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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My grandmothers s****rs sneakers and boots

fetish 2018-09-05

I looked down at her feet and her Freestyle was totaly soaked in water, I could hear the water around her toes and under her foot when she walked. I couldn´t beleve my ears when she said that, I was so horny and couldn´t look at annything else than her sexy, wet Freestyles! I pulled my pants down and quickly putted my cock down into her right shoe. I went into the kitchen and she gave me a beer, we sat there and just talked. I went out in the hall and on the way I saw a really hot pair of boots with the brans "TP", Ten Point. My cock immediately started to grow again by the feeling of having her hot shoes on me.

Foot Cuckold for Isha

fetish cuck_for_isha 2018-09-05

mai isha teri maalkin hun aur tu mera paaltu kutta hai... apni maalkin isha ke pairon ko tere chote se lund ko hilate hue dekhkar? fir rahul tu apna lund hilate hue apni maalkin isha ke joote chaat chaat ke chaat chaat ke saaf karta rahega aur atul mujhe paglo ki tarah apni randi banake chodta rahega... atul ko mujhe chodte hue dekhkar tera lund aur zyaada hard ho jaayega na!! She continued tormenting me by saying..."Rahul tera dil zor zor se dhadkega jab mai apne pairon par gira atul ka mutth tere hotthon aur jeeb ke saamne laaungi ... aur tu roz mere pairon mai lage atul ke mutth ko dho dho kar peeyega..."

Teaching the Taboo

fetish blu3rthanu 2018-09-05

I held it up and realized it was the pair she wore today; so I took it with me in my room and instead of watching porn, I went to the page on reddit where you can listen to girls moaning while they play with their pussies. “It’s alright just make sure to let me know first if you’re planning to look at it again.” I told her in a way that made me sound like I just caught a k** doing something she’s not supposed to. I can see you.” I took a good look at her, putting her panties down, I held on to my cock. Just hold it like you’re holding on a banana.” She adjusted her grip and started to stroke my cock.

A Piggy's day Off

fetish Piggie 2018-09-05

I think I'll place them in the bottom of my pig sty and give them a good squish with my ass." Sarah picked up the three chocolate cakes and laid them in the bottom of the tub. Down into the chocolate mixture it went and you could tell by the look on Sarah's face that it found it's new home inside her pussy. I thought you'd want to see what I've been doing all day." As Sarah stepped out of the tub, her potato covered ass wiggled and her tits bounced as she headed to the other bathroom to get cleaned up. He started up the video to see his wife dressed as a pig sitting in a pool covering herself with thick pancake batter followed with syrup and then shoving a giant eclair in her mouth .

Hugo's Humiliation

fetish Porky_Pig 2018-09-05

"Eeeeeee ..." Shriked Hugo again and started pushing against her slippery fingers wanting nothing more than to feel his penis erupt into her hand. Jenny, immediately released her two-finger grip on his baby penis and saw him comically thrust his massive body in the air. Yes, he had been intimidated by the nineteen-year-old Greek god, and yes, he had fantasized about Alfi and Jenny secretly, but hearing her verbally strip him naked and flaunt each of his fears in his face had set his mind on fire with anger, his heart aflame with jealousy, and his penis incarnated with desire. "Lardo, look at you, getting so hard by me finger-fucking your ass-hole." She said mockingly.

Sally's Rubber Bitch Ch. 03

fetish MrTrusty 2018-09-05

So when Racheal leaned in to give her friend a confidential bit of information and inadvertently came a little too close, Sally got shivers all along her body from the breath of warm moist air that flowed across, and into, her ear. Sally loved her tits being played with, almost as much as she liked having her pussy fucked, so when she felt what seemed like tongues start to lick her nipples, and with the constant squeezing of her tits and the suction also on her nipples, Sally was having a hard time concentrating on anything, let alone Steve's speech. The mauling and sucking and licking were all gone, leaving behind a faint pleasant throb on Sally's tits, allowing her to finally relax and concentrate on Steve's speech.

His Problem Solved Ch. 01

fetish jollyrancher 2018-09-05

Pam had a shocked look on her face and I probably did as well when Dr. Williams said that there would be times when one or both of us would need to be naked in her presence and that while she would not actually have sex with either of us, she would have to have physical contact as she demonstrated various techniques. Although I couldn't see it, I knew that my cock was no longer completely flaccid and just as the doctor reached my pubic hair Pam took my hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze of re-assurance.

But You Enjoy the Suffering

fetish Sean_rw 2018-09-05

After I get another beer into you and you're starting to get visibly a bit drunk I tell you that you're going to need to go and sign up for the contest. You're lifting your shirt, teasing, giving the guys a flash and then a good look at your pretty little tits. And then wringing water out of your soaking shirt so that it runs down your bare thighs to cover, you release another delicious bold long, delicious squirt as you dance, a gusher, warm, like a little orgasm, slutty little t-shirt queen up there peeing a little puddle onstage and no one knows.

Chris's Panty Fashion Show

fetish Trialbasis 2018-09-05

She then stood by my side and ran her hand over my panty covered cock while she looked at Alice and Carol. "If you want him to model your panties, you'll have to dress him so they're just right." She held out her hand and Alice took it and stood beside Emily. I could tell that this was going exactly as Emily had wanted and she stepped back to watch her two friends play with the cock of a guy they had met only an hour ago. Emily took over and started thing moving again by standing behind me and unbuttoning my shirt so the others had an unobstructed view of my pantied cock.


fetish flyboy218 2018-09-05

You feel his manly body pressed against you as his penis is plunging deep inside you. He loves feeling how tight your vagina is and this is because even though you have had children before you have never delivered naturally. You're vagina is so tight that you squeeze your Kegel muscle and lock his penis inside you. He knows that you're not on birth control and you tell him if he cums and puts his seed inside you that you will definitely get pregnant! Knowing that he can't escape your massaging vagina as you lock him in even harder and tell him in an airy voice to cum inside you!

Clean Up

fetish Markj363 2018-09-05

One night we were up late looking at porn pictures we had downloaded and got turned on to the point I convinced her to have sex in the dinning room on the floor. Out of the blue, knowing she had not cum yet, I guided her hips up off my cock and slid down under her and proceeded to lick her pussy to orgasm. The clip cuts off as he is licking her but after Sara saw it she rode me and slid up and I cleaned our combined cum out of her and got another erection in the process .

Submitting to the Sultan Ch. 01

fetish LukaWolff 2018-09-05

From the corner of his eye, Tamas saw the Sultan offer a sleeve-covered arm to help his mother up from her kneeling position. Somehow managing to keep still, Tamas nevertheless burned with anger at the comment about his sister's ability to drink piss straight from the cock of a stranger - Sultan or no. Tamas tried not to look as his mother submissively opened her mouth and the Sultan placed his cock between her lips. Tamas's eyes were wide as the Sultan removed his cock from his mother's mouth one-handed and then shook himself, leaving the last few drops of his hot piss on his mother's tongue. Tamas remained kneeling, belly full of hot piss, ears burning and cock straining hard against his trousers, as the Sultan and his entourage departed.

The Contest

fetish Little Johnnie 2018-09-05

Rose flashed a predatory smile and picked up the digital camera, "Well, that's good, now we can have a true comparison photo, our three men next to the little boy with his baby pee-pee all stiff." I couldn't believe how this humiliation was turning me on, I was now as stiff as a board, but looking down, it was obvious that I was much smaller than anyone else. "OK, my baby, time to see how tiny you really are." She said, and then she started lowering the toilet roll over my erect penis as Rose snapped pictures. I think you are going to look like a little baby boy without any hair." And with that Laurie opened the bedroom door and pulled me into the living room.

My Clothes Collecting

fetish wildcd4u 2018-09-05

Not knowing that the long calls I would have with these women would attract attension when the bill arrived that one night as I played around all dressed up in some real sexy lingerie with stockings, garter belt, corset, spiked high heels and stuff with a bed covered with other clothes, heels, sex toys and porno mags smoking a joint and drinking that I was soon confronted by this tall black security guard who quickly had me face down on the bed with my hands handcuffed behind my back. I was in a daze and scared to death as he began to talk about all of the things he was seeing right in front of him when he saw a few pictures of me all dressed up in lingerie and sucking cock even being ass fucked.

Brooke Is Passed Out Drunk

fetish thefootprint 2018-09-05

I was looking for the bathroom when I heard one of Brooke's girlfriends ask another girl to make sure Brooke didn't drive and got home safe. I looked thru some bushes and saw Brooke sitting on a swing talking to a girlfriend of hers. I sucked her heel harder then I dragged my tongue very slowly up the length of her moist sole to the balls of her foot. Quickly I took one hand and held her soft feet up by her toes. I smelled her socks as I found my way home thinking of sweet little Brooke sitting there, her feet starting sweat again in those boots and her feet soaked in my cum.

Lindsay's Teen Feet

fetish thefootprint 2018-09-05

I told Lindsay that one of the photographers I knew took hand and foot pictures that were used in nail salons, shoe commercials, and so on. Lindsay placed both socked feet on the ground ankles together kinda on her tip toes with her heels an inch or so off the floor. However, as I stood there looking down at Lindsay's delicate feet, I couldn't help but think how much I love feet of women younger than me. I especially loved the small segments of white skin that curved in and joined her pink toe pads to the soft looking balls of her feet. She leaned over and pulled her little socks from inside of her tennis shoes and gently tried to pull her feet from my hands.

A Helping Hand

fetish LockedSissySubmissive 2018-09-05

"It's a shame, but I really don't know where I could find a hung guy interested in fucking you, but..." She hesitated, "I do have the next best thing," as she said this she reached under the bed and produced a large penis shaped butt plug. She had reached under me now and pulled my panties down a little, slowly she slipped one lubricated finger inside me and began to fuck me. "Oh my fucking god, the thought of a juicy cock inside you has certainly got you going," she said laughing. My wife rarely allows me to cum fully and ruins roughly nine out of every ten orgasms she allows me so I was mentally preparing for the hand to release me as I reached tipping point.

Impregnating Alice Ch. 09

fetish eatoure 2018-09-05

Alice was all smiles -- she felt a telltale glow -- and was dressed for the occasion in a little blue dress, which more demure than anything she usually wore, not that she had been wearing much of anything for three months. For several weeks, Alice felt herself getting more and more horny but in a different way, warm and mellow. Within a couple of months, Roelf didn't come by much anymore because Mr. Numbnuts was going crazy with orders and new directives, figuring that he didn't have much time left. The few times at the end she let herself get penetrated, she always wanted on top and she bent over to let her lovers suckle her tits while they fucked her.


fetish alibodge 2018-09-05

She groaned kissed me again the pushed me away as she turned and licked my foreskin, savouring the taste of my precum like it was a fine wine, then beginning her ministrations to my balls and shaft as if they were expensive porcelain, gentle nibbles and kisses, caresses, alternating with deep throated whole hearted whore in the street gobbling, she was an expert in the field, a mistress of the craft, she knew when and she knew how, I came close then she would return to my lips, again at the precise perfect moment she would return to my genitals, hand lips tongue, hard one moment and gentle as a butterfly the next, I near lost my mind, seed sprayed like a fountain, cum splattered across my belly she removed it with that wonderful tongue making a meal of swallowing it, then relentlessly she returned to my poor spent tool and with her amazing touch soon had me hard again at an unheard of speed, the process was repeated, not once but twice more and not since I was a youngster had I ever been drained so fully and so effectively, I slept the sl**p of the dead, her head on my shoulder, the black leather collar stark against her skin, that copper blond sweet smelling hair soft against my neck, her soft body against mine and a fine breast in my hand.

Supersize Me Ch. 02

fetish twoup 2018-09-05

She had this look on her face in that photo which just screamed out "how do you like that one Cathy, suffer!" I was feeling many emotions, I was angry that Jo was winning, I was delirious with lust looking at my best friend with her two hands wrapped around a huge cock and I was determined that she wouldn't get the better of me in this competition. I only come in at around 9.5inches but I can tell you that the guy in the photo may have a bigger cock but he sure doesn't have a set of these on him," said Tim proudly as he dropped his swimmers completely to reveal the biggest set of balls I had ever seen.

My BBW Encounter Ch. 02

fetish rpfs 2018-09-05

I leaned forward and felt our stomachs touch, followed by my cock pressing against her soaked pussy. I looked around the kitchen/living room I stood in and searched for what a normal person would say at a time like this. Relieved that I wasn't going to stay soft the entire time, hopeful that I would be able to please her, I nodded eagerly at her suggestion. It almost felt loose around my cock, not at all like the nearly-virginal pussy I had last fucked. It was incredibly sexy in its own way and felt absolutely amazing, soft and nearly sucking me in. She leaned forward and shoved her tongue in my mouth, the taste of my cock still present, arousing me further.

My Unusual Experience...

fetish rosay 2018-09-05

The female interpreter helps her clean up with a towel and she gets dressed, looking not too impressed, and strange that I found this exciting but after masturbating to it three times in a row and then giving it some serious thought, I decided I wanted to try something similar. He seemed a little nervous at first, especially when Kristen had already got the video camera out and started filming. I stayed as still as possible, like the girl in the video did, making sure Kristen got every last sexy detail of it on camera for me later. Kristen and I spent the night making out, drinking wine and getting really wound up watching that video over and over.

The College Fantasy Part 2 (Futanari)

fetish fictiong 2018-09-05

"I want to drain your balls sweetie and make you feel better than you have in awhile" she said this as she released the cocks just in time to bring me down from an edge and then she slid back just enough that her big soft tits wrapped around my cock. I was unbelievably horny and I felt a tingling sensation all over my cock where she had soaked it. She continued to giggle and I just focused on how wonderful her tits felt. I opened my eyes after having finished and she had already brought her cum soaked tits to my face. She stood before me as I lay in the bed and stroking her massive cock she told me "open up my little cum slut."

A Good Relationship Ch. 4

fetish Ian H. 2018-09-05

Howard continued giving me a good fucking, then he let go of my ankles, my feet fell back down onto the floor and pulled his cock out and shot every last drop of cum into a long champagne glass, the man with his cock in my mouth pulled out and moved to my feet and like Howard hoisted my legs high and wide ramming his cock up my wide open hole, he was soon thrusting deep inside me as another cock found my mouth.