregnant stomach, pressed between the floor of the bath and his bladder, made him want to urinate so badly that he could hardly hold it in. The girth of the unicorn-cock pushed his pelvis apart, he bucked and kicked out at the same time, unable to escape from the mind-numbing pain as the unicorn locked onto him, its weight threatening to crush or suffocate his climaxing body. He eventually introduced Andrew to a unicorn-mate, and they spent months together in that barn, impaled, their cocks bursting with cum-soaked orgasm after orgasm, their anal passages ravaged by indescribable pleasure and excruciating pain.

A Panty Story

fetish Lucien_Al 2018-09-11

As I had been away for a few days I was trying pretty hard to look down her blouse, but her very conservative bra safely covered them. I slowly pulled down her panties and slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. I thought that in order to give her an idea of what it was that turned me on I wiped out combined juices onto the gusset of her panties and slowly covered her mouth and nose. When I woke up the next morning I looked across and saw that Sam was lying on her back next to me and she was wearing a really sexy pair of panties and they were pulled tight against her pussy.

Erotic Encounters with a Salesman Ch. 02

fetish myeroticvamp 2018-09-11

He eyes once again look into my face,"Did you keep your feet the way I asked you to?" Seeing him gaze down noticing I changed my nail color. Parking the car quickly he shuts off the engine and once again gets out and opens my passenger side door, I think to myself he can be such a gentleman, but I also know he does have his dangerously seductive side to him too. "I am going to have fun devouring every inch of you with my mouth and tongue Lisa." his voice rasps against my neck, letting me feel the deep vibrations of it ripple along my skin.

Black Cuckoldress

fetish slave4u_tx 2018-09-11

"Sounds like you got it good sista, haven't had a man's lips on my pussy in years." Ebony added. Too bad you can't have a big black cock for fucking and a white man's tongue for sucking" Ebony teased. When Shanice was finished getting ready, I wanted to undress her and start sucking her right then. "I love watching those women getting fucked by those huge black cocks, " I said. I focused on her clit and Shanice came seconds later, bucking and sucking her breath. Visions of a huge black cock fucking Shanice were dancing around my mind. I heard footsteps followed by a deep voice, "I'm going to fuck you good Shanice, haven't had any in a while.