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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Creampie Surprise

fetish 2018-09-09

I'd almost done it several times but as soon as I came, the urge to lick & suck on her cum filled pussy faded away. I was right in the middle of a really hot story about a guy who loved to go down on his wife or have her sit on his face after he came when the call of nature tore me away to go to the bathroom. She'd already had several small to medium orgasms but when she rides me, I know she's building up to a massive one and wants to go hard and fast 'til she cums which usually means I can't hold back any more & this time was no exception.

Nigel's Pet Ch. 04

fetish SDcowboy 2018-09-09

"I also see that your old friend left a little mess behind and its still leaking out of your twat." Jim said to Ali as he pulled out the lips of her tight pussy to see her pink insides. She lived to serve her master and part of her duties were to take care of Ali. She also could never satisfy her hunger for cum (male or female).She had Ali lean forward and put her arms on the couch as Jen got on her hands and knee's on the dirt floor of that old barn Ali could feel Jens tongue clean the dry crust of Nigel's cum off her pussy lips .Jen slide her tongue inside Ali's fresh fucked hole and sucks out the white musky fluid from the teenagers vagina.

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 05

fetish kirstymia 2018-09-09

She felt warm sperm enter her mouth and she started to lick his cock hard whilst she firmly wanked him. Martin looked at her in the moonlight and slightly lighted park, Kirsty put her finger to her mouth and sucked on it hard. "Good cumslut, let me know when you are close to your orgasm," Martin said in a commanding voice whilst still rubbing his soft cock around her face. Kirsty was on the brink of one of the quickest cums in a long time, she opened her mouth to get some air and that's when Martin forced his pissing cock into it. Martin removed his cock from her mouth aiming the piss flow at her breasts as her pussy was warming on her fingers as she came.

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 04

fetish EroticDelights 2018-09-09

She would look at him with lust in her eyes and moan, "Fuck me, Pete. I always thought Jess had movie-star-perfect boobs, and here they were on video, thumping up and down in rhythm to the fucking she was getting. Pete was giving her a really good fucking, and I was loving it. I lost count of how many times I shot my load watching Pete fuck Jess. I can't believe you would want to watch me getting fucked." She came over to me, gave me a little hug, then ran out the door. Pete's coming over tonight and he's going to fuck the hell out of me while you watch."

A Wife's Revenge

fetish westcoastjohn 2018-09-09

PAYING FOR IT IS THE ONLY WAY A MAN LIKE YOU WILL EVER GET WHAT YOU WANT.' Janice had long since given up worrying what the neighbours thought about their daily screaming matches. Back in the pub Jimmy waited until Billy left to relieve himself before bringing Simon and Dave up to speed. Janice showed the boys Dave's cum in her mouth, using her tongue to swirl it around before she got up, walked over to Billy and spat the entire load all over his face. They boys laughed at Billy whilst Janice resumed her cock-sucking duties. After a long time Janice got up and walked over to Billy.

The Nipple Ring Ch. 01

fetish NiteWriter 2018-09-09

I just made a face as if to say, "go for it." I know how much Nicolle loves to tease and I know she wanted his cock after hearing Lisa's comments about it. John didn't hesitate and his hand went right between Nicolle's legs and began rubbing her pussy through her wet panties. Shove it in." John leaned forward to penetrate her ass and Nicolle's tiny little pucker stretched open and swallowed his cock with ease. "Oh my God," John remarked as Nicolle took my piss right in her face turning her head from side to side to make sure she was thoroughly soaked. Oh Fuck!!!" Nicolle took the mouthful of piss and made sure she looked at John.

Turned into a Slut Ch. 01 - ( Timmy is turned into

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-09-09

I didn't realize that it was only the start of something that would land me in the position I am in now, on my knees dressed in a slutty skirt and panties with makeup and a wig, taking her friend's dick in my ass while I ate another guy's cum out of her freshly fucked pussy. "Sure Timmy (that's me), we can try some, but if you expect me to do it then I expect you to also," I smiled and laughed when she said this, thinking there was no way I would let anything like that happen because I was straight and besides, after I did her I could always say no to whatever she wanted, right?

Inches Away

fetish jacketjack 2018-09-09

"Um, yeah, sure," Jack said as he let his eyes fall to Vanessa's blouse. "So look, Jack, I want you to stop worrying about this thing, okay? Jack didn't know what to do with himself but he knew Vanessa was right next door with another man. He heard the man push Vanessa right up to the door. Take it all in, dirty girl." Jack heard the muffled slurping sounds as Vanessa eagerly sucked off the stranger. Here it comes," Jack heard, and he turned away and sat on the bed as the man emptied himself into Vanessa. "Yes, Jack, I know you like it," she said as she reached back and squeezed his crotch.

Slave 1st meet

fetish billnj 2018-09-09

Your pussy is getting wet with this incredible public display, being told to stroke a cock in a public cab, offering to suck my cock like a whore. I tell you to stand in front of the table, it has drop leaves, and I can have easy access to your mouth, pussy and ass, if you lean over the center part of the table. I caress your ass and pussy over your panties, tell you to spread your legs wider, and get one of my favorite sex toys, a very small, powerful vibrator. I tell you it's spanking time, and slowly pull back my hand, and start spanking your ass.

The Key Club

fetish cocktailrod 2018-09-09

As the nextdoor cubicle was opened and the man entered I instinctively sat straighter and pushed my cock down between my thighs to appear innocent if he should happen to be a policeman - which, from his quite heavy tread, seemed a possibility to my wary mind - and should decide to glance through the hole. I looked down and was shocked to see that a shiny chrome steel cylinder was now locked around my scrotum above my balls forcing them fully stretched down from my cock itself so they were like two big purplish pink eggs swelling from beneath.' 'Yes. And actually I admit I rather hope I don't choose my key number right away.'

Pregnant and Horny Suzy

fetish lolaenglish 2018-09-09

I felt huge and tired, unsexy and like the pregnancy had swallowed up my femininity: my always large breasts now felt engorged and heavy, the round curve of my belly made me feel fat. "You've never been sexier, Suzanne." He gasped, calling me by my formal name, my work name, "You're fucking beautiful." His hands rubbed the roundness of my belly and as I bounced the fat thump of my tits timed the fuck like a metronome. Rub your fucking clit and bring yourself off, you dirty bitch." I rubbed and rubbed my hot button, savouring the feelings in my cunt and my clit and then it happened, the hugest cum of my life, my hormones and frustrations and Gareths exertions coming together so that I nearly passed out.

Finally Giving In

fetish SithLord6969 2018-09-09

She had dreamed and fantasized about taking a bare cock while she was in her fertile time. People who lived for that moment of supreme ecstasy as fertile cock merged with ovulating cunt. Gathering her courage, she made her way in the direction he had pointed, to a dark passage marked only with a sign that read "viewing booths". Feeling her way along the pitch black hallway she found an open door and went inside the booth. The sound of the next room's door opening and closing brought her nerves to the edge. The last things you see is the cock sticking through the hole in the wall still cumming! The black man behind the counter smiles warmly at you as you walk unsteadily towards the front door.

Enemies with Benefits

fetish AnEnglishmanWrites 2018-09-09

But no, he has started again on the right, kissing your toes with what would seem like gentle deference if it weren't for the fact you are blindfolded, mascara- and spit-stained, bent over, holding your buttocks apart, awaiting his will. You don't notice the changeover, but the initial sharp, nauseating agony of ill-prepared penetration subsides gradually and arousal resurfaces, the two now working together as he pushes and pulls your hips to get you to an angle where he can hit your g-spot with his penis, through the soft dividing wall between your vagina and your stretching anus.

The Lost City Of Fu-Karia Ch. 01

fetish yellowsipper 2018-09-09

With a glint in her eye, she whispered in my ear, "I'll just have to give you a proper introduction later, and your cock too!" She gave my butt a little slap as they continued on, with Arpella looking back at me with a similar smile as Vera whispered into her ear. Allenia introduced me to the Queen, who arose and grasped my raging cock in her hand, feeling the shaft all the way to the root before grabbing my balls and messaging them. The Queen grabbed my cock and fucked it in her mouth as I yelled out and ejaculated another huge load of cum.

The Other Camp Crystal Lake

fetish 2018-09-09

The girls there were all at the east end of the lake with one of the counselors doing basket weaving.I knew this would be the best time to check out the girls cabins to indulge in my one of my favorite past times,sniffing panty's.I hurried in and began looking through the piles of dirty laundry and there they were,a pair of white cotton ones with the sexy little strings on the side,turning them inside out I noticed they were wet and yellow pee stained.I felt my dick starting to throb and needed relief so I wrapped them around my hard on putting it right in the pee soaked crotch,I was enjoying the feel of the piss soaked panty's slowly rubbing them up and down my now bl**d engorged dick wondering which of the cute girls they belonged to,then to my startled surprise Amanda came walking through the door of the cabin,she said oh my god what are you doing with my underwear?

Dress-Down Sunday

fetish MaxiFree4 2018-09-08

I feel powerful whenever I am dressed up and want to dominate my husband, who is usually the one who calls the shots. As I dress my pussy begins to feel moist and I touch myself, running a finger or two between the lips and lingering on my clitoris, pressing slightly. I don't generally like the taste or smell of the early morning piss but this time it looks quite weak and I bring my hand carefully to my lips to sniff it and take a small, cat-like lick. I resist the sudden urge to press my face into my hand and rub the small amount of piss into my cheeks, down my neck and over my breast.

Hooking up with an old crush who is currently preg

fetish XXXNoBounds 2018-09-08

I thought maybe she was going to suck my cock briefly again then we'd pick another position for further fucking but, as she continued to bob her head up and down and my orgasm continued to build, I started thinking that I'd prefer cumming in her mouth and fucking her again after a brief recovery. Holding her hips and looking down at her ass, I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her but, again knowing that we didn't have time to indulge, I was fucking her hard and fast pretty quickly.

Succubus :)

fetish mizzemocunt 2018-09-08

I couldn't make any sound at all as her hand closed tightly, choking me as she rode me, the carnal hunger in her eyes letting me know the thought of killing excited her even more. She pulls her head back to lock eyes with me, her body writhing along mine with every hungry, demanding thrust, watching me with deep pleasure as my cock throbs inside of her pussy, her purr rumbling through me until I climax helplessly, my hot seed spilling into her even as darkness closed over my mind. Her delicately clawed hand slid over her flesh, nails scr****g softly over her breasts and belly, leading my eyes to her pink nether lips.

Milk, Edge and Ruin me! Non-stop! (Work in progres

fetish nslave 2018-09-08

I then again feel her warm grip around my balls but this time she starts to pull them, followed by what it appears to be rope being wrapped around my scrotum. She grabs my face holding it still “I said just a little bit more” as she tipped my head forward, I feel a warm stream slide over my bulged belly to later hear it be collected in the metal bowl underneath the chair. I do as told and moments later I hear the door closing, I’m now alone in the room bound to a chair with glowing balls and a rock hard dick.

April - Part 2

fetish Rhino666 2018-09-08

April found the sensation of having both holes stuffed very erotic, and knew that some day she'd be ready to have Rob fuck her ass with his cock. I could spend hours day dreaming about me and you in bed, but also just walking around and doing things as a couple, you know?" Rob worried that admitting those feelings would make April uneasy, but he needn't have. I know there's a craft show over the mountain, if you'd be interested in doing that." Rob thought the show would be interesting, but more importantly he wanted to spend time with April away from their own town, where they might run into someone he and Ines knew.

Deepthroat Rehab

fetish Atgod 2018-09-08

The door opened which distracting my confused thoughts, she was dressed formally and looked like a right bitch. When one blonde girl, that reminded me of my reflection swallowed an especially big load I grabbed the dildo and jumped back onto the bed, feeling my chest wobbling. I thought I was going to go mad but just when it all got too much as I grabbed my slutty blonde hair and started to sob like a bitch, the TV turned off automatically. "Please don't worry," she said without a hint of concern," its only temporary until you finish your rehabilitation, you will be returned to your old self," she looked at me and then knowing what I was obviously thinking she said "We used extremely advanced genetic modification along with other techniques and we have managed to convert you into a real female, right down to your DNA, but like I said it surprisingly is a reversible process."

sensual bliss

fetish sir_kraven 2018-09-08

feeling my hands run soft from your calfs up to the back of your ass cheeks I begin to massage your ass muscels as I can here your body moan with desire and I grab your ass and soft open them and I notice that your love box is quite wet mmmm so I run my fingers threw your hair as I push a little harder into you and mmmm you begin to push with me to take every inch of my self , I feel your g spot as I run my lips against your spine to the side of your neck as I begine to penetrate you I can here and feel the passion in you

My Wet Dreams

fetish enjoy_the_glow 2018-09-08

My dick had never been so hard nor had my balls ever ached so deeply, and when her pussy finally settled on top of me I thought I would cum immediately. The first time was embarrassing for me, as her mouth had barely touched my cock when I exploded all over her face. We had moved onto a second bottle of wine and the laughter came easier as we talked about parties, dates, our first kiss, and eventually our final night together. At the point of release, her hand pressed firmly against her entire gapping slit and pulled upward, until only her clit was under the direct pressure of her fingers, leaving her cunt was fully exposed.

The Slave Ch. 03

fetish Zoeeee 2018-09-08

As Sara sucks on his cock he begins to elongate and fatten up, this also helps produce the pre cum flowing back up the shaft for the stage showing. Darla makes a mental note that the slave’s cock is rock hard and oozing pre cum. His legs spread wide, she was able to take a very close look at those huge balls and that semi hard, thick cock. They were really looking this slave over, noting his cock and balls and complimenting Darla on his suspension. Darla warns them that as soon as they feel the sperm and pre cum ooze from the head against the palm of their hand, relax for a few minutes, no movement at all, and then begin the stimulation again, hard.