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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Horny s****r in law 2

fetish maytoseptember 2018-09-07

“Well I do, in fact I think Andy likes it.” She lowered her voice and continued “Last night I was half asl**p when he started to rub himself against me and anyway I have this fantasy about being woken up by a young guy who is robbing my house, but when he spots me in bed, he f***es me into sex.” “I don’t know, I just think you are being silly, if Andy has any fantasises I expect at his age they all concern young women, teenage girls that sort of thing and Keith is probably the same.” Her plan had worked, now she could have Andy when-ever she wanted him and Kath would have to make do with Keith who she would soon find out would shoot his load quickly and then be good for nothing.

The Concert

fetish sisifo 2018-09-07

After three months working in the office, Zoe, our new coworker, succeeded to lead most of our male colleagues (and, as far as we know, at least one female) to despair. My chance with Zoe came up, unexpectedly, on the pretext of a spare ticket to a concert that was going to happen in town, the following weekend. From then on, she took command, dictating the rules and putting me down, making me feel grateful for not being left alone at the concert. As the band managed to electrify the audience, Zoe left her chair and continued dancing throughout the concert. By this time, Zoe let me know how badly she needed to pee, waiting for me to find a quick solution to relieve her urge.

clate meets her asian fuck buddy's mate

fetish 2018-09-07

She has been having sex recently with an asian guy and had a arranged a mmf for sun night with his friend. Right on cue as I type this I start to hear her but not for long thanks to a car pulling away next door.  It doesnt matter to me I'm still stroking my cock knowing she has a cock in her pussy and hoping it will be some time before she comes down if she does at all then I hear her again and it sounds like shes reaching orgasm once again a rhythm hits the bed like a drum and vibrates through the floorboards. Her other asian guy would have been fucking her again by now but who knows he might be there for the long haul.

Ultimate Lez Wet Panty Party

fetish Softhardclassy 2018-09-07

We love to behave like horny bitches in heat, squeezing titties fully covered, stroking fat bald cunts fully wet... The two stand up now, firm legs slightly spread, admiring ourselves, stroking our bodies, gazing lovingly up & down our well-clad selves, the Maid looking up, in awe of her mistresses (still on her knees, ass high, fingering herself madly in the clear plastic pants). Blonde & Maid lock bellies, rubbing smooth mounds, hands caressing firm round asses, clad & naked, finding slits, pushing, shoving fingers. Maid & Blonde examine moist panties, fingering, licking, turning each other on, Lady on the sofa sooo hot now, excited, pencil skirt off, vibrator against crotches, her clit swollen, masturbating..

Lavender Salts and Apricot Kernels

fetish noisymother 2018-09-07

She stretches her feet out, I love the way she can spread out the toes on her left foot, but not on the right. I move the bowl closer and she slides her feet into the cloudy scented water, letting out a soft and sensual sigh, her entire body relaxing as the gentle heat penetrates her feet. I dry her heels, raising her feet to my lips to kiss the scar tissue there from ill fitting shoes worn as a vain teenager. At the same time, my fingertips massage the balls of her feet to her heels, strong, deep, yet gentle rubbing away the stress of her day.

This is what I want....Cocks!!!

fetish 2018-09-07

I don't know how it felt for them, but I loved feeling like a lil glory hole slut with three dicks in my mouth. I swallowed every bit without taking any cocks out of my mouth, and then I remembered I needed a mouthfull of cum to get a beer. My two, big, black cocks must have known that too, cause they started spurting cum into my mouth. I went out of the glory hole room, into the bar, which of course sparked hoots, hollars, and whistles cause I was still but-fuck naked with a rock hard 8 inch cock that is just dripping its' own cum on the floor.


fetish bawdybloke 2018-09-07

She is my dream; my cock surging as I feel fingers tapping lightly on my genitals, gripping my shaft and running her touch delicately over my head. But I know this, and the slide of her hand over my cock as her fingers close around my nipple and her words batter my dignity, causes my arousal to surge. Sweet music to my ears: the evil cry of my mistress, laughing as my body thrashes to her tune: the angry pain engulfing me, the gentle jerking of my cock and the evil look in her eyes. I could feel every part of her lusciousness, smiling as her hands smacked my legs and her fingers patted gently on my cock.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 04

fetish barelegs 2018-09-07

I have to say, however, that every time I saw a pretty girl, particularly one wearing a short skirt, and with anything like acceptable legs, and especially any girl with bare legs, my thoughts returned to Louise, and her simply unbeatable legs. She authorised a generous hospitality allowance to facilitate such contacts, and suggested I pick up the cash in Euros from Deborah Langman in the finance department at 12:00pm. The second was of Debbie sitting slightly carelessly on a rather plush sofa in what looked like a hotel foyer. One thing was for sure - I couldn't get Debbie's lovely long bare legs out of my head.

Tribute Story for cocokisses Part 3

fetish draksnake09 2018-09-07

Her thighs started to quiver gently, and her breathing picked up a bit more as I continued to massage and clean her, bringing the loofa around to the large globes of her ass, crouching down behind her as I scrubbed and cleaned over them, paying particular attention to the split of them, and the tightly crinkled asshole that she possessed. Extending it as far as I could, my mouth wide open, I started to gently worm it inside of her, pushing past the tight ring, feeling it quiver and clamp down around the tip of my tongue at first, and then slowly continued to slide into her, until my teeth were pressed against the rim of her asshole, my tongue fully buried inside of her.

The Harem Slave Ch. 21

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-09-07

She will lie in that pool over there while the rest of you girls stand around and squirt pussy juice all over her body." One of the girls stepped into the pool, straddling Mandy's body while the other spread her legs and leaned back, aiming her twat at Mandy's face. Rubbing their clits furiously, the girls came in tandem, screaming as they squirted heavy waterfalls of pussy juice onto the woman below. Sophie held her there, screaming and gasping, until every last drop of her seemingly endless juices splashed onto the girl's wet, naked body. As Sophie let go of Mandy and stepped out of the pool, the girls clapped and cheered.

Ruining Sue-Anna's Valentine's Day

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-09-07

A day for me to revel in my power over men, over John and even more delicious, over that fat sow, Sue-Anna. John was at work for the day but was instructed to call Sue-Anna and tell her he unfortunately had to work late and then creep round and spend time worshiping little sweet me. Sue-Anna had spent most of the day preparing some ridiculously difficult dish for her romantic meal with her husband and it made my pussy tingle to know it would spoil as John put me before his fat sow wife. My orgasms were all the more intense knowing John would be lying in bed sore and jealous and fat sow Sue-Anna would be all dejected and angry.



fetish MrH76 2018-09-07

" Do you like me talking about my damp panties David, does it turn you on". Sadly I was kinda frozen, I did not know what to do or say, all I knew was that my cock felt like it was going to explode as I stared between Sarah's legs at her beautiful cunt. once I have swallowed all of your spunk you are going to smell and lick my panties while I finger fuck myself again. Do you like my fanny David, do you want to taste my snatch and lick my bum. And my cunt is wet David, look my fingers are soaked, would you like to taste my fanny .


fetish HelenHall 2018-09-07

I had to tell her, I said, look, Betty dear, I'm sure he adores you but don't you think it's a little odd that he should go on about it, I mean, he is not even being furtive; what sort of man rings up from the airport and tells you he doesn't want to go on a stag party to Amsterdam with a bunch of professional people, you know, a nice bunch of people, accountants, barristers, probably a dentist or two, all of them doing well. I mean, look, I said, believe me, Betty dear, you are younger than me, and still got a great figure, and I know he adores you, everything just as it should be, but this is an age of free spirits, marital mayhem and sex lib and there is nothing like a bit of the bizarre to stimulate a relationship teetering on the edge of repetitive stagnation.


My Good Boy Chris and My Slutty Chrissy

fetish 2018-09-07

I knew exactly what I wanted but more than that I knew he would give it to me whatever It was because he was My good boy and My slutty chrissy. he was blond with stunning blue eyes and a body to die for, I found my mind was wondering to all the things I wished I could do to him and with him and My foot started to run up and down his leg and as I held his hand I leaned over and said "come here now I need You." Love making taking our time , kissing and caressing long after we are finished ,just holding you close as we talk.


fetish klammer 2018-09-07

"Come out here, we'll look at it on mine," said Shelly. "Funny," she said, with those whore eyes, you look "I think we've already seen that," said Ruby, getting a laugh from the She pulled back the curtain, exposing my bandaged cock, and began waxing "Most people don't think it's a healthy habit," I said, not knowing what I'm sure," said a voice I recognized as my office associate Shelly. "Then Jeri needs to become convincing as a female," said Shelly. Turning to Shelly, I said, "I have asked Erin that we do all we can to help her achieve her best self," said Erin. She got in Jeri's face and said, "Listen, "I don't want her to be turned into a freak," said Erin.

Bovine Transformation

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-07

Hacking a cough, eyes bulging, the young woman lunged for the door, but found her fingers coming together in a hard, gloopy mass much the same as her toes, clothes ripping from her body as she simply grew too large for them. Slender hocks and forelegs were her fresh means of getting about and Lauren grunted, eyes growing dull and unintelligent as an animal's nature slowly but surely took hold of her mind. A very pink, fleshy tongue slithered out along the side of her muzzle and the animal that had been Lauren blinked unknowingly at the strange scene before her, a young woman's bedroom and her knick-knacks suddenly beyond her lessened sense of comprehension.

Sub's mission of submission

fetish sw-zh 2018-09-07

I can submit control fully because I trust that He will protect our vanilla identities carefully at all times even when sharing me with others, virtually with images and video footage of me and email exchanges or physically in sessions. If He wishes to abuse my body He will and I love to endure the pain that turns him on and to see and feel the marks he leaves me. If I wish for attention and my Master is tired or busy or simply not in the mood I am learning to hold back from demanding from him and remind myself: It is not about me.

Wetter is Better

fetish KillerMuffin 2018-09-07

Maybe I can help you relax." His fingers made their way from her inner thighs to her pussy, brushing the hair with his knuckles. He pulled her lips open with his fingers and lapped at her dripping hole for a few moments. Her inner muscles clamped down, but couldn't stop another dribble of pee from coming out, this time unmistakably into his mouth. For some reason, the thought of her guy looking directly at her pussy and watching her do something so personal suddenly turned her on. All she noticed was his hot breath stirring her wet pussy hair and the steady leak of her hot pee along her labia, over her asshole, and into the water beneath her.

Dave's Once Shy Wife Ch. 02

fetish Marty Fisher 2018-09-07

After a good night's sleep following a wonderful welcoming by Dave and Linda, I woke to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. I did as I was told as it gave me a chance to turn away and hide my rising hard-on, brought on in part by seeing Linda's engorged breast and in part by the short, lovely nightgown she was wearing. Once my cock was lubricated with her juices, I slowly pushed the head of my dick into her hot little pussy. I reached up and brought one of her nipples into my mouth and began squeezing the breast to extract the milk.

Me and My Asian Girlfriends first time.

fetish asiansrbest 2018-09-07

I was rubbing her back and slowly slid my hand down to her underwear wear and starting rubbing her soft tight ass she then started to bite my lip. She could feel my cock starting to get hard by her pussy and she reached down and unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, I took them the rest of the way off. She moved her mouth over the tip and began to suck and I moved her head up and down in a rhythmic form until I was close to climaxing and then because it was her first time i let her finish it off with her hand. I put a condom on and started to rub her tight little pussy, get began to push her hips closer as if she wanted it in instantly.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 09

fetish Scribler 2018-09-07

"Maybe there is something wrong with me, after Josie and I went to bed last night I felt it several more times." I told them they both looked at me with shocked expressions till Jill asked Then there was three or four times in bed last night, but I can't be sure the last one lasted real long and it seemed to come in waves." I told then, they both looked on in shock till Jill asked Josie. When Josie and Jill came back out Jill took Jamie by the hand and pulled her to her feet and said, "Come on girl if we're going diving with Josie and Nikki tomorrow we better get to bed."

Tara Likes Panties Ch. 02

fetish TaraJean 2018-09-07

Vicky, Julie and Lisa all had classes that started later in the day and were usually not back to the dorm until dinner time. I could feel everything all at once; the air against my skin, the material of each pair of panties against my face and breasts, the conflicting odor of each - so different yet so alike, my pussy rubbing against the sheet on my bed getting wetter and wetter. Her hands started lightly caressing my cheeks and she said, "Did that hurt little girl?" I looked over at Vicki and Lisa. Inside I thought "piece of cake!" I was so used to sniffing her panties, I could find Vicki's sweet pussy from across the room, and Lisa, well, she had that hint of perfume on hers, and Julie's was a very strong feminine smell.

Cum Crazy

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-07

Finally I had her pussy cleaned up and I started on her asshole I circled my tongue around her puckered asshole and she was squirming all over the bed her ass hole was gaped open, and I knew she had been fucking a big cock or two, maybe three. Then she reached over and removed a huge dildo from the night stand and started rubbing K-Y jelly all over it she took her other hand and started massaging my asshole, sticking her fingers in and out, finger fucking my ass. My wife was so horny watching me suck Buddy off that she wanted both of us to fuck her in her pussy and ass at the same time.

Trials Ch. 01

fetish DarkCuriosity 2018-09-07

Just old enough to drink, but having never drank much to speak of, Kat decided that in order to really let herself go, to really open up and become the temptress she really wanted to be, she needed to start small and work up to her deepest fantasy: a room full of men waiting for her to get them off. The man was in the stall with the door shut behind him and his pants around his ankles before Kat even had time to prepare. Looking up into the man's eyes without taking her mouth off of his cock, Kat began to slip her lips over the head and then back off.