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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Gloryhole In The Park

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-09-01

A beautiful, smooth cock, fully erect and my visitor’s right hand slowly manipulating it up and down. I put my cock through the hole ever so slightly and his fingers came through and fondled the head of my swollen cock a bit. Now there are definite sensations one feels when his cock is through the hole. You can usually tell when he is just playing with your cock with his hands or actually putting his lips or mouth on it. However the feeling of having your cock sucked while through a gloryhole is totally different. After we both rested a minute like that, I then straightened myself out, exited from the stall, rinsed my hands and mouth well and then exited from the toilets.

Plus-sized Fun

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-09-01

Her big body sat hard on my throbbing dick pushing it deep inside her until I felt her cervix against the head of my cock. ''Fuck me baby,'' Christina panted as another climax shook her big sexy body. "Here it comes baby,'' Christina cood as her wide hips pushed forward and the first few inches of hard latex penetrated my virgin ass. ''Fuck me hard baby,'' Christina said in a needy lust filled voice as she looked back over her shoulder with her smoldering eyes. I eased the big purple dildo into her soaking wet pussy and I moaned as the oval ball moved inside my ass.

Design Your Figure

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-01

As the procedure progresses, increasing pressure will be applied to the body-forms until they fit exactly and precisely over the client in the manner agreed in the hologram. Immediately, the Kevlar shaper is replaced on her figure and she must wear that for not less than 48 hours, until the transformation process is complete and we can be sure the Transogen gas has dissipated completely from her tissues. These corsets assume the shape of the client immediately; but slowly because I like to savour the sensation of feeling her waist and hips, the curve over her derriere, the flat stiffness over her abdomen and the constraint over her pubis.

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 05

fetish Tdisk 2018-09-01

A few hours after the artwork had dried Mike had moved his face in close as Becca got naked for the bedtime milking. With Becca in position on the frame Mike was able to finalize points of attachment and sizing for straps that could be used to secure her to the machine if desired. He tried to reassure Becca that the technicians routinely scanned women's bodies but secretly he wondered how they'd react to her great milk filled tits. It was about ten days later that Mike informed Becca that Dr. Jensen had completed his off-site work and would be coming over to their condo on Saturday morning for the final assembly and testing of the machine.

Gloryhole Alternative

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-09-01

As attractive as the on-screen scene was, this guy and his Fleshlight was way more interesting. He turned and asked, "Would you like to try it?" I didn't know if he meant me jacking him with the toy or me trying the Fleshlight, but either way sounded hot so I nodded. He took my cock in his mouth and got it wet with a few excellent strokes. I was a little disappointed when he replaced his mouth with the Fleshlight. He began to work it up and down my cock and it felt great. In any case, I was having a great time sucking his cock. Just before he started to swell, I felt the toy being replaced by his mouth.

High Rise Exhibitionist

fetish R_U_Romantic 2018-09-01

"Sounds like a good idea." I said, "I put myself in your obviously capable hands." I added with an equally wide smile. I took that delicate hand and shook it slowly as I said, "Hi Kay, I'm Allen." "Okay Allen, I guess I can trust you for fifteen till then." She said with a seductive looking smile coming across her full pouty lips. "Would you like to look at my body Allen?" Kay asked. "I'm going inside for a few minutes Allen, set up your telescope and watch for me." Kay said. Kay's hand slowly slid down over one heaving breast and through that perfect patch of red pubic hair to her glistening pussy lips.

The Basketball Team Ch. 02

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-09-01

She remembered everything, the date with her son's friend, the vicious fucking by the two black boys, the video they had shown her husband and son, and then even the way Devon had scooped up her fit body over his shoulder and carried her back to the bedroom for some fun. Even if her husband would never protest her sucking cock around the house, Lilly feared nothing more than the outside world seeing her as anything other than the pretty young housewife and mother. "First," Devon began, "I'd like to thank Parker for introducing us to this lovely woman, his mother and our new sex cat." At the nickname, Lilly giggled like a little girl, and Parker smiled at the approval from the two boys.

Kinky Older Mistress

fetish alanc 2018-09-01

I began to force into her with longer and harder strokes and she bounced up and down on me higher and harder also, crying out each time my full length reached all the way inside. I knelt up behind her and took my dick in my hand, she reached beneath her and grabbed it again and guided it into her sopping pussy and I shoved it back in in one long stroke, groaning as I did so. She slid back down the bed and took hold of my dick and began, ever so lightly, to tease the pulsing end of it with the tip of her tongue.

Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. Part

fetish OpenDesires 2018-09-01

Part of you is happy that it is happening secretly, but there is the other part that wants everyone to notice, to gather around and watch as my fingers fuck you, their hands stroking their hard cocks for you to see, and the women the couple that are in the bar, watching and caressing themselves...their fingers playing in their pussies just as mine are playing in yours. The thought of being in the bar while feeling my fingers in you had been arousing, as it had happened with no one noticing, but part of you wanted them to with knowing why it was here we had met, it took no time for your mind to fill with the pleasures that could happen here over a weekend...but should you leave or stay, that question was answered u*********sly as your hand still gripping my cock began moving again.

horny bitch in heat

fetish 2018-09-01

I think I've got a little lucky on this one as was going to arrange with a different guy but he bailed out otherwise she wasn't going to meet. He's another asian guy as they seem to know how to fuck and how to cum. She's not happy though but I'm still holding out for sunday when again she meets up with a black bull willing to fuck his cum into my wife.  I wanted him to get a good eyeful of her pussy before he gets her in the bedroom but she comes down wearing a thong under her corset. A black guy that wants to arrange a 4 man interracial gangbang for her is getting the chance on his own and then sunday more black cock. 

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 01

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-09-01

Other than hanging out in many sleazy strip clubs when younger, our favorite place was camping and wandering the semi secluded areas of a State Park north of Chicago along Lake Michigan. From the main large parking lot there is a paved road which passed many small parking areas and ended at a small museum with a walking loop through the woods, marshland, and if we took a turn off trail, along the little river to the beach. Note #1 Over many more years, on the other side of Lake Michigan, we again would have that feeling of voyeurs as we walked along secluded beaches nude or mostly so.

A Fantasy That Cums Through The Screen

fetish Young_Dream04 2018-09-01

Hard enough to want to feel my tongue run up and down your chest? Young***04: My hands slowly take your hard cock and stroke up and down. Ohh you feel so good against my tongue.I slowly take you into my mouth. My hands move to your balls as my tongue swirls all around your throbbing cock. I’m dying to feel your hot tongue on me, in me. yess ohh your tongue it feels soo good. You bring your big strong fingers up and begin massaging my clit as your tongue dives deep into my hot wet cunt. I feel your teeth and tongue- the pleasure is soo strong I begin screaming. I feel you tense up and I know you’re gonna shoot your hot cum inside me.

Black Neighbor, Wife, Daughter & Me-Part 4 Tru

fetish bmckzi 2018-09-01

What I saw was Jerome laying on his side with her head on top of his bottom thigh and his other leg around her head and he was gently and sensuously moving his big beautiful black dick in and out of my wife's ,warm, soft mouth! I felt myself getting hard hearing her softly moaning, and cooing..She Loved sucking his dick more than she ever loved sucking me...and I Loved watching her do it and was so happy that I could provide my beautiful wife as a "Gift" to Jerome and his Black Dick.

My New Life as a Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish CuckHubby1 2018-09-01

As I was pushing the cart through the store, I noticed this good looking man following me and I could see him staring at my tits through my tank top and bra and staring at my ass in my little shorts. As his fingers rubbed my clit, I moaned into his ear I wanted him to fuck me with his big cock. I started moaning as I licked what seemed the last of this strange man's cum out of my wife's well fucked pussy. I sheepishly obeyed and got back on my knees and started licking up my own cum from her pussy. What she said stung a lot, yet I was so turned on to hear the rest of what happened, I bit my tongue and started licking out my own cum from her pussy.

Moms Plumbing

fetish 2018-09-01

"Good, good!" said the man, and then mom cupped my balls and started jerking my penis. "Go ahead lady, put your sons hard cock in your mouth!" said the man. Mom leaned her head down and opened her mouth wide and began sucking my cock! I looked at the plumber while mom was blowing my ridged skin flute and he had his huge hard eleven inch cock out and was twist jerking it with both hands! He took my hand and made me pump his thick cock while he fucked my moms mouth hole. The plumber man started cumming hard in moms mouth so she had to let him jizz all over her face!

Tommy's Wife Turns Him Out

fetish adamlily1972 2018-09-01

Andrew, Laurie, Meg, and I were huddled over a coffee table, studying a postcard-size piece of white filter paper on a coffee table. Meg and I had come to Andrew and Laurie's house to try a new drug. Although I'd worked for Andrew a few times, Laurie and Meg were our group's fundamental connection. "Andrew," said Meg. It was her best classroom management voice. I worked Andrew's cock, trying different things, flicking the tip of my tongue around the ridge, licking up and down his shaft, kissing his fat, soft, hairless balls, listening for the yeahs that would tell me when I was doing something right and the ows that would signal when I was causing pain.

A Great Book Deserves an Orgasm

fetish edintx99 2018-09-01

It took an hour to set up the table and book stacks and promotional signs in the window. In ten minutes there was a pretty big crowd in front of my desk; men and women asking about my book, enquiring when the reading would start, picking up copies and perusing them. Now looking up into my eyes, she in the sexiest purr I had ever heard said, “You remember those videos I sent you, the ones with the women reading a book?” The light from it also illuminated Karin in front of me: long muscular legs spread wide, shaved pussy lips, and a small patch of red hair above her clit. Karin looked up at me and said, “A good book deserves a crowd.

Kim & Mark

fetish Drakon66 2018-09-01

"Danny says you have a very beautiful pussy with a really big clit," Mark said looking up at the lovely woman before him. Mark was getting fatigued in the awkward position he was in and moved to lay on the opposite side of the couch from Kim. When Kim released him and his rock hard cock slid from her warm wet grasp, it made an audible pop and a flood of their combined juices poured from her gaping pussy. His massive balls were smashed tightly against his thigh which looked very uncomfortable, but Mark's muscular legs were even better defined by the subtle shading created by the shimmering hose. Kim needed to have her pussy filled again though and quickly rolled onto her hands and knees beside Mark.

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 10

fetish clitomus 2018-09-01

The next night after my naughty sub and me tested her new toy and gave her a special additive in her coffee, she text me and asked what I was up to, I had, had a big day and was quite buggered really, but got the feeling she was up for no good! I found her spatula and removed it from the drawer, I asked her if she enjoyed last night, to which she eagerly started telling me she hadn't stopped thinking about it all day, before she got to far through the story I struck her arse once as hard as I could. I asked her if she wanted me special ingredient again, to which she said 'Yes I do...' instantly I struck her other arse cheek, she knew what she had done, this was like a sick game of Simon Says.

Milk My Full Breasts, Please Ch. 02

fetish Kay-Dee 2018-09-01

I decided to tell my husband about displaying my milk filled tits to our neighbour and how I let him fondle and suck them. I took a deep breath and told of how, when my neighbour called, I lifted my top to show off my engorged breasts and nipples and how milk was leaking from them and trickling down my chest. I could feel my tits begin to swell and I grabbed them hard, pulling on the extended nipples until I flowed with milk. I wanted to overflow with cum and let it gush out of me, just like my tits were flowing with milk.

The Lady and the Fat Man

fetish mstrhole 2018-09-01

As she drove, she put a hand between her legs and pressed hard against her throbbing sex, rubbing away some of the frustration she felt having to wait for her fulfillment. She didn't know, or care, if he found this a strange request, but strange or not, he had his cock in the pussy of a beautiful woman who was obviously getting off on his body size. She got up, took a wad of tissue from her purse, wiped as much of his cum from her crotch as she could, pulled on her panties and slacks, put on her bra, slipped her shirt on, and her shoes, grabbed her purse, turned, and walked out the door without a word, leaving him laying naked and gasping on the bed, wondering what had just happened.

Fluids of Her Body

fetish Wolf Free 2018-09-01

With my hands full of her hair, I pulled and pushed her head, fucking her face, sliding between her willing lips, feeling her close her mouth just a bit so her teeth scraped the shaft of my cock. Then, as my balls began emptying into her mouth, I felt her pulling out the Ben Wa balls, the rubbing inside my ass pushing against my prostate, forcing the cum to fly out of my cock, spurting deep in her throat. When my cock softened in her mouth, I raised her up and, placing my hand under her chin, lifted her face, seeing the smile in her green eyes, as I leaned forward for a kiss, a kiss filled with my cum, and her love.

Collette Gets Pierced

fetish michaelhunt 2018-09-01

Collette told me she wanted to pierce her tongue, her tits, her belly button and her clit all in one go. I jammed my dick into her face again and this time was able to get the entire unit into her wet, sucking mouth with her nose and forehead jammed hard up against my belly. Collette was really primed for hard fucking now and I loved looking down at her cunt and seeing our cunt-juice & cum creampie oozing out of her pink, puffy cuntlips. Between all the dirty talking, the pissing, the creampie, her swollen tits bulging out around her bra straps, her engorged pierced nipples, the buttplug vibrating against my prostate and Collette's beautiful face all sweaty and red, I finally had the ultimate orgasm.

The Wager

fetish zrob 2018-09-01

Nico's eyes closed, his head arched backward as my wife slurped first one, then his other heavy nut past her wetly shining lips, sucking har. After returning to sucking his balls, Andrea licked slowly up his hard shaft and took him back into her mouth, her head bobbing a steady rhythm. Nico pulled his wetly shining shaft from my wife's lips and held his cock away from her. With a harsh laugh, Nico slammed his cock back in my wife's mouth, his hands now holding her head as he started to fuck her face. Andrea put her hands on his thick thigh muscles and tried to hang on as he continued to drive his long shaft into her mouth, groaning like a crazy man.