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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

His Magnificent Cock

fetish ndamood4sum 2018-08-30

While occupying one of the stalls in the restroom, I would hear some girl talking about this boy with an enormous dick, which turned out to be Chris, my b*****r. "Why not," I asked --ok, snapped- "every time I am somewhere where the girls don't know I am there I hear about your big dick. The funny thing is that for years he couldn't get a girl to come near him and now that his looks had changed they discovered that the nerd king was also the king of cock. It's just that Chris's cock overwhelmed my thoughts the way I knew it had overwhelmed all of those girls' bodies.


fetish TampaHouseWives 2018-08-30

I felt like a slut but loved it and with my legs still pulled back as far as I could, I watched my husband put his face between my legs and then his hot mouth go over my pussy! Every time I looked at my husband, I could think of only him eating that cum and actually sucking a cock! My husband then pulled her to the side and he finished eating her hole and he then sucked and licked her ass, making sure that all the juice and cum had been cleaned up. I felt cum running down my ass crack and then, felt my husbands familiar mouth cover my asshole and his gentle sucking and licking felt great as he cleaned me out and ate all the spent jism inside of me.

A Very Special "Girl" Ch. 02

fetish christian_hm 2018-08-30

Also, there's sort of the social aspect of possibly having an androgenous boy or girl, which is something that I've been dealing with for the past 18 years." "I know that my future husband and I would love any child that we had, but I don't know if he or she would have the same luck that I've had recently," Tiff said as she smiled at Christian. Settling into a nice slow and deep rhythm, he looked down at his love and nearly blew his load right then; her freckled cheeks were completely flushed, her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was slightly open as she took in ragged gasps of air. "You're so fucking sexy," Christian moaned as he knelt on either side of Tiffany's tits and leaned forward so as to position his cock right near her face.

The Train

fetish Albinowino 2018-08-30

Then it was time to take a bath so you ran the water and dropped a few oils and bath gels in before lighting a few candles You carried the arrangement of flowers in and set them on your sink for some reason and then you danced to the music as you began to undress, slowly, playfully you disrobed in front of the mirror doing a mock strip tease. Spying a bottle of white wine on the door of the refrigerator you thought "Why not" Poured yourself a glass and headed back to the bathtub for a relaxing bath. It felt as though your senses were heightened as you walked away with the sound of the water draining in the background......Now, pull yourself together Kendra, you thought!

The Colony Party Ch. 07

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-08-30

But Adi had others killed and made it look like an accident to have Priya all for himself. It took Adi time to recognise that it was his good friend, Ajay, from his school! Ajay and Adi were best friends in high school. Adi then went to take a shower and Ajay went on to eat his meal in the Living Room. For the first time after entering Adi's home, Ajay took a good look around. Adi took Ajay to Priya's place and showed her to him. Ajay took a look at her and said, "Isn't she attending the evening party?" Ajay lifted the blanket and admired the good work done on her body which made it look like she was wearing clothes.

Where I've Been...

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-08-30

Naturally, I did as I was told and when I got down on my knees, she kicked the shoe off her foot and lifted her foot up so her sole was right infront of my face. I almost didn't want to kiss it but she ordered me to and I always do as I'm told, I'm a good girl like that, so I braved the musty cheesy smell and kissed her foot. The salty taste of sweat on her foot was delicious, before she could order me to do it, I kept on licking her foot clean. I thoroughly enjoyed the smell, and even told her so, and she carried on for the rest of the evening, farting in my face and tormenting/humiliating me with her words and her farts 'til she was all out.


fetish DavidSingularity 2018-08-30

Groaning in pain and desire, I watched my cock grow thicker and longer against Claire's sweet face, the head pushing up and over her nose, past her eyes, her forehead. As I moved quickly in behind her, looking down at her prone body -- her dark hair scattered across her shoulders, her lovely wide ass thust up at me, supporting my enormous shaft, her fingers splayed out against the sheets, preparing for my assault -- I knew and she knew that this was about my pushing my cock in as far as it would go and stabbing her with it until my body reacted by pumping the contents of my seed-laden balls into her.

Accidental touch - part 1

fetish bikonja 2018-08-30

Damn, I like this fullness in my pants while walking...Oh there's my friend Mat, "Hey dude, are we still on for tomorrow"...chit-chat...we were kinda in the middle of the aisle, and at some point, I felt that sweet unforgettable touch of boobs on my back and gentle "Excuse me..." while she were squeezing behind me and stand...she already passed when she said "Excuse me..."....mmm, that perfume...I'm looking as she walks, she turns a bit, like she knows that I'm looking..oh, she knows!...."OK Mat, see ya then..." I'm of to counter...she's in front of elegant as she puts her stuff on counter, how she fixes her hair, her blouse fits her so well, curves made for enjoying...watching even more than touching...

Brier Rabbit

fetish DFrancis 2018-08-30

I'm like fucking BRIER RABBIT over here - you know the story? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT IN YOUR FUCKING ASS!" She yells "CLEAN THIS SHIT UP - FUCKING WHORE!!!" and goes and takes a shower. She's wearing one of my beaters and she's leaning WAY over the machine ...she's WAY up on her tippytoes and her ass is just suddenly WAY THE FUCK OUT THERE . She knows all she has to do to get fucked like an animal is to let me see her ass like that. She's got her little red rubber ponytail butt plug buried all the way in her ass. She's looking me right in the eye with that little smile.....

Girlfriend's Surprise

fetish Stillherer 2018-08-30

Fuck his face!!" As he pressed his cock deeper into my mouth she pushed my head forward from behind impaling my throat on his hard cock. Hot cum splattered over my hair and face to dribble down my chin and drip onto the cold bare flesh of my chest while my girlfriend giggled away. While the man fucked my mouth my girlfriend settled down beside to whisper in my ear, "I'm getting bored of this bitch." And as the the cock went in and out of my cum slick mouth she giggled, "I think I'm going to go." The thought of her leaving and possibly without me inspired me to struggle against the hold on the leash.

Ben's Party Ch. 04

fetish Lion24655 2018-08-30

Megan had never heard of Margaret Bryant before, but had found herself, two days later talking to a striking looking woman, a confident woman, a strong woman, but a warm woman. Megan liked the thought of going out with a group of ladies, and knew John wouldn't mind, and perhaps by expanding her social life a bit, things would get a bit better. But then Margaret Bryant introduced "the rule." Megan could stay as long as she wanted. Megan looked over at Ben. She was suddenly nervous -- she hadn't been that close before to a young man like this. Do you swallow his cum?" Ben kept asking the questions, instinctively knowing that Megan would not suck cock, wouldn't suck her husband's cock.

the one rule in my house is if you cum you eat it

fetish theemachiner 2018-08-30

his hand went back to his cock and he slowly started wanking it off , i rubbed the head with my right hand making sure i got my fingers nicely covered with his precum he put his tounge out and started licking my fingers ' make sure you get it all i want my hand clean boy ' i said while i was still stroking his cock 'good boy' i said when i thought my fingers were clean i pulled my other finger out of his arse and told him to get on his knees tilt his head back and ope his mouth , then i spat in his mouth and told him to mix the cum and spit with his tounge

Pantyhose Sex

fetish ArbyDam 2018-08-30

"Now, you have to sit on the floor," she said when we got in the room. I put my mouth over her pussy and began to lick and suck it through the hose. You like the taste of a woman's dirty pantyhose." She got between my legs, wrapped the pantyhose around her hand and used it to stroke my cock. Her tits were in my face and I caught one, then the other, in my mouth and began to suck, kiss and lick her nipples. With one final mighty stroke I brought my hips off the bed to drive my cock deep inside her before exploding with a hot shower of cum.

Alice's Wonderland Ch. 04

fetish Ragnaroking 2018-08-30

Alice logged into her new account, spent a few minutes installing the drivers for her new camera, and then started a new session. Her milk-filled tits rested comfortably on the shelf of her pregnant belly and were barely being constrained by her un-padded bra. The very thought of rubbing her belly in front of a complete stranger turned her on so much that she could feel her panties growing damp. She had always loved how glossy creams and lubes always seemed to make pregnant bellies look even larger... She reached her right hand down past her belly and snuck it past the elastic of her tight yoga pants. She began working both hands vigorously, one moving between her tits and her belly and the other grinding against her sex.

Be Careful What You Wish For

fetish stacycd 2018-08-30

She remarked to Lori about the difference in the sizes and my wife responded, "they're his and hers." She then turned to me and told me to pay for "my panties." The girl just giggled and took my money. When we arrived home my wife led me to the bathroom, "after all," she said, "we can't have you wearing these new undies with all that hair on your legs." She proceeded to shave my legs and crotch, silky smooth. I picked out two pairs of panties with matching bras and when I turned to walk away, a pretty sales girl asked if I needed help and was I sure about the size. My pre-cum was flowing freely when Lori pulled down my panties, rubbed the head of my dick and ordered me to lick her fingers.

Taking what I want

fetish yelloducky 2018-08-30

I reach behind me and unsnap my bra.  I toss it to the side, and take my hard nipples between my fingers for a few seconds, moaning my pleasure.  I press my body up against yours lightly, and move my way down it, running my tits over your chest and tummy.  I run your shaft between them, pressing against you giving you a small standing tit fuck.  As I'm rubbing your cock with my tits, I reach down and stroke your balls, teasing your sac.  I move my hand farther back between your legs and run my fingers between your ass cheeks, not deep but enough to make you moan and press against my hand.  I suck my finger all wet, and run it between your ass cheeks, this time pressing firmly against your tight little asshole.  Your hands go white knuckled against the coat hooks and you let out a low a****l noise in the back of your throat. 

Scarlet's Wish

fetish Ephemeral Lingus 2018-08-30

When they got to her house he told her that he had a little time before he had to be home to his wife, and asked her if he could come in to get something to drink. Scarlet began to feel a little nervous letting him in her house, she watched him drink a glass of lemonade she'd made him and they stood in her kitchen talking about her new job. Scarlet tried to smile with her throat impaled but only managed a distorted grin, He laughed and she began to move her head back on forth on his cock again. Scarlet closed her mouth, her lips wet with come, and emphasized herself swallowing his huge load by pushing her chin out as she did so.

The Pack Ch. 01

fetish Quin 2018-08-30

I had enjoyed the attention I was getting from that bunch of rough men and when my husband was at work I sometimes had the urge to do quite naughty things -- like dress to tease. As I struggled and screamed the others laughed; my arms were raised over my head and strong hands clamped my wrists holding me down making my breasts heave and push out as I sucked in deep breaths. They may have been as confused as I was when I sobbed and moaned but stayed quite still letting the man lick and suck my tit, sometimes hard and roughly, before letting my right hand fall away from my right breast to surrender it to their depravity.

Guide for Cum Eating

fetish faggitkiki 2018-08-30

I mean seriously, why would a dirty little fuck whore like you have difficulty spraying your face with hot sticky cum?? Remember, my dirty little skank, being an exceptional cum slut requires time, dedication, and repetition. After you’re thoroughly relaxed and accepting of the fact you love the taste of hot sperm, you may wipe up your worship puddle go on about your business. Just as in Step 2, get completely naked, stand in front of your computer desk, stroke and cum. Step 5: The Perfect Cum Eating Slut In your most seductive and slutty voice say, “I’m going to show you what a whore I am, Mistress.” Stick out your tongue and slowly lick every single drop of cum cleaning your desk top thoroughly.

The Holiday Discovery Ch. 02

fetish tach14 2018-08-30

"I'll have to go to the bathroom soon, I think those pancakes moved things along faster than I expected" Anna thought loading her clothes into the washer. Her pink panties now have a large wet spot of her warm pee, and she is losing her battle against her bowels. She freezes as she loses control of her bladder and warm pee soaks her pink panties and streams down her legs in yellow streaks. One last smelly fart escapes as she closes her eyes and the thick warm load crackles and emerges into her wet panties. Her panties are so full that she can't fully empty her bowels so Anna pulls them down and sits on the toilet.

School Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 03

fetish sophiewilliams 2018-08-30

In bed I took advantage of my mother's leniency towards my smoking and started doing it while masturbating, again thinking of Dave, but this time I fantasised about what might happen if I were to phone him. The smell from the cigarette filled my senses and I suddenly felt as though I had been transported back inside his car, smoking and sucking his cock. As I held the packet of cigarettes and matches Dave put down his camera for a moment and poured two glasses of red wine. When Dave started clicking the camera each guy took a leg and begun to run their hands up and down the insides of my thighs.

Smoking hot TV

fetish 2018-08-30

I tried to see if he was watching thru his window, but couldnt see him, so I put the kitchen light on and tottered thru to the toilet. I got my PVC mac out, and rustled it on, gleaming in the living room light, like a hooker under a street light! The smoke soothed me, as I turned my kitchen light off, and gently clicked my boots to the side of the window to catch a glimse of him, without him seeing me. His upstairs flat looked directly into my lower flat, and I could see he now had his light on, and both his hands were pumping away below the window!


fetish waterboy301 2018-08-30

"They've been playing cards in that club for years," Megan said starting to relax a little now. "Come, we'll go and see Dr. Walker." Judy said, taking Megan's hand. Then Megan's heart jumped into her throat when Dr. Walker said, "we will start with your physical first. Megan was starting to relax a little, but Dr. Walker pulled the loosely tied bow on the gown. This brought Megan back to reality again; she then lifted her butt up a little off the table so he could continue to pull the soft panties down her legs, exposing her pussy. "Close your eyes, let it happen, leave your body do its thing, and enjoy it." Megan heard Judy say quietly, almost as if she was dreaming it.

Suzanne's Corset Devotion

fetish Learningfast 2018-08-30

I lost weight deliberately for the wedding. I lost about 10 lbs. For the second wedding day, I decided to wear the Berlei girdle but on a trip to Manchester I saw a really firm American girdle called Rago1294 and I bought it. I was excited all through the wedding and worried in case he thought they were old fashioned and matronly. He dressed me in the same girdle I'd worn at our wedding and the same bra. It was so romantic. That night we made love many times with me in the wedding outfit again. Already, 20 inches feels perfectly all right and my orgasms have started to become intense again now that I'm breathing and moving more easily inside the corset. So caring and careful and romantic.