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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pregnant Fetish Fulfilled Ch. 01

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-09-06

I don't think I'd ever seen such thick nipples before and I wanted to suck on them, but instead I put some more baby oil on my hands and massaged each breast in turn. While I was massaging her, Christine lay with her eyes closed, an occasional quiet sigh escaping her lips. Instead, I sucked and licked her clit and several times she seemed to be close to orgasm, but each time her excitement plateaued before starting to build again. I finished Christine off by hand, sucking on one of her nipples while massaging her clit. With some difficulty, Christine sat up on the bed and said in a slightly weary tone, "I've got to pee again!

Me, My Husband's Boss and His Wife

fetish coolguy2020 2018-09-06

Come Nandini, sit on my lap, feel the hot bulge in my pants on your lovely ass." I hesitated a moment but when I saw the pathetic expression on my husband's face, sat on his boss's lap. Look at your husband, bitch" Mahesh came forward and mouthed his boss's cock like a whore. I spoke loudly "Yesss fucker....drill my ass....I love your fat cock up my ass....fuck me lover....your wife is tasting my husband's small dick in her feed my ass with your meat....aaahhh touch my clit, lover, cup my boobs, pinch my nipples, ohhhhhhhh fuck me I am cuming, feel my cunt juices...ohhhhhh lover fuck mee!" Ramesh pumped his cock in and out of my as.

Ich bin dein Spielzeug

fetish Amateur-Porn-Casting 2018-09-06

Ich beginne ihren Kopf mit sanften Druck immer wieder zu mir zu ziehen, so dass sie meinen Schwanz schön tief in den Mund nimmt. Sie macht mich so richtig geil, und nach einigen Minuten nehme ich ihren Kopf wieder zwischen meine Hände um sie zu einem etwas ruhigeren Blowjob zu veranlassen: “Wenn du so weitermachst, komme ich gleich schon zum Höhepunkt”. Da es in der Dusche etwas rutschig ist gehen wir aus der Dusche und ich stelle sie vor die Wand, ihren geilen Hintern wieder zu mir gerichtet. Ihre Hände streckt sie zur Seite, ihre Beine macht sie etwas breit und ich stecke ihr meinen Schwanz wieder schon tief rein.

79% ihre

The Interview

fetish psavoiii1 2018-09-06

As the bus pulled up to the corporate office, I noticed a busty woman in nude pantyhose walk past me. I couldn’t help but think about having her stocking feet stroke my dick until I came all over her chest. I wasn’t sure of what this interview will be like, but I was sure that this was going to be another failed interview only because I started to think with my dick. My heart started to beat much harder and my dick got hard. “I notice the way you look at my legs,” she said. She got up and leaned back on the desk putting her soft nylon feet all over my dick.

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 03

fetish Tdisk 2018-09-06

Paul got closer to look at the gauge and Marie's nipple and then said, "It's okay as long as there's no significant pain." Marie looked at Nancy and said, "I could use some more lube on my right one. Nancy smiled and was to quick disconnect the pump, squeeze some lube onto Marie and play roughly with her right nipple. Marie said, "This has been wonderful but I'm ready to stop so I can feel those big nipples in my mouth." Nancy replied, "I'll release your suction in a minute and you release mine at the same time but before we do, I have a suggestion. Nancy looked at Paul and said, "Enough?" I'm sure you want her to have enough strength left to squeeze her tits around your cock.

Remember when we used AOL to hook up ...

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-09-06

Nevertheless, I so preferred a girl to have a hairy pussy (I had had enough shaved pussies in '98 to know) that I made a play for Bethany and asked if we could meet in person that night. In between bobs, she took my cock out of her mouth but gave me nice long strokes with her hand and offered, "Do you want to be inside me or are you too close?" I answered truthfully, "Bethany, I'm so close that if you pump my cock five more times with your hand like you're doing I'll be cumming." She giggled again but continued with those nice, long hand strokes.

My Afternoon Tryst Ch. 1

fetish Spawn 2018-09-06

Just before I place a light kiss on the nape of your neck, I slide my hands across your waist, over your body, feeling your firmness and softness beneath the smooth material. I move my hands to your shoulders and slide the robe off you, it falls to the floor whilst you still stand before the closed front door, I stroke my hands up and down your back, feeling you tremble. My tongue probes at the tight hole, licking pushing as my hands keep your cheeks as wide as possible. I’m sucking on your pussy, licking and tongue fucking your ass. Hot juice oozed out of you and I furiously licked it up, kissing and sucking at you.

My Hirsute Fantasies Ch. 1-2

fetish ThomX 2018-09-06

I saw several of Bobbi's pussy hairs sticking out the bottom of her bikini in clear view. I fell down to my knees in front of her and began licking her woolly legs above her ankles taking turns with each, my tongue slathering the hair on her legs as I slowly moved it up her calves past her knees to her upper thighs until my tongue was resting on her bush. I licked that pit for the same amount of time before she turned her back to me so I could bend down and lick her asshole that was, like the rest of her body, also immersed in hair.


fetish Ilbfita 2018-09-06

I felt her soft warm hands around my neck, then further down as she squeezed me slowly, methodically, - checking for damage. I could feel her warm, nimble hands removing my clothes and the swell of her breasts pressing against my back, but could not see her, as my head was too heavy to lift. I remember the sound of running water and the smell of bath soap and strong yet gentle hands guiding my shivering body across the bathroom floor. Instead I part my lips and lift my heavy head ever so slightly, just enough to be able to suck the big brown bullet into my mouth. I lifted my hand and cupped a breast, guiding the nipple into my mouth where I licked and sucked and bathed it with my tongue.

My Gloryhole Experiences

fetish onestory 2018-09-06

Im sucking his dick so good and fast as hes fucking my mouth i can hear his balls smacking against the wall. I clean up his dick so good for him and work on his head some more as he pulls his cock out. He moans so loud and his cock begins twitching in my hand and his head explodes in my mouth filling my mouth shooting his huge warm load deep into my throat. I open up my throat and bob on his cock so fast ans slide my tongue down his shaft with his cock in the back of my throat licking his balls as hes blowing his load down my throat so good i keep aucking and workinhg on his head making him shake.

Fun in the Snow

fetish crazyhats 2018-09-06

In my hands are a can of whip cream, a glass jar of maraschino cherries, and a bottle of chocolate sauce. When I turn and face you to squirt the whip cream onto your huge pole, both of your hands go to my breasts and start rubbing your rough palms all over my hard nipples. You groan and release my breasts as you watch with fascination, as I lick the sweet sauce off my finger, taking the whole thing in my mouth in one suck. “It seems to be missing something,” I muse quietly to myself, as I stare intently at your bursting cock covered in whip cream and chocolate sauce.

A Story for Jen

fetish twistD 2018-09-06

My eyes move up the shapely calves, encased in stockings, I followed the legs up to where they disappeared inside of a mid thigh length skirt. While picking up the stockings you turn and notice the look of lust on my face, and the reaction in my pants. Then you run your hands over my chest, before turning around and rubbing your sexy butt in against my panty covered cock. You turn around, looking at the wet spot appearing in my panties at the tip of my hard cock. While I am sliding the sexy stockings up my smooth legs, my cock is getting hard again.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 10

fetish Alfamann 2018-09-06

Angie knew Minnie's request probably had nothing to do with a desire to see a wet diaper, but was purely a way of demonstrating the total dominance she was able to exercise over her. She was mortified that a number of the guests actually wanted to touch her wet diaper, and Minnie made sure she opened her legs so they could get a good feel of her sodden crotch. Angie was not surprised she was being asked to display herself in such a lurid manner, but it still took all her courage and she had to fight back the tears as she walked to the centre of the room, slid her legs wide open and bent over at the waist.

Marion's reTurn Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2018-09-06

I felt the tug of my ebony earrings as I looked down and saw my light cinnamon colored toenails in my five inch, open toed, strappy black pumps. Lamont pulled away from my eager tongue, scooped me up in his arms, wringing a gasp from me, and lay me gently on Marion's large bed. Lamont left my nipples burning as he kissed his way down my chest, my stomach, my waist, and finally mouthed my cock through my tanga. When I felt the head almost slip out, I paused, looked into Lamont's eyes and let go and let gravity slam me down his cock. Marion held his cock up, looked me in the eye and waggled it, and said, "Get Lamont ready for me, baby.

Sandra's Sandals

fetish mrstanley 2018-09-06

The outfit Sandra wears is completed by her sexy white thong sandals that adorn her pretty feet. "In my financial company female associates are allowed to wear dress sandals with hose."I reply while taking in her marvelous perfectly formed toes and feet. "Let's get naked Jim. I want I suck your cock while you suck my toes." Sandra instructs. Look at my toes as I suck you." She says while moving my briefs down and off my feet. Sandra is squatting on the balls of her sandaled feet as she swallows me into her throat. Suck my toes as you fuck my pussy." Sandra grunts as she moves her sandaled feet up to my mouth.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 10

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-09-06

What Bobby noticed while he watched the routines and goings on at the Ashby house was a pervasive sense of fatigue on the part of her parents and a lackadaisical attitude with the nurse and therapist. After a week of acute observation, questioning caregivers and assisting them, almost to the point of being intrusive, Bobby asked her parents if he could assume primary care responsibilities, using the nurse and therapist as oversight only. Bobby lifted weights and during his rests between each set, he ran through various stretches, mobilizing maneuvers and replicated typical movement patterns by passively moving her arms, legs, head and torso again and again in what the PT had termed diagonal patterns.

Brooke comes to visit, continued...

fetish ahsleymills 2018-09-06

I so wanted to put my mouth to her tits and lick her nipples and just when I was about to, Brooke pushed me off saying, “You need to stop.” I asked her why and she replied, “Because you are driving me crazy!” There was no doubt I was driving her crazy. Brooke placed her hand on my shoulder and spread her legs a bit as I continued to feel her panties and let my fingers push in against her pussy. Brooke brought her other hand back and stroked my dick while her fingers were exploring my hot, tight ass. I continued to rub her pussy and my other hand reached up under her shirt and felt her bra and tits again.

Aunties Panties..........

fetish lokokolo 2018-09-06

"Now Jeannette, could any of the little sluts from Junior High make you come like that?" Lauren sat down on the love seat once more as I sat there, still in stunned disbelief with my spent cock hanging out of my white satin panties. The other three girls stood around the love seat as Auntie got up on all fours and I entered her "doggie style." Jacqui, Lauren and Clio watched intently and I knew we would have to put on a good show for them. And I'll bet the two of you are still hard as a rock in your little panties, aren't you?" Aunt Carmen unfastened two buttons on her dress and it dropped to the floor, exposing her glimmering peach satin bustier with matching panties, gartered to sheer white stockings and towering peach spiked heels.

The Harem Slave Ch. 14

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-09-06

At the ground floor, the Master led Sophie out of the elevator and through a door immediately to their right. His cock was less than rock hard, but as he watched Chloe begin to play with her heavy, milk-filled jugs, it began to stiffen. Sophie watched in fascination as the Master slammed into the girl again and again, her distended belly rubbing against his stomach and chest. When her orgasm subsided, the Master pulled his still-hard dick out of her and stood, straddling her swollen body. Tucking his dick back in his pants, he turned and led Sophie out of the barn without so much as a glance back at the pregnant woman.

Panties, Bras, and High Heel Shoes

fetish SusanJillParker 2018-09-06

A straight man has an abnormal attachment, a bizarre affection, an erotic affinity, and a real sexual fetish for women's panties, bras, and high heel shoes. For some inexplicable reason, especially with you reading the fetish category and, specifically with you reading a story entitled, Panties, Bras, and High Heel Shoes, I figure that you'd understand why I must do what I do behind closed doors. I promise never to divulge the sexy secret and/or the fetish of the writer of the story, Panties, Bras, and High Heel Shoes." Then, shortly after my mother and sister dressed me as a sexy, lingerie clad stripper, I used to sneak in my mother's and sister's rooms when they weren't home to feel their panties and bras while masturbating and while walking around in a pair of their high heel shoes.

Our Camping Becomes Golden - Prequel

fetish JeanneP 2018-09-06

Now that I had discovered how much I liked the feeling of pee running down my legs and had discovered that it was a turn on, I peed every time I was in the shower. (And for those who wanted to pee on themselves!) I started getting horny as I headed to the shower and before long I was rubbing myself in the shower as I peed. When my husband wanted to try things like a threesome with another woman, or anal sex, or when he shyly wondered what I would think of more aggressive (meaning rougher) sex I went for it even if I wasn't sure about it.

Fruit Ch. 01

fetish spookie_one 2018-09-06

Your tongue moist and warm, begin licking the syrupy sweetness off of my smooth skin. Making me writhe with pleasure feeling the touch of your fingers and the impending wetness of your tongue, a soft whispered breath escapes my lips. Your fingers flip back the top and toss the bottle aside, as your tongue begins to madly lap up the sweet honey mixture. Your face, buried deep within my legs, tongue darting in and out, lips eagerly sucking on mind begins to explode as each sensation pulls me toward climax. With lustful delight, you suck all of my juices and honey, letting my clit experience the last warm caresses of your tongue.

In the Dark

fetish Greenwill 2018-09-06

“your mouth was not made for talking girl” You feel rough hands forcing you to your kneels and the slow deliberate sound of a zipper. “Your know what to do little girl” and with that your hair is grabbed and pulled your mouth f***ed down onto my engorged cock. You feel the sensation almost like you’re going to pee and then it just happens you begin to gush, to squirt, it shocks you but you have no time to react and you moan and wail through the gag. Then I grab your hairpin you over and with little warning I cum over your open mouth the gag still in place.

A Gina Jones Fantasy

fetish 2018-09-06

"Haven't you learned yet that the most sperm doesn't always cum from the biggest cock?" I heard Gina stop sucking for a minute as she whispered to her husband "I know baby, I am such a slut for big cock, but what I need today is lots of cum in my belly." The sound of gina slurping cock resumed and the lucky first cock in line grew louder, moaning, and it was clear Gina was about to get her first load of the day. Gina started to shutter, and, while continuing to finger fuck the Sperm Princess I decided to watch her swallow her husbands load.