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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Tina Makes Piggy Cum

fetish Porky_Pig 2018-08-29

The "performance" generally consisted of the fat bastard getting an erection after receiving several minutes of gentle massage to his modest package immediately followed by a race between him penetrating Tina and shamelessly grunting himself to orgasm, or prematurely cumming in her hands or in her mouth. In fact, he had started to distance himself from her and no matter how hard she tried, he had not relinquished his stoic position and continued to insist that they have sex "the old fashioned way." Tina, a natural go-getter had never liked taking no for an answer, especially from her fat pig of a loser husband who worshiped the very ground she walked upon.

My First Whore

fetish PureCoffee 2018-08-29

She cracked a smile, perhaps trying to look a little seductive or sexy. She let out a little gasp as he rubbed her breast through her clothes, feeling the fabric of her shirt grate slightly against the stiffer fabric of her bra. She remained silently standing with her hands on the wall as he worked to pop his right shoe off. Having no real need to hold back he pushed her against the wall, putting a forearm against her curl covered head and pressing the side of her face against the wall. He panted, groaned, thrust a few more times and then felt the head of his dick swell as he squeezed out a heavier burst.

David's Upskirt Theatre

fetish Thorilla 2018-08-29

The English Upskirt Theatre Company's productions of 'Oklahoma' and 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' normally require careful choreography to allow the understage audience as many opportunities of seeing up the actresses' skirts and petticoats as possible. The entrance floor was constructed in 'reflecto-glass' which allowed me a good view up Emma's skirt and up the white flared pleated skirts of the theatre staff who were all dressed like Marilyn Monroe in the 'Severn Year Itch'. We took our seats and I noticed that even the auditorium floor was made of glass and I became aware that several pairs of eyes in the understage area were staring up Emma's revealing tartan pleated skirt.

Guys Like Me

fetish alexcarr 2018-08-29

I turned out the light and pushed my hand beneath the pillow to pull out my bit of Julia, her image in the office very strong , having seen her bend over when she dropped some papers and reveal a good view of the same coloured red panties I had under my pillow, or right now, pressed against my nostrils as I took nice long slow deep sniffs into the crotch which had touched her sweet pussy and which was now touching my tongue as I started t lick them all over again.


fetish sirswoosh 2018-08-29

After several minutes of rubbing and massaging, and staring at your pussy lips, I let your leg down, and move to the other side of the table. I tell you to reach behind, and pull your ass and twat apart for me--you oblige--and my tongue parts your pink pussy lips, reaching deep into your womanhood. Your honey is slathered all over my face as I work your beaver over--taking lips into my mouth, flicking your clit, sucking on it--generally giving your pussy a bath like its never had. Shaking, you collapse onto the table, and my hands rub you from your back to ass to your legs, helping regain the sensation back into your numb body.

Rapunzel's Gift

fetish Akito01 2018-08-29

As arranged, Mother Gothel would shout out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel; let down your golden hair!” She didn’t know whether what she did was right or wrong, but her instincts told her to keep this a secret from Mother Gothel, just as she wished she’d hidden that smear of blood on her thigh so long ago. When it came to the foot of the tower, it cried out; ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair!’ Rapunzel had no knowledge of the term, but seeing how young and handsome this man was, it was clear to her that he would lover her better than old Mother Gothel. When the king’s son had left, descending on her golden locks as he’d arrived, Rapunzel felt her heart race like never before.

Alicia's Diary Pt. 01

fetish SaraW 2018-08-29

We're hoping to get pregnant this month, aren't we sweetheart?" The girl called Emily nodded quickly and I could see her breathing had increased by the way her breasts shifted in their hanging position. The feeling of him finger fucking me in a room with three girls who were pregnant with his children, one who he'd just fucked and one he'd not even looked at only increased my arousal and I was soon squirming beneath his touch, my climax fast approaching. The signal came with a single flick of a hand from Master and the machines flared into life, fucking us slowly at first, allowing us time to get used to them, before he ordered they be turned up high.

Anna's Birthday Gift

fetish buster352 2018-08-29

Anna had been a little thoughtful most of the day, wondering what Sir had planned. There was no sign of Sir. She stood waiting a few minutes, feeling very conspicuous to passers-by. Anna felt her juices run down her leg at these words. Anna grunted a 'yes' in reply, her fingers working furiously. There was Sir, dressed in a priests vestments. He looked down at her, a little dishevelled but still up on her knees, the position Sir had taught her. Clearly he had been working on it at the same time Anna was coming as it was ready to burst. A few strokes of his cock, he pushed it against Anna's lips and it burst forth, dripping come down her face and chin.

String Me Up

fetish alteredego524 2018-08-29

Then he would hang, strangle as she continued to suck, fuck, or what ever she wanted, until he passed out, or got off. They continued to fuck, as she played with her ass with one hand, and her breasts with the other. "First, you are going up my asshole..." With one fierce thrust backwards, she impaled her pretty brown ass on his long dark cock, and knocked him off the stool. You get to do me ass-to-mouth, just like a whore..." As the words entered his mind, he felt the orgasm hit him. "Cummm" was all he could mutter, but Nydia spun around instantly, and as promised, took his black cock from her ass, and shoved it right down her throat.

Katie's Muscle Journey

fetish KatieTay 2018-08-29

Jim is pulling up his pants hurriedly as Ryoko speaks, and at this he looks up at me and nods eagerly, saying, "I didn't want any of this, Katie!" As Jim gapes in amazement, I step up to Ryoko until our nipples are almost touching, and throw my own arms up in the most powerful flex I can manage! Still not saying a word, Ryoko raises her left hand and crooks a finger at Jim, to come over. I keep my eyes fixed on Jim's penis, nestled between my forearm and my bicep, and I want so much to curl my arm up around it, and let him feel the strength of my bicep directly on his cock...

Bunker Buster

fetish markydaysaid 2018-08-28

Too bad his crotch wasn't packing much, otherwise he'd be exactly my type, but as much as I liked cute boys, cock-size was the absolute most essential quality. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, angelic face, puffy lips, huge watermelon tits, toned stomach, narrow waist, profuse buttocks, thick thighs, strong legs, and an attitude to match. The only obstacle I had left was poor little Sparrowhawk, shaking before me in his little baby-boy boots like a pillow-biting bitch. The last time he crawled into my bed and tried to fuck me in my sleep, I kicked his ass, rammed a dildo up his butt, put a leash on him, and pulled him around the yard like I was walking a dog.

Cum Taste Challange

fetish Oralcreamlover 2018-08-28

She looked at me and couldn't believe what she had just heard come out of my mouth, I thought it would make her feel like she had deprived me of what I really wanted, but to my surprise she went down on me and gave me a great blowjob, but when I warned her I was ready to cum she again pulled off and I unloaded all over her tits, she made a special point to make sure her nipples were the main target for my cum.

Be My Little Girl Ch. 02

fetish AnxiouslyWaiting 2018-08-28

"Don't forget to turn the movie off." I said bitterly storming to the stairs, however before I get four steps up I feel a pair of hands, in a strong vice around my waist, pulling my bottoms down and then move to cover my mouth as we fall onto the steps. Don't you go demanding your daddy anything." He grunted and my eyes opened wide as a stifled moan exited my mouth into his hand as he pushes his thick cock into my pussy, causing my eyes to roll back and my whole body to tremble. His dirty talk was turning me on more, thought and I felt my pussy get wetter because of it making it easier to fuck him.

The Day I Watched Them At It

fetish paulman 2018-08-28

I shrank back, in utter shock, into the darkness, away to the kitchen, got some kitchen roll around my suddenly erect cock, and wanked desperately into it; hating Jim like anything, but I couldn't stop myself being unbearably aroused by the fact that beatiful, sexy, beloved Jayde was being a little tart; betraying me, betraying her hubby, and degrading herself by letting beardy, pervy old Jim between her legs! Jim said, "Well, how about if I let Mandy have the computer for half price, If you give up your sexy little bottom for the rude desires of this dirty old man?" Soon,the bathroom light went on, and I heard them in the shower, with Jayde still giggling as Jim did whatever other dirty things he did to her!

Wife in Control Ch. 03

fetish wifetoy 2018-08-28

To earn another finger, I described for my wife the thrill of pulling on my sister's cable knit private school uniform socks high up to my knees and wearing her silky panties, pointing my toes in the air as I stroked myself over the edge to orgasmic bliss, spurting into a tissue in my cupped hand. I will never forget the strange, titillating thrill I felt as the thin knee socks would slide against the smooth wooden foot bed of the sandals as I walked across my sister's pink shag carpeting. Moving to the fluffy pink duvet covering my sister's bed, I opened the robe and propped my legs up on the foot rail so I could see my knee sock covered feet in the very girly Dr. Scholl's sandals.

Doubly Disappointed

fetish DMSi 2018-08-28

Mike would only be in the hospital for three days and he would be protective of his embryo, so Erin knew she had to end the pregnancy quickly. Erin was sore after the procedure for the next few days and was still spending a lot of time in bed when Mike came home from the hospital. While Mike rested at home, Erin put on her best red dress that her breasts strained against and gave a very generous look at her legs. John wanted to step away for a moment to see her nearly naked in her bra and panty glory but Erin refused and was undoing the front of his pants.

Filling the Glass Ch. 04

fetish mdp_2004 2018-08-28

"I was feeling guilty for leaving you blue earlier and thinking about finishing you off because you've been such a good boy about it." Her hand caressed my crotch and my dick throbbed while I winced at the attention she was giving. Then she lowered her head and said in a playful voice "come on little Bob, time to get hard and play again." Then she kissed the tip a few times and took my rising dick into her mouth. "Yes. But she says to look into the model's eyes and know that if she were in the room with me, I'd feel her power as she stared at me like the woman in the photo."

Training the Secretary

fetish Soggysolutions 2018-08-28

It felt more like a dressing down than an interview, and she could feel her eyes welling with tears, but she sat still, silently, meekly accepting Mr Overbrook's condescension until he declared he'd heard enough (ironic as she'd barely spoken) and told her to wait for a moment whilst he consulted with a colleague. Katie realised that the spanking would be audible in the office, so both Mr Overbrook and Mr Thewliss would know how Ms Kneeshaw was punishing her. An hour later, neither Thewliss nor Kneeshaw had arrived, and Katie had passed the time at her desk typing up some case notes that had been left in her In tray.


fetish Jack_Love 2018-08-28

I crawled hastily onto her, meat in hand, and gingerly slid my hard dick into her drooling hot pink flower to the hilt, trying out my fuck-doll's pussy for the first time. "I wanna shoot the last bit up your pussy- get on the bed, Barbie!" I said quickly, my dick still cumming in my jerking hand. I slowly slid myself up her ass, fucked it for a few hard, deep and fast thrusts, and blasted a second huge load deep up her hot tight slut's rectum, Barbie moaning the whole time, turning me on like never before. I inserted my hard cock into my living gorgeous Asain fuck-doll and pounded her pussy standing up like that.

The Singer

fetish silverstud66 2018-08-28

"Bring me my boots," she said as I walked past them, "and come and stand next to me," – I handed them to her and stood next to the drawers, "you may kiss my neck," she said, and she looked intimate as I pecked it in a circle, occasionally peaking through my otherwise closed eyes – I could feel the tough outside of the boots rubbing against my naked thighs until she began placing one around my cock, rubbing the soft lining up and down my ridge, my dick flinching at the feeling as I fought harder and harder to control myself until I let out a 'ahhh'.

Dianne in Panties

fetish eliasroticatwo 2018-08-28

You know, high heels, skirts, satin blouses, dresses that hinted at just a little cleavage but cupped her breasts smoothly. I pulled out my own collection of high heel shoes and took dozens of photos until I had a handful I really felt proud of artistically. So far the satin panties I was wearing from my own wardrobe had been containing my cock but it could slip out and tent my pants if I shifted the wrong way. She worked the jeans over her heels and I saw that they looked just like a pair I had photographed from my own shoes. When her fingers started touching her nipples through the satin, I couldn't help but moan.

After the Show Names were changed

fetish 2018-08-28

I sat back taking a sip of the club soda when the brunette on my left leaned in and with a sultry voice introduced herself as Lori and told me her friend to my right was Becky and the bartender was their friend Ami who had just stopped in front of me with a smile on her beautiful face said hello. She grabbed onto my cock like a starving person at a hot dog eating contest, she gave good head and while she was sucking me off and Becky and Ami were on the floor eating each other out I was playing with Lori's tits squeezing them rubbing her already hard as stone nipples between my fingers with one hand my free hand down between her thighs sliding her wet panties to one side.

A Drinker's Better Moments Ch. 03

fetish topwise 2018-08-28

I continued to move slowly, taking a long half-hour previous mental pictures of Kris filling my head. I didn't have time to turn my head when I heard the whisper in my ear, "I'm naked under this gown." My head followed the voice and saw the back of Kris walking away. Kris took my dick in her hand and spread the cum over my shaft and brought it to her face to suck off her fingers. I continued to pee on her crotch while Kris let a hand travel under her panties and began rubbing furiously at her clit. Kris locked her hips and began to squeeze her pussy muscles, the walls of her vagina began to milk my cock as we kissed.

The Maid

fetish Croozer 2018-08-28

After about and hour, I called out to her, saying, "Rose...would you like some coffee?" She popped her head into the bedroom and said, "Yes, that would be nice...can I bring you some, too?" Soon, she appeared carrying a tray with coffee, and I invited her to sit in the chair near the bed. I smiled, and said, "Take the bra off, Rose...I want to see your breasts." She was standing in Gloria's slip and heels, with her big breasts swaying with each breath, and slowly running her tongue across her lips. "You have to be on top, Rose," I said, "I can't hold myself on one arm." I rolled over on the bed as she straddled my legs, and pulled the slip up to her waist.