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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kinky Girl Games 04

fetish poetposh 2018-09-10

And on queue of Jennifer's assessment of Steph, Jennifer points out, "And here's where you started rubbing yourself you naughty girl", Jennifer says and nudges Steph as the watch Steph do just that on the computer screen. "You know Steph, I think you get more creative when you play with your pussy." After saying that, Jennifer pulls down her sweatpants and panties. Seeing this on the screen, feeling her finger in her ass, feeling her clit being rubbed and knowing Steph was watching her now blasted Jennifer into a very quick climax. "What made you think to play with your own pee?" Jennifer asked not wanting to allow Steph to escape the reality of what she did and what they were now watching.

The Hidden Cabin

fetish 2018-09-10

I played with her clit for just a minute to get her going, and after I noticed her starting to react to my petting I stopped, no use getting her worked up this early, all the medicine I had given her early should keep her nice and aroused for a long time, no matter what I was doing to her. I felt her nod her head a little, and I pulled out then roughly shoved my dick back into her mouth, I watched her neck expand as she deep throated me. I could feel the cum building up, and knew I wasn't going to last long fucking her tight throat, so with one final smack to her cunt lips I pushed deep in her throat and began to cum right down her neck.

Three's a Crowd

fetish Silini 2018-09-10

Not only does it turn him on when I fuck random strangers from the internet because its so dirty and kinky, but what was really the icing on the cake, was me getting the guy to take pics of me sucking his dick, him fucking me, and a nice big juicy facial pic at the end, and got him to send them all to my boyfriend who was at work, and from HIS phone. Just as I was about to stop him, I catch boyf watching us from across the bar, with that oh so sexy glint in his eye. Boyf started working on me with his hands and promptly all three of us could hear how soaking wet I was with the excitement of having two cocks to play with.

Sarah Finds a Friend

fetish HairCutter607 2018-09-10

He snickered a little, and said, "Didn't I do that a few times already, today?" I simply rolled my eyes, and fought back a grin, as he closed me into the form fitting dress. "You look like a victorian goddess." He said, leaning back in the doorway, and I felt my cheeks turn red, as I blushed. I placed the clippers against her forehead, and slowly pulled them back along her center part, cutting a wide strip down the middle of her head, the long brown hairs falling to the floor. The hairs tugged slightly, cutting it that close to the skin with the scissors, but it felt good, and I couldn't help but moan slightly.

Chance Encounter Ch. 24

fetish Miguel59 2018-09-10

As for their hugs Jean molded her body to his and after kissing Father she turned her head and looked at Miguel, challenging him he thought. It wasn't until Father said he would see him back in the office and exited that Miguel's urine began to really flow. He found himself saying Amen and wondered if Father's blessing was one he gave all couples or tailor made for Miguel and Jean. Miguel answered, "Yes, Father, but I always used a condom except for the last time when she was certain she was not fertile." Father smiled, but his grin was more triumphant than friendly reminding Miguel of a prosecutor about to blow a case wide open, "She also says they have been sexually intimate.

Cum Fetish

fetish Many Feathers 2018-09-10

I was slightly surprised when I saw the very first guy who had come to begin with stagger over, still fisting his cock which he'd obviously been stroking the entire time, placing the head against one of Darlene's succulent looking tits which he held in his hand, rubbing his prick-head against when he again came, and though his second climax of the night wasn't nearly as copious as had been his first, he still treated her nipple to a nice slick discharge of spunk, rubbing himself against her until he'd managed to milk out every last drop.

Supersize Me Ch. 03

fetish twoup 2018-09-10

His impressive cock glistened like a well oiled piston, a flesh piston that looked poised ready to shaft Jo. I still couldn't believe what I was watching as Jo hesitantly placed her lips over the huge head of Kelvin's cock as she slowly began to take the first tentative steps of taking Kelvin's cock in her mouth. That's it, oh yeah that good," said Jo as Kelvin started to slowly insert his huge cock her dripping pussy. So ended the movie with Jo covered in cum rubbing her tits, licking her lips and stroking the Kelvin's massive cock and looking directly at the camera and saying:

A Tutor's Lesson

fetish kinkysensualcouple 2018-09-10

"You naughty boy, you're going to be my bitch and be taught how to submit to a woman," she said in a slightly teasing manner. "Well I am glad you think that because tonight you're the slut who is going to get fucked in the ass. At first I'll go easy on you but by the end of tonight, I bet I'll be able to stick four fingers in and milk you of all of your hot sticky cum." With this, the tutor began to lightly tickle his ass, probing into the hole slightly with a generous amount of lube. "Well you need to be my submissive male and submit to everything I have on offer today, what is your answer?" She said as she scooped up some of the precum in her finger.

(Gay) Cruising Hamburg: Reeperbahn

fetish dirtydirtymoney 2018-09-10

Facilities included glory hole booths, two gay porn lounges, two sling rooms, prison room, dark maze, toilets. The guy in the glory hole booth on the other side of mine was finger fucking me. I was about to cum when the lad pulled off my cock and went back to sucking me. The lad turned and his cock came through the glory hole. I fished my cock out and had almost started pissing when a lad about 19 came in naked and got on his knees. As I slid balls deep inside his used hole, another maze goer found us and started sucking my cum dump lad. Not knowing what he was saying, I fucked this lads hole until I blew a load of cum inside him.

A Fairy Tale

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-09-10

The sleeping maiden's body lay breathing on its bed, the rabbit fur barely covering her heaving breasts and the duck's feathers slipping away from both her soft back side and pulsing moist entrance. The maiden spent each day performing her duties, letting the men soak her over with their sticky white spray, before coming home to the tent, letting the flea boy suckle at her glazed breast, and putting him to bed before ravaging herself and going to bed too. The maiden knew the ways of these animals; they were using her son to get glimpses of her body without payment, and so each time she saw the boy with a animal, she would gut in in front of him, eat every piece of its meat, and tie its pelt or feathers as a support for her bust or an adornment for her hips.

Internet History

fetish JOIslut 2018-09-10

She tied me to the bed, tight, my penis was already bulging, i knew i was in for something special. She pulled down my jeans, leaving me exposed on the bed, my penis moving frantically up and down, pulsating, i could have cummed then and there and she knew it. I was so excited, but she refused to touch my penis, it was moving like i had never seen it before."beg" she said "beg me to let you release you disgusting juice". She left the room and i was left tied to the bed a cum drenched quivering mess, i couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present.


fetish motacilla 2018-09-10

I lift my ass a bit, moving it a little on your hand, lean over to kiss you thanks, just as if we were an ordinary pair of lovers in the park, I tell you how good your hand feels as I kiss you on the lips. You push a little harder against my clit, I moan, lean forward, hide my face in my hands, but quickly jolt back up as you push against the buttplug very hard several times, fucking my ass with it. We both wait patiently for it and get in, but and as soon as the door closes you slam me against the mirror, kissing me hard on the mouth, grabbing my hand, putting on your cock, telling me to look at what I've done to you.

st foot forward

fetish monkeydoyle 2018-09-10

Vicky got fifty grand and enrolled at a local college so that she could finish her hairdressing training and the money paid for nursery fees. By now Vicky was absolutely desperate for some action, just a nice uncomplicated sexual encounter. Shaun commented on her sexual appetite and Vicky boasted that she had done everything, except s**t, water sports and b********y, which were no-go zones as far as she was concerned. So she decided to try her luck at foot sex, gripping his now rampant dick between her soles. Shaun was loving it, this girl was a natural, both of her big toes grazed the head and sent shocks through his body. "Well you learn something new every day" said Vicky as she dressed and called a cab!!!!

The Best of Friends

fetish Sensuous Storyteller 2018-09-10

She turns on the little radio to a station that is playing some soft music, then picks up her glass and finishes off the remains of her wine before handing it back to Greg for a refill. Sitting up to fill her glass, he looks up to hand it back to her when he sees Lisa's lovely hips swaying back and forth to the music. Turning around to face Greg again, Lisa balances herself and bends from her side to slip off her sandals before she slowly and seductively dances closer to the bed and takes the wineglass that is forgotten in Greg's hand.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 06

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-09-10

Jason went back to work, using his mouth to pleasure a new pussy, as Katrina began her teasing assault on Jason's penis It was now purple, and Katrina was just lightly swirling her hands around the head of his cock, using the pre-cum to keep her hands and fingers gliding. 5 minutes later Lindsay took her mouth off of Tom and began to suck Jason's penis, one again though, stopping right when he reached the edge. "That's it back, suck my dick, and these tits will be yours for life," Lindsay dropped the magic words as she pushed again on the back of his head, this time Jason opened his lips and took the large head into his mouth.

Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Ch. 03

fetish erotic8 2018-09-10

"Oh Sir, I love you!" With her hair in my hand I slightly pulled her face away to look closely into her eyes. I told Shri to come over to meet Cidnee, she came right into me tightly as I said Cidnee, "How could I want anything less for this beautiful woman and besides, I know you work on commission, so don't be shy." But I had one thing more to do here and that was to see how deep Cid could take me and sure enough with a fist full of her hair she took me right to the balls with a little gag and push back but she quickly relaxed and stayed where I wanted her.

Examinations Pt. 03

fetish owengreybeard 2018-09-10

Bryn crooked her finger and I hooped over and snuggled her face into my shoulder, then said "Like French Toast, only it's nicer, sexier and doesn't smell bad. Moments after they made a curious sort of eye contact, I noticed a whole sausage disappear into Bryn's mouth. I stood up, not missing the fact that her eyes had closed and there was a smile on her face as she chewed her half of the sausage and swallowed. Her hands flew like birds, and I heard Shelly whisper, "My God. I never thought about her ability to smell. "What's wrong, Shelly?" I said, Bryn hurrying to my side.


fetish SlutKathy 2018-09-10

"You love being humiliated don't you slut" one shouted, "Speak you fucking slag" she said as she slapped me across the face, "yes", I cried, "I love being naked and humiliated in front of lots of people." She laughed and slapped me again, "look at the dirty naked whore covered in all our men's cum, what a filthy cum slut" she said and slapped me several more times across the face while the others were still using my ass and cunt or tits for target practice with their belts.

Panty: Hello Kitty!

fetish pantyrehab 2018-09-10

The rest of the night, they just drank and gambled while he would keep his cock hard thinking of Linda's panty and ass and checking out another friend who was pregnant with some nice bountiful breasts and revealing cleavage. Imagining her tight ass and pussy being covered by this panty made his cock hard instantly. He took the Hello Kitty panty and sniffed the crusty cum crotch and it smelled of her fresh wet pussy. Imagining the night before how her hot wet pussy was pressed against the Hello Kitty panty. Then she stepped out and he locked the bathroom door to shower and jerk off again thinking about her flashing everyone her Hello Kitty cum stained panties.

Her Best Friend's Panties

fetish channellboy 2018-09-10

The other night while in bed, we start talking about Shannon and Wendy tells me that she'd love for the three of us to be together. I assured her I would, " In fact, I think you should bring some of her panties home so I can fuck you while you're wearing them." Wendy smiles and says, "Why don't you come over here and taste Shannon's panties." Wendy takes the wet panties and pulls them back on, kisses me on the check and says good night. This went on for a couple of months, I'd randomly catch Wendy wearing her friend's panties or better yet, I'd come home and find them in the dirty laundry.

By Day Jeans... By Night A Dress

fetish hotlilmomma 2018-09-10

Looking at my hard cock poking at the tight nylons Monica slipped first one finger and then a second deep in her hot snatch. As I continued to slide my cock in and out of her hot, slick cunt, she urged me on with talk of how seeing me in panties would be an even bigger turn on for her. I stood at the end of the bed wearing the first pair, loving the feel of lace and satin rubbing against my balls and dick. When I turned back around with yet another pair of panties on my wife had two fingers in her dripping pussy, fucking herself. Monica lifted her head slightly to look as my cum spurted through the lace onto my hand.

Such a Deal Ch. 04

fetish Angelscuck 2018-09-10

I started begging with tears flowing, "Please Angel, let me suck Mark's cock, please. Angel laughed and said, "Does my sweet little faggot need Mark's cock in his mouth. Mark then said, "Come on bitch, start sucking!" "Listen honey," Angel said, "We all know you haven't had much experience at this so because I really want my man, I mean sissy, to succeed, I am willing to show you how it's done. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she let the huge member pop from her mouth, and with saliva pouring down her cheeks, throat and neck, her mascara smeared from her tearing eyes said,

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 05

fetish jawanaut 2018-09-10

On the drive to the bar, I started thinking about Jason, and wondered if he and Mary would have sex. what else happened, I'm guessing he went down?" I asked her, as she began to pull my pants off my legs. As she began to stroke, it to erection she continued "He's still as small as I remember though, which sort of made the sex a little boring." She chuckled as she bent down and took me in her mouth. It was so nice, water hitting my head and running through my hair while he grabbed and smacked my ass from behind." She said as I moved her legs to meet together so I could admire her ass and watch myself inserting into her.

Wet Nurse 2

fetish KrystalLWatson 2018-09-10

Zoe experienced her first compulsion to be knocked-up as Valerie’s carnie-worker fucked Valerie hard, deep and fast without protection one night. Licking & finger-scooping the guy’s gluts of effluent away from Valerie’s cervix until she could reasonably think Valerie certainly escaped a fate worse than death. Valerie had come back to town to see Zoe after she’d been released from the Coke incident and needed a place to stay. Valerie agreed to go through a last pregnancy in exchange for financial assistance with a tubal ligation from her friend & they went for lunch someplace discreet to map-out a likely way to set me up for seduction. I spent maybe five or ten minutes on & off each breast to prevent myself from making Valerie too sore to let my baby boy Derek take his rightful share.