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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Now I'm A Creampie Slave

fetish 425olds 2018-09-06

"Lick that cum off my mom's calf and thigh, lick it up," Amy growled, coming around to grab my ears and f***e my face to the cummy mess on her mother's muscular legs. I watched the bizarre scene unfold as my girlfriend just devoured Marcus's quivering fuckstick, using two hands to stroke the spit-soaked prick deep down her throat, while Bobby knelt between Amy's muscular legs and fucked her hard, with Al standing on the couch, getting his knob gobbled. "Look at the baby fucking cry, awwwwwwwww, poor baby!" Amy laughed, popping the two teen cocks from her asshole and cunt and walking over to me to slap my face hard with her hand.

Dark & Stormy Night

fetish Charlie_babe_20 2018-09-06

You pushed deeper and deeper, harder and harder and then the familiar feel of silk round me neck again this time more urgent, you pulled tighter on the scarf making me feel light-headed but giving me the biggest sexual high in the process, I felt myself contracting inside and came stronger than ever before, a few seconds later I felt you fill my ass with you hot cum, the scarf loosened and you withdrew your penis and watched the cum run out over the bed.

My Girlfriends Thong Wedgie

fetish kinky-guy69 2018-09-06

One time she (was in the hallway) poked her head around the corner and sayed come over and try this one on, and walked down the hall so I followed her and went into her room she tossed this cotton thong at me that said 'pink' on the front and on the back it sayed 'xs low rise yoga thong' so I tried it on (it was so f*ing comfy) she came to me and sayed you look sexy and grabbed the sides (waistband) and raised them a little and I reached around gave her a hug and pulled sooo softly on her lacey thong.

Smallgasm: The dicklette cums again! Small Penis H

fetish 2018-09-06

As the hot water poured over me, my penis quivered and feeling the sensation coming quickly I lifted my head and moaned softly, although only seconds had passed I was about ready to cum. Squeezing slightly she then said "Here you are in the shower, meant to be getting clean and look at you, playing with that tiny dick" "Well its more than I am getting" she said pointing down at my cock, "Your tiny dicklette is no good for anything, even looking at!" She laughed. "Yes Princess!" This was feeling good, I was pulsing and quivering and ready to cum! "You are so good princess", I said into her breast, as I licked and nibbled it as it jiggled up and down with each move she made.

The New Bank Security Ch. 2

fetish soleful 2018-09-06

A form fitting black leather glove slid about 4 inches out of its fur cuffed leather sleeve as it left the steering wheel and reached for a small joystick on the console. Still looking forward, this dark angel reached over and with a tickle of her black covered index finger turned on the car's automatic speed control. Her glove was now a bit more "business like" as it reached up and briefly pushed a small red button on the console while a long boot coordinated pressure to the left circular pedal. My captor continued looking forward, then after a few minutes she reached into her leather coat and pulled out some deep brown lipstick.

My New Life as a Cuckold

fetish CuckHubby1 2018-09-06

All of this dirty talk and Neal's big cock must have sent my wife over the edge because she shuddered and let out a moan and came hard. He would occasionally pull out of my wife's pussy and let Hillary lick his cock clean of my wife's pussy juices. Neal grabbed some lube, squirted it on the head of his fat cock and dove right back into my wife's pussy. Hillary then grabbed me, drug me over to my wife's pussy and said, " Clean up her pussy now." I dove into my wife's stretched out pussy and started tasting Neal's cum and her juices. Something must have come over me because my cock got so hard tasting Neal's cum in my wife's pussy.

Encounter at Travelodge, Part 3: Or, “Let th

fetish Telman 2018-09-06

You will feel the chill that She did when you betrayed her!” I say, as I start the water at full blast – at no more than 15 degrees centigrade, and aimed directly at her chest. She quickly soaps herself, and I take care to wash (and in the process, thoroughly punish with the powerful stream of water) every part of her body. I turn her around, so that she’s sitting with her front to the back of the chair, and carefully position her rear so that her ass and that lovely pussy hang over the edge of the chair. It’s much easier to hang things from the lines in hotel bathrooms if you need to wash something.), carefully positioned so that they don’t bite into her nipple directly.

Daddy and Emily turn Jenn into a slut pt2

fetish 2018-09-06

simply said "I just want to be more sexy from now on and it feels good to me to wear sexy clothes for you daddy, just like Emily does." i asked her if her change was about yesterday and she turned a little red faced and said "yes daddy, i loved what we did and who better to teach me sexy stuff than my own daddy and my s****r?" first she bowed her head and soaked her hair and face, then down her chest, she then spread her legs wide and took both hands and spread her pussy open and said "piss in my little pussy daddy!" i aimed my stream straight at her open pussy and with that she moaned and started masturbating hard.

Her Special Bear

fetish Sillyman 2018-09-06

“Oh Humphrey you bad bear,” Cindy moaned as she lowered the teddy’s head to her breast and began to rub the rough seam of it’s nose on her nipple. “Oh it’s so naughty to touch me like that Humphrey,” Cindy giggled, and slid the bear’s paw inside her panties. She kissed and inhaled near the bear’s face for a second, and then began to lower her head into the fuzzy toy crotch. Cindy grabbed the nearest doll and rubbed it’s face against her tit as she slammed the helpless blue bear. Finally, shaking, she pulled Humphrey from between her legs and began to suck lightly on his fur, tasting the her cum.

Athlete vs. Saleswoman

fetish gomez8 2018-09-06

Susan, as was Debbie, was coating her cock with plenty of lubricant, greasing it until it shined brightly in the room's light. Debbie grabbed at Susan's red hair and shook the buxom beauty's head like a rag doll. Grabbing the base of Debbie's greased, red cock she moved it up slightly and prepared to impale the now writhing brunette battler with her shining, black latex lance. Susan reached forward and grabbed Debbie's cock head, pulling the athlete into her. Susan was feeling the incredible pressure in ribs; she wrapped her free arm around Debbie's head and pulled it tightly into the valley formed by her bounteous breasts, hoping temporarily to smother her tormentor and regroup for her own attack.

Chaffernaught 07

fetish MistressColleen 2018-09-06

I pushed joeie down on the toilet, making sure cock was aimed into the commode, having him sit like a girl. I'd stand over him as a guardian providing his life reason, allowing him time to inhale gentle scents, closing his eyes in delirium, tying to imagine what it must feel like to fuck me in the same way he's watched men fuck me on the DVDs I've given him. We entered and I began fingering through the blouses first, slowly, giving air time to rush between each one only to be puffed out again, for joeie, who moved on his hands and knees below me, taking in very long, deep sniffs, while scatching the tip of his nose with the hems.


What I Want

fetish 2018-09-06

First off, since I like to be watched peeing, that is where I'm going to start. Since I don't have on underpants I just lift my skirt and start peeing right into the urinal in front of all these men. I don't know how, but I get snuck into their barracks and tell them that I'll let them watch me masturbate, if they cum in my mouth. I don't know how many are in a recruit company, but I sit on a bunk, hike up my skirt so they can see my pussy and I start to slowly rub it. I'd like to be able to get a supply of cum, I mean a lot of it every day, fresh, I don't know from where.

The Pretty Girl

fetish wet_aimme 2018-09-06

With little hesitation, my hand raised to feel the warmth flowing out of her, which hitched her skirt up a bit, revealing a pretty pair of pale blue panties which were darkening by the second. I stepped aside to pull down my jeans, and she told me how much she liked my pink panties. I was petrified, but then I noticed the pretty girl smiling up at him with a warm glow, and she said that I had a tasty stream and he was a lucky man. At that, a waterfall began to caress our heads and faces, and the pretty girl started rubbing it into her hair and her breasts, as did I.


fetish WetMyself 2018-09-06

But Julia started to really need to pee, and asked again to use the bathroom once the ride had finished. As soon as Chris said 'a few hours,' a bright yellow spot began to grow at Julia's crotch. "Did you wet your diaper, dirty little girl?" he asked in a loud voice, earning a crowd of staring faces locked on Julia. Chris began to notice little trails of pee skating down Julia's legs around the end of the day. Chris informed a rather elated Julia on the trip home that she "will stay diapered until I tell you that you can be a big girl again, and wear big girl undies again..

Serving My Ex-Wife Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-06

Then she pulled my blindfold off and I realized It WASN'T my ex-wife who was working over my prick, It was some man I started struggling but I couldn't get away my ex-wife smacked me hard on the ass and pulled off her nasty panties and shoved them in my mouth, she then told me to quit trying to get up and to lay back and enjoy the blow job I was getting she told me the man's name was Bill and that he was bi-sexual and he loved to suck cock. When he was done he looked over at my ex-wife and said that I had very sweet cum and a lot of it, she laid the camera down and Told Bill to fuck her pussy, Bill got up and I saw his massive cock it must have been 11 inches long and as big around as a beer can, it was twice the size of my cock.

The Bishop and Mommy

fetish JhMcKn 2018-09-06

Mother said to Eric, the Bishop, "I'm sure this isn't the first time you've helped a women dress." With that she unfastened her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her wearing only a black cut our bra with her long red nipples showing clearly, a black eight strap garter girdle and her dark stockings and in one inch heels. Now drink my piss you fucking pig." Then he turned to Barbara and told her to stick his cock back in her mouth so she could suck the remainder of piss from his head and foreskin. I knew she wanted Monsignor Leo to sleep with her tonight because I think she was pretty sure that Bishop Eric was going to want spend the night fucking and sucking Barbara.


fetish songwriter503 2018-09-06

It was all a bit distracting, trying hard to pay attention to the road and all, but after Kim had a minute to calm down I said, "more." She knew what that meant, and immediately started touching her clit some more. Soon she was moving faster, and then faster still, pushing herself quickly towards the edge, and then, with a sudden jerk of her body, she stopped, still, tense, holding her breath. She had come twice and was less wired up now, and she was able to let me fuck her pretty hard for several minutes before she was panting again, and told me to stop.

Breeding Lynn Ch. 03

fetish jimmy22990 2018-09-06

I held my hands apart to indicate its size and said, It was this long until I reach puberty. Lynn must have been feeling particularly horny because she brazenly continued to quiz me about my sex life. Turned out she was the naughty one, if you get my drift, I replied and Lynn laughed in her cute little embarrassed way. All the while I was vigorously fingering Lynn's pussy and it was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Lynn again screamed in pain and then pleasure. Lynn laid there with her eyes shut and she was panting softly. Divorce your husband and live right here with me and I'll show you what sex is all about. Lynn kissed me long and hard.

Twenty Dollar Spanking Ch. 2

fetish SpankerSam 2018-09-06

And being so young, she wouldn't know what a man like you is capable of." I looked at Florence and sipped my drink. I let her enjoy the pleasure that spanking gave me." Florence looked like she could have crawled into a hole. "Florence, Carol told me that each time you spank her for doing something bad, you lock yourself in your room. I'm not pretty like Carol and my body would turn you off." I knew that Florence, as much as she wanted the spanking, also was afraid to get it. Then I will take down those panties and you will receive a real spanking on your bare bottom." Florence was shaking so hard; the drink was almost splashing out of the glass. When my hand touched her ass, Florence let out a loud moan.

Golden Rules

fetish peemypanties 2018-09-06

Before me stood a girl who was straightening out her school uniform, pressing her plaid skirt down. "Miss White, I presume?" she took her seat behind the giant desk at the far end of the room. The skirt itself looked like it was going to fall an inch below my butt! With my blazer buttoned up I looked like a real school girl. "I know it can be slightly daunting to be a brand new student in a school like this, so I am extending an invitation to sit at my - our table." I was confused. I looked around and my eyes landed at a girl sitting a few desks away hear the front of the class.

Roughing It

fetish Mmmmmmine 2018-09-06

Within minutes, He was leaning over me, growling in my ear, telling me to cum with Him. I felt the beginning of His orgasm, felt Him growing and throbbing inside of me and as He sank His teeth into the side of my neck, I came; that white-hot energy inside of me exploding in a blinding light, the panties in my mouth muffling the screams that tore from my throat over and over and over again until I was limp, lying on the kitchen floor, reveling in the feel of His body on top of mine, the feel of His weight pressing down on me.

Wedding Dress

fetish bikiniplayer 2018-09-06

As I watched him sitting on my couch and looking nervous, I asked him; "So when was the last time you had sex with someone other than your wife?" He said "thank you for tonight, I had a great time!" I looked up at him and he was dressed with his dick back in his pants. I just looked at him and said, "Maybe, call me and find out." He turned and walked away disappointed to not have an answer. "The house has a bar, big living room with a flat screen, a pool, hot-tub, and just about anything else you could want." "I am only doing this to say thanks for last weekend, and maybe you can use the house as a get-away!?"

Massage school

fetish cumjunky26187 2018-09-06

I continue to do that as it’s an easy job, good money and I can pretty much work when I want. Following the first semester students begin their clinical rotations, they cover a variety of hands on training. During a massage when a client leaves their briefs on, we will tuck the sheet in the waist band when we begin working the back. She again slid the sheet half way over leaving my genitals covered and began working my thigh. As she worked my mid-thigh, I finally had enough of the sheet pulled over that it fell off of me leaving me completely exposed. With that she cupped my balls with one hand and began slowly massaging them.

Caroline's Total

fetish oggbashan 2018-09-06

Caroline wanted me to be there while she tried the 'Partner' set as a male in case something went wrong with the mechanisms. She had plugged the Goddess into a time switch and that would start the process of giving birth at eight o'clock when Caroline would be in front of a large crowd operating her flying witches for the town's Halloween celebration. I was having difficulty because the Goddess's black satin panties and the body stocking's poppered crotch covered the end of the tube. Once the timer started the Goddess's mechanisms into action the contractions to give birth to me would crush me inside her plastic womb as her uterus couldn't open.