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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Donna's Dinner Party

fetish fm6954 2018-09-05

"I'm having a little dinner party for five of my lady friends, and I wondered if you would be willing to help me out and be the "waiter" for us that evening. I felt my cock start to get hard as I thought about being on display for six attractive women. Well if I wasn't embarrassed enough already, I now proceeded to move between the kitchen and dining room, as Maria laughed out loud, and served each plate in front of each dinner guest with my own cum all over my chest and stomach. My face was flushed, hot and red, as the women clinked glasses and laughed, looking at me and smiling, winking, giggling. When I returned to the dining room, I noticed Donna had placed the bottle of lube on the table.

Daddy's Intro

fetish 2018-09-05

i would love to take your big balls in my mouth ass you tit fuck me. My cock is so hard and wet my balls tight and full of sperm just wanting to shoot out and down your throat god it feels so good to have you wet cock rubbing against my face. i want daddys big fucking cock to split my pussy in two. "Tell Daddy that his little whore needs him to fuck her tight little pussy"! Your Daddy's little fuck slut and I will fuck your young pussy raw!" You reach back to push try to get me to go gentler, but I just grab your arms and pin them behind your back. Daddy loved fucking his little slut

Three Men and a Box

fetish thisgirlistrouble 2018-09-05

As Callie felt the dick ram deep into her ass she came so suddenly that she squeezed the dick in her hand hard and moaned loudly against the cock in her mouth. Callie hadn't yet adjusted to the cock plunging hard into her ass when the cum filled her mouth but she swallowed as much as she could and thanked the man who gave it to her. In his fuzzy sleepy state, Keith began to slowly fuck Callie, allowing her to ride his dick slowly, grinding her hot, wet pussy onto him in small circles, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone.

William's Watery Encounter

fetish GreenMountain 2018-09-05

With no chance of sleep, William found himself seeking relief from the muggy night air. William was so lost in thought that he didn't even see the figure climb into the hot tub nearby. She took a deep breath and slipped beneath the surface of the tub. William watched as she swam up to him beneath the surface. When he kissed her second time she let the pressure of his kiss press her beneath the surface. Her small curvaceous breasts bobbed in the water and her rock hard pink nipples were irresistible to William. William found her breathing hard and treading water. She reached down with one hard and slipped William's cock inside her slippery pussy.


fetish erotiquill 2018-09-05

Louise wanted my sperm inside her first believing it would heighten the arousal of the black men and give them added reason to treat her as a horny slut wife who should be used in any way they wanted. Cal spoke again, "First we need to inspect this bitch to see if she's good enough for black dick." He spread her ass cheeks with both hands, "Let's see here, she has a mighty fine ass for a white whore and those cunt lips sure are big. "I will, slut, I will, but don't be impatient, you'll get plenty of black dick." He removed his fingers and smacked her ass several times as he told her, "This is my pussy from now on, do you hear me?

Bennie the Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish AfricanWriter 2018-09-05

I nodded with a lot of confidence, Sharon resumed "Bennie, I will never stop screwing Stan, even if you do loose the weight" he is a much better lover and knows how to make me cum multiple times. I pleaded with her to stop "ok, ok Sharon, I will do it, you get to fuck Stan anytime you want" she chipped in "and?" She asked "And you sleep with him in our marital bed as your lover." He took her and kissed her deeply. That thing had veins, "see Bennie, now you are talking, I want you to apologize to Stan, ask him to fuck me good because you clearly can't" I did as I was told with my head bowed down in shame.

She Me and My Gun Ch. 01

fetish wolftras 2018-09-05

As she finger fucked my gun (I still find it amazing) she slowly increased pressure between her thumb and fore finger around my cock and jerked my cock skin all the way back. Extracting her hand from the revolver she gently cupped my taut ass and drew me closer to her mouth. Still kneeling and still with my cock grasped in her hand (skin pulled back tight) she took her free hand away from my ass and slowly inserted her first finger into her mouth. She pulled her finger, now slick with saliva, out of her mouth and looked up at me. Keeping eye contact (she was quite fond of that), she curved her wet finger around my body.

A Country Posting Ch. 02

fetish exaltau 2018-09-05

The next thing I was aware of was my vagina lips being manipulated, John must have awoken and finding himself with a latex covered woman had begun to indulged himself.Pushing his hand away I felt for his penis and removed the heavy duty sheath and replaced it with a standard one then helped him to enter me, we lay face to face and I brushed his nipples with my hand, he took the hint and did the same for me, his penis was firm and well into me before he began to move in and out.

A Little Light Bondage

fetish tonidelasalle 2018-09-05

You moan at the heat of it through lace panties and I can feel the wetness from your dewing slit on my head. I crawl atop you, letting my erection dangle dangerously close to your opening as I tie both of your hands, then I shift down and tie both of your feet, leaving you spread-eagle on the bed and thoroughly aroused. I keep my tongue in your mouth, letting you feel the length of my erection against your hip, which you press against. I stop kissing you as Mel approaches the bed, but I keep my face close to yours, so you know where I am. I push my hips forward and can feel Melissa's wet cunt humping against my abdomen.

The Rallye

fetish George178 2018-09-05

--Oh, by the way, it took two to compete: the driver to drive and the navigator to read the instructions and to play with the stop watch to gauge the elapsed time. One last toot from him and a giggle from her and she said, "Turn right!" I pulled up the exit ramp as she pulled her pretty yellow dress down over her head again. I thought how charming she looked with her skirt gathered and held up out of the way, holding onto the car door with the other hand and hunching her little ass back and up, ready for me to 'do' her. I looked both ways when we got back to the road, then turned left, heading back the way we'd come.

Revelry in Arm(pit)s

fetish revol 2018-09-05

John's hands found the wet sides of Kathy's halter top, then slid upwards, over slippery skin, into the sweat-soaked lumps of hair under Kathy's raised arms. As soon as John left, Brenda renewed the armpit lick, the flat of her tongue passed over the soft, creased centre of Kathy's armpit, licking the sweat, breathing on her bare skin. Kathy and Brenda embraced again, this time very very tight, with their mouth in each other's armpits, exchanging underarm French kissing of sorts, Brenda's mouth working through the sweat-soaked comb of hair that defined the gully of Kathy's underarm, while her tongue pushed through the hair, tasting the salty-heady skin beneath. Brenda licked, bit hard, sucked, and kissed Kathy's left armpit, while her fingers twisted and caressed and stroked in her right armpit.

Barefoot Island

fetish FootjobLover 2018-09-05

She watched with glee as his hot Spanish tongue glided back and forth, traversing the sweet wrinkles of her smooth sole down to her bare heel, then up to the tip of her perfect pinky toe which he greedily devoured as deeply into his mouth as he could take it, making her sigh and moan with sheer delight. It felt so incredibly intimate and erotic; the sensation of having her sensitive toes stretched wide and squeezed tightly by this male stranger's bare foot was driving her crazy right there in her gradually dampening aisle seat. She'd smiled as she left the airport, remembering how he'd squeezed her toes between his, then described in detail what he'd like to do to her and her beautiful bare feet during her holiday as they were exiting the plane.

Aunt Natalie and Her Daughters

fetish Fred1177 2018-09-05

That's when Sarah said, "Let's see what he's got." She took the scissors and cut off my shorts while I was howling in protest. Sarah and Rachel took turns with the razor while the other one held my penis and scrotum out of the way. Sarah asked me, "Which nut got hurt?" I told her the left one and so she took her finger and flicked it really hard. Once breakfast was over, Aunt Natalie told me we needed to talk and the giggling started again. I started to howl about that, but Aunt Natalie pointed out that Rachel is going to school to be a nurse and we should have a chaperone, anyway.

Laurel is Dead

fetish MissKaneda 2018-09-05

As far as she could tell, the fat moron spent every moment of the working day locked behind that office door doing god knows what, sweating through his shirts and collecting more than twice her salary while he decided her future on a whim. "If you want to get ahead," he murmured with a soft, forced chuckle that only made Laurel think about how many times he'd said the same awful things, "you're going to have to give some." Norman squealed, his bulky body tumbling from the folding chair and crashing to the floor, but now it was Laurel's turn to grin, twisting and clawing and sneering while the fat man's animal shrieks resounded about the little office's walls.

Wife Shares Me and I Submit

fetish ServicingU 2018-09-05

She got a devious, playful smile on her face, kissed me gently, and said, "Of course." I could see his cum leaking out of her onto her thigh, and she had her petite hand wrapped around his softening, but still large cock. After a while, my wife got out of bed and started to walk towards the bathroom. I wanted him to use me the way he used my wife. I wanted him to use me the way he used my wife: like a whore. John said, "Tell your wife what you just did." I was embarrassed, but at the same time, really turned on by the fact that her friend would know John and I had sex.

holiday surprise

fetish ratty9uk 2018-09-05

Carol leaned over and began kissing Jean, she still had on her pink teddy, I thought ‘she looked so sexy, I can’t believe she is a male, and I enjoyed fucking her tight bum’ Her tits rubbing up and down my chest, she broke the kiss, her face only an inch or two away from mine, bobbing up and down as she thrust in time, her face contorted as she screeched, I could feel her body shuddering, she was having a multiple orgasm, Carol and myself, both started cumming in her at the same time, I felt her cock pumping sperm in her bowels as I filled her pussy with my load.

Strap-On Adventure

fetish CandyBree83 2018-09-05

I feel his body shudder as I slowly push my tongue in and out, spreading moisture where it will soon be well needed, then slip a hand between his legs and quickly grip his throbbing shaft. Squirting some lube onto my hand I grip the shaft and start stroking it, imagining the feel of having a real cock to pump, then slowly press the head to Sean's arsehole. My hips pushing forward force him to take inch after inch until his head lifts off the bed and he groans with the penetration, but my hands keep pulling him back as I force him to take the entire shaft, until I can feel my thighs pushing against his arse.

Sharing my husband with my teenage niece.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-09-04

I wiped a frothy section with my finger and tasted it, 'Too sweet for cum darling', I replied naughtily, as my eyes narrowed again, this time I was thinking about sex, I was horny, but not for myself, the voyeurism inside me wanted to watch, just as my husband was watching Celine, as she approached us. Celine was looking back at us perhaps wondering what we were talking about or doing, but as my husband turned to face her and started wading in, she waved excitedly to him, she too could see just how firm and hard he was, 'Make sure she cums darling', and I raised my glass to the occasion, as my free hand found my own source of frustration.

The Love of Panties Ch. 06

fetish chuckp7860 2018-09-04

I sometimes wondered how they fit me so good and they were not a size bigger since she was a little heavier than me but I was glad as I pulled them on and seen them almost mold to my cock and it wasn't hard to tell I was all ready excited since a wet spot formed at the tip of my cock on the satin panties almost immediately.

A meeting

fetish mawhite 2018-09-04

“bend over the desk and lower your knickers” straight away she stepped forward dropped her knickers to her knees and leaned over the desk, what a view that was, I had to photograph it and grabbed the camera taking a quick few shots, then grabbed the ruler and with one hand stroked her ass cheek before slapping it hard with the ruler “mmmmmmmm” came the response from her, more stroking and spanking every time she moaned and groaned with encouragement, I was seriously struggling to keep my cock in check and was desperate to just fuck her there and then but new it would be all the better for waiting.


fetish Da_Imp 2018-09-04

My mouth couldn't pull hard enough, my tongue couldn't move fast enough and my lips couldn't decide which way to go. Wanting to help all I could, I took your clit in my mouth and sucked it in and out between my lips which I had pulled tight over my teeth to add pressure for you. I attempted to continue my barrage of oral attentions, moving between licks and sucks on your pussy, then flicks and pulls on your clit, but you had other plans. I felt your tongue move around the head of my dick inside your mouth. Then felt it begin, the itchy sort of pull from the head of my dick, down the length of my shaft and into my balls.

The Pet Store

fetish arizonatekoki 2018-09-04

She said "I am going to make sure I have the evidence before I call the cops." She was still behind me and told me to look forward, she reached her hand into my pocket expecting to find some bottle or something but, of course, she found some live goldfish.... She looked over at me with a look I had not seen to often from a girl, let alone a woman that had my hands behind a pole strapped together with a belt, and said "Is that all you have, fish in your pants?" Still smiling. She went over to the sink and got the bottle of soap/ lotion and pumped a considerable amount of it into her right hand and said very sternly...


Queening for a Day

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-09-04

As is usual for most public parks, there were homeless Black men stationed at each table, schooling white boys who were looking for diversions from their mundane lives on their lunch breaks as well. It seems like in every corner of the country, in every park, Black men who look like they haven't bathed in months play skilled and strategic chess games. When he did meet women who were skilled players, he could beat them easily but he always dragged the game out and allowed them to win so as not to look like too much of an asshole and defer to his hidden desire to practice female superiority. She looked up briefly and made eye contact with Bret and said, "Whose got next," like she was a basketball player on the court taunting and teasing her opponents to an intellectual azz whuppin.

My One (And Only) Squirter

fetish MAWriter50 2018-09-04

I was having a friend come over in a week and Amy commented that my shower and tub would be a turn-off to my guest. She said,"I think I'm going to take a shower." Now truth be told, I generally need Viagra or Levitra to have sex but this time it wasn't necessary. Amy loved anal sex and I loved having anal sex with Amy. That day, in my shower, I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. I got out of the shower first and grabbed a towel. Amy came out next and I gave her a big, soft cushy towel. The towel was COVERED in cum from her ass.