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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

When the Cat's Away, Britt likes to Play

fetish squirtdrinkr 2018-09-08

She would suck my cock but wouldn't let me fuck her, finger her or eat her out. She took a deep breath and said, "you are not going to stop are you?" She didn't need to wait for my answer and I had already moved my hand to the crotch of her panties. After 15-20 minutes of finger banging her I knew it was time to start sucking on her clit while I tongued her. Once again I returned to massaging her g-spot, this time a little rougher, she grunted and moaned as I sucked her and fingered her. She was still shaking from what she said was the first time she had ever squirted when I told her that I wanted to fuck her...

The Moonlight Ch. 01

fetish Shagadelic13 2018-09-08

I shiver slightly, thinking of you dressed up in your Angora top, breasts straining against the tightness, midriff showing, your skin slightly rough with goose-bumps, and the tartan skirt, barely long enough to cover the curve of your ass cheeks. You hesitate, looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car; you quickly glance around the room, straining to see me, to see if I am here, but then you remember what I asked of you. Now take three steps towards me, eyes still closed remember." You take three paces towards me, your skirt lifting slightly on each movement, almost giving me a peek at your panties.

Games of Submission

fetish JamesChristian 2018-09-08

And then she was on him, in him - him in her - sliding herself against his pelvis and his pubes, moaning and screaming, rubbing, pushing, leaning back, her hand on his chest, riding him like a bucking horse: "Oh yes, yes, yes," breathing like that in a panting, compulsion of breath, obsessive with lust, "yes, yes, yes." And she'd lean over, taking one of her breasts and forcing it to his mouth: "suck it, yes, really hard, bite it, bite it till it hurts, go on, go on," broaching no refusal," take it all into your mouth, swallow it, yes!" And on and on, from one breast to the next, making them raw with his hunger, feeling the nipples in the back of his throat, and one nipple and another nipple, and then both nipples in his mouth at the same time, her squeezing the breasts together so they became cross-eyed, till he couldn't breath, and all the time straining not to come.

The Maltapost girl & her little Ass

fetish Sam_Attard 2018-09-08

I might know what I’m doing here but another bloke might still be starting out and this postal bitch has got to know that when a guy talks and smiles to you, then “mistakenly” grabs his dick for the fleetest of moments it was her turn to bight her lip ever so slightly, ruffle her hair for no reason, expose her chest slightly or lift her pelvis a notch or two. I jammed my thumb into her ass as I continued to gently lick the top of her pussy, she jerked quite hard but my other arm was massaging her breast at this moment and i resisted her feeble attempt to get up from this position after all I had only parted her with my tongue and was currently preoccupied with the top of her pussy and fondeling her tiny breasts one at a time.

My Wife's Stockings

fetish hiphopchipshop 2018-09-08

She likes to be comfortable, I prop her head up with soft plump pillows and she lies there, like a lazy girl, with her long legs wide apart whilst I put my head in her crutch and lick her sweet smelling cunt slowly for up to an hour. She was wearing smooth black hold-ups, which ran all the way up her long curvy legs. She also bought, these woollen stockings that stopped above her knees, they had white bows and looked like the sort of thing a whore would wear in an old western. She would love to go out sometimes wearing hold-ups and no knickers, that way at work she could slip into the girls' room and stroke her pussy for a few precious minutes.

My Wife's Loose Pussy

fetish 425olds 2018-09-08

After she came down from her high, she started in by telling me that I must like the idea of fucking loose sluts. My head started to spin as I began to come inside my wife's loose pussy. As she grabbed a tissue and started to wipe up she said, "Seeing how much you just came, I should show you what it is like to fuck a real 'loose slut' some time." "Well, you better come home so I can show you what it is like to fuck a real 'loose slut' and try not to worry all the way home. My wife looked at me and said, "This is what it is like to fuck a loose slut.

My Private Dancer Part 2

fetish Solomon87 2018-09-08

She said: Oh god baby, I wanna plant my ass and pussy right on your face while I suck that rock hard, throbbing cock. She was so good at sucking my cock, and I loved the way she played with my balls, cupping them with her hand and rolling them around in her mouth. I was determined to have the orgasm of my fucking life, so I took that hard cock and slid it between her soft feet and pushed them together. She told me how much she loved the way I worshipped and fucked her feet, she had never had guy do that before and it made her cum so hard!

Sound and Fury Ch. 02

fetish wanderingpsychic 2018-09-08

John leaned closer and gently kissed Lauren as her hand moved from his balls to the shaft of his erect cock, stroking it slowly. She leaned her upper body against the wall and reached back to pull her cheeks open, breathing heavily, as John rubbed the head of his cock against her anus, moist from his tongue. For a moment she could feel John's upper body stiffen and thought he might pull away, but she felt him relax as her warm piss ran down his cock, across his balls, dripping down into the dirt of the alley, down his thighs, down her thighs. He felt her start pushing back against him, her ass slowly opening up, slowly taking his urine lubed cock, and Lauren's moans started getting dangerously close to screams.

Ski Lodge

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-09-08

"Sure, we can count that." She laughs then finishes the old drink and pushes the empty glass away. "At the hip," she casually says as she looks at me over the glass before she sips. "You know, that she did it on purpose." She finishes the old drink in a large gulp and pushes the empty glass away then pulls the new one closer. I hold the glass near my lips for a moment then sip again before putting it down. My hands wrap her face and pull her lips to mine; our tongues trade mouths. "Darling, that's sweet," Leslie says, taking my hand in hers and holding it. She looks around, observes the hook and Holly's missing arm, smiles, and then walks away.

Win or Lose? PT 2 Creampie Eating

fetish 425olds 2018-09-08

I tried eating Janice's pussy before I fucked her, hoping that she would cum quickly once I entered her but I would get so excited licking her tasty lips and sucking on her swollen clit that I couldn't hold back once my over-eager rod slid into her creamy depths. Janice and I were both frustrated that night, she loves the orgasms she has when I'm sucking my own cum from her pussy, and I love the taste of our combined juices so much that I've wondered at times if I really want to win this bet. That night we made love like we usually do and, thanks to her squeezing pussy and dirty mouth, I was quickly on the edge of an orgasm.

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 2

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-09-08

sissy paula (left cheek) and property of MISTRESS CAROLYN on the right cheek. Once i got there and told her what i needed done and gave her Mistress Carolyns phone number. Ok my cock sucking sissy its time to serve all the horny men. I will be back in 8 hours, if i don't get held up in traffic, or find a stud that will keep me occupied, and cause me to forget about you here on your knees with big fat black cocks in your mouth. I tried to keep a count of how many cocks went in my mouth that day. Oh my sissy looks like that belt will come off tomorrow or should i say tonight?

Another Convert Ch. 01

fetish HenryWilcox 2018-09-08

"But you want to get started straight away," said Emma "I quite understand." And with that, she opened another cupboard and took out a carton of eggs. Emma quickly broke another egg into one of Sarah's jean pockets, and this time the yolk didn't hold. "Oh, we've hardly started" I said, and I opened the top of the maple syrup, put the neck of the bottle into the other front pocket of her jeans and squeezed hard. Emma obviously spotted it too, because she pulled out the neck of Sarah's shirt and tipped the strong smelling red slop straight down inside, and over her breasts. I looked over at Emma, as I wasn't sure what to do next, and she just smiled and nodded towards Sarah.

Friends Sweaty Girlfriend Pt. 02

fetish Sweatlover 2018-09-08

As the game started, I saw Ali wave to us, then wiped her sweaty forehead with her hand and let the sweat drip off her finger, almost as if she was driving me crazy on purpose. I started to panic that I messed up and she was going to tell everyone, but then she removed her knee high socks and told me to lick and suck her feet clean. "Bury your tongue deep in my cunt" ordered Ali. I stuck my tongue all the way up her sweaty cunt and she started grinding her pussy harder against my face. Just as she clamped down on my face, so hard I can barely breathe, she squeezed my dick harder and I could feel the sweat drip out of her sock as she was jerking me.


fetish SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-09-08


Sissy services her football player (part 1)

fetish igglepiggle 2018-09-08

Every Sunday, my smooth bodied, muscular,gorgeous, tasty big cocked, brown haired, brown eyed man would leave his doting wife and two c***dren, with his bag packed with his football kit to play 5 a side football with the 'lads'. He liked me to sit above him 69 style so he could rub his hands up and down my stockings and kiss my heels while i went up and down with my mouth on his hard cock. I loved sucking on a proper mans hard cock, it made me feel even more of a sissy as my little sissy clit hardened against the satin panties.

A New Meaning for "Brake Job"

fetish Croozer 2018-09-07

"Oh - I'm so glad to see you Trev...I must have set the parking brake, and when I tried to drive forward, the car wouldn't move." I said, "Yeah, LeeAnne...that's what usually happens...let me take a look." She was about 5-7 or 5-8, very samll waist, nice legs, and a very perky pair of 34C breasts. "For heaven's sake....look at me....I just realized I've been sitting here in my bra all this time !!!", she exclaimed,"Please forgive my impropriety." I swallowed hard, and said, "No harm that my eyes can focus again, it's a rather pleasing sight." She laughed, and replied, "Thought so...I saw you staring at my boobs." I just sat across from her and smiled.

Carolina's Sundae

fetish eroticeats 2018-09-07

The lips were now suckling on her clit and the fingers snaked underneath Alex, spreading apart her ass cheeks and plunging into her naughtiest hole. Mistress walked over to it, and after glancing at Alex, picked a small, needle like nozzle and pushed a few buttons before the machine whirred to life, pumping a white frothy liquid into the hose. Crawling underneath her prize, Mistress took a large nozzle and pushed it into Alex's ass. Alex didn't think she had enough ass to take the entire pump, but the fudge also filled her thighs and calves, and mistress grabbed another hose and slipped it into Alex's mouth. Alex felt amazing as Mistress reached her udder-like breasts.

Julie's Piss Bukkake Forfeit

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-09-07

AS he had done with the marker pen she would have used the slutty red lipstick not just on his lips but to write the words "FAG BOY" on John's forehead and then she would have led him like that into the main room of her Sorority house and put on a large, black strap on dildo and fucked his ass no doubt to the drunken cheers of her sisters and then let them have a shot if they wanted. As could be expected John went first, walking up to where Julie knelt helpless with her mouth still stretched open and inviting and he once again unzipped his jeans and whipped out his dick but this time he started to slide his hand up and down its slick length, jerking off while Julie watched, transfixed, as his helmet slid in and out of his foreskin at such close range.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 05

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-09-07

It was so nice in fact that I want you to rate my outfit with a 1-10 and 5 of those kisses will equivocate a rating of 1 which means to give me a 10, you’ll have to give me 50 more kisses just like that one.” She leaned down and stroked my cock right to the breaking point one more time as again she seductively whispered, “Now rate me!!!” Just before I began placing the kisses, each girl bent to stroke my cock to within an inch of orgasm. I really don’t know what came over me, but with every kiss I could also feel my cock jump and throb and pre-cum flow from the tip.

Gina becomes a prostitute

fetish hi1 2018-09-07

"My boy needs satisfaction Gina." Sheila yelled back at her." Do you know how many women will love to watch him? Rose because she was robbed of what she thought was the most precious thing to her and Gina because she couldn't believe Sheila expected her to lick the sperms of her son off the floor. Today, she needed to head back to the streets and find a few good men to fuck her cunt and ass and help her make enough money to buy the Wii. She knew with huge breasts and wide hips like hers she shouldn't have much of a problem on weekends but she would have to work extra hard tonight.

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 12

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-09-07

After Donna slipped off her shoes, she was able to stand flat footed in a special light weight wood measuring device that Paul had left on the on the platform after measuring Linda a few moments before they had arrived downstairs. Donna stepped back into her pumps and Paul verified the heel height to be a full 6 inches by the use a large stainless steel scale with a sliding pointer which was adjusted to the top of the heel and measured straight down to the platform surface. Linda then had everyone gather around the staircase that had twelve steps to the next floor, as the couple who drew number 1 in the contest, which was Susan and Jason, moved near the foot of the stairs.

Life With s*s: Pt 14

fetish 2018-09-07

They stopped for a minute and looked at me, Lexie gave kind of a silly smile and started to get undressed, Terece chose to follow and pretty soon they were sitting across from me totally naked, and looking really good. When the table was moved, Lexie got on the floor between Terece's legs and slowly started to work her way up first one thigh then the other licking and kissing as she moved. I didn't want to climax right away so I was going really slowly on my clit, Jeff was going really slowly on his cock, we were both enjoying the show, I know this because we looked at each other and smiled, then went back to watching.

Forbidden Dreams

fetish PaulX35 2018-09-07

John had felt an unstoppable urge to get in touch with her, and they had exchanged a few looks and words as they semi-accidentally danced next to each other. As she turned, she looked down at John sitting on the couch, her body standing relaxed on her one leg. Ellen winked, then moved her hand to his jeans and unbuttoned it with skill and speed, leaving John breathing heavily as she determinedly slid down his jeans and boxers, taking care to remove his shoes and socks as well. John already felt on the verge of cumming instantly, and he had no doubt Ellen knew everything about his current state of arousal. Ellen smiled naughtily, but John still had his eyes closed, feeling the orgasm unstoppably pump his cum out.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 02

fetish nylonleglover 2018-09-07

Walking around to face the golden stocking legged statue woman with pirates in her hair, she looked into the open eyes that were still staring down at its hand. It spits out a key and leaves you stranded with runs in your pantyhose, without shoes, in a room full of mirror doors that won't open except the smallest one that you couldn't squeeze a hobbit through. Looking at the room, every single detail magnified, Alice bunched up the loose nylons and black lace undergarments and ran like a princess in a ballroom gown towards the tiny silver door. Sitting on the saddle to face the statue, Alice Looked into the open eyes and said, "How do I get through the door at this size?"