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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Night is Still Young

fetish Copycat88 2018-09-03

We sat for a few minutes, chatting sipping our drinks and relaxing when Bonnie stood up and taking 'Michelle's hand led 'her' to the spot where 'she' had just given her husband one if the best blow jobs of his life. It wasn't until we watched the video later that I got the full effect of Bonnie fucking 'Michelle's' ass, 'Michelle' licking me, and me sucking Steve's cock. Bonnie pushed into 'Michelle's' ass, 'Michelle' bumped into my pussy, I was thrust onto Steve's cock. I could feel 'Michelle's' ass tighten up on my strap-on, gasping for air every time Steve pulled out and he had that 'I am no longer attached to reality' look that meant 'she' was going to cum any second.

The Day I Stole My First Panties

fetish Bella-36 2018-09-03

Believe me, I had gone over to Carolyn's house with every intention of studying for whatever final we were cramming for, but the moment I saw Mrs. Brown that night, I think probably an ounce of juice flowed into my panties and I was completely taken by her. As you can probably guess, I was WAY more interested in thinking about Mrs. Brown's panties than I was about studying. I remember that the way the elastic was on the legs and waistband, it made the blue satin material "ruffle" up, but I think that when Mrs. Brown put them on, they were probably a little more form fitting and the material would smooth out over her delicious curves.

Petite Stepdaughter, Pt. II

fetish 2018-09-03

I certainly wouldn’t say, “No.” However, after I said, “Yes,” and as Laurel and I were kissing, despite my conscience, my dick started getting hard as I was thinking about young Lana being in my house…taking a shower…masturbating in her bed…bringing a boyfriend inside to fuck him in the middle of the night. However, I intentionally did not cum, and when Laurel got home, I immediately began undressing her and then fucked her from behind while she was bent over the couch in the front room. Laurel didn’t notice it, but I saw Lana standing at the door, watching her mother and I fucking. “You like that big dick, don’t you?” I said to Laurel while looking at Lana.

Becoming Kitten

fetish AngelSubmits 2018-09-03

I knew by the way she said it that it wasn't going to be pleasant. I finished showering as quickly as I could, but not before the minimum of 10 minutes that Mistress said I needed just to be clean. Come with me," she said to my Mistress. "Well follow me," she said, this time looking directly at me. Mistress had picked out a pink lace thong for me to wear that day. When we got to the back room, the girl in the waxing room looked up with what seemed like a smirk. "Well Kitten, what would you like done?" she said. "Kitten here really wants his pussy to be waxed clean," she said. "Look, Kitten," Mistress turned back to me.

Roommate's Ravishing

fetish Catisfaction 2018-09-03

He pulled out of me and walked to my head, he shoved his now limp prick into my mouth telling me to lick it clean, just as I began sucking the cum off him I was suddenly penetrated by another huge, fat, cock. Tony knelt behind me and pushed my legs apart, he shoved his head between them and sucked at the men's cum that had started pouring out if my pussy, as he stopped he tied my ankles to the table legs, he stood and pushed me forward, securing my hands above me. She laid me face down on the bed and lowered her tongue to my arse, sucking and licking all the cum out of it, slowly she turned me over and thrust a double headed dildo into my cunt, she climbed on top of it and began fucking me.

Jackie & Rod Become Lovers

fetish Willing2Do 2018-09-03

Relaxing in their home, naked at the kitchen bar, him kissing, licking and sucking her globular mammaries, swirling his tongue in her hairy armpits, fingering her slimy, thicklipped, furry cunny between her fat thighs, her stroking his tumescent manhood, leaning over from time to time to kiss, lick and suck it, he soon started taking cherries from the jar and shoving them into her lovehole. Sherry sat on the sticky bar stool as Rod made a pot of coffee for them, then settled into another bar stool to listen to her bullshit, until she moved and felt her fancy dress stuck to the cummy, cherry-juice stained stool.

The Hotel Maid

fetish steele432 2018-09-02

She started to grind on me just to get me riled up, that didn't take long of course as I felt the heat from her pussy through my pants and onto my groin. Tasting the pre-cum at the head of it she swirled the tip around in her mouth a couple times and then went deeper onto it. She started to shake, her pussy tightened and then let out a sudden surge of juices, my balls squeezed every last drop of sperm that they had out of my long shaft and deep into her pussy. We stayed like that for a long time, I didn't move, just kept my dick inside of her, she didn't want to move.

The Devil in Her Pt. 01

fetish BarryCKretive 2018-09-02

Every once in a while Jaime would come cruising by to check on Angie, get another drink, and show off the latest plastic trinket she had collected by flashing her ample brown D-cup breasts. As Angie watched Jaime disappear into the crowd of debauched revelers, her eyes scanned over towards the door where the bouncer was carding a group of new arrivals. With a contented sigh, she ran her hand slowly down her side, up over her hip, and over her pelvis spreading her fingers and running them through her pubic hair. Jaime stood in the doorway, her short frame a stark contrast to Angie's height and long legs. In some ways, Jaime was the cause of Angie's recent lack of self confidence.

A Golden Request

fetish robroy1957 2018-09-02

She got in that chair and scootched her butt right to the edge, spread her legs wide and played with her nipples as I told her how fucking horny I was and we waited... And sure enough not a few days later there we were, talking once again and it comes out that she has always had a thing about peeing when she masturbated alone and there we were scrambling for the chair again. She spreads herself wide and starts telling me how she will undress in the bathroom at work and as she approaches orgasm from playing with her nipples and clit, gets up close to the sink and pees in it as she is cumming...fuck me that is exciting to hear come out of your wife's mouth.

Dean Becomes a Cuckold

fetish tiez 2018-09-02

Just like when I fuck you with my hand." Dean opened his mouth, her finger slid along his lower lip. "Open!" and the cock filled his mouth again as the leash pulled him back into the man's crotch. The leash went slack but hands grabbed his head, pulling him toward and away from his crotch, now fucking his mouth. Dean heard his Mistress saying something, but it was unintelligible to him as he was getting his face fucked and his head being grabbed by large hands. "Clean me off boy, my cum and hers" He shoved his cock roughly into Dean's mouth, forcing himself in, making him slurp, suck and clean him. As the man climbed up onto the bed to join them he pointed out how hard Dean's cock had become.

Forced Strapon

fetish trypewyre 2018-09-02

I still act like I am asleep when I feel her soft hand brush against my half hard cock. She pulls my head away from the hard rubber and a pop is heard as it exits my mouth. Shortly after her saying that I try to say something but when I open my mouth and begin to say something she shoves the entire length of the fake cock down my throat in one motion. With the arousal from the ass fucking my cock is rock hard with precum slowly dripping down it. As I collapse again on the floor my girlfriend crabs my cock with her mouth and deep throats my hard throbbing member.

A Pantyhose Story

fetish 2018-09-02

As we continue our passionate kiss I can feel the warmth of your pussy rubbing against the tip of my dick. You let out a moan as you feel the tip of my cock enter your hot, moist pussy. I run my hands up and down your pantyhose covered thighs as I watch you as you start to rock back and forth on my cock as you play with your tits. You start to scream that you are cumming as I grab your pantyhose covered ass and continue to fuck your pussy. As I sit there on the edge of the bed you bend over and reach back in between your legs and grab my hard cock which is covered in your pussy juice.

Weekend At Katie's

fetish katiewhore 2018-09-02

The reason I got up so darn early was I like time to get ready, especially after a night out, I mean there's all the normal things you need to do like pissing and pooping that you guys don't want to hear about (except the coprophilliacs like you, Kat!), but really I just love luxuriating in a long, hot shower. OH FUCKING GOD THERE'S A FIST IN MY CUNT AND THE GIRL WHO IS DOING IT IS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND KINKY AND SEXY AND SO AM I AND THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD AND OH, YES, GOD, THERE'S THAT PRESSURE INSIDE MY TUMMY AND IT FEELS LIKE I'VE GOT A THOUSAND COCKS IN ME AT THE SAME TIME AND I'M CUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win or Lose Ch. 01

fetish BillyBobJoeEd 2018-09-02

My wife, Lily, and I have been married for a long time and during all our years together she’s never, willingly swallowed my cum. That, combined with the way she rolled her hips and the mental movie of her pulling my shining wet cock from her pussy and sucking my load down her throat, made me blast off inside her without warning. “Admit you liked sucking your own load of cum out of my pussy,” It had to be clear to Lily that, while I wanted her to lose and end up sucking me off, this new twist to our sex life was in itself a major turn on for me.

Brother-in-Law Slaves

fetish Poorwriter 2018-09-02

After nearly forty-five minutes of watching my sisters enjoy their massages I noticed the boys' hands were finding their way into their panties and that's when both girls decided to go upstairs and go to bed. Barb and Diane said to their hubby's, "Boys now you take good care of our little sister and give her a nice massage too. We could all feel the sexual electricity, especially because just before the two topless gals left, they bent over at their husbands and slid their panties off, giving us all from behind pussy shots while they picked them up and then stood up and left the room wagging their fine little bare naked butts as they walked out of the room and upstairs to their bedrooms.

Nasty Fetish

fetish Mindflayer1978 2018-09-02

I discovered she liked anal sex and fucking while on her period. I ate her pussy out as usual but this time she let her pee flow. I discovered that she had a pee fetish like the first chick did I was so excited and couldn't wait to get back to drinking girl piss again. Over time we began to not see things eye to eye personally and decided to separate, but despite our differences on life issues we would always be sexually bonded and even if we weren't a couple we would still fuck each other from time to time. I don't know where this fetish will go, but I want to meet women in person that share similar likes.

Something Snaps

fetish mrurethra 2018-09-02

She ever so lovingly strokes her daughter's face and neck with her shit covered hands, brushing over the girl's mouth and trying to get her to taste the crap. The mother starts fingering her own cunt now, while she's looking at her daughter and standing over her, sucking in an aroused breath between her teeth, and telling her daughter how she's such a good girl, and she's been really good, she's made mummy really happy. At first they slap her daughter's face, but she pulls away quickly, just leaving her two fingers inside her cunt, and thumbing her mother's clitoris with the one hand.

Bobby & Mrs. Clark Ch. 02

fetish Reverse_Cowboy 2018-09-02

When she heard me gasp, the redhead picked up her head to see who had come into the playroom and my jaw dropped, as I saw that the person Mrs. Clark had strapped to the kneeler was Julie. I walked to a spot a few feet in front of the kneeler and got to my knees on the floor, clasped my left hand in my right behind my back, bowed my head and waited for Mrs. Clark to give me a command. Mrs. Clark smiled and said, "Bobby come stand over here in front of Julie so she can suck that wonderful cock of yours." "That's enough for now." Mrs. Clark said, and Julie pulled her head back and left me cock fall from her mouth and bob up and down in front of her face.

The Farm Ch. 02

fetish MsLinnet 2018-09-02

With all his strength he pushed me down on to the table and kicked then he pulled my knickers off and I felt the coolness of the evening on my exposed flesh, he kicked my legs apart so my bottom lowered then I felt his rod against my skin he ran it down my arse crack until he found my bum hole he gave it a little push and I was shocked that he would think I would let such a thing could happen, but he moved down to find my sex slit and my body opened up for my farm master.

Time for a Kit Kat Ch. 06

fetish cashcrunch 2018-09-02

Her beautiful round face with large, cat-like eyes bore a shit-eating grin that belied her knowledge of the perverted adventures Evan and Kat had been having as of late. "Are you coming bitch?" Kit screamed as she clenched her pussy tightly around Evan's cock, making herself tighter than ever. "Shut up you fucking whore!" Evan thrust himself into Kitty's wide-open sex. "Good girl," Evan cooed as he slowed, thrusting only the head of his cock into Kit. Once, twice, three times, then fast and deep, then back to only the head again. Too much cum in your pussy you dirty, dirty girl." Evan slowly rose from the prostrate Kit and turned to go to the bathroom.

Sins with my cousin!

fetish rockhard132 2018-09-02

Her little pussy lips were completely drenched and pulled out of his little girls hairless wet pussy and then he grabbed her by her hair and he pulled her head to his hard cock that was covered in her little pussy juices and her fathers cum and he said you wanted me and my hard cock that's what you wanted daddy to do so I'm gonna make you clean up after the mess from me fucking your wet little pussy and she screamed as he pushed the head of his cock in her little mouth and he pulled her head to his hard cock and he pulled her head as he pushed the head of his cock in her little mouth and he was getting turned on by the fact that she was actually taking most of the cock.

Wet Nipples

fetish rheineck1 2018-09-02

Having said that, Ivonne was an intelligent, hard working young woman who had a French Canadian accent that made my cock twitch every time I heard it. Watery coloured milk was gently pushing out from around her nipples, and started dripping onto the bulge of her pregnant tummy. She was still crying a little, and every time her diaphram contracted with the pain a little spray of milk jetted out from both breasts, covering us both. Ivonne put one hand behind my head and used the other to lift her left nipple directly into my mouth. About this time Ivonne started to thrust her crotch in against mine while groaning with delight as her burden was lifted.

Submissive BBW

fetish dodger125 2018-09-02

My belly may be big but my thighs are firm and my arse is to die for, like two perfectly round balloons squeezing together. The brown curly hair between my thighs conceal my perfectly stowed pussy, small and clam-like in appearance and always wet! “Lie down on the floor and do yourself”, said a different male voice. Opening my legs, I gave the room as good view of my pussy as I worked my clit again for them. They fell to either side of my body due to their size and my nipples gave the appearance of rolling eyes as they protruded from my dark brown areolas.

Memories Can't Wait

fetish KuroshioX 2018-09-02

One corner of my mouth twists up into a smile as I hold my slept in hair out the way and fit the tie over my head, letting it settle around my collar before I take a deep breath. As I pull my hand from the thick jumper and stand, I look at my reflection in the mirror closely, trying to see myself as other people see me: previously mohawked, raven-colored hair splayed out over my temples, wide-set cheekbones and broad nose, unremarkable lips and dark, innocent eyes. I wanted to look away, but my eyes were fixed, even as my head turned.