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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Therapist Ch. 02

fetish sm8100 2018-09-11

Julia's next question put me even further over the edge as she asked, "When I was coming down the stairs, James, were you looking at one of the books?" There was no point in lying so I admitted to picking up a few of them out of curiosity. Julia's warm and compassionate smile was not present as she followed with, "Was it exciting looking at a book that had some of your own fetishes in pictures?" Julia then removed her foot from my face and warmly smiled down towards me and finally spoke, "How is my little fetish man doing down there? "James, I really enjoyed our first time together like this and think that we can take things quite a bit further, if that's what you want.

83% foot

Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 05

fetish ChristopherMoon 2018-09-11

Rachelle entered the empty bus and went for the back, hoping she could read her magazine uninterrupted for the next 15 minutes. Rachelle couldn't figure out if the girl was specifically looking at her since she wore sunglasses. The girl smiled at Rachelle and turned her head away from her. "So I'm heading for the front of the bus and if you dare follow me there, I'll shove those fancy looking sunglasses somewhere very painful," Rachelle threatened. The girl kept her by sunglasses enshrouded look fixed at Rachelle. Rachelle got pulled down and she plummeted into the somewhat uncomfortable bus seat, right next to the misty girl. Rachelle brought her hand closer to the girl's pissing pussy when she noticed the trinkle diminished.

Wedding Night Tease

fetish rick_oh 2018-09-11

"The girls want you to lick their pussies," Alissa stated after Ned had undressed. The girls looked on in aroused anticipation as Ned enthusiastically applied his talented mouth to Alissa's pussy. Donna then straddled Ned's face, grasped his head firmly, and wiggled her hips as he licked and sucked on her pussy. "Tell me, Ned, if Alissa wanted you to lick my pussy again - some other time - would you like that?" Completely naked, Alissa got on the bed and mounted Ned. Without saying a word, she took him completely into her aroused pussy. The bridesmaids, in their various states of dress and undress, wanted to see Ned lick up his profuse serving of sperm from his new bride's cunt.

Time for a Trim

fetish fetishguy81 2018-09-11

Brittany pulled my head towards her cock as I opened my mouth. I opened my mouth and Brittany started stroking her cock as fast as she could. I swallowed the cum and Brittany shoved her cock back in my mouth to clean it up. Brittany moved her body right up against mine and I could feel her cock starting to get hard again right against my ass. I looked in the mirror and saw Brittany with a massive smile on her fact as she pushed in further. Brittany pushed in one last time and I felt her cock swell. I felt the cum fill my rectum as Brittany slowly pulled her limp cock from my ass and undid the handcuffs.

Sorority Princesses Ch. 02

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-09-11

"There's a party this Friday in the same place at 8pm - Queen Amanda asked me to give you the whole welcome pack," she said, handing me a large brown envelope. "Hi Princess," Jen said as she hugged me "Queen Amanda will be through in a moment." Two princesses grabbed Lizzie's legs and held them while Queen Amanda and Princess Jen rolled rubber bands down her legs. I watched Lizzie getting whipped while I came, continuing to finger Jen's slippery hole. Jen began to whip Lizzie's pussy while chanting things at her like: "dirty slut, eat that chubby pussy," and "taste her sweaty pussy." Lizzie went crazy licking and sucking me like mad.

The Panties [Chapter 2]

fetish 2018-09-11

Her mind suddenly drifted to her run in with Nick as he and her s****r were leaving; “Why was he so shy and distant with me this time?” Jaclyn thought to herself. Taking a deep breath, she felt a chill run through her body at the feel of the cool air on her exposed skin as she stood just in the doorway of her room without a stitch on. Knowing what she stopped to do, she moved her right hand from at her side and slowly slide it down her taught tummy, slipping her fingers under the waistband of her shorts but keeping them on the outside of the tight panties.

Changing Marriage Ch. 02

fetish sm8100 2018-09-11

Before Jim could respond Tera quickly added, "I know men probably think it's silly for a woman to be so concerned about how her feet look in public because I doubt that most men give it much thought. He had controlled his excitement so well up until now but whether it was Tera's sexy voice, her giving him directions, or the closeness to his wife's beautiful feet, or maybe it was a combination of all of the above but the cumulative effect was he was getting slowly but insanely turned on. Jim continued on gently kissing and worshiping his wife turned goddess's feet and as he did so his erection was practically poking through his shorts.

mother in law

fetish madismaximus 2018-09-11

(Her lust was taking over as she showed me she wanted the whole shooting match.) - Without any warning she suddenly flicked off her nightie & said "can suck me" - (at that moment I wasn't thinking of her as my MIL, this was a hot women wanting to pleasured, so I closed my eyes and went with her) The nipple & **** activity soon had her body bucking so much that I thought she was about to "pop".

Over My Head Ch. 01

fetish wamslave1 2018-09-11

The temptation, when you're that messed up, is to go straight for the climax, but the preparation is so time-consuming - you've got to buy all that stuff and spend ages mixing it to the right consistency, and then lay down sheets of plastic all over the floor of the room you're gonna use, and then make sure you've got enough soap and shampoo to wash it all off afterwards - that you may as well make the thing last as long as possible. She was a good-looking curly-haired blonde wearing a bikini, not tall but with a lovely figure, while he was a heavy-set guy with short black hair and a slight paunch, wearing a pair of inappropriately brief swimming trunks, the two of them sporting sunglasses and standing with arms around each other's shoulders, smiling at the camera.

Visit In Thailand

fetish 2018-09-11

Diane may’ve been a little pissed that I was pulling her away from the boys, but her eyes locked on my cock and in a second she was on her knees sucking like a dirty whore, working her tongue from balls to the tip, getting the whole thick length wet, before trying to cram the most in her mouth. Diane rolled onto her back and Rob went down on her, licking and sucking her cunt, poking it with his fingers and tongue, while Steve kneeled by her face and got some class A sloppy head, while feeling up those great big tits.

My mother in law is having my baby and my wife is

fetish 2018-09-11

A huge baby making load inside of her married white pussy. Mrs. Wynn stopped walking away and shouted for her husband Jeff Kay’s When Jeff entered the den Mrs. Wynn asked her husband “if He was ok with me fucking his wife any time she wanted sex. My wife Kay gave me a sad look and walked down the steps to join Once I sat down on the bed Mrs. Wynn began to play with my limp About two minutes later Mrs. Wynn got up and pushed me down on the bed. Said “sugar don’t stop now my pussy wants some more rough fucking. Mrs. Wynn told her husband that my dick made her came several Fucked my wife’s mother and b*****r’s wife countless times.

Goldenrod Extended Ch. 02

fetish rlmmike 2018-09-11

On the next network a twenty-something woman standing in combat boots was holding a naked man by the hips, fucking him vigorously with a strap-on dildo in a featureless room, and grunting loudly with every thrust. "Well, you're impotent, and I need to get laid, so I guess I'm going to have to fuck you with it." She took my hands and waited for consent. Ten minutes later I had stripped and gotten on all fours upon the plush rug, and Amy had her left hand on my butt to steady me, while with her right she fed the phallus into my waiting asshole. "Actually, I'm not..." Her left hand returned to the floor and the right landed on my spine to support her lovely torso, as her head was raised above me.

Sinking Into Seduction

fetish evanrulzz 2018-09-10

"Awright Evan move the light over this way" Jen said moving the camera around. "Perfect" Jen said still pointing the camera in the direction of the marsh grass. Sara are you ready?" Jen asked in the direction of our make shift dressing room. "Yep, ready." Sara said walking around the curtain pushing her boobs into place. "No, no sweetie." Jen grabbed Sara's shoulder and walked her around the bog. which way is the..." Sara looks around as she walks unknowingly forward. Jen smiled letting the mud touch the bottom of her cutoffs. "Oh this feels sooo good." She then places her mud caked hands on Sara's breasts. Sara moans as Jen massages her breasts.

Hentai Fight Girl in New Metro Ch. 01

fetish Uniracer 2018-09-10

Amidst a bunch of New Age occult-looking knick-knacks, I noticed something that stuck out like a sore thumb: a colorful video game disc in a transparent plastic sleeve, likely bootleg, or maybe just second-hand. Then, holding on to my nipples tightly, I pulled my breasts forward, stretching them to a point that would likely be torture for any normal woman, but was instead an incredibly pleasurable sensation to the superhuman body of the hentai-esque character I was inhabiting. I moaned, I screamed, I rocked my entire body onto the whip's handle as my breasts bounced along with my movements, and once more, I felt this buildup, I tensed up, I thought I was ready...

Trying to whisper

fetish 2018-09-10

You feel my hands stroking you gently on the back and forearms, breathing heavily and moaning, grab your kernel from behind and squeeze tightly. "Turn a little bit, dick, and look at me," I'm talking to you. I combine a piece of rope ring on dick and chain crocodile, so that now every time when you move too much, sexually electric pain pierce your nipples. Leave me control over everything, let my spell you calm down I'll take you on a little journey through the land of erotic pain and suffering, I hear you moan a lot louder .. I take the red giant vibrator and feel like my leather bikini rubs against your shoulders, down to the disconnected ass.

Nights to Remember

fetish der_konig 2018-09-10

The first was an early morning call, there was anticipation in the air; they had exchanged emails for a while and especially the night before, it ending with him saying, "Just turn-up and knock on my door". The hour was approaching; the actual day had been agreed days in advance; this time it was going to be an evening encounter, possibly lasting the whole night. Emails continued during the first weeks of the New Year, she did disappear every now and again; he did fester when it happened, but by her own admission she was a bit of a loner and like her own space. This time, something new will happen, the naughty princess will come out to play, he was so willing for her to play, to take him from behind.

The Game is Afoot

fetish SquiresBoy 2018-09-10

I kissed the slope from ankle to toe, put my hand in the arch and held the foot up like an offering to the gods. I brought Hannah's foot to my mouth again, kissed the bare flesh and slipped my tongue between the toes. Once I had kissed each toe, I let go of her foot and said, "Step down a little." She did as instructed, her chest now right in front of me, and I took her foot again and moved it between my legs. I lifted my skirt with my free hand, looked up into her eyes, and put her foot against my thigh. Hannah let her foot slip out from under my skirt, moved up the ladder and presented her wet toes.

My brown beginning part 8

fetish sadie56 2018-09-10

Be truthfull.Well I want to eat her poop sometime.Hmm maybe something can be worked out along those lines.Mom asked grandma Has Mrs Stevens ever went potty over her that you recall you know when she visits for coffee and lunch sometimes.Grams said I know she has but I dont know which probably just pee I would guess coffee goes right through ya.OK Ive got a idea.She is in our quilting circle lets have her over for a marathon quilting session early saturday Morn.I will fix us breakfast ,lunch and supper and we will quilt and chat all day.Shes so lonely anyway she wont mind spending all day with us.She is bound to have to potty sometime during the day.

The Making Of A Good Slut

fetish Tom Bishop 2018-09-10

He said stop before you get me hard again he got off chair took my hand and walked me to bath room Now the teasing started in bathroom he said take off camisole don’t want to get piss on it my face flushed but I did it and hung it up nicely that’s a good whore take care of your working clothes now sit on side of tub next to toilet and hold my dick I have to pee and you aim it.

Trust Ch. 04

fetish noglory 2018-09-10

My special favourite was one of her wearing a pair of white canvas Keds with a tiny white satin and lace g-string which barely covered her womanhood as she sat back against a large cushion with her legs spread apart; one hand resting on her thigh and the other with the fingertips just resting inside the waistline of her g-string; her blond hair tumbling in golden waves around her face and her shoulders; her breasts so beautifully round and warm and soft; a bewitchingly candid and knowing smile animating her face and her eyes.

Night Out

fetish fantasycuck 2018-09-10

While cooking dinner for us I could hear you moan a little from the bathroom I wanted like mad to be in there with you I was so turned on. Shortly you came out of your room and said "My sister is coming over to help me get ready for tonight so you better go home, don't worry she doesn't know why." It was over an hour later that I got a text from your sister saying "you better thank me, my sister looks crazy hot. "Thank you Nikki," I say she smile back and says "you just better enjoy it and make sure to treat her right tonight." With that she finished her wine and left.

Matthew-The Awakening - Part 3

fetish Matt-in-the-West 2018-09-10

With those thoughts in my head I went in the house and climbed the stairs to my bedroom and as I walked past the master bedroom, mom called out, "Matt, come here a minute." I was shocked as mom never got home before 5:30 and I was going to relieve myself in the usual manner. I looked up into mom's beautiful eyes, smiled and pulled her ass closer to the edge of the tub and started sucking her peeing pussy until she was done. "Oh well, I guess it's time for my third load of cum and I want to suck you off, Matt." I may be inexperienced in everything we had done today but somehow I was always able to pee with an erection when I was in the shower masturbating.

Wow I'm Bigger

fetish oceanmachine 2018-09-10

It had been years since Wowimbig had started pumping her pussy up, slowly seeing the results get more extreme, and feeling more and more like a freak that people would be disgusted by. People telling her that she would never find anyone who would want her because of it, telling her that she had gone too far and that she would never be the same again, and telling her that she was sick to think that she was attractive with a cunt so big and swollen. She loved that her cunt was getting bigger as she was reading the responses that people were giving to her videos and photos.

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 03

fetish LegsAndFeet123 2018-09-10

I lay there, trying to catch my breath when Janice grabbed her ankle and pulled her feet to her mouth and began to suck on her toes, drinking my cum. I got back in bed very carefully and stuck my cock between her arches and began to build up my orgasm again, one of her toe sock in my hand ready to be filled with cum. After I came, I lay there for about 5 minutes before pulling away from her feet and again, slowly and carefully getting out of bed to put her toe socks in the laundry basket.