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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mitch's session- A collar, Belt and Clothes

fetish KinkyPhil 2018-09-04

I mirror on the other and small squeaks emerge with each pinch then in her arm pit a shuddering breath then panting as Mitch deals with the sustained sensation, the wife gets in her face and tells we are being gentle right now and Mitch say's softly "ok-eek" as another clothes pin is applied to her side above her waist. I put a cloth in her mouth and rub her hips sway and she she pants progressively harder my finger inside she stretches her arms to drive me deeper, the wife pinches and pulls clothes pins then removing Mitch responds little so the back ones get a harder pinch. I get Mich to stand tall and lean forward feet spread wide then plunge my fingers deep inside just as the wife gives the string a zippering tug the clothes pins pulling off her body.

Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 01

fetish nylonjo 2018-09-04

Closing my bedroom door behind me, a wry smile breaks out over my face, knowing why Jess was so keen to go to her room. I pick up the pantyhose again, and without thinking I begin to gather up one of the legs, finding the foot of them. I slip the tip of my penis inside the foot of the pantyhose before sliding the nylon down the length of my engorged cock. The thought of Jess' legs in her pantyhose keeps flashing in my mind. My body begins to clench, my cock beginning to pulse and a breath later I'm cumming, thrusting in to the pantyhose, squirting my semen through the nylon, filling them, soaking them.

Femdom Strapon

fetish 2018-09-04

I'm back for a second interview because you walked in on Ms. Kitrell fucking my ass, and you saw just how much I was enjoying it. "You passed Ms. Kitrell's interview, Sam. She said you loved taking her cock. "I'm begging you, Sam. Please fuck my ass," Ms. Kitrell begged. And, I had assumed I was going to get to fuck Erica's ass, but Ms. Gere now wanted me to make her cum by licking her. "Well, he has the confidence I'm looking for," Ms. Gere said as she applied lubricant to my ass. Lick it, Sam. Suck on my ass if you want to make me cum." I was engulfed in Ms. Kitrell's ass, and I wanted desperately to cum.

The Life of a Cow

fetish glibly 2018-09-04

"We need to figure out where you fit in girl." Standing beside her he cupped and squeezed her breasts then pulled each nipple long and hard until they stood unwillingly errect. Eventually she settled with letting the leg braces take her weight while she leaned against a wall of the stall with her head resting against the gate's bars. As she tried to stretch out her shoulders by moving her arms back and forth, her breasts swayed in unison, banging against the stall walls each time and ringing the bell loudly. When she finally heard the familiar creak of the opening door she lifted her head and backed away from the gate, gently ringing the bells on her nipples and renewing the ache.

Crack Addict Ch. 05

fetish mondotoken 2018-09-04

You like how I touch your fat cock for ya huh?" I was nearly at the point of begging her to pull it out when Bernadette made a show of slowly tugging my zipper down revealing the wet mushroom head of my penis which was glistening and sticky with moisture. "You sure you gonna fuckin cum for me?" The wet sounds of her hand running up and down my cock filled the room. "Yeah as long as it's not fucked up and racist." I felt like I had to put a disclaimer on our conversation because Bernadette seemed to have no social filter what-so-ever and said practically everything that came to her crass little mind.

Gloryhole At The Beach

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-09-04

The school speedos were scary to wear,especially because I was so conscious of having my skinny cut dick practically bare - and my tender balls didn't exactly hang heavy like most of the others did. It took a bit to overcome my hesitation, however I gave in to my raw desire and willed my fingers to the sides of the speedos and pulled down until the top of them slid over the head of my cock. The cock disappeared and I noticed this wall too was full of previously unnoticed tiny spy holes. My neighbouring cubicle door swung open and out the man with the monster cock stepped.

Sarah's Exam

fetish freindlyphysician 2018-09-04

Sarah said o.k., that's fine and right away she started mentally preparing herself for the compromising position she might soon find herself in; she figured that if she was unfortunate enough to get a male doctor, that she could handle basic stuff and the breast exam if she had to, but there was no way she was going to take off her panties in front of a man; it was just too contrary to her modest puritan nature and she felt that; there was just no way she could do that.

A Return to High School

fetish AmorousFucker 2018-09-04

Isaac felt a bit awkward walking back into his old high school four and a half years after having graduated, but he was eager to see Coach Marks, whom he considered his greatest mentor. His body, while not rippling with muscles, had obviously seen some time in the gym; his curly hair made her want to run her fingers through it while lying by his side, basking in post-coital embrace; his eyes belied a depth of thought she knew she would love to pick apart; his smile, however, was what ultimately broke her resistance. Isaac saw Tara rise from her desk, and as she walked over, he got his first really good look of her.

College Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Ch. 03

fetish satinexinhose 2018-09-04

When Kelly finally stepped off my back, I raised my head and noticed the other three cheerleaders and the two football players engaged in wild and steamy sex; Brenda and Mae were performing a mutual cunnilingus on a bench, eating each other's wet pussies, their tongues licking, sucking and flicking across each other's inner and outer pussy lips and their hard clits, while Jenny was sandwiched between Jeff and Trevor, Jeff fucking her pussy and Trevor banging her ass, while she was still wearing her cheerleader uniform and tan tights.

A Study Session Gone Wrong Ch. 02

fetish author522 2018-09-04

A couple minutes later, Shelby, Courtney, and Melissa all walked in, fully dressed in their cheerleading outfits. Shelby smiled, and said, "Now loser, I brought John here to show you what a real man looks like." She looked to the other two girls and said, "And you two can now see why he was one of my favorite dudes in bed." Melissa and Courtney were excited, as they were anxious to try out John's huge cock. John slid his dick into Shelby's pussy and started fucking her nice and hard. While John switched back to Shelby, Courtney came over and unlocked my cock, saying I could jack my dick with two fingers. Over from the bed, Melissa said "I bet he comes twice before John does!"

Skyler's After School Dump

fetish trueEFRO 2018-09-04

She pulls into the driveway thanking christ that the car seat has served the same purpose as her desk in keeping her poop lodged up inside of her colon instead of slipping out into her panties. She leans forward to rest her elbows on her thighs as she feels the massive, solid poop work its way through her lower abdomen, which gurgles like a water cooler. She leans forward and crinkles her nose as she puts in a last push to force the end of the single satisfying poop which has clogged her bowels for days into the toilet bowl, where it splashes. After a few good wipes she feels clean enough to finally flush away the odor coming from her enormous output which fills the toilet.

The Mechanic

fetish Storygal 2018-09-04

David and I always got on together, whenever I dropped parts off for him he always said thank you and if he called we had a wee flirt about him possibly having to return bits and bobs but I didn’t care because I didn’t deal with the stock. Grabbing it with my hand I slowly rubbed the shaft up and down, he thrusted his hips every time and all I could think of is what that would feel like inside me. "Ugh I’m gonna cum" I didn’t know if he was going to cum in me, instead he pulled out, turned me around and fired his load all over my tits.

The Making of a Whore Pt. 01

fetish MiaJewell 2018-09-04

Lydia nodded and quickly started to make her way down the alley and into the street, looking behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed. "Lydia." She stated coldly looking ahead at the road feeling her body start to warm from the cold. "You looked like you needed help." Marcus whispered pulling the object out of her pussy showing her the end of a hair brush and quickly putting it back in. "Roll over whore I am not fucking that nasty pussy." Lydia felt him grab her and push her quickly to her knees, bending her over forcefully holding her head to the bed she heard him unbuckle his belt and heard his zipper go down.

Making of The Monster - Vampire Pt 2

fetish 2018-09-03

A woman approached him, she wore last season's fashions with a bit too much makeup but it was her walk that screamed whore, "Could I be helping you sir?" He grunted, "I'm hoping that you would 'cause I need a 'lady' like you." She just gave a little giggle, "Oh? After about a week of my new hunting technique, I dispensed of another true killer, and feeling feistier than normal I impatiently waited for James to come home. I was going to have to f***e this conversation, "I had a beautiful night, with the new way of hunting I found that I can get bl**d quickly and have most of the night to enjoy." And when I just got a dirty look, I added, "I do miss spending the nights with you.

Niharika's Friend Joins Us

fetish nihadeep 2018-09-03

I could make out that the alcohol had already hit them as Niharika told me to open the lock of the necklace as Sheetal wanted to examine the pendant. Niharika gave a drunk giggle, and told her that she had said already that Sheetal would be shocked. Sheetal said yes, but I told Niharika that the harness she was wearing was exclusively hers, nobody else was allowed to wear it. She said that she loved the smell and taste of cum, and asked Niharika if she had tried it,. Niharika promptly turned to my prick which was still slowly oozing cum, and started licking it, remarking to Sheetal that it really tasted nice.

Wetting Ch. 01

fetish Rosebramble 2018-09-03

We moved against each other, and I was pretty far gone in loving you and what I was doing with you, so I only have snapshots of it in my brain: your penis, rigid, sliding almost all the way out of me and then smoothly back in again; my awareness of what each motion might feel like to you, aided by the look on your face, the way the rest of you was moving; your breathing quickening and the little sounds you made just before you came; the way you froze and then shuddered and the pulsing within me just after you told me, "I'm going to come inside you, my lover."


Legends of the Fel Ch. 10

fetish leaky_one 2018-09-03

The shouts and calls from the surveying crowd of Fel women watching from all sides, rose in her ears as a rising crescendo of sound which threatened to numb her with its intensity. The need to pee was desperate in her bladder as fear of her death rose with a promise of certainty as Sharn's wandering gaze fell to the shining steel blade in her opponent's steady hand. Between her lithe and muscled legs, Sharn's golden relief continued to rain downwards, covering the struggling blonde's face with hot piss. The sight of her twisting golden pee as it left her pee hole was incredible to behold just as was the resulting scene of her urine flowing over the blonde girl's face and body.


Shopping with Sue

fetish pantie_fan 2018-09-03

James had already stuck his head through the gap in the curtain and immediately saw why Sue was unsure whether or not he should look. Sue turned around and James took in the view of her perfect bum encased in the black satin knickers and her muscular back with the black bra straps running across it. With that, James pulled the curtain shut and waited impatiently while Sue got changed. The white vest was of a very thin cotton material and glued tightly to her body so that the form of Sue's perfect tiny breasts was perfectly displayed - even the colour of her hard little nipples was to be seen.

Watching Her Go Ch. 02

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-09-03

She reached for my cock and moved it between her legs and started rubbing the head across the wet folds of her fattened pussy. This put her over the edge as well, and while she still pissed, she shook through a deep and satisfying vaginal orgasm that caused her stream to start and stop 3 or 4 times as she thrashed. I had a beautiful younger woman sitting on my lap, with my cock deep inside her, who wanted me to piss while still inside her. It took a little while, but eventually, I relaxed enough to switch on the 'I have to piss' mechanism and turn down the volume on the 'I have my cock in a warm pussy' mechanism.

Secretary walks the walk of shame

fetish Grizu 2018-09-03

David looks at his watch and turns to the guys: “ok lets get our office bitch walk the walk of shame in work” She hastily agrees “YES ok I do it but don’t show the video” The crowd starts cheering again as David interrupts them by lifting his arm up in the air: ok its 5.30 in the morning, I want you to beg every single guy that is here in the room, and I mean begging as in begging to fuck you in every hole possible till 6.30 – then we will all get back to work?!

An Apple a Day

fetish RePetitMort 2018-09-03

Deciding that she'd tortured him long enough about her intentions, she asked him, "Do you want me to stop?" As she said this, she slowly worked the plug back and forth in his ass, making it obvious that this was in no way part of the "normal" procedure. Pausing with her legs at shoulder width, she could hear little noises coming from him, and looking down, saw that his eyes were fixed on her pussy, which she could feel was quite wet now. This time she was gentler, but by the way he stretched his neck up into her, she figured he liked it better the first time, so she once again lifted herself up slowly to his soft protests, and when it looked like she was getting up, she mashed her ass and crotch onto his face as hard as she thought he could take.

Photo Session with a Twist

fetish photog45 2018-09-03

The rough idea was to start with the man's black hands coming around playing with the breasts of the white woman. I had wanted to keep the morale high while we were together, but once Holly and I were alone, I confessed that there seemed little hope we'd be able to get a suitable model willing to have sex with a man that she had just met, especially for photography. Once she was standing, straddling him and this long thick cock, she looked at me, "I need another sip of wine real quick." I reached over and handed her the glass, which had a decent measure still left. Get a shot of his cum on my boobs!" She told me, after I finished getting the cum running down her hands as she squeezed the last little bit from his spent manhood.

Slave's Adventure

fetish ScottishChieftan 2018-09-03

"I suggest you not talk without permission, don't forget again." My hand slides down your blouse to find your right nipple and I give it a firm squeeze and twist and tug back sharply on it, making you whimper. Nude, sitting in the dark cab of my truck, a shiver comes over you. I shut your door and get back behind the wheel to drive us off into the night, darkness has come quickly and you sit wondering what I have planned for you this night. My truck pulls off of the road and around behind a row of hotel rooms, coming to rest in a dark, shadowy parking lot, I stop the truck and kill the engine.

Our Camping Becomes Golden

fetish JeanneP 2018-09-03

After we took a sip, Matt kissed me, slid his hand up under my tank top to squeeze my bare breast and said we should toast a week of fucking like rabbits! I gave his cock a squeeze through his shorts and said if you stop talking and start doing we might have time for a quickie before the fire is ready. I thought about what Matt had said...that I could ask for any naughty thing I wanted...but I was pretty sure that if I told him I wanted him to pee on me he would reconsider! In complete disbelief he said we both like being naughty but I wish I had known you wanted to be peed on a long time ago.