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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Bus Ride With April

fetish JeremyBeach 2018-09-03

Dylan tried to stand up to get to the bathroom at the back of the bus, but April's legs kept him pinned in his seat. Do you feel like, even squeezing as hard as you are, the pee is about to start flowing uncontrollably through the length of your penis and into your cute little pants?" Dylan heard a knock at the door, and a familiar voice asked, "Are you done yet?" He opened the door a crack and saw April standing there holding his backpack in one hand and wearing her own. Changing was rather difficult in that tiny room, but he was able to do it, and when he was done he put his peed-in pants and underwear into his backpack and walked back along the aisle to April's seat.


fetish 2018-09-03

even back when we were messing around if though we both knew something sexual was going to happen between us when we spent the weekends together she would just catch me off guard walking into the living room and she would be on the floor or on the couch legs spread wide open holding her pussy apart and look at me with that "cum eat my pussy and fuck me real hard" look! all while stroking my cock and telling my mom out loud how much i love smelling her musky pussy while fucking her,and how i want her to pussy fart while fucking her on her knees and how i want to shoot my hot cum allover her wide open pussy,at the same time she cums allover my cock.


fetish Slipperydick 2018-09-03

Laying down on his back, he avoided looking at his failure and instead stared at the ceiling as his hips involuntarily rocked back and forth, pelvis thrusting into the air and limp penis flopping about between his legs. His hips had begun to thrust into the air again, and his limp penis jiggled its way back and forth across his thighs, sticky strands of precum leaking with every thrust. He couldn't even thrust like a man who could get hard; his limp penis just got stuck among the covers and he sort of undulated his hips in a circular motion to try to stimulate his dead organ.

Being Snippy

fetish EctoJohn 2018-09-03

"Oh yeah," Karen said as she swished her legs between the strands of her former pant legs, "Are you sure you wanna leave them on?" Amanda smirked wickedly after that comment, pulled the drawstring, and cut it. Giving them a yank as she had done to Karen's shirt, Amanda tore the sweat pant's ass as wide as she could, the cute pink bikini panties now the only thing stopping her from checking out her friend's cute, tight bum. Karen felt her friend's hand move slowly up her sides until they cupped her breasts, the lovely feeling on Amanda's lips now switching sides of her neck.

Trust? Ch. 01

fetish Lost_Freak 2018-09-03

So first we shave it, and then you will be punished for your sloppiness." It was then that Shelly noticed how hairless Joey's body was including the area around his cock and balls. Shelly tried to cry out but the gag stopped her, and fresh heat spread from her ass to her crotch to her body. Joey unhooked the bar her hands were attached to and swung it down to the floor, forcing her to bend over with her legs still spread wide. He told her to open her mouth wide as he pressed his cock between her tits and began violently fucking them, much as he had her pussy. Released from the restrictive cock ring Joey's cock fired several volleys of hot cum into and around Shelly's mouth.

me and connor at the beach

fetish drewcd 2018-09-03

i was standing on the main walk way leaning on a pole withe Connor was on his knees in-front of everyone he was sucking my cock like a slut and right as i was cumming i shot my load in his mouth then knelt down and kissed him licking my cum out of his mouth at the same time..i took connor into the nearest bathroom and started sucking on his cock and balls then i would kiss his neck and his nipples.

Vegas Trouble

fetish Idle_Hands 2018-09-03

She responded by posing beautifully, with a look in her eye that was as steamy as it gets. He was beyond himself, and the dripping between her legs was concealed by her wet bathing suit. The effects of the wine and sun were becoming known, and her posing was getting quite suggestive. Another effect of the wine made itself known, as she realized she needed to pee like crazy. After all the sexy posing and eye contact the hot feeling of the pee coming out was terribly arousing. The wet liquid pooling inside and dripping out was just so nasty, and with just one stroke of her girl she was coming and coming, pee drenching the fabric and flowing over her fingers.

Post workout sex

fetish gaycocklover69 2018-09-03

I took his dick out of my mouth and laid on the bed and proceeded to jerk Sams dick with my feet. We enjoyed the position for a while while Sam licked my arse out and I sucked his dick. Sam pulled his dick out of my arse and I turned around and put it in my mouth. Again I took his dick out of my mouth and started liking his balls. I kissed and licked his balls making sure his balls and dick were just as wet with saliva as what my feet were. I then took Sams dick in my mouth and sucked the rest of the remaining few drops of cum from his dick.

Days in Rodanthe Pt. 02

fetish mindingutter 2018-09-03

"Rob," she said in that sexy voice and exotic accent, grinning at me as we walked out of my dorm room, "make sure to smack me on the ass when your friends are looking." I took her up on the offer twice, getting a kiss on the cheek each time before we reached the car. "Time to start playing, you fucking pervert!" she said with a serious look. I raised my already parted legs and worked up as much spit as possible and began sticking my cold fingers in my ass. I did as she said, turned my head and smelled her rich, provocative scent as my face was buried in the hose and her black thong panties, making my dick twitch.

Prince and the Insatiable Slut Ch. 01

fetish theprince 2018-09-03

He rubbed his face hard all over it, eating and fucking and smelling her dirty slut ass. Her ass sprayed his hot cum from her just fucked asshole all over his mouth and face and Prince was groaning and lapping it up like filthy bastard as she wriggled her ass and smeared it all over. Fuck her, slap her, eat her cunt and ass, spit on her, make her piss, and then dump your cum on her face till she wallows in it like cum hungry pig. Prince held her face close to the ass of the middle guy and rasped, "You see that dirty asshole you cunt? Come on FUCK this dirty mouth like it's your slut's cunt!"

My First Blind Date Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2018-09-03

It was obvious to the clerk that Sue was blind and she said it would be fine for me to go into the dressing room to help her. Inside, Sue removed her short skirt and the first thing she asked was if her pad was ok. After I got my chair into the van and closed the door, Sue came back to the rear seat and sat down. The movie started and as there were no other people in chairs or in the area I slid my hand down to her legs and she got the hint and opened them up. She also massaged the mostly paralyzed, atrophied right leg and this time as she reached the top she poured oil on my cock and balls.

Pharmacy Keys Ch. 1-2

fetish Wyn 2018-09-03

Nurse FairHaven smiled and nodded, assuring her that the interns would be by within five minutes to change her bed clothes. Unbeknownst to most patients in the hospital, she was head nurse and that came in handy with fiesty ones like Gwendolyn Attager. Imogene smiled as she brought out wrist and ankle restraints and fastened the girl to the bed on her back.. She bent down as Gwen had settled for a bit, just close enough for the girl to hear her clearly, and her soft, silken voice whispered, "The room is sound proof, hence the need for the call button and, it's quite silly to pull at your restraints so, for I will not remove them until I see fit."

Albert Meet's His New Mistress

fetish 425olds 2018-09-03

If Alice wants to come, she'll have to earn it like every little girl should." The woman in black pulled a pillow out of a compartment in the wall and placed it on the floor in front of the chair. He tried to stay high, to stay where his lips wanted to stay, but commanding hands in black velvet pushed him down, and so he kissed down her belly, licked the sides of her chest and hips before finally pausing in front of the large cut cock between her legs. He took the whole cock inside his mouth, sucking it into him, his hand still bound behind his back wanting to grasp the hips, to clutch tight into the ass of the thing thrusting into his mouth.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 03

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-09-03

Her fully hardened nipples threatened to push through the thread-bare T-shirt and she could feel the heat growing in her body as he stared boldly at her breasts, the bulge in his pants rapidly growing, his eyes beginning to glaze over with excitement. She gagged and tried to pull her head away...but he forced it back onto his cock...fucking her mouth with a vengeance. Chrissy screamed out in pain as the huge cock ripped into her body, raping her shit hole, taking her without care, without feeling. He tried to push her head away, embarrassed at the thought of her lovely mouth so close to his dirty cock.

Grandma Gets Pierced

fetish JhMcKn 2018-09-03

Father opened his eyes and saw she was sucking me so he just kept his long cock all the way inside her cunt. "I got her upstairs, sat her on the toilet where she promptly pissed again, took her stocking off her legs, gave her cunt two good washes of hot water with her douche bulb, washed her cunt and legs, put a pair of sheer blue briefs on her, and told her to get a good sleep. If I tell you I am going to fuck your gray haired pussy, I expect you to lie down, spread your legs open and get my cock inside your cunt. Father said "Barbara and Donna, you each take one cunt lip and pull it aside so her peehole is showing."

Fulfilling Men's Fantasies Ch. 03

fetish sxylegs 2018-09-03

As I did so, Todd told me that he had heard me on the talk line and wanted to see if I could grant him his fantasy. As Todd was massaging my back he told me about the fact that he loved making a woman relax and feel really good. I felt him put his hand on the inside of my left thigh and slowly spread my legs. Todd put a little more cream on his hands and started massaging my butt again. Todd took his time to massage the front of my legs from the thighs all the way to the bottom of my feet. He then took his hand and started on top of my mound and stroked me all the way to the top of my butt crack.

Make You Bleed

fetish GMSM 2018-09-03

Biting your lip hard enough to draw bl**d, I lick and suck at it, pushing my tongue deep into your mouth. Growls rumble low in your throat, and I put my hand on the back of your head, responding harshly to your attack on my mouth, sucking your tongue hard, releasing it, and kissing you harder, biting your lower lip even harder, feeling my teeth puncture skin, licking the bl**d up. Removing my nails, I replace my right hand with my mouth, sucking hard on your nipple, tasting bl**d on my tongue. I pull my finger from your lips and kiss you, tasting myself in your mouth as I push my tongue inside.

Scottish She-Demon

fetish bigothboy 2018-09-03

"Ah have something special for yew, fag." She said "Ah'm going to fuck yer shitty arse- how do you like that?" She straddled my cock as I sat and eased her tiny pink hole onto me- her massive bush tickled me, and I caught my breath- my cock was a little numb from the tightness of the ring, but she was like molten hot velvet in there...soft and tight and perfect. "Ah tied some of them down." She smiled, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she slowly rose and fell "Then they stayed put, slobberin' little bitches...they went wild for mah cunt until ah squirted in their dirty mouths."


Sarah's Surprise

fetish KFP93 2018-09-03

The sound of her wet pussy slurping with each thrust and the two men grunting in unison as they headed towards orgasm was one of the most erotic things Sarah had ever heard. Sarah wanted to clean Jessica, she wanted the redhead to hover over her face as two loads of cum slowly dripped into her mouth from the lodger's ass and pussy. Not only had she been fucked by two strangers she met at a bar (she couldn't even remember their names at this point), but Sarah had then walked in and began to lap the cum from her pussy and asshole and she hadn't even batted an eyelid. Sarah felt the redhead pull sharply on her hair and meekly dipping her head, began to lick and suck her lodger's pussy.

Failure of the Dicklette

fetish 2018-09-03

"Yes princess", I said and started to upload my video. After a short while I said it felt too good, and she just shook her head and laughed, telling me "it had been 1 minute and 15 seconds... "She said, now lick her out, get all of your juice, you dont want stale cum on your dicklette the next time you use her do you?" She told me that I would be without orgasm for a whole month because of this, and that when she judged the time right I would be allowed to write this story, so that everyone would know how much of a small dicklette loser who cannot last a minute and a half I am.

The Ultimate Punishment Ch. 03

fetish Quiet One 2018-09-03

Austin paused a moment in my spanking to reach up and squeeze the enema bag, and sent a large amount of water rushing into my bowels. Here I was bent over Austin's knee, with an enema nozzle sticking out of my ass, receiving a very hard spanking, and my pussy was betraying me by beginning to overflow with juices. Austin moaned low, and I felt him pull the nozzle of out of my ass very quickly and rough. "Yes, that's it Tabitha, spread those legs a bit wider for me, I want to push my tongue deep in you. "Your' such the slut Tabitha, you know you deserve this, I'm going to fuck your pussy good and hard until I cum, and not until then will you be able to empty yourself.

The Hairem Pt. 03: Understanding Job

fetish HairAddict67 2018-09-03

When I got to work early the next day after my amazing day of being sucked off by two gorgeous young ladies and fucking my mother's hair, I half expected Miss Wilson to just turn around and suck my cock. As I played with her hair Miss Wilson told me, "By the way, I think you're really going to enjoy your lunch break today." Then I watched as Katherine began to play with Cat's hair, working in the cum to those dirty blonde locks. Once my cock was cleaned, Cat turned her attention back to Katherine's cunt and began licking away while Katherine kept playing with her hair.

Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 01

fetish hotmetalman 2018-09-03

After a long day, my wife, Lynn, and I crawl into bed and kiss and cuddle for a couple of minutes. I am really tired and wanted to go to sleep, but I do love to pamper Lynn and, as things stand, it is in my interest to be a good husband. I crawl between her legs and bring my mouth to her cunt and start to kiss and suck on it the way I know that she likes. I feel of stab of humiliation at the thought of Cissy knowing about my submissive side, but my cock responds by getting hard at the thought of our secret getting out to Lynn's friends.

Lactation Surprises

fetish jimjim123 2018-09-03

We continued for a minute and then suddenly I felt Kim's hand move and start to open the button on my jeans, my zip soon followed and within moments Kim had my naked cock between her fingers, slowly stroking me from top to bottom as her moans gently increased as I allowed my tongue to start teasing her right nipple as I sucked her milk. I pulled back, allowing her to relax slightly and then wrapped my hands rounds her silky smooth thighs, resting them on my shoulders as I leaned in and gently teased her pussy with my tongue, slowly this time, barely making contact.