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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish Guy De Jose 2018-09-07

The cop swung open the rear passenger side door of the cruiser while placing her hand on the top of my head, helping me into the car. I could only see her from the waist down, but make no mistake, she wiggled out of her pants and panties and opened the front door, placing them on the seat along with her belt. "In this hand I've got a mace canister, and if that don't work this flashlight will crack your head open like an eggshell. I'd never seen a girl ejaculate like this, and I wasn't seeing it now because of that fucking flashlight, but I sure felt it all over my cock, shirt and pants.

Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 2

fetish Victor-Bruno 2018-09-07

Myron had been of similarly high rank to myself and that, apart from his good looks and physique, was the reason for his being reduced to that status of a personal body slave to Princess Alexena. Whilst I and Selima pleased out respective Mistresses in the way each desired, the birch twigs would slash us across our exposed hindquarters. For some three minutes whilst the lust of my Mistress (and of Lady Judilla alongside her) continued to mount steadily I and Selima felt the slash of the twigs every twenty or thirty seconds. The dark eyes of Princess Alexena had a hot liquidity about them and her full lips were wet and parted as she looked with avidity upon the golden nakedness of Lady Judilla.

best experiance last night with a mates ex

fetish 2018-09-07

when we arrived to pick Rheanna up she was standing there so d***k , wearing a tight black dress and really sexy tall high heels that showed off her perfect red toe nailed feet not bad for a 17 year old . i then spat 3 more times in the inside of it and then put it back down and slid the spit covered heel back on Rheannas little 17 year old foot . exposing her shaven little pussy with out fingering or lubing i lent in and stuck my cock straight up her minge making sure she took every inch . while i was still in her i pulled her legs and feet down so they were level with my face then started licking her little toes through her black high heels .

Pagan Love

fetish sweetrapturedlight 2018-09-07

How talking to him made her pussy ache for his tongue, his hands, his cock. He wanted to tongue fuck her pussy in the worst way. She wanted him to lick her, suck her, fuck her, bite her. Making her sit on his face, he buries his tongue in her wanting flesh. Moving her body back and forth feeling his tongue against her clit. She wonders if he would like that too and without any more thought, her tongue finds his hole and she begins licking. Noticing that this was making his cock drip more, she continues by inserting a finger deep inside him as she takes his cock in her mouth. The heat rises and the fire burns deep inside her as he continues spanking her.

Lavender - a room in my b*****r's house is ha

fetish oggbashan 2018-09-07

“It might be interesting to find out whether I’m like Dorcas, Ian, but you’re still married, and you don’t really know me.” “I’m not happy about you spending another night in the Lavender room,” Janet said suddenly. But if I’m going to start buying property here I need somewhere to stay that isn’t the Lavender room, nor Janet’s spare bedroom. I was in less pain than I had been when I first met Dorcas, but I was tired from long days sorting out the company and several nights of passionate sex with Janet. I was just aware of Janet moving up the bed until Dorcas pulled her breast away, showing me Janet’s pussy poised over my face.


fetish 2018-09-07

Yeah, I'm a nice guy but I still want to hurt you. But regardless of how they may feel or would want to proceed, I have to be comfortable and own my own personal feelings on being a Sadist. There are many Sadist who don't view themselves as being a nice person. I don't break someone down because I'm a mean bastard, I don't hurt because I'm a bad person, I do both those things, so I have a chance to share something beautiful, something special and intimate and be allowed to build, on the same place, we both just destroyed the negative weight that she has been carrying with her.

Sissy Boy Adventures - Part 1

fetish icrashyourparty 2018-09-07

Nicolas went into the kitchen and grabbed the bag of chips, then he sunk into the couch and turned on the TV. As he went to get a huge bag he wondered about her face when she said it was cute. He carried the heavy bag inside the living room and wondered how the hell she could even lift that thing alone. Nicolas went up the stairs where his and his parents rooms were. But otherwise, maybe this was going to be the sort of crazy sex adventure you could tell noone, but you wouldn’t want to miss. “There’s a camera somewhere and you’re crazy.” She pursed her lips and stood up, looked at him like a puppy.

Cuckold's Nightmare

fetish Bakeboss 2018-09-07

Ellen has already told me that if HE asks her to she will leave me for him and the look on her face confirms that she would. He soon had her top pulled down and her breasts exposed to his kisses as Ellen had her head tilted back and her hands running through his hair. Walt sat on the couch, Ellen sat on top of him, and I could tell that he was inside her. Ellen said she became really turned on when she saw me watching but that she was disappointed with Walt as a lover. She said that next time she wanted to pick whom she would sleep with and I told her that anybody she fancied would be more than fine with me.

My Favorite Class

fetish sexy_kitten24 2018-09-07

She gathered her things and walked slowly to the front of the room, stopping to talk to the professor, but he turned her away, saying firmly, "Just go wait in my office, I'll be in there soon." She sulked quietly down the hall to his office, wondering what she had gotten herself into. "You wanted it so bad you couldn't wait until I got home from work, is that right?" "Yes..."she says hanging her head. "If you are that eager, that you have to interrupt my classes to get to me for what you want you are going to have to pay the price for it." "If you want it so bad take it out." She looks at him, a bit confused; he's never talked to her like this before.

Gyno Visit

fetish bigmama717 2018-09-07

He examined the outside, spreading the lips of her pussy, putting his hands all over her cunt, flicking across Sheryl’s engorged clit a few times. The speculum was still holding her cunt wide open and he slowly pulled his fingers out of Sheryl’s ass and unzipped his pants and took them off. She was amazed at the feelings that assaulted from the different sensations: lips, tongue and teeth on her nipple, fingers on her clit and the speculum stretching her cunt wide. Very lightly, he flicked his tongue over her clit twice, then slowly sucked in one lip of her pussy into his mouth, then let go of it and repeated the action on the other side.

Lightgirl's First Adventure Pt. 01

fetish Mouselegend 2018-09-07

Besides her good looks Lightgirl also was born with two crystals in the palms of her hands, which she could use to produce bright flashes of Light, which in turn earned her her name. The Thug turned around and Lightgirl got a good look at him. Lightgirl saw her chance and took it, raising her arm and releasing a flash of blinding light the moment he turned back to look at her. As the woman stood up slowly Lightgirl got her first good look at her. She stood beside Black Whip in a long corridor illuminated by electric lights that were made to look like torches lined along the walls. Lightgirl noticed Cobras reptile like eyes follow her intently as she approached and quickly looked away.

Late Night Movies (chapter 15)

fetish oregazm 2018-09-07

I merely said that it went really good then suggested he go get dressed so we could go see the neighbors when mom and dad got out of the shower. I told him about wife, husband and said that I THOUGHT there might be a girl my age to which to just blurted, “Figures.” and took off to his room, closing the door behind him. He took the plate from Isaiah’s hand and handed it directly to Elizabeth which she did NOT seem to like but her husband was now caught up in a conversation with my dad as they walked into his front yard with his arm around him. A while later mom had that look like she was about to declare bed-time but just before she started Chris interrupted.

True story about my neighbour

fetish 4skinfun 2018-09-07

Over the next few weeks things progressed, she began to let me see quick flashes of her nipples and pussy which was quite hairy with these gorgeous pink lips peaking out between her bush. This was the first time I have ever smelled a pussy and I still remember it to this day. One day she invited me over and asked if I wanted to make out but she told me to first leave the room and that she would call me back in. I laid on top of her and I could feel her hard nipples and pussy muscles relax and contract through my shorts. After I came, I left my dick inside her and she began to rub her clit and touch around her pussy (or ass maybe?

Big New World

fetish AronB 2018-09-07

I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, driving past blue and green reserved spots, before finally finding a decent parking spot. She said nothing and grabbed me by the hand, pulling me through the parking lot behind her. Blues didn't have to wear tags, greens had a lot of flexibility, yellows would get a small fine, oranges get heavy fines, and reds could get jail time. We walked down the stairs, past tall guys with blue or green tags flirting and talking with various people. She instantly got to work on my semihard dick, sucking it bottom to top like a pro. they made me fuck her, and recorded my dick slapping against the sides of her gaped pussy as I thrusted ineffectually.

A Subway Ride to Remember

fetish West4th 2018-09-07

Mari replied, "Hey, Essie; why you do me like that?" Esmeralda started laughing. Fliorio looked up from his paper to see on the bench across from him Essie, Mari, and Kim. They were all in shorts and bikini tops and flip-flops. Tickle, tickle, tickle!" Mari made the spider like finger moves as she reached for Essie's right foot. Mari pulled the flip-flop off and lightly stroked Essie's foot, teasing her by saying things like "Koochie, koochie, koo!" Essie managed to scream out, "Kim, if you do, you'll regret it!" With that, Kim got angry, knelt down next to Mari, pulled off Essie's left flip-flop, and started tickling her left foot with vengeance.

Femdom Afternoon

fetish jennyandjoey 2018-09-07

I looked down into my wife's face, still sitting on my hands, and watched as her tongue slipped out and started licking the slippery cock juices from my swollen balls. My wife's look of anticipation changed to a mixture of relief and pleasure as she felt Lori's tongue delving between the hot folds of her cunt, licking inside her and swallowing her wetness. It probably wasn't even ten strokes before I felt myself starting to cum, and a small stream of hot white semen ran from the tip of my cock into Angela's open mouth before the first big full jolt of my orgasm hit me. I leaned forward to do as I was told, but couldn't resist first running my tongue between the swollen lips of her soaking pussy and swallowing a nice mouthful of her delicious cunt's wetness.

Vegas Pantyhose Group Sex (Part 1)

fetish loveallnylon 2018-09-07

My wife Kate was due to meet me after a few days in Vegas as she couldn't get away from work for the full amount of time. I have the full approval of Kate and we often walk around the house at home in just her underwear and wearing nylon. The elevator stopped a couple of times on the way down to the lobby and several people got in, chatting away, totally unaware that they were standing next to a guy wearing pantyhose. The cool breeze felt wonderful on my pantyhosed legs as I walked up and down the strip for almost an hour. Oh what a lovely evening I had had and I soon drifted off sl**p still wearing my cum soaked underwear.

Shrinkage Ch. 03

fetish runtz4 2018-09-07

Angie and Karen's sculpture depicted a traditional three tier snowman with testicles the size of his head and a dick made of a log about two feet long, they took the time to give him a snowball cock-head that looked quite real if not ridiculously huge. Kevin sat down on the couch and watched as Jill handled his dick, feeling the girth and weight in her hands as she pumped his hard cock. She told Angie and Shannon that she wanted Kevin's cock, but he would never betray Bill that way. "Well, I think we already have" Shannon smiled, "Angie you drew the shortest straw, so you're first." Karen looked completely stumped trying to recall when we drew straws not realizing she was referring to penis size.

Sometimes They Come To You

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-09-06

My own eyes are green, my nose is nice and medium, and I round off the works with a pair of dick-sucking lips that can caress a cock into orgasm before you can say, “fuck me.” Soft he looked almost as big as Aaron Black hard, and his balls were like avocados, which dangled quite low. The head looked like it would feel very nice scrapping hard on the way out of my pussy. My fat lips blanketed the shaft like hot dog buns as I licked, slurped, and smacked my way all over his cock. Suddenly I was being attacked from both sides, Jarred and Paul were savaging my cheeks with their own hard cocks, smearing thick gouts of pre-cum all over my face.

Fantasy Overload Pt. 01

fetish facesitting10 2018-09-06

In the morning everything went as planned I got under the trailer & she tied my hands & feet to the corners & quickly lowered the jack so the weight of the trailer pushed the pipe into my mouth locking me in place helpless & ready to serve her every need. I deserve a clean toilet & this isn't to my standard but I did pee in it too so hope you enjoy ;)!" A few minutes later she flushed & toilet cleaner filled my mouth along with toilet paper. I got a glimpse of their feet as ALL 4 girls went inside talking about the trailer & how Anna was getting their bathroom fixed. Yet she forced me to eat her poop & walked away without a care in the world to enjoy her day with her friends.

Push My Buttons

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-09-06

"You little shit...what button did you push?!" The business woman was getting right up in her face and looked ready to swing the brat by the pigtails. "We're stuck here because of this dumb little whore?" Before he could say or do another thing, business woman had brat by the hair and had thrown her against the walls of the elevator and was slapping her on the back of the legs and buttocks as hard as she could. The girls hands pressed against the glass had begun to slide down so that from the outside of the elevator she looked as if she were being mounted by both the man and woman standing behind her.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 01

fetish Suzanne James 2018-09-06

Jack was the brother of a colleague of mine--I met him right before I left the firm I worked for and went out on my own to set up my own practice. By the end of the afternoon, however, Jack asked me out for the next evening to dinner, and I said yes. The menu came, and we looked it over, and Jack said "I love a woman who's a good eater--I hope that's you." Jack had been flirting with me all evening, and after the "waddling" remarks, he'd continued to urge me to eat, making sure I finished my gooey dessert and then feeding me half of his.

Secretary Morgan's Period

fetish headtyper 2018-09-06

Morgan hurriedly picked the paper up, walked out of the office leaving me wanting to masturbate right away. I suddenly thought about her big pussy pad nestled in her panties and worked my right hand slowly down her side to the middle of her crotch. "You really wanted to play with my big cunt even though you know darn well I'm on the rag right now," Morgan said with a very puzzled look on her face. "Why should your bloody pussy stop me from wanting it so bad?" I asked rubbing it through the pad. Morgan began kissing me wildly, squeezing my cock with her pussy mussles making feel like I was going to cum in seconds.

She Opened My Mind Ch. 02

fetish B_Couric 2018-09-06

I tensed up, ready to ask a question, wondering what Pandora's Box would be opened, my heart beating quickly as I said, "So what's this about Pavlov's dogs?" She lowered herself down onto me again, this time reaching between my legs and cupping my balls, holding them gently as her other hand teased my hard cock. Anastasia shifted on the bed, putting a hand between my legs, gently grabbing my hard cock. I'd tell him I had a fiance, but his big cock would already be between my legs, pressing, pushing." She made a point of pushing her hand into her groin, slipping two fingers inside her moist pussy.