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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish pantyboykristin 2018-09-10

I started thinking about a few girls I had met at one of the sororities, and before long I was imagining their (hopefully) shaved pussies, with swollen labia forming lovely vertical smiles, and hard clitorises begging to have my tongue tickle them. I pulled them down and down, gazing at my mom’s shaved and swollen pussy crack with yearning, and when I got the panties off, I slowly worked my mouth up her legs, kissing and licking them until I reached that crack. No, I stayed hard, and before long I was sliding in and out again, while her breathing got heavier and heavier, moaning “Kristi … Kristi … Kristi…” She was having an orgasm every thirty seconds or so, until finally I exploded inside her again, even stronger than the first time, with harder spasms.

Ray's Submission: A Foot Slut

fetish SecretLoverGirl 2018-09-10

You wake up and see me at the end of the bed, massaging my feet with a little scented oil, slowly touching every crevice of my toes, and then I start to paint my toenails your favorite color, light blue. This cute little shoe boy would carefully arch my foot, and gently slide my sandals off, his fingers lingering around my sole, and then he would accidentally on purpose bring my sandals close to his mouth and inhale when he didn't think anyone was watching. I leaned down and gave you sweet, slow, sexy kiss, resting my hand on your cock and whispered seductively "This is where the shoe boy kissed my feet."

Hitch Hiker

fetish Jizzylady 2018-09-10

I grabbed at it and my little hand squeezing the shaft made the big veins bulge and wave about under the white skin.A couple of tugs on his dick and up spurted his 1st pre-cum, by now he had his tongue back up my wet cunt.I got my thighs clamped around his head and held his face into my cunt. I stood up fully now and he lifted me with his up thrust, his hands working my big ass, then pop in went the whole shaft, he groaned and I came deep inside my pussy.His hands held me tight now and we kissed, he was really fucking me and my G-spot was taking a nice slamming, Then I squirted with the filling his shaft was giving me, the cunt juices sprayed into my leather skit and boots, then ran cold down my legs.

An Evening at Home

fetish acquiescent_girl 2018-09-10

You love the way she looks in this position, her head held up, but eyes locked to the floor, her large breasts jutting out from her body, her sizeable ass just begging to be touched. Slowly moving it over her body, she twitches and you can hear her breath continue to quicken as the tingling sensation starts to become more painful. Sitting on the edge of the bed you say "On your knees little one." She quickly moves to the front of you, and drops to the floor. She keeps sucking, slowly moving up and down your shaft, her tongue pressing against your cock.

Shawna's Third

fetish Oli 2018-09-10

He continued to hold his hands over his head as I kissed him deeply and ran my hands down his powerful chest, stopping briefly to twist and torture his nipples. I didn't want him see this, or feel my hard cock pressing into his belly, so I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed myself down his body, across his thighs and stood up. I wrapped both hands around the shaft and started to slowly jerk him off, rubbing his cock head across my nipples and sliding it between my breasts. "If I drink your cum, do you promise to fuck me?" I said as I planted another warm, wet kiss on the underside of his head, my eyes locked on his, and I continued to jerk him off with both hands.

Finally Fucked My Auntie Pauline

fetish nckboy 2018-09-10

That is when liking Auntie Pauline turned in to an obsession of desire, it was the glimpse of her chunky stocking covered leg what held my gaze and the fact my granddads hand was stroking up her inner thigh. By the reacting of her kissing she was wanting this and I felt her stocking covered legs as she raised them up, I was wedge between her mighty thighs and I was going to make sure I fucked her good and long. We were both breathing hard when our lips parted and I slipped me cock from her fanny while trying to listen for sound of anyone else, Pauline pulled down her knickers and pulled up her skirt before sitting on the toilet with her legs wide apart.

Funk Craigslist story

fetish captinmo017 2018-09-10

I didn't get one, instead I got an email that just said "I'm not sending you a pic, we went to high school together I'm coming over now don't worry about giving me your address I already know where you live. "Yes master." She said as I felt up and down her backside remembering the email where I told her how she would be tortured, I then started to act out the email by spanking her ass good and hard. I fucked her doggie style and pulled on her hair while I did, at first I didn't realize she still had the clothes pin string still in her mouth, I noticed it when I flipped her over onto her back and saw the pins had almost come off her nipples completely.

Playful Wildy Nights ♥

fetish LadyWild 2018-09-10

last night was a totaly crazy one my baby ♥ u make me feel so good and gave me a great love making pleasure as i never had b4 ♥ i love u so much hone :* my pussy feel so good babe... i switch kissing ur lips doing mouth to mouth :* ur turne now to be meany like i love u to be ♥ ur kisses r so hot and ur hands feeling my chest then my stomack... and my dick kissing ur pussy lips :* u rube it for a while that way... the loudest ones came each time u feel i slow down :P the sensations is getting harder as my dick keep slid in and out...


fetish 2018-09-10

They laughed at some story he was relating as he inched higher up her thigh watching his own hand as it disappeared beneath the deep purple of her dress. He lurched over her and pulled the V neck of her purple wrap dress down and to let her breasts spill into his hands and bent his head to catch her nipple, biting and teasing with his tongue. This time James let go and shot his load deep into her as she set off on another orgasm that ratcheted him higher still as it gripped him over and over again. Kat let her head rest on her hands as he pulled himself out of her.James flips her over on the couch and puts her legs over his shoulders.

Eyes Wide Open

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-09-10

I am over six feet tall and I've had to bend down to kiss every woman I had ever been with but Shelly was nearly my height in her heals and our bodies melted together perfectly as our lips parted and our tongues entwined. She knew her way around a cock and I moaned softly as her hands slid between my legs and rubbed gently across my asshole. Shelly sucked me hard and wet for a long ten minutes and while she brought me to the edge several times she stopped short of letting cum. I stroked her slick girl cock and squeezed her big beautiful tits as she lay beside me and I felt my dick start to stir anew.

Sissy Maids & Sex Slaves Ch. 01

fetish RickyRooster 2018-09-10

You bend me over, spank my bottom hard two or three times and then you remove the butt plug from your pussy and without delay you ram it forcefully up my tight hole causing me to jerk and moan. You force your ass back against my face as my tongue worms its way in and up and around your fabulous fuck hole until suddenly you shout 'Enough.' You tell me to stand between the slaves facing them and you approach the three of us slowly. You lean forward across Marlons broad back, grinding your pussy into his bottom and forcing your erect nipples into his back and you whisper into his ear 'Suck my maids cock through his panties.


fetish meatloaf90 2018-09-09

Kendrich." she said, offering me a gloved hand. "One of these days, Betty!" I waved a threatening hand at her. I caught a little shut-eye on my office couch and headed over "Damned if I know!" I said and took a bite from the old-fashioned "Here, Jack." she said, handing me my jacket. Olivia Kendrich, Stephanie O'Hara Lucy Grayson and Candy Maxwell She got right on the phone with Olivia and started arranging "Betty and I have been plotting this for weeks." Olivia said. pledges very seriously." Olivia's hands went to her ass cheeks as You know what I think?" she said, looking "And I think these two need some time alone." Olivia said with a Then, when Betty's ass was so red it looked as

The Harem Slave Ch. 20

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-09-09

Sophie was extremely tight, and her pussy and ass gripped their cocks as they began to bounce her up and down. Her mouth was fucked a dozen times, although the men were kind enough to shoot their cum across her face or tits instead of down her throat. One of the men took out his flaccid dick and aimed it at Sophie's face, washing the cum off of it with his piss. When she came, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and her cum gushed out onto the table. She was getting so turned on that when someone pulled the dildo from her ass and slid his cock into her gaping hole, she merely moaned with pleasure.

The Doctor is In Ch. 02

fetish NurseSally 2018-09-09

So, closing her note and thinking about the next step in my plan to facilitate Shannon's gynecology fantasy, I knew it was time to call my brother, Ted. Hopefully, he'd be able to talk and I could explain to him what was going on. I was panting now, and as I leaned back in my chair slowly masturbating, I tried to visualize myself standing there watching them both have their fantasies – Shannon, acting out her desire to be taken advantage of in the doctor's office, and my brother, Ted, living his dream of being the nasty gynecologist. I wanted to get the two of them, Shannon and my brother, Ted, together so I could watch them live out their mutual doctor fantasies, and, 2) I wanted to participate in some way.

From stud to submissive

fetish NateS88 2018-09-09

First of all Wendy smelled really good, maybe a hint of perfume on her delicious pussy and I went to town on it.  I could tell she was getting turned on asshe grabbed the headboard and started to grind on my face.  A little at first and then more and more f***eful as it went on.  So much so that I could hear my now rock-hard cock slapping up against by belly in perfect rhythm to her grinding.  Her excited pants of, "Lick it, yes, lick it!" really got me going.  This was the most enthused I had ever been in eating pussy.  The banging of the headboard became more and more violent and I knew she was getting close.  Maybe she just wanted to do oral stuff, which was cool as I could wait for her to wrap her fleshy lips around my cock.  She came to an earth shattering orgasm, yelling "Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!" over and over again.  Exhausted, she slid of my wet face and laid down beside me.  Sweet!  It is finally going to be my turn.  But as her breathing slowed she just continued to lay there next to me.  My cock was so fucking hard right now and desperate for release, that finally I said, "Hey, how about my turn now?" 

When Nature Calls Ch. 02

fetish kayleekennicott 2018-09-09

So he kept his mouth closed, noting only that despite her skirt and bare legs, despite the fact that she was lost (which could turn anyone into a fearful little ball of nerves), she strode purposefully and confidently down the trail next to him, picking her way through the undergrowth that stretched into the path and stepping easily over tree roots and stones that made the passage uneven. "Love it," he said — as soon as the words left his mouth, he felt awkward, as if it was a commentary not on his job but on the practice of walking into clearings and beating off and pissing wildly when there was a young lady present, so he hastily clarified.

Wet With Sweat (At the Gym)

fetish J_Kegz 2018-09-09

She told me how the teenager beside her had been staring in alarmed fascination at her as she sat there, her skirt now completely hiked up, sitting in her hot piss, her panties soaking wet and her wet hand pushed against her crotch. As was her way, she'd started coming on to me hard, rubbing her hand against the front of my jeans and telling me what she'd like to do to my cock. Just when it looked like Tina was about to grab the little piece of material Michelle's hand flicked away and the bikini top flew across the pool landing in the water near Chloe's other cousin Mandy (18, wearing a little green two –piece).

Gold Rush Ch. 01

fetish Krystian 2018-09-09

When it got late I asked her if I should be going but she just said "stay" and kissed me deeply. It was one of those long moist kisses where your tongues are trying as hard to memorize the inside as your hands are the outside. I slipped one finger into her eager mouth while the other tortured her nipples as I licked and kissed her passion swollen tits. Then I would exchange fingers, knowing that my fingertips wet with her saliva would feel like the tip of a tongue teasing her closer and closer to the ultimate sensation. Oh much...please!" Each expression was punctuated with a deep breath and I slowly tongued her erect nipples in time to the movements of my hand below.


Boss Spies on Smoking Katie

fetish fantasyboy 2018-09-09

I went outside and put one of my cigarettes between my lips, got my pink lighter, lit the cigarette and took a deep inhale and then blew the smoke back out. As he got harder and more excited he couldn't take his eyes of my lovely cherry red lips inhaling and exhaling my cigarette smoke. The first cigarette in the morning and then me talking to Roger at lunchtime and then finally just before going home where I was almost flirting with the camera and looking directly into it and blowing the smoke straight at it. We both went outside and I took a cigarette out of the box and placed it between my freshly lipsticked lips and handed Roger the lighter.

Denise's Adventure

fetish margaret_jenkins 2018-09-09

The gush of filthy brown slurry from Denise's rectum had slowed to a trickle as they crossed the car park and then stopped, but there could be no doubt to anyone looking that she had a very messy fecal accident. Denise herself got a high from giving this young girl such a close view of the grossly soiled and wet state of her jeans. I won't be offended if you say you were interested, that you enjoyed being with a woman who soiled herself, or that you liked looking at the filthy mess I made in my jeans." Some time later Denise was comfortably showered and dressed, and enjoying the company of her new friends while taking tea and cakes in the sitting room.

Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 03

fetish lingerielover 2018-09-09

All I knew is that I saw a lingerie store coming up soon, and I was hoping she would want to stop and look around in there. My wife asked me to go in the dressing room and remove everything except my thong, and also wanted me to leave the door open so Jane could see everything. Kay was still in the dressing room with me, and told Jane to go ahead and help the other customer and she would make sure I tried on the teddy. Jane straightened up her clothes and picked up the teddy, bra and panties and told us when we were ready she would be out in the store ready to ring up our purchases.

Teaching the Taboo – Lesson 4 : Catfish Part

fetish blu3rthanu 2018-09-09

Wanna share a dirty little secret?" In the past, I've figured out that most girls enjoy the sound of "trouble", "relationship", and "secret" in the same paragraph, it doesn't work 100% of the time, I guess you could say the chances of it to actually work is around 40% since what you'd say after she responds is crucial too. A sudden calm hit me; I know I only said those things so I can make sure that her pussy is reserved only to your's truly but it did feel like a tiny victory. She bites her lip as I pull my cock, letting her know this is the beginning of what will be one of our many sexual experiences together.

Gently Used Books

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-09-09

Moving down the fiction section, I noticed it led into a small room at the back of the store, where I saw a woman looking at a book. Sure enough, at the end of the next aisle over, was a small storage room marked "Employees Only." Glancing in, I could see stacks of paperback books with what looked like several stacks fallen and scattered over the floor. Reaching for my underwear, I noticed that a lot of our cum had run out of her pussy, covering the open pages of a book that was under her. Sitting up, she followed my eyes downward and then grabbed the book, closing it while she said, "Looks like I'm buying this one."

Merry Cuckquean

fetish JackTheCrackAttack 2018-09-09

The moment Jenny saw us, Lexi grabbed me by the shirt and stuck her tongue in my mouth. What good is role play if one of you keeps breaking it to ask "are you okay?" So, without hesitation, I reached around and grabbed Lexi's ass. You like watching your husband tongue fuck me?" Jenny whined and struggled from her bondage. I knew for a fact that she wanted me to stick my tongue in her pussy and ass just like how I was doing with Lexi. "You just wanted to stick your tongue in my mouth after it's been in my ass huh?" I smiled at Lexi's question, implying a yes. Jenny watched as Lexi's asshole got closer to her nose and her pussy got closer to her mouth.