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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Crushing Cousins 2

fetish 2018-09-08

"Me and Janet know you like it when we sit on you and we can hear you playing with yourself when you are in bed, do you want to go on another picnic with us" ? She continued, "we know you really want to see us with no clothes on and will let us do anything we want to you, so tomorrow you are going to say you are not well and me and Janet will offer to stay here and look after you". Kathleen laughed again, "we have the caravan all day so we won't need clothes on, Janet and I are going to sit and bounce on you, stand and jump on you, make you lick our cunts loads of times and wank you silly.

Lucinda's Golden Love

fetish SpankerSam 2018-09-08

I really feel like I'm gonna pee my panties." Lucinda's moving around kept her housecoat moving and since the bottom buttons came open I could see well up her thighs. "I'm sorry Mr. James but I'm gonna pee my panties if I don't let go and sit on the toilet." Lucinda was squeezing her fat thighs together hard. Then, the old man tell me he pay me $100.00 if I let the big nurse pee on me too. "Go get the stuff to fix the toilet and I'll give you even more to drink when you get back." Lucinda was reaching for her unfinished beer as Mr. James pulled on his wet clothes.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 06

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-09-08

Mark was very pleased and let her finish, "does baby need a change?" he asked. "Good girl, now I will diaper you, put you in a timeout then it will be tummy time before we go to dinner." He diapered her and then Mark took Claire's hand and walked her over to the timeout corner. Lay on your tummy for 15 minutes then I will dress you." Claire lay down on the bed as Mark began to get himself ready for dinner. "You can lay down and let me do this, or I will make you lean against the car, check you and then spank you, your choice." Claire laid back down as Mark raised her skirt, sticking a finger in her diaper.

Lady X Devastation

fetish cdupuy 2018-09-08

When I returned to the wrestling room Lady X dropped her robe. Her 25' waist looked hard as a rock and her legs as strong as steel. As I sat up Lady X positioned herself behind me and secured a full nelson with her legs around my waist. and with that drove her steel legs together around my waist and pressured the full nelson until I thought my head was going to roll of my shoulders. As I worked on her she started moving her head back and forth with my dick in her mouth and had her tongue working as well. As soon as I did Lady X closed her legs and poured on the pressure so hard that I started seeing stars and passed out.


camping with a giant ,part two

fetish 2018-09-08

I got up my courage and asked him if he would like to come over to my camp later and have me serve him up a great supper in my appreciation for such a good time ,he smiled with a huge sexy horny grin ,he must have been thinking what is his new little friend up to he lifted me up and kissed me deeply his tong thrusting deep into my throat once more it made me so hard and had me explode ,my little 9 inch clit blew the biggest load my little base ball sized balls could produce splashing all over his powerful sexy chest ,he with drew his lips & tong and wiped the cum from his chest and licked it all off and swallowed it and said id love to have super my little man.

My brown beginning part four

fetish sadie56 2018-09-08

Mom called her Dr. and delicately put it to her this way.Telling her she had a boyfriend who had a pee and poop fetish and wondered if this was dangerous.The Dr. was a very open minded lesbian and not ar all put off by the question.She told Mom if your healthy and in moderation it shouldnt be an issue.She said your boyfriend cant consume every bowel movement every day but a dozen turds or so a week should be OK if he feels ill just stop for awhile.Mom hung up the phone and broke the good news,Sounds like all is ok as long as we use or heads.Grandma said oh thats great Donny your going to have plenty of attention around here.

Possessing Bella Ch. 13

fetish xelliebabex 2018-09-08

"Honey is no stranger to the barbs of jealous women," Stephen said offhandedly, "Nor is she a stranger to the whipping post." Arek raised an eyebrow and turned his head to look at the small slave as they walked into the cool dark foyer. "Tal, Kolton," Stephen greeted the old man at the large desk, then nodded to Mike, "Mik-Hail." He acknowledged his long-time friend. While Kolton may have agreed to this arrangement for Mike and the memory of Mel, Stephen knew he wasn't happy with the idea of a girl just playing at being a slave in his home. "Better come with me then," Thalia said, "Thank you, Masters, I will send the girls to you shortly." The men walked away, and Thalia took Bella by the arm and led her into the vast kitchen space.

Summer Scent (Enticing Scent for Hets)

fetish Shale 2018-09-08

The shirt slides up and off your arms as I inhale deeply the pungent scent radiating from your raised, unshaven pits, fine hair glistening and dripping with sweat. The anticipation and the breaking passion has released the exudate in our pits and increased the overpowering pheromones that have blended and envelope us as we thrust our tongues in the others mouth and wrap our sweaty arms, pulling each other closer. I raise your arm and nuzzle my nose into your damp curly hair and feel a shiver go through you as I slide my tongue over the surface of your pit then latch onto a nipple with my lips and tongue.

The Cruise Ch. 02

fetish xxevieexx 2018-09-08

Keeping one hand on the wheel and an eye on the road, he slipped a finger under her panties and molested her clit while he drove. Liz opened her eyes and looked at Dave with pure lust. Dave's fingers slipped into Liz's fuck hole and he held it open obscenely. Dave and Liz looked at each other, smiled and sucked down the last few sips of their drinks. As Liz tried to contain her amusement caused from the bickering couple to her right and the mania of the Wisconsin family to her left, she felt Dave's hand slip under her skirt. Right before Liz's eyes, she watched her husband wrap the wet panties around his cock and jerk himself off.


A Changed Mother

fetish hardleo 2018-09-08

Adam never liked John, he was different from the other boyfriends his mom had. It didn't seem to have been conveyed to his mother as she cheerfully bent over and kissed the top of his head, her tits slapping him face, Adam could feel the cold sting of her nipple jewelry pressing on his nose. "Ohhhh Daddy!" mom let out, catching her breath.John gave her a soft kiss on the back of her head as she faced Adam. John noticed Adam frozen in the same spot and turned back to Val. He slapped her pussy digging his fingers in her pussy. As he passed Adam, he slapped him across the cheeks and laughed sadistically as his cum and his mom's love juices splash all over his face.

Anal Ally Ch. 01

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-09-08

"Fuck off, mate!" Bry said as soon as Jonny arrived. Realising Jonny was going to be completely useless as my protector, I pushed past Bry and left, telling my husband to follow me with complete contempt. Overnight I had lost all respect for Jonny, I almost despised his puny body and pathetic intellectualism, and I wanted him to be beaten up by Bry who would then fuck me. Jonny buckled forward, sounding like he was vomiting, and his face crashed into Bry's raised knee. Bry had his friends hold one of Jonny's legs each as he lay face up on the floor and then proceeded to viciously kick my husband's balls over and over.

What goes through a woman's mind, before fuck

fetish 2018-09-08

'Tommy', I called again, as an after thought, he looked at my peering through the railing, head only in sight, 'Yes Mariel', he answered, my heart pounded as the next few words escaped my moistened lips, 'Will you fuck me', and as Tommy's mouth fell open, with nothing coming out, I added, 'In the ass', I wanted him to be in no doubt as to my measure of horniness, I wanted to be fucked in as brutish and powerful manner as he could administer, I wanted Tommy to dominate me and make me surrender to his urge to inseminate me, that way both Tommy and I would never forget this coupling, I turned and went back down to get more booze, my vaginal secretions running down my inner thighs, to mirror image my lust for cock.

Golden Lust Ch. 09

fetish HypnoticGold 2018-09-08

I didn't want it to end, my fetish was finally coming true, I don't think I could EVER forget, what her piss tasted like since that moment. I almost laugh when I think about it now, partially because the incidents were so damn kinky, but I ended up licking her ass, and allowed her to piss right in my mouth, while she recorded it as it was happening. When class had ended, she played a video on Tammy's phone, I think it was of me belching off of Cindy's piss. My rages erection from the whole thing must've given it away, afterward I sniffed all the air that smelled like Cindy's poot around me, she ended up peeing right in my mouth, and the same thing happened with Samantha.

Chris & Lisa Ch. 2

fetish cbf316 2018-09-08

Lisa slide over in the black heels as they hugged her thighs, she pointed and Chris to come up on stage as she laid down and slipped up a leg high in the air and began to run her fingers over her boots and to her thighs. "Yeah, suck off all the dirt, I have been dancing for hours, floor is filthy" Lisa giggled as she watched Chris like a madman lick the boots clean. Chris didn't need to be told as he slide his mouth right over her pussy and began to give the lips little flicks with his tongue, teasing Lisa as he let his tongue explore and his mouth drank down droplets of juice.

Midtown Memoirs Ch. 03

fetish Willie_Nailer 2018-09-08

Chrystal breaks from her conversation with Jim to quickly tell us both that "Tawny" is a well-known dancer visiting from California and is a "super hot blonde with a special talent" to which Jim replies, "blondes are more his type, while as for me, I like the exotic brunettes" and he begins to rub Chrystal's round ass. After you get cleaned up, Tawny would like to see you in private." Finally coming back to the world of the living, I begin to hear the entire bar cheering and the DJ saying, "Whoaaaa! As I remove my finger from her clit, I quickly begin to lick her pussy in earnest, grabbing her from under her ass and lifting her lower body up with her legs still spread wide.

Cuckold - How I Fucked Your Wife

fetish liveforsex 2018-09-08

i went out to grab some lunch with her and a couple of others and because im kind of known around work for my party trick ( i can touch the bottom of a pint glass with my cock ;))and cos im a big tall guy all the women have a giggle with me, but your wife wanted to know if the rumors were true, i pulled my foreskin back and slid into her mouth, she put both hands by her side clinging onto the sofa while i started to ease in and out gradually building the momentum until i was fucking her mouth quite fast, im 9" hard so she gagged a couple of times which lubed her mouth up more,i grabbed your wife's head in both hands and fucked her throat deep and good making her gag with each thrust mmmmmm

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 10

fetish smellathon 2018-09-08

Divora now turned her attention to the other girls, leaving Lena scrunched up on the toilet. Crawling helplessly behind Divora, meaty buttocks swaying, the bulldog clips closing up her genitalia visible between her thighs, Lena was positioned facing the first girl in the line. Moving on to the next girl, Divora reached for the vibrator and applied it to the metal clips attached to Lena's swelling labia. Divora was relentless in her requirements, instructing the girls to turn around so that Lena could lick their anal region clean and bring them to eventual orgasm. As I did so, squirting my urine into her a little at a time to avoid brimming over the anal rim, Divora released the clip on Lena's clitoris.

strapon to the max

fetish 2018-09-08

I can still remember the first time we did this and how surprised I was at how good this looked and how turned on I got watching the dildo as his anus opened up to receive it. Each time my pelvis hit his ass I felt sensations rush through my body as the dildo continued to vibrate my clitoris. The combination of my thrusts, the vibrations, and the feeling of control that I had seeing him strapped to the table with his ass in the air had me approaching orgasm after only a few minutes and I really increased my thrusts. I held it there for a second but then started moving slowly out an inch or two and then pushing back into him so that my pelvis hit his ass each time.

Entree Ch. 02

fetish NastyPierre 2018-09-08

She held the ball of baby-pink material and such in her one hand for me to see and smiled quite wickedly. She pulled my behind up until I was forced to bring my hands and knees closer together, drop my head to the block and come back to reality. The plug was pink of course, and my Mistress had fitted it with a long blond tail. Next Mistress came up with a pair of pink knee pads, which she easily worked into place. When in place, the frills stood out nicely from my neck and caught my head on a gentle pink cloud that my Mistress fluffed out. Mistress then used a silk ribbon, it was very wide and pink -and she tied it into a bow around my butt-plug.

Real Life or Fantasy?

fetish Donatello19 2018-09-08

Her sweet red lips wrapped around my bell-end sucking gently, then licking it and as she did so I pulled her down again, so hard that her eyes started watering and her mascara was dripping down her face, but she didn't care, she lapped her cum off my cock and I continued thrusting to the back of her throat, until for the final time I felt that heat rise inside me, my balls tightened and she knew it was about to happen but I said "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!

The Punishing Room

fetish Subtext 2018-09-08

Robert couldn't help remembering that weekend ten years earlier when he saw Mrs. Larson again. He remembered looking in then and seeing his sister crying on the bed with her back to the door, dressed in only the diaper and plastic pants, her body heaving with sobs. Robert couldn't believe his ears, but he began to move anyway, toward the same room his sister had been diapered in. As he pushed the door open he felt all his strength drain away as the darkness of the room brought him back to that day ten years earlier. Later that week when Lisa came home from school, Robert had to tell her about seeing Mrs. Larson again.

Slips and Girdles

fetish stoneypoint 2018-09-08

In addition to that, their mom Mary Parker and her husband welcomed me into their home more then any other human being other then Lisa's friends, but I believe I was liked a lot more then anyone else. Back then it was still customary to wear longer dresses with silk slips underneath and they made a woman feel like a woman during that period of time. "Come on in, it is too hot outside; you look like you took a shower already right?" She knew the routine because James did the same thing. We can talk about you and other things, alright Robbie" and her loving twinkle I've been so fond of for many years appeared as we walked out of the room. I told her the truth "But not like I love Lisa" I said.

My Lady Grotesque's Fetish Evening

fetish istanbulnoir 2018-09-08

I saw Lady raise her arms behind Liz's back, and then Liz's black lacy bra fell slowly away from her ample and slightly sagging tits to reveal yet more tattoos and, as I had expected, large, pierced nipples. Liz's tongue was flicking over Lady's cunt now, and her own had sucked the gusset of her panties into her slit, and the lips sticking out at either side looked like some exotic flower. The cigarette that she had been smoking when Liz had got down between her legs was burned down to its stub and Lady reached for her pack and took another.

Sharon's Revenge

fetish tarred 2018-09-08

Hilary pulled open the waistband of my leggings and poured in thick custard and held them open for Sue to fill them with Jam. They laughed as they massaged the mess in, pushing it down my legs and paying special attention to my crotch. Sue laughed and took out a bowl of jam, she reached her hand into my leggings and started to massage jam into my manhood. Hilary took out an icing bag, pulling her leggings down she inserted the nozzle and started to fill Sharon with coloured icing. The girls looked at me and started to push me down beneath the surface laughing, as I came up there was a splash as Sharon landed in the mess with us.