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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Olivia's Liberation

fetish aweatherly 2018-09-01

I loved pushing the boundaries with him psychologically as well as sexually, and seeing how he would become frustrated knowing that any other guy I met while out could physically have their way with me, but no matter how hard he tried, as long as I had the key and his otherwise irresistible cock was locked away, he could not. At first I'd been a bit tentative about going out and being sexually open with other people while I was with Jack, not sure how he would react, but after the first experience of me coming home with physical evidence (a hickey from another guy), and the resulting rage-fuck I got from Jack as he strove to prove his superiority over other guys to me, all hesitation was gone.

Morning Motions

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-09-01

"Well, if you don't mind, I think I'll continue on with what I was doing," you announce, shifting on the toilet once again, turning forward. Soon I hear the distinctive, familiar crackling sound which announces the beginning of an arduous expellation, but I do not dare move in for a closer look, and I resign myself to simply imagine the bounties coming forth. As the moist popping sounds continue to emit forth, I begin guessing at the turd's approximate length thus far, predicting it to be about 4 inches long. At last, the crackling ceases, indicating that it is probably hanging suspended from you, just before your anus releases and clenches, pinching it off, as it lands in the toilet with a hollow splash and finally settles with a bubbly fizz.

Matthew's X-Mas Gift

fetish prrrrfctlilkitty 2018-09-01

Matthew smiled and lowered his head to gently brush his tongue over her hard nipples and Steven, now completely naked, knelt between her thighs and placed the head of his large cock up against her pussy, slowly sliding just the head in. Steven's cock was stretching her insides like she had never felt before, and she looked over and saw Matthew, gazing intently at the huge cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy, stroking his own cock as he delighted in the sights and sounds of the two fucking. Steven's balls tightened and he let out a cry as he came inside of her ass, this drove Chrystal to another orgasm and Matthew pulled the vibrator out of her quickly and suddenly.

Mary Gets to Meet Sandy Pt. 04

fetish sevpeq 2018-09-01

Sandy made true on her promise and had Mary kiss her ass every night as she went to sleep. But when she found Sandy going through her briefcase Monday night while Mary was scrubbing pasta off the walls, she knew this wouldn't work. She didn't let them see the text messages that really had her rushing out of class at all times, racing home and then back again to college or work: Sandy had woken up at half past eleven and wanted breakfast in bed. Mary was getting very little sleep indeed, but Sandy probably must have known that she couldn't function without any sleep at all, right? Mary knew she needed to get back to her phone as fast as possible and didn't want to answer lots of questions.


fetish lustybard 2018-09-01

God, the fire in your eyes when you hear that, when I start moving frantically faster, when my eyes squeeze shut and I spurt up, between us, against your breasts, in my chest hair, in between making our slick bodies even slicker -- once, twice, three times before I finally collapse and you fall down above me, your sides heaving almost as hard as my own. And between us, as it begins to dwindle, you can feel the last few drops being pumped from me and spreading between both our bodies, bonding us together, making it certain that when you finally rise long glistening strands will stretch between us, stretch between my cock and your stomach as a confession of just what that delicious, delightful curve does -- has done -- to me.

Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal

fetish toothmedic 2018-09-01

I looked at both and said, “as long as he is having fun.” Judy smiled and said, “I have been for the last couple of months, but right now, can you come over and clean me up so I can have more?” Judy was up on the desk with her legs spread wide and cum dripping out. Principal Jefferson looked at Judy and said, “do you want to be leaned again?” She said, “he clean me first and then you.” I didn’t like hearing that but moved over to start cleaning Judy. When I got done, she said, “good job, but I’m not the only one that needs to be cleaned.” She pointed to Principal Jefferson and said, “his cock needs to be cleaned off.” I looked at each of them and didn’t know what to do as he held his massive member in front of me.

Mum's New Panty Slave Ch. 04

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-09-01

Before his father got home they had also agreed that the next cock Neil would suck would be David's. Neil also told her how much more he had managed to take the second time he sucked David. I want my first orgasm after the one I'm about to have to be in my pretty pink silky panties while eating David's first creampie from you!" he told them, and just as he promised came for the fourth time for the day. "After I do your mum you are going to look so sexy on your knees with my cock in your mouth dressed like that!" he told Neil as they entered the house and the lounge.


fetish Quailman 2018-09-01

So on this one specific day I woke and starting looking for porn to watch.Normally if I cant find a good porn vid I look at this folder I have on my computer with pictures of things I call my "Fap material",it'd have pictures of known or unknown pornstars or simply girls topless,titfucking,giving blowjobs etc. She then said "well its already out so..." then put my penis in her mouth and started to give me a real awesome blowjob and as she bopped her head up and down I heard her pretty much say, "I bet She (My friend) cant do this better than me and I nearly came but held out because I wanted her to continue with this oral pleasure I barely get.

Wife's Taste of Revenge

fetish 425olds 2018-09-01

Surprisingly when her husband fucked her doggy style it hurt but with Harold's big cock it didn't hurt at all. She pulled her feet underneath her heavy, curvaceous body and began to ride his big black dick at a slow trot and she felt a familiar knot in her belly and she moaned deep and low. She said her pussy was still sore and Harold's cum continued to seep from her well fucked cunt when she was kissing me after she got home. When I didn't notice she never tried to stop me again and she got off knowing that I was licking Harold's black cum from her pussy.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 08

fetish ZotDragon 2018-09-01

For a while she was unsure if she wanted to use the word love to describe her relationship with Helen, but then admitted to herself her affection for the other woman wasn't just a sisterly or friendly emotion, it was full-blown love; she tried not to think that her actions and emotions hinted that she might be a lesbian, even though Helen and Simon were happy to label her as bisexual. The two women laid together on the bed and Kelly suckled first one breast and then the other, never hurrying, enjoying the taste of the other woman's nipples in her mouth. It took an impossibly long time for the first result Kelly wanted, but eventually—with some manual stimulation after she pushed down Helen's jeans and panties—she got the smaller girl to cum.

Test Subject Slut V. 01

fetish GirlyCumslutBoy 2018-09-01

I opened my eyes, and Luke was standing over me, his thick, flaccid cock spraying a huge stream out onto me. I contented myself with the miraculous stream of strange, clear urine that was cascading down my naked body. I grabbed his huge, limp cock at the base and started to rapidly pump it up and down, spraying urine up and down my body. Luke grinned even wider as he saw the urine splashing about in my mouth, splashing about before gradually sliding down my throat. And so we stayed for what seemed like forever, me on my knees, drinking in the miraculous, delicious urine, sliding my lips across his rod, periodically pulling off and letting the liquid spill out from me.


fetish JhMcKn 2018-09-01

Jewel told me Velma couldn't think of anything else to do right at the moment so she simply just put your fathers cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Velma informed him she had never had a man's cock inside her and to be gentle Your father simply told her to spread her cunt lips wide apart and he would slide his prick inside her a little bit at a time. Jewel told me that Velma hadn't been prepared for what followed because she said she couldn't get enough of his cock and that they fucked three times that night and again before breakfast the next morning. Bob should be home anytime and I know he will want you to suck his cock for awhile as he eats your pussy." Jewel told her.

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 02

fetish Cappadonna 2018-09-01

He usually fucked her in the doggy-style position, just to see her big, jello-like ass bounce and slap off of him. "Now she know's that is just too much ass," another lady said to herself from down the aisle, "And it looks like she's gotten some kind of surgery done to her behind. As she walked to check out, her big round ass cheeks rolled up and down, jiggling with every clicking sound her flip flops made, and Jalen looked on. "I ca-I can't hold it any more!" Jalen said, bucking his hips forward, meeting Ms. Jiggles' huge ass with every thrust, "Fuck!" "Mmm yeah....come on that big ass...." she moaned, looking back him milking out the last few drops, "Fuck...damn baby..." It looks like your ass got bigger," Sheryl said, observing it as they walked.

My friend's feet

fetish feetman44 2018-09-01

We spent the whole day in the city walking around and having a good time while she was barefoot in her cute little flip flops the entire duration. My heart started to race, I knew that this was finally the time I get to taste and fuck her sexy little soles. I got up off of the bed and walked down to the end, her feet were above the covers, dressed in her cute little pink socks. I went back to her feet, i slowly started to remove her sock from her right foot, the smell was just so good. I slowly walked over and removed the flip flop from her right foot, and then I slid my cock in between her toes.

English Lessons

fetish biteme_x 2018-09-01

In my class was lots of other people I knew from around college, and a certain girl who I was seated with. My cock grew another inch in my pants; it made me so hard knowing that I was getting her just a little bit wet. She laid at the opposite end and spread her legs just a tiny bit so i could see a little. Jennie lowered her hands to her pleated skirt, and below a little more. She slipped a hand underneath, knowing and loving that I was watching and getting so hard. She fucked my rock hard cock with her cute little feet as I began to moan softly too.

Be Careful What You Ask For

fetish pleasingthewife 2018-09-01

One of the things we've been talking about is being in a hotel, me tied to a chair, and having my wife and her friends go to the bar to pick up guys. I could tell that both of them were getting excited about this as they were asking questions and making suggestions about how I should suck a cock, what it would look like to see me getting fucked in the ass and whether I should swallow or let the guys come on my face. I started to walk into the bathroom to clean up but both my wife and her friend said, 'no, we want you to go down to the bar with that cum on your face so everyone can see what a slut you are'.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 09

fetish robin35 2018-09-01

At the end of the meal it was Bev's turn to wash up and once she was in the kitchen David began to speak to Gladys. Gladys reached round and spread her arse cheeks for David and he got a good view of her pussy from behind and he found that his erection got stronger and he could not wait to fuck her. "You will help me make this bed for Master David." Said Mistress Gladys. The ladies changed the bedding then Mistress Gladys turned to Bev and said. She slipped into a black negligee and towelling dressing gown because she knew that she would be spending the night attached to the fridge and went to join David and Gladys downstairs.


Forgotten Key, Surprising Discovery

fetish thulot 2018-09-01

"I know it's so crass, but I just love to watch my work all over again - it makes me remember what it was like fucking that young stud in the ass." She turned to me with a look of lust and excitement in her brown eyes, and whispered "I guess you know now why I didn't come straight to the door" and smiled at me. As if on cue, the woman on the film, my neighbour, began bucking and writhing with a look of sheer ecstasy on her face, pumping the strapon cock further and further into her stud that his eyes seemed as if they would pop out, before the repeated pressure on his prostate became so much that he flooded the bed below him with jets and jets of cum.

The Accidental Lover

fetish Chartless 2018-09-01

the next few thrusts did it for me I started Cumming, shooting my wad between our stomachs purring and whining like a little bitch, he smiled really big knowing he made me cum, he thrust hard 4 or 5 more times then pushed deep into me I felt his cock pumping cum into me again the second time that day! It was about 3am we had made love 3 times I was now feeling empty without his cock in me, we had been talking about different things, football, girls, school work, and spending the nights here or at my place.

Three Things You're Going To Do Ch. 02

fetish ticklechambers 2018-09-01

"No, I don't think so," he laughed knowingly, "It was not only a moment ago, if you remember that far back, that you declared how you hated me." He took hold of my hand and led me closer to the bed, I pulled back a little, testing his strength against my own, but it was of no use. "You see, once that balloon pops, I'll know for sure that you're turned on, and it'll be hilarious since you have had a balloon inside your little pussy the entire time." I was in silent thought for a moment then, until he finished, "and I know how badly you're clit wont be able to handle a vibrator."

The Online Fantasy

fetish Benitta Josephine 2018-08-31

Chantel begins her cyber Dominatrix scene with her telling him "This is how things will go when we meet. Austin moans and begins to lick the toe of her boot. "You will lick your Mistress' pussy like a good little puppy, won't you?" Chantel undoes the cuffs and makes him walk around her room on all fours, head bowed, barking. He slowly moves toward her, like a scared little puppy, and begins to lick them. She inserts two fingers into her cunt, puts them to his nose and asks him "If you want more, stroke yourself harder, PUPPY!" His hand moves faster and harder sending a tingling feeling through him. Austin seeing his mistress satisfied, begins to cum again.

Bisexual Bukkake Fantasy

fetish lvl4 2018-08-31

Three more guys cum right on her tits and on your dick as you tittyfuck her, providing the fuck lube you wanted. Her pussy grips your cock like it's never going to leave and she smiles a little bit and tries to mouth, "Give it to me daddy", as best as a cum-filled mouth can do. You pull back from her mouth to tell her, "Look baby, fresh loads", then put your heads close together as both guys jack off all over your faces at once. Another guy follows up by alternating his cum blasts in your hair and hers as you continue to pump that pleasure providing pussy, reinvigorated by the fresh loads on the both of you.

Wet Seduction Ch. 05

fetish threelayers 2018-08-31

"I see that Helen's room is a double," Mary said checking the booking form, turning to Helen she smiled, "I don't mind sharing a bed with you. "Wow, I can't believe you worked naked in the office, I bet that was a sight to behold." Mary said when Helen finished telling her the story. "This might be completely wrong, but I think Brenda might swing both ways." Mary said watching Helen closely. "We thought it would be a good way for you to get to understand how the company works." Helen said, then smiled "And of course get you naked and do all kinds of naughty things together."


fetish Amy665 2018-08-31

1. Intense knickering: a 6 week course supervised by Mistress Cassie who has great experience in reducing her subjects into pathetic wimps by her patented process of making her charges become increasingly slaves to the sensation wearing panties. Week 5 and 6 will see the subject being “knickered” by one of Mistress Cassie’s chosen training assistants this will involve the panty slave being stroked by the training assistant using their own panties thereby bringing the subject close to climax, but then leaving the sissy alone with their thoughts and forbidden from any form of sexual relief. 2. Panty Bag treatment: whereby the aspiring sissy is taught to spend up to three hours locked into one of the matron’s specially prepared panty bags…this course is recommended for sissies who have achieved level 2 status by successfully completing the 6 week Mistress Cassie’s intense knickering sessions (see above).