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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 15

fetish fursmoke11 2018-09-02

"Wow that was hot..." Laura said, marvelling at the catlike way the Italian Ethiopian beauty in sparkling dress had seduced the cigarette from her hand in one svelte movement, inhaled and blew cigarette smoke back at her; as Hektor had lifted his wife's slim body toward him with lust in his eyes. "Catch ya later Jennifer..." Laura said pecking her once more and this time it was she who took the cigarette from another's hand and inhaled as she sauntered across the penthouse lounge and toward Martins' room. "I think you're going to like helping mum shop for a new fur coat aren't you Martin" she teased, the slight tributaries above her lips quivering as she inhaled and exhaled on the long white Marlboro again.

Adult Theater Play On My Day Off

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-09-02

The taller one looked at me and said "Would you suck my friend while I watch?" I couldn't believe my ears, my heart was pounding and I felt light headed for a moment. I slowly licked the pre cum from his mushroom head and his cock jumped with pleasure. I went painfully slow for the first 5 minutes with just my mouth and I made sure that his cock head got most of the attention. I held his mushroom head in my mouth and used my hand to gently squeeze pre cum from his cock. I continued working his cock head with my mouth gently and slowly.

Premature cum in hotel

fetish 5inchsoffun 2018-09-02

She immediately reached for my cock and started rubbing it through my pants. She began to slowly wank me off and soon pulled my foreskin right back and started sucking hard on my bell end. I approached her wet hole with the tip of my cock and as soon as she felt me touch her lips, she reached between her legs and grabbed my cock to guide me inside. She turned around, covered in cum and started to push me, shouting and calling me pathetic. Regardless of how it ended and the fact that my cock never got to taste her pussy, I had a great time!

Laura's Cherry Pie

fetish hotpup 2018-09-02

We kept dating but I never ate her shit hole again since she wouldn't do mine." I could see Laura squirm a little in her chair and wasn't sure if this talk was turning her on like it was me. Swallowing hard I couldn't believe what I was seeing as she stood there in a lacy black bra and matching panties which were covered by the pantyhose that made her legs look so damn sexy. Now go ahead stud and give my nasty cunt a great big hug." As she spoke she put her hands on my shoulders As soon as she finished speaking I wrapped my arms around her luscious butt and drew her crotch up against my nose and mouth and inhaled deeply.

College Failure

fetish DaddysGirlLacey 2018-09-02

'Yes anything I am desperate, I really cannot go back home and tell them that I have lived up to their expectations and failed at college.' Lacey could feel the tears starting to well up. She started to feel a little uncomfortable, moving her head away from his hands and squirming in her chair in an attempt to cover herself up. 'There's a good girl,' Professor Krank said, letting his hand rest on her ass, caressing her through her skirt. 'You take on colour well,' he complimented, sliding his finger into her wet pussy, taking it out and sliding it into her virgin ass, feeling her shudder against him, hearing her muffled scream.

Perks at Work

fetish GrapleIRIS 2018-09-02

He watched those black heels moving over the thick carpeting for a few more strides, eyes following the seams up the backs of her legs, then shook his head as if to clear his senses and bounded off after her. Her feet slipped upwards again: silky nylon against his bare legs, one of them coming to rest on the front of his left hip bone…the other…oh my God the other…coming up from underneath his balls…exquisite pressure…running up alongside the underside of his hard, throbbing cock…pressing it against his belly…toes coming to rest on the very head…circling…playing in a quickly growing wet spot at the front of his boxers.

The Panty Club Ch. 07

fetish nikki_2021 2018-09-02

Teri sat watching as Abby slowly pulled her tiny shorts down her luscious legs, revealing a pair of black lace tanga panties beneath. "You don't even know what the club is for you dumb fuck, so if you really want in, you come when you're told and you wear that." Abby and Teri walked away. Greg lay down and pulled his cock out the side of the thong and started to work his hand up and down it, pumping his shaft as his gaze took in the sight of three hot girls in their school uniforms all rubbing their panties or slipping a hand inside to play with their pussies. As he adjusted them, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Abby and Teri handed each other their panties and Anne held the yellow thong for Amber.


fetish robinlikesitrough 2018-09-02

the next thing I know, is you roughly and painfully gripped my shoulders and are forcing me to my knees with the pressure, and just as my knees hit the floor you unzip, pull out your semi erect large cock, and start slapping my face with it, demanding "suck my cock you fucking little cock teasing bitch!!","no daddy, please, no" I say, only to have you move your other hand to my neck, squeezing even painfully harder, while you tell me "this is what happens to bad girls like you", "now, open your fucking mouth, wrap those lips around it and suck it!!" your grip is hurting to the point of making me cry out and when I open my mouth to do that, you take the opportunity to shove your now fully erect 8" cock into my mouth, and begin to lustfully face fuck me, "i warned you, you little cock teaser, if you kept running around the house dressed only in your sexy underwear, stuff that is really too sexy for your age, shaking your tight little ass at me, laughing and thinking you were being cute, that someday something was going to happen to you" you breathed out hard, while making me gag and choke on your hard thrusting cock.

Email Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish illicit_writer 2018-09-02

"I'm Tracy and this is Jill." Connor turned to greet her friends and took a drink from his beer. Tracy held on to Karen's shoulder for balance, but the feeling of three bodies pressed against her caused a wave of pleasure through the housewife. "You go girl!" Jill yelled and then the two moved away on the dance floor leaving Karen alone with her emotions in turmoil. "Let me start and if you don't feel right, I can stop." Before Karen could answer, Jill undid her seatbelt and moved a hand lightly up and down Karen's thigh. Above her fingers, Karen felt Jill's hand playing with her clit.

Tales of a Bullying "Victim" Part 2

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-09-02

As Lisa and Tanya got off the bed to look at me in a full picture, Clarissa suddenly jumped onto the bed and sat down hard on top of me. "By the way, the girls will be back soon, and I know for a fact they ain't gay so their idea of having fun with you is just going to be good ol' fashioned bullying!" She laughed. "Sure am, and you know what," she paused as she grabbed some of her deep red lipstick and started rubbing it on my forehead, "there I think that says it all!" She giggled, she had wrote 'Lezzy Slut' on me.

Forest Adventure

fetish FoldedFlag 2018-09-02

**Before you read the story, its about a young man who goes out to the forest looking for self pleasure in a moment of ectasy, involving pee and cum. Still licking the piss leaking out of my cock I began to realize something else was making its way out of my cock, pre-cum. I felt bad for wasting so much piss, but in my mind, the world around grew fuzzy till the only thing i could think of was the piss flooding my mouth, and the cum I wanted to pump out of my cock. I ran out of piss and got my mouth flooded with so much piss, it began to run down my chin and onto my body, down back to my cock.

Passion Fruits

fetish Wyn 2018-09-02

Gasping sharply as he pulled the melon down over his hardness, it took him with some resistance, as he made the hole a little smaller on purpose. Pumping the melon faster and faster, he felt his balls pulling up tighter to his body and he knew it was almost time. He stood up quickly and saw the melon hang easily from his hard cock for just a second before fucking it furiously, the sloshing and sucking sounds bringing him even closer to orgasm. He continued to fuck it slowly until he became too soft to force his cock into the hole, moaning and letting his head fall back.

Pedicure with the New Girl

fetish DanielleMoore 2018-09-02

I tried to relax, lose myself in the feeling of her fingers massaging the toes of my other foot, but the image of her hands that far up my leg almost, one could say, between my knees, haunted me. Again, her hands moved from my toes to the arch of my foot, then to my heel, up my calf and as her fingers skimmed higher, that light touch on the back of my knee just about undid me. Ridiculously slow, her tongue began tracing the tips of each of the toes on that foot and my head fell back, my eyes closed.

Another granny

fetish itches 2018-09-02

She smiled and said I was a good looking man and that she was sure I was able to attract good looking men. I told her I figured she wasn't interested either way so why not just be open about it. She said you live nearby and I told her no and that I lived about 30 minutes north of the restaurant. She took over and said you and me can just have sex and no problems if I wasn't so much older and a black woman ? I looked at her dead in the eyes and said that she was stunning and that age didn't have a factor in it at all. She turned around and I stepped Infront of her and started kissing this beautiful black senior citizen.

Sally's First Night

fetish Dragonia 2018-09-02

Sally looked to her right another girl with long dark hair was walking up towards her, she wore a very short leather skirt and tight sleeveless top. After a couple of minutes Beth stood up and walked to the end of the bed, "come on" she said extending her hand to Sally. "Oh yeah that’s real nice", Jim said as he rested his head back and closed his eyes, Sally pumped his cock back and forth for a while before climbing to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth. Jim opened his eyes and looked surprised at Sally who let his cock slide out of her mouth as she licked her lips.

A Weekend With Agnes

fetish Kommandant 2018-09-02

I considered my reply, and said, as diplomatically as possible, “I think I know that Madam, but I’m anxious to extend my knowledge and experience of the dominance scene, and Agnes …” At this point she slapped me hard. “I think kicking a pathetic male body is one of the most satisfying things in the world, for me anyway, and I intend to do a lot of it this weekend. Tell you what, go to my bedroom at the head of the stairs, first on the left, look in the wardrobe and YOU choose which shoes you want to be kicked by. “Oh, it’s only a three, straighten your legs.” I did so, with difficulty, and three full- bodied kicks from those heavy shoes thudded into my right thigh.

Olivia On His Face

fetish realbigsid69 2018-09-02

"Now you can give me a morning orgasm and I want to see if you've remembered what I taught you last night" she said, looking down into his eyes and lowering her pussy at the same time. He let his tongue slide straight up into her pussy, then withdrew after a minute and sucked on her lips before licking around the outer lips and back inside them again. In some ways Tara looked up to Olivia and she wondered..........her mind was brought back to the sight of the fit young man, muscles developing even better and becoming more obedient, striving between her legs to build her slowly up to orgasm.

Retribution, Oh So Bittersweet

fetish analasis 2018-09-02

My fiancée was more than beautiful, she was gorgeous, blond hair streaming over slender shoulders, blue eyes flashing above a patrician nose and bud-like lips; her oval breasts tapering to narrow waist and rounded ass, ending in long shapely legs. Carefully, I opened the bedroom door and, with dismay, witnessed my future wife spread-eagled on the bed, legs wide, with a dark, hirsute youth thrusting deeply within. As my anger cooled, I still ached for her, seeing her angelic face, framed in hair of summer corn, her graceful neck and shoulders descending to jutting breasts, nipples erect, still aroused, then to narrow waist and widening hips, above her long tapering legs.

My Night in the Park

fetish bingochalice 2018-09-02

Then there's the mental side to it, all the thoughts that seem to be running through my mind in the split second of the start of orgasm: the wondering about just how good this is going to be; the memory of those two previous involuntary moments and how absolutely gorgeous they felt at the time; the various little ideas and imaginings of what else I'm going to get up to tonight; the recurring thought I always have when masturbating of how absolutely incredible it is that I can make myself feel this way; and the extension of that same thought into amazement at the things I'm actually doing to myself at this second; the layered sexy, naughty feelings brought on by being naked and outside, by peeing for sexual reasons, by masturbating outside, and especially by cumming outside where (theoretically at least) anyone could discover me.

Reversals Ch. 06

fetish RachelClark 2018-09-02

Julia was in the kitchen cooking breakfast wearing a black, sweetheart apron with white polka dots that looked like a short, sexy dress from the front with the back open revealing her black, chiffon nightgown underneath. Julia smiled as she discarded the apron and sat down at one of the two chairs of the dinette while Eric crossed over from the living room and into their kitchen. "I thought maybe you were going to apologize for yesterday," Eric said quietly. How could I?" Eric stood up, preparing to confront Julia, to tell her she had gone too far, that he had been used, demeaned, to demand some control back, some respect as a man.

Carmen's Slut Story Ch. 02

fetish sutter home cab 2018-09-01

I whispered in her ear that I wanted to go somewhere private and lick her little pussy and she suggested we go out to her van while Rene and Eric continue watching the show. Amanda sat right up and took my sticky thumb into her mouth and sucked her ass juices off. We had a pretty good rhythm going but I wanted to see Amanda and Rene so I stood up and turned my back to Eric. Eric came up behind me and used both of his hands to pull my ass hole open and then shoved his big cock back in. Rene stood, bent over, and Amanda started lapping at her wet pussy.

Finding Himself in Her Ch. 05

fetish Mr_Owlow 2018-09-01

That look soon turned to one of surprise and excitement as Kara reached down and positioned the head of Jaime's girl-cock against her slick asshole instead of back in her wet pussy. Kara had her eyes closed and a look of concentration on her face as Jaime felt her cock slowly sliding further and further inside until it was balls deep. Kara felt like being aggressive and she knew Jaime's ass could handle it, so she moved one hand to Jaime's mouth to muffle her and then slammed the dildo all the way inside.

Tina Rules Ch. 1

fetish jimmysub 2018-09-01

I had been reading about a guy who was so emasculated his wife put him in one of her old night gowns and sends him off to sleep in the guest room while she entertains her young stud lover in their bed. I tried to explain that I wanted to save my vacation time as planned so we could get away for a few weeks at the end of August. If you would like some of my old clothes put them aside and if I don’t really want them anymore you can have them. When I’m on a date and can’t get you a babysitter I get you dressed for bed and lock you in your room.


Wanda Wants to Play

fetish sweetangelic 2018-09-01

As soon as Wanda had her boots and fishnet stockings on she headed straight back to join in with Brooke and Roxanne. Suddenly Wanda had a cock in her mouth and Brooke started playing with her cunt. "Take him deeper into your mouth now" says Mistress Mia whilst pushing Wanda's head down further to gag on the cock in her mouth. Mistress Mia breaks up the party by pulling Wanda's head up off Chelle's dick. Still holding her by the back of the head Mia maneuvered Wanda so she is kneeling in front as David slowly impales himself on Chelle's stiff pole. "Suck his dick while the bi-boy gets his arse fucked." Mia demanded pushing Wanda forward.