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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Drying Out

fetish Spar 2018-08-31

This included selecting fragrant bath oil he thought would fit her mood, putting soft instrumental music in the CD player, and laying out a large and a medium-sized towel on the vanity counter alongside the tub. Once completing her forehead, he reached his left arm and hand around her waist and his palm came to rest in the small of her back. Finally, quietly, he drew his thumbs down the length of her long, smooth neck, dropped his hands and reached for the large bath towel. His eyes now locked on hers, she with riveting control, he drew the towel down the length of her right arm, into the soft hollow of her arm pit.

A Milk Filled Mom

fetish ScentOf1Woman 2018-08-31

"What is it?" He said "I hope you don't get angry with me, but when I saw you nursing the baby it really turned me on and I wanted to know if feeding him ever gets you hot". Greg came over and cupped my breast in his hand, reveling at my size and the huge dark nipple in front of him. Greg looked up when he got wet and was amazed at the amount of milk pouring forth from my body. Greg said he loved the taste of my milk and I smiled at him and pulled him closer, giving him a long, deep wet kiss on the lips. Greg reached up and started rubbing my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as he licked and sucked on my clit.

The Razor Blade

fetish mtndude 2018-08-31

I dipped the scissors in the hot water, so it wouldn’t feel too cold against her skin, but she spasm a little anyway as the metal brushed her labia. Her breathing became heavier as I lathered her freshly trimmed muff with shaving cream, and her sex-plumped clit popped up from beneath the lather like a little periscope. As I finished each section, I took a wash cloth and squeezed warm water on to the freshly shaved area so the delicate skin wouldn’t dry out. Taking the sensitive skin around her labial folds between my thumb and forefinger, I pulled it taut and shaved it clean with a surgeon’s steadiness to make sure I got every single hair.

Cosplay Complex

fetish katarina dewitt 2018-08-31

"I hope the wallscrolls aren't disturbing you - I think some girls find it strange for men to like such strange things." Sam was looking through a large cupboard at the end of the room, his back turned to her. Vivian felt a little uncertain, but Sam's reassuring voice had already told her that he meant no harm, and she complied, lifting her arms away from her body. Vivian nodded soundlessly and picked her sandals up from the shoe rack, dropped them onto the floor lightly and slipped into them, the muscles in her feet tensed like the rest of her body.

Breast Fed

fetish fhouse52 2018-08-31

My wife(Sharon) is very outgoing and it wasn't long before I regularly came home form work to find Sally and Sharon sitting out by our pool talking and having a cool drink. On days when Sharon decides to stay home, I usually return to find Sharon and Sally sitting out by the pool talking while Sharon loves to rock little Ricky. Little Ricky was crying, so Sally picked him up and then popped her blouse open and put him to her breast. She then told me she had seen me that day about a month ago watching her breast feed-I immediately apologized, but she waved me off, and then reminded me that I had told her I would gladly sit in if she ever needed help in draining her tata's.

The New Teacher Comes To Play

fetish DiggerDave 2018-08-31

Lynda gazed into my wife's eyes and I watched as she reached behind and unclipped the sensible firm white bra and pulled it free from Sally's large breasts. Lynda once again placed her hands on Sally's knees and pushed her legs wider apart she then moved forward and looked directly at my wife's meaty pussy. I placed my hand round my thick cock and started to wank myself as I watched Lynda gorge herself on my wife's open and very wet pussy. Sally lashed Lynda's pussy with her tongue and I watched as the young girl massaged her own breasts and pinched her hard little nipples.

The Dungeon Ch. 01

fetish bitchpudding 2018-08-31

As this man entered the room he crawled in front of Dan and sat up obediently like a dog with his legs spread wide apart so that his penis could be seen as erect as his strong slender back while he awaited a command from his master who stood holding the other end of the leash. Dan backed up against the door and tried to explain to the men that there must be some misunderstanding.The man came closer to Dan and said, Dan couldn't help but moan with pleasure as he felt Phillip's tongue making small circles around his anus, even sliding inside him at times.

Tables Turned Ch. 10

fetish mw0212 2018-08-31

But you have been wearing those boots all day & I know from my strict observations of you previously, you have an extensive wardrobe when it comes to footwear.' Jack said. 'So that is something you would like to try then is it?' Jack asked, getting excited at the prospect of wearing a pair of Miss Sharp's boots in front of her. Little did she know that Jack had spent a fair amount of time already wearing some of her boots so he wasn't completely unfamiliar about the height or type of heel. 'Yes Master' Miss Sharp eagerly replied, pouncing down pressing her face firmly against a boot.

A Change of Plans

fetish Croozer 2018-08-31

Her large nipples were poking noticeably through the thin nylon material as shge approached me, gave me a tight hug, and said, "I was missing you and I'm glad you decided to come over." We sat in her f****y room sipping coolers and talking. I told her I thought it was very sexy, but aked, "Didn't you wear a slip under it?" She laughed and said, "Well of course I did, silly - didn't want horny guys to be able to see through my skirt in the sunshine." She moved over to the bed, and moved the dress aside. Soon, I didi the same with her slip, and she said, "Pump you stuff there if you wish." The way her panty looked between her spread legs made me want to take advantage of it, so I rubbed against it between her thighs.

Mrs. Baxter's Boarding House Ch. 03

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-08-31

Adam sensed a presence, and, looking up, he saw Bryony Baxter regarding him from the doorway, arms folded beneath her generous breasts, expression intent. "I simply can't wait until later." She stared into Adam's face, eyes round while adding, "I hope you enjoy what I've got planned, darling. The woman shook her head and returned her stare to the boy, keeping her gaze fixed upon Adam while saying, "God, I'm covered in the bloody stuff. Bryony sensed Adam was about to protest and, seeing his mouth open, interjected with, "Just fucking lick me." The woman bared her teeth at the boy while splaying her folds.

Panty Husband Thanks His Wife

fetish DrLit 2018-08-31

My wife woke up in Key West the morning of our fourth and last day to a couple orgasms, a hot cup of coffee and her favorite Danish from the complementary breakfast at our Bed and breakfast. My wife said, "I love these panties, but I also want you to wear the matching ones." I used about 10 real slow strokes where the head of my cock is right at her pussy lips and then I slowly go all the way back into her. I slumped next to my wife and said, "I don't know what I did to deserve you and the amazing sex you give me, but I sure do love it."

Treasure Chest

fetish Mysteria27 2018-08-31

The whole time I am there, I get the feeling that Joseph is really looking at me and undressing me with his eyes. I lay down on my bed and start to play with my pussy. I start darting my fingers in an out, of my very wet pussy. Joseph takes my panty and starts to smell them. Joseph is stroking his cock and is cumming into my panty. His mouth is sucking my nipples and I am moaning as it feels so good. I am mouth fucking Joseph's nice thick cock. I am looking into Joseph's eyes, as I am sucking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I then get on all fours and I guide Joseph's cock into my wet and throbbing pussy.

Tony and Alicia Celebrate Halloween

fetish Ice_Tease 2018-08-31

"You know I'm not a patient guy." Tony whispered closing his eyes and enjoying Alicia's hand stroking his cock. Tony loved the way Alicia worked his cock with her mouth, it wasn't just the sucking, it was the way her tongue swirled and twisted like a snake over his shaft that drove him nuts. Tony took a razor and shaving cream from under the bench and started on Alicia's right leg. It took a little getting used to but he found it comfortable and enjoyed the look, plus it gave him the excuse to shave Alicia as well. Alicia made sure that as she turned her long hair brushed against Tony's now hard cock, just that slight sensation kept him from speaking.

Language of Submission

fetish quietguyin_tn 2018-08-31

She got plenty of attention without trying too hard but mostly she was treated like a bimbo and that was okay because that's more or less how she saw herself. And yes, every time he touched her she felt a little tingle. At the same time she wondered what he thought of her pink sundress decision, it was way short and her hard nipples poked through the fabric. Stunned, she took the glass from him and as if in a trance walked back to the kitchen swaying her hips in a most pronounced way. "Good girl," he said patting her on the leg like a dog. "I've been looking for a girl like you, happy to find you right next door," he said confidently.

Cheating and naughty

fetish 2018-08-31

I took the coat of when we arrived in-law. I came to sit right across from my s****r new guy named Roberto, who was 19 years younger than me. My s****r in-law replied that Roberto could go down and get ice. He then took his jacket and covered his bulge and stood up. When we came down in the basement took I on Roberto and kissed him in the mouth, contemporary, I took on his bulge. I opened my mouth and began to suck. I then got up and turned around and took the dress up. I went down on his knees and began to suck. Got up and kissed him in the mouth and went to the freezer for ice.

Poopsie's Second Tail

fetish Sean Renaud 2018-08-31

The two girls had formed an instant friendship; as soon as Toto saw Poopsie she turned and crawled over to her kissing her softly on the cheek. "If you're very good they'll be a treat for you later bitch." Fiona teased as she greased the dildo with Vaseline and then pushed it against Poopsie's puckered opening. "Good morning to you too." Brent gave Poopsie another affectionate kiss while Fiona glowered and walked back into the house. Poopsie sat down on her haunches canting her head to the side as she watched Princess crawl happily over to the bowl and lower her face to eat the slop. "Here Princess." The blonde lifted her head from the bowl licking her lips clean of the goulash she'd been eating and turned toward Brent.


fetish Horhay_J 2018-08-31

"As punishment for premature release I believe it would only be correct for you to return your cum back to your body, where it never should have left in the first place." Bradley turned with wide eyes towards Miss Rachael, fearing what would come next. Though she tried to pay attention to Mr. Walker's lesson and help the students she was completely distracted by the myriad of thoughts flashing through her head regarding how she would humiliate and punish Bradley after class. The young student sat, naked and brooding, in his seat, just waiting for Miss Rachael to make the first move; she was nonchalantly correcting papers at the front of the room and deliberately making Bradley wait for his punishment.

A new kind of experience by my uncle

fetish priyanjit07 2018-08-31

Maybe we could do lunch?” “I don’t know. When she got to the hotel, she knew that it was time to let her imagination to run wild. She kissed Sandy’s bra as she kneaded her breasts. Intermixed with kisses, Vanessa said “Just pretend that I am you.” With that Sandy started to get the hang of things. Vanessa then sat on the floor with her legs wide open encouraging Sandy to try it out. They rocked back and forth on the oversized sex toy built for two. The sex toy was put to the side. Sandy thought that maybe she was a little to harsh on Vanessa in the elevator. She just might take her up on the lunch offer.

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 04

fetish Chastebob 2018-08-31

In short order David was being led down the steps to the basement punishment room, his face still covered with Mary's menstrual blood. He would never know if she did it to continue to curry favor, or if it was an attempt to show him that it could have been worse if it hadn't been her for the 24 strokes, but the next words from Mary were: "Would anyone from the group like to administer his extras? David was still a little dumbfounded about how the simple ceremony to celebrate his acceptance of his wife's authority over their sex life had turned into a severe group punishment, or what her role exactly was in all of this.

Dear Biddy

fetish mshsrfc 2018-08-31

The situation was not helped by the fashion requiring a longer waist - my staymaker suggested that I let my waist out a little when I struggled at the extra pressure, but I am as you are, proud of my hard-gained waist and George complements me on it nearly every day, so I laced night and day for two weeks, until I could just about manage 20" for the initial fittings. Biddy, I beseech you, just leave it at a small nod towards this fashion, as to follow it is near torture, I am constantly wishing for the end of the season, as at present my torso is being choked away, three or four times a week, I tell you, I can hardly wait until I visit you in the summer - the thought of a week in short light stays, loose skirts and low heels quickens my heart.

My new neighbor

fetish pusselycker 2018-08-31

I feel her push my head down so I go down kissing her all the shes playing with me I run my tongue down the inside of her leg line all the way to where it ends in the place the pussy and ass come together I lick upward licking her lips and every fold.she grabs my hair and pulls to her clit where I run my tongue down one side and up the other making circles and covering the entire side of it as I go..continuing my finger finds her already wet pussy I rub circles over it in sync with my tongue.pushing slowly as I'm going until it feels as though her pussy is sucking my fingers in.once my fingers are in side I continue the circles with my fingers as my tongue continues licking her clit.I'm now massaging her G spot I feel it swelling and my mouth begin sucking her clit and running my lips up and down here clit.she starts to lifting her hips rocking them and I pick up the pace to match her rhythm until she cums a couple of times.She takes her hand full of my precum and begins stroking my cock more while holding my head in place.I hear her say you told me you would do anything I want so you can be my regular pussy licker did you mean it.

A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 04

fetish chauncygardner 2018-08-31

I'm going to take that sexy little blond thing you live with, take her up to the retreat with me." His voice was so hungry, it seemed he wanted to chew her flesh right off her bones. "You mean she's going to..." Visions of Alna's body under that cherry red hair had my cock trying to grow! Alna's receptionist, a black skinned girl with a name tag reading just "Caramel" looked at me sidelong while I waited. When the big titted Asian entered, she was wearing a white Doctor's coat, but her legs stemmed out beneath, down to glossy white high heels. "Like this, little boyfriend." Alna pushed my face toward him, the dick plopped into my mouth.

Parisian Pictures

fetish jon.hayworth 2018-08-31

The action had been the standard fare - men with cocks that were bigger than average sustaining their erections for far longer than either June or Diane had ever known a man to last. When the woman had withdrawn the vibrator and once again demonstrated how long it was by laying it on her belly June had expected the film to end. She had looked up in time to see the man's hand sinking wrist deep into the open legged woman. First she looked at the palm, although the skin was soft she saw there were old callous scars, a sure sign that at some time he had done hard manual work.

Cleaning Her Off...

fetish swinger 2018-08-31

Although this is not what I had in mind I gave in to the idea, as long as she told me every detail of her night. I told him of mine plans for my wife and that she was now willing under the right circumstances. I know that is what she said, but I knew in my mind she was not telling me the truth. She said "I will tell you of my night after you do me a favor and fulfill my new fantasy." My wife then pointed down at her cum filled pussy and said eat it. Would it make me gay if I ate another man's cum from my wife's pussy?