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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jane Fucks his Ass

fetish SysiphusRock 2018-08-29

I felt something wet and cool drip onto my cock and looked down to see Jane applying ample amounts of lube. She started pushing it deeper into my mouth, eventually all the way to my throat, encouraging me to "suck it good, bitch." I couldn't say a word in protest, but I also didn't stop stroking my cock, or move my head away. She had pushed my hands away from my rigid cock again and she took over, stroking me firmly. "Tell me, baby, do you want this cock in your ass?" Are you sure you don't want that cock in your mouth in your ass?" "Better stroke that cock, bitch, or this is gonna hurt."

Asked to Flash (Cont-1)

fetish ntrain2001 2018-08-29

The wife asked why and I told her wearing the shorts made it look more like an accident, but when we came back from the beach I was so excited after knowing she was looking all day I couldn't help myself and wanted her to see me hard as a rock. I told her no I kept it to myself, she said good, then said when mary ( my wife) moved the chair yesterday so we both could see you I knew something was up and then last night when she came out dressed like she was and pulled them off I knew that's wanted she wanted for sure.

Stripped and Flipped

fetish MrDeviant 2018-08-29

Mistress Laurel removed Velvet's hand from my cock and ordered me to stroke myself to orgasm as they watched. Officer Cruz led Velvet, Mistress Laurel and I to a padded horse over which, after stripping me down, she leaned me across and locked my wrists, waist and ankles to it. Mistress and Velvet screamed in agony at first as Officer Cruz lashed them mercilessly with one hand and took long, forceful strokes of my prodigious member with the other. Next she took first Mistress, then Velvet, locked their collars to me in a 69 position, after placing me first on the floor face up and bound arms and legs spread wide, and took their pussies and asses with her 15" strap-on cock.

The Glory Hole

fetish wastedaway 2018-08-29

You can feel their eyes on you, and you know they're looking at your naked body, at your erect cock, at your Mistress as she leads you through the room toward a door. But your Mistress has seen it too, and you watch as she leans in front of you and licks the cum off the head of your cock, then presses her body against yours as she kisses you, thrusting her tongue deep inside your mouth so you can taste your cum. Then you feel a tug on the chain that's still secured around your cock, and you explode into the pussy immediately, your body rocking back and forth as you cum.

New Bathroom Fittings

fetish istanbulnoir 2018-08-29

I try to make my eyes focus and a white blurry shape slowly turns into a toilet. Usually, I would be excited by that; the prickly little hairs do lovely things to your cock when you're fucking a woman with a stubbly pussy. She stands up and then she steps over me with one leg and, facing me, she squats down and takes my cock in her hand. The next thing she does is bring the knife close to my cock and then start brushing the blade slowly up and down my shaft. I never thought that I would die like this; having my cock cut off whilst manacled to a mad woman's bathroom floor.

The Taming of the Shithead

fetish Serafina1210 2018-08-29

And that's why my face was planted between Mo's perfect ass cheeks, and why my heart gave a leap when Betsy appeared at the edge of my vision, completely naked and carrying what looked like two big onions. Laughing, Betsy grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back, scooped up the turd from where it had fallen on the towel, and popped it into my mouth before shoving my face back into Mo's crack. Just two days before, he'd spent like all evening with me, face-fucking me in the dining room, pissing on me in the kitchen, dragging me to the upstairs bathroom to shit in my mouth, ass-fucking me over the toilet, and on and on for more than two hours, till I was fucked silly and covered with shit, piss, puke and cum.

My wife , a old friend and a new cuckold who is me

fetish 2018-08-29

the master door was open to the room and i seen ben on top of my wife and he did not look like a man that had knee surgey at all he was fucking sarah hard. as he fingerd sarah.all i seen when i looked up was a gray hairy bush in my face and i felt old saggy ball's slap me on the chen then i sucked his cock long and fast ben said i was a good cock sucker as he bent sarah over the bed and placed his cock in her he said boy! he looked at sarah and says off dont meam your pussy and climbs onto the bed puts his old cock in my wife with me next to then and start's ficking her hard .

Lessons Learned

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-08-29

While I'm sure there were some who just liked to phone fuck, I think for others the idea of meeting a stranger that they've already gotten off with was probably just a little too daunting. As it turns out I also happen to like when a girl holds my cock for me while I piss. I imagined looking her in her eyes and asking if she'd like to ride home with the taste of my cum in her mouth? Not in exactly such words, but I did mentioning that her mouth had a certain cum and piss guzzling appeal and the petiteness of her ass would be feel so amazing stretched around my cock.

Champagne and Caviar

fetish istanbulnoir 2018-08-29

Slowly she squats down, and as she descends her hand appears between her legs and her fingers slither over her already wet pussy and pull her thong to the side and pull open her cunt lips. Madame roars with delight as my spray hits her shit covered cunt and she grabs hold of her tits and pulls and twists her nipples violently as my piss spray hoses the shit from her twat. We return to the bathroom and I watch as she shits out a spunk coated turd and then she invites me to piss on her as she squats on the toilet.


fetish malesub01 2018-08-29

Amanda always imagined herself daring to make out the first time in the car with the likes of Nora, in the dark of a parking lot; or maybe a goodnight dirty kiss at her own doorstep as her heart raced, praying no one was watching. In their stead, Nora crooked three fingers deep into Mandy’s now sopping, swelling cunt walls, and as the aggressor’s knuckles hit breach, Amanda shocked her self by moaning “More… more…” Nora slid upward and kissed Amanda deeply with her honey-dewed lips.”Mandy sweet, I’ll fuck you any way you want…”. And just as Nora began a deep hum in her throat to coax the carnal eruption, the gagged girl’s orgasmic liftoff burst forth, and Amanda wailed like a stuck banshee through her panty-muffled lips.

I own your Cock Now Cuckold and Pegged

fetish 425olds 2018-08-29

Wendy's tits were bouncing from the impact and her legs were spread around both my cock and a magic wand vibrating her clit – the only way she could climax now unless I went down on her. Once she was satisfied, Wendy said I had also earned some extra time with the cage, before letting me do her dishes while my penis dripped pre-cum down my leg. Two weeks later, I thought I was going out of my mind with sexual frustration as Wendy had showed no signs of providing my aching balls any relief, only a sore ass and plenty of practice eating out her wonderful pussy.

First Bondage

fetish Jason X 2018-08-29

I put my hand into your leather panties and pull you to the bed. I swipe your ass again and grab the nipple clamps from the bed. I move my hands inside and you push out towards me enjoying my fingers on your pussy lips. You push your ass further into my mouth enjoying my tongue on your hole. My hand moves to the bed and I take the love beads. I caress your clit with my thumb and insert the remaining beads in your ass. You love it; each time a bead is pushed in a wave of pleasure runs through your body. The beads now removed I push the tip of my cock in your ass.

My wife fucks black Chris

fetish 2018-08-29

She was all excited to live out the fantasy so I again tied her up and blindfolded her, but this time when I tied her up, she was on her stomach, Chris had come into the bedroom and got on the bed and started to rub her ass, he then bent down and started to lick her thighs and moved up higher with his tongue. Tammi said “oh Chris I love your big black cock fucking my little pussy, please Chris fuck me harder cum inside me I want to feel your hot cum” As my tongue lick up her juices and Chris’s cum from her pussy Chris walked out of the bathroom with his cock swinging between his legs and walked up to Tammi and let his cock touch her lips.

Caught Cross-Dressed & Dominated

fetish bondage_philosopher 2018-08-29

My parents wouldn't be gone for only one night, but they were taking a vacation and leaving me home alone to house sit. As I went to my room, I felt my skirt brush against my pantyhosed legs, making my cock spring to life. She made me kiss every inch of her long, tanned, beautiful legs and forced me to tell her where the rest of my clothes and chains were. I looked up and tried not to hint towards anything, but my sweaty face and exhausted breathing must have told her everything she needed to know. "Well, well, well," she said, "it looks like you were busy in the five minutes I was gone.

Muscle encounters Yvette Bova

fetish lilguy41 2018-08-29

Yvette Bova stood at the work out room bench pressing about 200 pounds. Squeeze it baby" She says going to squeeze the life out of that cock" She said "GrrrrR" She says smiling and tears open my shirt. I feel Bova's hand in my underwear as the sexy black You like these muscles don't you baby" She says "I be nice and let you pick how we fuck first" She says "You want me to ride that cock baby" Yvette said in a sultry voice You like it baby." She said "Yea trust it baby..harder...yes LIKE THAT!!!" "Fuck my cunt ohhh yea" She said squeezing your balls. "Damm baby hope you're still alive" Yvette said "Because your sweet little ass

Jack Off Junkie Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-08-29

Lynn licked her lips and said she loved big bald balls and wanted to suck on them right there but Debbie told her to regain her composure. Kim my wife took the panties and stuck them in my mouth and told me to suck my pre-cum out of them, this made me even hotter and my cock felt like it was going to explode but I had a cock-ring on and I knew it wouldn’t. She said Kim had told her that I liked the taste of male cum and that I would be sucking some pussy on a stick before the night was over. Debbie’s balls was starting to tighten up and Kim ask her if she was going to cum soon, Debbie said yes in between her moaning.

The Therapist Ch. 08

fetish sm8100 2018-08-29

She knew that she might occasionally want another man and maybe even a woman as a sexual partner but for James it would be strictly a monogamous relationship. Her acute sense of human understanding was certain that James wanted, actually needed, Julia to be the only woman in his life. Does the thought of your goddess showing you something new, even more decadent, make your cock get all turned on?" Julia laughed a bit and continued on, Don't look so serious sweetie." It was an intimacy that transformed their relationship of James being the "plaything" to something more important and he felt certain that he was deeply connected to Julia's psyche in ways that he didn't fully understand.

The Versatile Student Ch. 02

fetish atlanticsexual 2018-08-29

Tara sure knew how to give a guy an enema - her fingers spending way too much time opening up my rectum, working the lube in, massaging my prostate, giving me bag after bag of a chamomille / valerian mix, leaving me relaxed from the herbs. But, during our courting, Tara reveled more and more of her kinky side as my eager wife-to-be / nursing student expertly slid an ever larger series of Van Buren sounds into my impotent cock, sliding past my prostate and just into my bladder. Richard was no fool - he knew of the medications Denise slipped into his enemas, he knew that his impotence was caused by his slut-wife's actions, yet he played the fool.

What is in a Name?

fetish PantyLisa18 2018-08-29

Rather, I simply love the way a sexy pair of panties looks and feels on someone. I used the word someone because, yes, I can enjoy a sexy pair of panties on a male. I simply love the way a sexy pair of panties look on a woman. The right pair of panties can accentuate the curves of a woman making for such an erotic visual. He indulges me in other ways too, from printing out pictures of women in various panties for me, to helping me be a voyeur when another woman's panties are showing or her thong string is showing in public. Tina indulges me by wearing sexy panties.

The CNA that shows off her goodies on the job.

fetish dbaker2k10 2018-08-29

And said to my father, "This strawberry shortcake is one you gotta lick." April grabbed my father's face and shoved it into her chest. My father may been blind, but from his face, you can tell that he loved licking the whipped cream off of April's boobs. After that my father asked April that he wanted to try the strawberries and whipped cream on her pussy. So, April grabbed a towel with the strawberries and whipped cream after she lead my dad upstairs. April got up wiped my dad's face, put his clothes back on and lead my dad downstairs.

Grandma Changes My Life

fetish JhMcKn 2018-08-29

Agnes told me that father had fucked her three times last night and each time had not allowed her to wipe, but had clamped her pussy shut without allowing the semen to leak out. With that she spread her long inner cunt lips revealing a nice big clit which I promptly took in my mouth and began sucking on gently. He left and Agnes got to her feet and proceeded to go out onto the front porch, spread her legs apart, and begin spurting a stream of piss through her knickers that went all over the place.It ran down her thighs getting her stockings she had just put on all wet.

My Toy Nancy Ch. 02

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-08-29

"Mark, it's time to wake up." His eyes open and starts to sputter since Nancy had decided his panty covered face needed some extra special soaking. Those can be cheap, we don't care if his feet hurt at the end of the night do we." Nancy's smile turns into a naughty grin, and I see her start to caress her breasts while we talk about Mark. Wow – she is really getting into this – I'm starting to think Mark boy put more pressure onto Nancy than she ever let on. "Get over her sissy boy, let's get some measurements so we know what to get for the problem child." Mark walks over and Nancy gets whatever sizes she needs.

Susuruss Pt. 13-16

fetish Macjay 2018-08-29

Kate moaned with pleasure and put her hands on the shiny rubber mac covering David's chest and began to rock back and forth at an increasing pace. While this had been going on, David had been looking round the store and was trying on a traditional British rubberized riding mac complete with leg straps. Like Jessica, Kate and David declined a bag for their purchases and left the store wearing their riding macs and were immediately grateful as the wind whipped up. As they drove back towards the motorway, Kate took David's hand and ran it under the skirt of the riding mac and along the rubber of her new boots.


Explanation to the Sorority Ch. 02

fetish escriterra 2018-08-29

I didn't know anything except that Karelle Matthews was going to see to it that tomorrow I would again surrender my naked ass to a strap-on protruding from the crotch of a woman eager to use it on me, and that---if I continued pleasing her with willing submission to her desires and directions for more shameless displays of my nakedness and eagerness to be taken---she would take my cock inside her pussy. So it was for me hearing those words from Nya. The thought of her walking me down the hall to the elevator, getting into the elevator hoping no one is there when the doors slide open, exiting the elevator with the same dread of seeing someone, and then surviving the trip from elevator to my room---all the time with my naked cock and balls on display---created complete terror.