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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Our Two Year Panty Anniversary

fetish jennycnnn 2018-08-30

It all started one night in Chicago when I walked out of the bathroom dressed in a black, full length slip holding a little sexy pair of black satin panties on my finger. Friday night was here before I knew it and I had just finished getting things ready when Steve walked in from the garage with the babysitter who had pulled up at the same time. You've dressed in garters and thigh highs, you have a camisole, and babydoll you get to wear on nights like tonight after you have been a good boy. Steve took the lubricant and covered the entire length of his shaft and then griped his cock with one hand as I held my legs up and spread as far as they would go comfortably.

Testing Viagra – a hairy armpit story

fetish trevor54a 2018-08-30

I don’t know if it was the pills I had been using or something else, but somehow my cock was not responding the way it used to do when having sex with my wife. Licking around, getting loose hair into my mouth, then finding her ripe, warm glowing pussy with a big and hard clit, made for sucking. I pushed my legs in between her thighs, when looking down I saw my drooling cock pointing at her hairy pussy. I quickly pulled out, moved up on her side, pushed the cock against her left hairy armpit as my orgasm rocked my entire body. She stood up on all fours, pushing me back, then stradling me, slowly lowering her hairy pussy onto my hard cock.

My Game with Mistress

fetish tstuslut 2018-08-30

When I got to her feet and matched it, Mistress said, "too easy," with a giggle. This time I checked all the guests' feet and to my surprise and displeasure, this stocking seemed to match the third foot I smelled! I tried to get off him but both he and Mistress were pushing my head back and forth to let him finishing my mouth and throat. "Spin around, I want you prop your ass up here next to this hole so your mouth is still in line with the other hole and his cock." She removed the plug as I got into place. Soon there was so much it began dripping down, and mistress scooped it and forced it into my mouth with a smile.

E-Mail Sex Slave

fetish ownu 2018-08-30

I want you to have the butt plug in your ass and the large vibrator in your pussy, no panties or bra of course, and a top that opens easily to allow your tits to be viewed by anyone close to you. I've taken five guys home with me at the same time and let them have me in every way possible - in the mouth, ass, pussy, tit fucking, etc. I need to go do a little work in the next room." Zantha left the room and went to the computer where she logged on to Nickie's e-mail account and sent their Master a message reporting that things were progressing nicely and that Nickie had, in her opinion, truly become the slut slave he had hoped for.

The Amy Chronicles: Prologue

fetish seahorse 2018-08-30

Above all, imagine a woman who just loves to wear the prettiest bras and panties, one who not only instinctively understands the sensual allure of soft silky underwear, but who is keen to indulge your fetish to boot. Now imagine that by some amazing slice of good fortune this wonderful woman also happens to be in love with you, and you begin to understand why I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. She has wonderfully exotic looks, complete with honey brown skin, enchanting deep green eyes that I swear change color according to her mood, and long silky dark hair. I could begin with her beautiful pretty face perhaps, with its delicate bone structure, high intelligent forehead, sensual almond-shaped eyes, fractionally long nose and wide generous mouth with eminently kissable lips...

Just Letting Go

fetish GwenWinter 2018-08-30

She tries holding on to that feeling for as long as she can, wanking her clit vigorously all the while, until the compulsion becomes unbearable, and then she just lets go, completely, soaking her jeans and making a huge puddle of piss all over the kitchen floor. I still don't know quite what my playmate is going to want to do with me, when he gets here, but even the thought of a fit young guy just standing close by, watching my antics, as I put on a show to let him see how dirty I can be, is a massive turn-on for me, and I just can't stop thinking about it. Unable to hold back a second longer, I simply let go, releasing a mighty torrent of steaming piss into Matt's mouth, drenching his face and showering his body.

A Strange Encounter Ch. 05

fetish HunterShambles 2018-08-30

"I feel that flattering as it is that Sue wants to make love with me, I would somehow be betraying the trust between us, I would have lost any moral authority I have and somehow that doesn't seem a good idea to me. "I had thought yes, but Stuart has let me see that all I wanted was to keep Colin close to me, when in fairness he has chosen you and you have a life together. Sue smiled, "Daddy I would like you to share my body so you can see how much I love you and how much you mean to me, I want you to see me as a woman, a grown up but to know that the love we have is special to us.

If you like feet..

fetish Lowdiddy09 2018-08-30

She crossed her legs so that one leg was over the other and her foot was close to my hands..I wanted to touch it..rub it all over my hands and face..but obviously I couldn't just do that..So i knelt forward a little more..maybe i could just get a smell..just maybe..but no, I couldn' casually, playing with my pencil (my writing utensil, not my cock ;]..yet) I dropped it..I knelt down to grab it and while doing so took a biiiiiig whif of her smelly, little, sweaty feet. I moved forward, began sucking, licking..moving all around with my tongue and she moaned..she moaned so hot..I moved one of my hands into her pants and felt her dripping i took off her pants and I moved my face in between her tongue rubbing against her clit..with every lick i could feel her body twist and turn...

Silk Stockings

fetish eroticawriter313 2018-08-29

This time I went on the date as myself and I was glad I purchased those stockings the other day. I couldn't believe the odds of being set up on a date with the man who suggested I buy my stockings from a store that also sold whips. He took his time placing the stocking on my foot gently pulling it up my leg before stopping at my thigh. His hand trailed the length of the stockings pushing my skirt up to my panty line. I kept my eyes on him as I slipped my hand inside the jeans. I let my hand slip inside my dampened panties.

Letting my best friend fuck my gf

fetish Slutl0ver1 2018-08-29

I just said "Don't worry about it mate i'm not bothered and i don't think she is either " Hailey took her mouth of my cock still hold it turned her head " I'm really not " Dean kinda shrugged "Fair enough" and carried on pounding his fingers into her pussy it wasn't long before she tensed up and was about to cum she quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and rapidly started to suck it muffling her moans and her body started spazming and she was squirming on his fingers as her orgasm ripped through her seeing this was too much for me and i grabbed a handful of her hair "I'm gonna cum and pushed her head as far down my 6 inch cock as i could and held it there as i squirted streams of what felt like gallons of cum down her throat she tried pulling her head up but i held her there until i had emptied my balls down her throat i let her head go she look up at me her eyes watering trying to catch her breath calls me an asshole while wiping the cum off her chin.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 14

fetish milfleglover 2018-08-29

"Oh my God, Mrs. O' stink...your piss...fuck!" she heard him say, the words echoing in the bowl with his head inside, so close to it, making him wonder if he were licking away down there. "Fuck me," she hissed, working herself into an orgasmic frenzy as Tommy was doing on her cell phone, a pair of rancid panties jammed to his face, his other hand flying up and down his cock, cumming in long thick ropes that landed on the pile, soaking her socks and panties. "I'd say you like my piss, boy," she growled, suddenly unlocking her lethal thighs and twisting his head toward the toilet, sticking his face in the bowl and the glistening gold below.


fetish RON8112 2018-08-29

He continued to rub his cock and his precum all of my face and told me I'm such a whore. He then told me to bend over my desk and when I did he rubbed his cock over the crack of my ass several times and gently f***ed his cock head inside me and telling me he was going to fuck his bitch. He continued to tell me I was his bitch and I'm a good fuck, he pounded my ass until he came and then finished up and then pulled up his pants and said I was such a slut and walked out. We met several more times and I was his willing bitch.....and it was an awesome experience.

Black Stud for Her, Sissy Cuckold for Him

fetish 425olds 2018-08-29

Sissyboi, get over here and lick your wife's pussy clean!" The husband started to protest but by the look on the black man's face; he knew he had no choice. He got down below his wife's pussy and watched as the black bulls big schlong popped out releasing a wave of white hot cum to pour down onto the husbands face and mouth. After completely cleaning her up and swallowing what felt like mouthfuls of sperm-rich cum from his wife's sore pussy, the husband turned to get up only to be stopped by the black man. While the husband obediently sucks on the wife's pussy, the black man starts to fondle his ass, slapping his cheeks and pulling on his lacy panties.


fetish TRUE111 2018-08-29

Another dry and still evening came and Sabina was just about to leave for "work." I was just having my tea when she passed and said sexily "alright darling." Just having the woman speak to me gave me an erection. Vickers shut the bedroom door and locked it, Sabina began to casually undress, Vickers doing this at the same time and stood up straight in front of the large window and gazed out. Vickers then gradually took his less erect penis out of Sabinas asshole and looked thoroughy relieved. This continued for a minute or so until Sabina took Vickers cock out of her mouth and shouted she was feeling faint from being upside down.


fetish 2018-08-29

Pulling him up too and we went upstairs, as we got into our room he saw the little surprise I had arranged for him, complete with a chocolate fountain. I took another one and purposely let it drip onto his chest and stomach before I allowed him to bite the strawberry and I licked up the chocolate. Again I dripped the chocolate onto him, this time remembering how he had took me all over the house simply because he got a bit jealous at a club and he had repeated told me I was his. I took a little more before pulling up and continued sucking his hard and twitching cock, I bobbed my head going faster and faster as I massaged my tongue onto his cock.

Starting Work at the Tea Shop.(a tale of mature wm

fetish 2018-08-29

I looked up and saw Lisa still had her T-shirt pulled up to her neck, her face and stomach were flat against the bed and her arms were holding on to the mattress, just inches from where I was devouring her ass. Next, I felt Lisa come behind me and gently push me forward so that I was now on all fours, my face just inches from Mrs. Long's swollen and reddened pussy. I stayed planted on all fours watching Mrs. Long finger fuck her cunt as Lisa gave my ass the pounding of it's life. I braced myself on all fours, and watched Mrs. Long remove her fingers from her drenched pussy and just as Lisa gave the jade strapon one more shove, I came.

Unique Tattooing

fetish Young At Heart 2018-08-29

David was definitely sexy enough; she would get wet just looking at him and explode in her mind upon hearing him so sweetly ask her if she was ok, his large hands scorching her skin as he touched her body so intimately. She turned her body and opened her legs to allow his finger to find the path the tattoo would take and experienced a heated trail burning her skin following his touch. I truly am going to have to bribe you into coming to my house one day and drawing my walls." She told him with a huge smile on her face, as she watched his eyes take in her pussy lips and where his fingers actually were, how close to feeling her, wanting to pleasure her so much.

Ahh Sin City Ch. 03

fetish Taboo Junky 2018-08-29

One of the women was incredibly beautiful; tall and thin, long thick wavy brown hair, smooth tan skin, huge tits (nice implants), she wore only a thong, high heels and big movie star like sunglasses. We walked into the chest deep water and Trish quickly jumped on me wrapping her arms around my neck and her strong little legs around my waist. Then while we were still kissing I could feel the beer bellied tan man reaching his fingers into the bottom of Trish's swim suit from under her leg. As we made our way out of the pool, leaving Frank behind, Trish was blushing with embarrassment, but that didn't stop her from checking out the young man guiding us over to the bar stand.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 09

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-08-29

Once locked inside the changing room, Kate squeezed into a pair of blue denim shorts. "Do we have everything?" Kate asked, as she pulled up her short blue dress to look down at Brad between her legs. Brad obeyed and a minute later when Kate pulled up her dress she had a new look in her eyes. They pulled up at the car park and Kate walked over to the toilets to change from blue dress and heels to t-shirt, denim shorts and walking boots. Brad couldn't match the strength in Kate's fingers and so could only look on and wait for the inevitable and as she unzipped the pocket on the back of her favourite denim shorts and squeezed him inside.

Color Poll

fetish isaccs77 2018-08-29

It was I who made him crop it nice and neat this winter, but have not been consistent in having him groom it. Of course, if I was a bit more domme, and a little less tentative wife, then I would have him "whipped" into shape and wanting to keep his bush kempt for me. This time, however, he'll need to add a little color to his clitty crown. While I'm inclined to pick the color myself, I thought, "It'd be much more fun if someone else took a little control." So, I'm opening it up to you folks. This weekend, the pussy is cropped in a nice heart, and dyed in a color of your choosing.

Lance & Tanya: In Her Mom's Bedroom

fetish LisaInLace 2018-08-29

The nineteen year old college sophomore slid her right hand down inside the racy red panties, finding the sweet folds of her love mound and smiling as her fingers began to stroke her aching pussy. I can still smell the wicked aroma of her sex, still feel the wetness of her juices here." Tanya pulled her right hand out briefly from the confines of the silky, satiny panties and pressed their sensuous nylon fabric into her own love hole. As Lance continued to lick and tease Tanya's heaving tits, he let his free hand wander down to her wet slit and slid her mom's red nylons mischievously inside.

Slacking Off

fetish TheDude57 2018-08-29

I don’t want us to be disturbed.” Kelly scooted over to the door and locked it, then moved right back to the chair, standing and waiting for whatever Elaine was going to have her do next. “You deserve some kind of punishment, don’t your think?” Kelly nodded, she started to feel like she wanted Elaine to punish her, to teach her, to control her. Elaine was hitting Kelly’s bottom very hard, alternating cheeks and finally pausing to ask Kelly how many times she had been hit. And I want you to know that if you ever walk in that door even one minute late again, today will seem like a picnic.” She paused and asked, “Now how many times have I hit you?”

Klean My Cunt (Quickie)

fetish Aladylover 2018-08-29

Head trapped between her perfect thighs, which wet and sticky from where cum had already escaped, were now smeared to the side of my face. She quickly reasserted her dominance "you want your reward then I'd better fucking cum or you get fuck all" she barked pressing down harder on my face making it difficult to breathe. By slightly adjusting my position I removed my tongue from her hole to concentrate on her clit and inserted 2 fingers into her red-hot cunt. As soon as she was finished I pulled both fingers out and went at her again with my tongue, female cum juicy is just the best! Had cleaned her cunt of all that nasty cum and gave her a good orgasm surely I would be rewarded.

Ravaged Librarian

fetish ashley26 2018-08-29

One of her favourite fantasies was to allow a man to ravage her by letting his hand wander up her skirt and feel her panties as the passed between her legs. "I have managed to persuade quite a few ladies to get on his pedestal before and it is often the same, once I get my hand under their skirts, their resistance starts to fade and most have opened their legs and allowed him to feel their knickers. Ellen was in heaven with her skirt up, her panties stretched open around her thighs and his hard cock teasing her wet pussy. As his cock started to enter her pussy her told her he had her just as he wanted, skirt up, knickers around her ankles and legs open,