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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How I Became a Girl

fetish klammer 2018-09-04

The room was alive with of moans of ecstasy as orgasms were achieved,the wonderful wet sound of cunts and arseholes being penetrated the slapping sound of balls against arse cheeks naked flesh everywhere and in the midst of all this,me,Suzanne,servicing cocks,vaginas and arseholes with my mouth,a sex slave,an object of degradation,sub-human, completely submissive and subservient and still I wanted more and more,there were no limits to how far I would go to achieve absolute servitude and submission,till every fibre of my being was possessed by Madam. Madam was very excited by my completely wanton behaviour and told me to clean myself up and go immediately to the bedroom."You have had far too much cock for one day.,before we resume our programme it's time to remind you that softness and voluptuousness is much better than all that throbbing hardness,that my cunt is superior.

That Time Again

fetish Mr James 2018-09-04

Her pussy was tight and wet with her blood and my fingers were quickly stained as I worked the tips along her slit, dipping them inside her and slowly stretching her, ready for my cock. Taking hold of the base of my cock, I slowly guided the swollen head between the lips of her pussy, nuzzling it along the length of her crack and smearing it with her blood. As slowly and gently as I could, I pressed the head of my cock against the opening to her pussy, feeling it stretch as I eased the swollen knob inside her.

Miss Bunny B Tortures Me.

fetish YeahBoy666 2018-09-04

I am just walking around the mall wandering the way a bored husband does as the wife is shopping. The way she was standing there and reading books made her look like a queen. People are just staring at me as they walk by and see her taking down my number while I am on my knees in front of her. Apparently she has become good friends with Gina and has been sending her videos of me being sissy trained by her. She sends the videos of her getting fucked by him in their daily afternoon trips to hotels to Miss Bunny B. Miss Bunny makes me watch Marcelo pounding my wife as she is sissy training me.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 07

fetish dongstar 2018-09-04

First, her mother dumps her into the care of the oversexed freak responsible for her grotesque deformity, then she nearly drowns in her own gross cum, and finally she ends up naked and humiliated in front of her best friends and also the hottest guy in school who's she's only had a crush on since forever and oh by the way she was dripping smelly jizz all over what looked like a pretty expensive Persian rug! "Well," said Tony, "remember that time at the start of junior year when I left my locker open by accident, and you thought no-one was watching and so you took one of my textbooks and pulled down your pants and rubbed my textbook all over your balls before putting it back in the locker?"

The Letter Ch. 03

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-09-04

Oh fuck yes, how I wanted to make her come...but Jess had a devilish look in her eye, and in her right hand was the whip! My hand continued to tug at my cock as I watched Jess lay back on the pillows and demonstrate, most graphically, how she liked to use the larger end of the dildo on herself. No, as I watched my wife fucking herself with that eight inch rubber dildo I felt an overwhelming sense of insecurity, so much so that my previously rock hard penis began to wilt and the orgasm I had expected to enjoy at any second, retreated.

Discovering Charlotte Pt. 04

fetish twynn2257 2018-09-04

But now, without the cover of night, I feel a little embarrassed by the idea of cum on my lips. Having anal with Charlotte is just about the best sex I can think of, so I'm a little disappointed I didn't give myself the chance to actually do it. "You know I can only get so clean without showering," Charlotte says lasciviously, giving her ass a little wiggle. Every time I think I've had enough, that I've had my fill, Charlotte sticks that ass in my face and I get hard again. When Charlotte turns around to see me with cock in hand, she says, "Baby just come here and fuck me." She turns herself over on the bed, spreading her legs for me to get a good view of her pussy.

Tara's Pregnancy - 3rd Trimester

fetish PrincessErin 2018-09-04

"I can't wait until we can go back to rough fucking, but your pregnant body is such a turn on." Tara and Erik had only been together a few months when she got pregnant. After being examined, Tara and Erik stared as the doctor explained what he wanted them to do. "You want us to do what?" Tara and Erik were sitting in the doctors office listening to the doctor explain his suggestions. Erik and Tara walked out of the doctor's office and made their way to their SUV. Once inside, they kissed hard and Erik backed Tara up against the bed and sat her down. The good thing was that they both loved this position and this allowed Erik to rub her clit or pinch her nipples.



fetish DokterT 2018-09-04

you stare at the ground for the rest of the walk but when we arrive at the car you do nod hesitate a second and drop your panties to the ground, you slowly lift your heels and turn your back at me before picking them up, turning back around and handing them over with a very cute smile... i open the door for you and let you get in, once on our way i place my hand on your leg and feel the soft skin. I order you to open your legs for me, and very slowly i let my hand slide up, ad i stop barely touching your moist lips.

How Much Can I Take

fetish dna27fog 2018-09-04

I had watched her fuck a lot of men, I had been tied up while a dominatrix flogged me and then I had to lie on a bed and hold the dildo against Heather's pussy while she fucked the dominatrix and her slave, a male, sucked my cock. The more she stroked my cock, the more enthusiastically she sucked and licked my ass, finally concentrating a little more on my asshole itself. She pushed her gloved finger easily into may ass and started fucking easily up to her palms. My cock had been hard as a rock, but all my thought and efforts going into getting her foot all the way in my ass had let me cock go limp. Heather and Brian climbed into bed and she immediately started slowly stroking his cock.

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 07

fetish EroticDelights 2018-09-04

When we got to the bedroom door, Jess pulled Pete inside. I couldn't wait to see Pete take that big dick and push it into her. So I just stood there by the door, a pillowcase over my head, while this big-dicked jerk was in bed with my girlfriend, both of them completely nude and rubbing up against each other. Having seen the video, I could imagine what it looked like, seeing that big dick sliding into her trim pussy, her lips resisting that giant knob before finally giving way to it. For a long time I just stood there and listened to the sound of their bodies smacking together, Jess getting more and more vocal every minute.

Sniffing The Cleaning Lady's Bum

fetish panteeluvr 2018-09-04

Truth be told, I haven't done my own housework in years, I just hire a lady to come in and clean up after my fat ass! I told her that her aunt had promised to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets before she fell ill,(she actually did) and I asked if she would do it that day, for extra money of course. She laughed somemore and asked why I didn't just buy a pair at the store, and I told her my friend was coming here soon and that he'd know if the panties were new, as you could tell if someone had worn them!

Carrie's Pussy Ch. 02

fetish 0ra11yfix8ed 2018-09-04

Saturday morning for those of you who haven't read "Carrie's Pussy" was spent in my neighbor's apartment going through her things and edging myself to a very leisurely orgasm. As I passed through the women's clothing department I noticed a small elastic strap intended to add a little extra girth to a bra. Back in my apartment I gathered the things I would need to take to Carries for my evening session. Dressed for the evening I went out to the living room and started the DVD. In the kitchen I checked Hook's litter box (did I mention that I was caring for Carrie's cat while she was in LA for a funeral?). I pulled down the waistband of Carrie's panties and gently stroked my cock.

Tanya's Pregnancy Treatment

fetish imaginethis 2018-09-04

"Tanya, Doctor says you need to come over and check in to the hospital right now to start having your baby. She suddenly blushed crimson red."I'm pregnant and my pussy is hot thinking about Rob?" Tanya suddenly realized that she needed to be banged hard and rough, even with all the discomfort of her pregnancy. "Okay, Tanya, what I want you to do is turn over on your side, one leg held up with your hand, nice and wide, and let me masturbate your clitoris. It will feel more natural and better for you that way.Doctor and I have found that advising a woman to think about her husband banging her pussy or her asshole really hard helps to bring on a good, strong cum to get your labor started.


fetish ShyShai 2018-09-04

Lying in the sun with a book in hand, Shai looked around at the camp site, her best friend Rachel next to her drinking and talking to one of the many people who came out for the weekend. In the moon glow, she could see a smile spread across his face as his hands started to move from her arm to her breast. To her surprise, without even thinking anymore and just letting her body do what she felt it needed to do, she started running the tip of her tongue lightly across his exposed neck. Nails got deeper in his skin, moaning getting louder, his hands all over her exposed breasts, his mouth moving from her neck to chest to nipples and back to her neck.

Gender Issues

fetish dr_mabeuse 2018-09-04

I put the cigar in my pocket and pushed my way back to the kitchen, and halfway down the hallway, here came the blonde in the man's suit walking out with two other girls, one dressed as a princess, the other just in jeans and sweater. She glanced up and I saw the flicker of deep eyes, a glimmer of a smile, and then felt something hard in her pants drag across my thighs and cock—something like a man's erection, but different too: too hard, and obviously artificial, a dildo of some kind, made of plastic or rubber.

Kitty and the Fruit Salad

fetish 2018-09-04

She grabbed my head and I whispered again, "Do you trust me?" She said "Yes", and I moved her right hand and put my Dick in it. I grabbed a watermelon slice and rubbed it down her stomach to her belly button, then licked my way down, licking the juices off her. I took the slice and put it in her mouth, "What does this taste like?" She answered and I said "That's what your belly button tastes like!" I took a slice of peach and put it in her mouth, "What does this taste like?" Instead of answering, she asked me not to stop... I took my fingers and worked my way to her G-Spot, I rubbed on her sweet spot while licking her sweet pussy.

Ex-Wife 'Lets Loose' Ch. 1

fetish herbman53 2018-09-04

She pulled her finger out and brought it to her mouth, she began licking and sucking it like a little cock, moaning "Uhmmm, my pussy tastes good tonight, want a taste?" She bent down and began to kiss me, sucking my tongue like a cock, moaning "Mmmm me too, baby, I love the way my pussy tastes" She was licking the head of my cock, and then down my shaft, sucking each ball into her mouth gently, at the same time slowly pumping the shaft with her hand. It felt so good, her mouth all over my cock and balls as she rubbed her lips over the head, I moaned as she began gently moving her finger in and out.

Becoming Alanna - Part 2

fetish KristyQuinn 2018-09-04

"now come on Alanna" she started "you don’t wanna leak your period in your panties, it’s not very ladylike" "yes ma’am" I stammered as I watched her unwrap the tampon, insert it into my asshole and push the applicator lodging its tightly wound knob in my dripping hole. “I know baby girl, it’s because you like being a sissy, don’t you?" "I do" I said again in a femmy voice. “Here you go little girl” she said, “figured you may as well look as true to Alanna as you can, so here you go” she pushed the uniform into my hands and snapped her fingers to hurry me up.

Scat that Saves

fetish Storiest 2018-09-04

Then she dives between my legs, reaching her arm in the bowl and grabbing a handful of the waste, coated in soft, white tissue muck and shoves it into her mouth. A little white slug of toilet paper on her lip, a little smear of brown on her chin where her fingers had left some of that sticky handful. I shove the whole thing in her mouth, past her teeth into her throat and I push it down with my fingers. And when I'm done, I reach down to her sopping panties, push them aside, forever staining the front with brown residue and rub her, from her slick opening, up between the labia, past her little pee hole and finally her clit.

The Surprise Ch. 03

fetish XXXerxes37 2018-09-04

I completed the removal and after giving her a long French kiss, moved down her body to take her nipples into my mouth one at a time. Despite the fact that I had been fucked up the ass by Les only a short time before the much larger size of the strap-on caused the pain to be so bad that I passed out. Having now exposed her large tits with lovely erect nipples she proceeded to remove her skirt, followed by her panties. Having had his ass just filled with my sperm, David removed himself from my prick. She took special care of my ass and lovingly cleaned my prick before taking it into her mouth to give me an erection for our final act.

Curious in pantyhose part 2

fetish tonyhose 2018-09-04

Tim and I position ourselves to take turns licking our mixed cum out of her pussy, stroking each others cocks now back inside our pantyhose while we lick her. After a little while we are both hard again and lying Tim down on the bed my wife lowers herself onto his face so he can continue licking her pussy as I take his cock into my mouth and suck him through his pantyhose while stroking my own cock. Soon my wife is cumming again on his tongue and this sends him into his orgasm and I can feel his cum begin to shoot and sucking hard I take all his cum through the nylon into my mouth.

Meeting Chad Ch. 01

fetish slut_writer69 2018-09-04

This fantasy made me so hot and so wet that I would always cum just about instantly fingering my pussy and thinking about it. He let out a little moan when he felt my soaking wet panties. I had my legs spread as far as I could and was holding my pussy lips open, letting the piss hit me right on the clit. As I started to cum he sprayed me right in the face and soaked my hair, I had his piss in my mouth, dripping out of my hair and all over my face... His mouth felt so fucking good, my nipples were hard as rocks. As he finger fucked me he bit down on my nipples and it felt so good.

Hair Apparent Ch. 3

fetish belab 2018-09-04

The boss was moaning loudly, his hips moving with Sheeba, his hands in her hair, and then he thrust forward, pulling her to him, driving his cock down her throat. Sheeba sucked faster, pumping the base of the cock with her hand as her mouth sucked the tip and her fingers worked her pussy faster and faster, her own orgasm close. The boss asked her to take her hands from her pussy and keep her arms behind her head as he stared at the thicket in her underarms. He asked me to hold his 12-inch shaft and Sheeba kept sucking his monster dick her arms raised showing the matted hair in her profuse armpits

Cuckold, Again

fetish CuckoldGuy 2018-09-04

After a few years, I was offered a job in another state so we moved away from her boss and Mel. The new job paid well so my wife no longer needed to work. Even though this man was twenty years older than my wife, I could see that they both liked what they were looking at and the atmosphere became sexually charged. We walked him to the door, where he took my wife's hand into his and said, "Well Marie, it's certainly been a pleasure meeting you and I hope you will let me do this work for you." I know Saturday when we made love, you said a lot of things about Ben fucking me and it got me real hot but they were only fantasies.