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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Golden Waterfalls in the Woods

fetish Lalenya Love 2018-08-28

“I’ll let you see me pee,” said Marcy with a twinkle in her grey-green eyes, “under one condition.” The old guy had told her his fantasy, but she wasn’t about to make it too easy for him. Her glistening stream soon burst forth, arcing upward like Gerald’s, and splashed against the tent stake Gerald had just planted. After Marcy’s stream was spent, she smiled, leaned forward, and gave Gerald a long and loving kiss. When Gerald had finished, he helped Marcy to her feet, and they shared a lingering kiss before showering off. As he heard Marcy coming and felt her cunt squeezing and milking his cock, Gerald could hold back no longer.


fetish Jizzylady 2018-08-28

She noticed like most men he had pearl studs under the skin of his black shaft, these were the number of conquests, Big ones were a count of banged up women, he had lots of both. She showed 20 men into the waiting room, gave them a number then went round the other side of the curtain and sat. Girls this is what 40 men made for me, she informed them.Now if this goes up you pussy you will be pregnant, these boys fire this into you when they cum in your pussies.We not allowed to give you rubbers you know so you have to stop this ladies!!!

Bondage Doctor

fetish spandexman 2018-08-28

"I believe you wanted to be kidnapped." A very handsome 5'9" well tanned young man with big brown eyes, long thick wavy golden-blonde hair, and a very muscular 195 pound frame, that his tight white tank top, white spandex pants, and black riding boots hugged all too well, in fact his thick circumcised 8" penis and tight hairless balls were on display, and very nicely, finally said as he removed the black leather gloves. The Bondage Doctor tied her hands behind her back with a pair of worn nude pantyhose as she turned three shades of bright red and continued to move her very full bowels, I had never seen a young woman or man for that matter poop so much, the load caused the seat of her stretchy white spandex pants to swell out to the size of two overripe melons, and she wasn't finished, not by a long shot!

Melissa & Her Socks Ch. 4

fetish dirkpitt 2018-08-28

She slipped one hand under her shirt and began fondling her pussy through her panties as her sock-covered foot moved up and started rubbing my dick through my pants. A few moments later, Angela moved her free hand over to Maggie's crotch, where she began rubbing the other girl's pussy. Angela helped Maggie out of her sleep shirt, and then pulled her sports bra off over her head, leaving the two girls wearing only their socks. "I want one of those killer foot rubs you gave Brigitte and Teresa," Angela cooed, as she grabbed my cock with one hand and started pumping it gently up and down. Maggie began fingering herself then, and grabbed one of my tube sock-clad feet with her free hand and started nibbling on my toes.

Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 14)

fetish wastedaway 2018-08-28

appreciatively at Mandy's rubber-covered form, held immobile by the the rubber tape covering the rear zipper of the second suit. Mr. Dodds was holding the open hood of the suit in front of her face. felt like a surgical- style oxygen mask covering her mouth and nose. soft rubber tube for a second, salivating a little, hoping to fool her Dodds must have been finished, at least temporarily, as Mandy felt him shiny black latex covering her body made her, in Mr. Dodds eyes, the rise up, knowing it would annoy Dodds, but her suit seemed to be glued Dodds connected the respirator hose to the fitting at Mandy's mouth, connections at her mouth, the air hose, the seal of the stomach tube,

This Could Be the Start Ch. 02

fetish Scorpio44a 2018-08-28

The instant he saw the words on the screen he knew what Faith wanted him to wear for the Fetish Ball. Faith said, "I want to suck your green cock. Nick smiled and said, "I think I can last hours like this." He slid into her in long, deep strokes. Twice he caught himself humming the song from Kermit the frog, "It's not easy being green..." A woman who had never even looked at him before he shaved sat next to him for the morning lecture and asked why he shaved his head. "Can I touch his head again, right now?" Kathy was looking at Faith when she asked. Bring food to share." Nick kissed Faith and held her hand as we walked away. Mike wanted to know if Nick would like to attach them.

sissy slut is humiliated and loves it

fetish 2018-08-28

I love that you know what I need and how to command me." I smiled at you, looked into your beautiful eyes and leaned down with my pussy filled with cock and kissed your wet mouth long and slow, running my tongue over every lovely bit of your lipsticked lips and mouth, breathing in your intoxicating scent and tasting your sweet mouth as if I was making love to your mouth like it was a sexual organ. And you used your hands to press my face closer to you and your hips pushed up and fucked my face and between my wet tongue and your wet pussy your panties were soaking wet and when I pulled them off your body suddenly you were too driven with desire to chastise me and you fucked and fucked my face and my tongue and mouth were slipping and sliding and moving and undulating your wet slippery cunt as if it was only an extension of you.

Beaten Into Submission With Strapon

fetish 2018-08-28

As she got out of the tub I noticed her smooth pussy and as she went by me she brushed my hard cock with her hand and it started twitching. Stacy was in front of me ordering me to suck on her and Janet said "you better lube up your ass Slave or that 6" Dildo is going to hurt. I started stroking and Janet hit my hand hard with the whip and then slapped my face. While Janet was fucking me late in the night, the other girls propped up my ass with pillows so that my cock was up above my face.

A Day at My Aunt's (Teen Mike spends time at

fetish KDG 2018-08-28

“Yes, suck him good Brian, oh fuck,” my aunt moaned as she played with her big tities. “Fuck yes, oh god that’s good baby, oh so fucking good,” my aunt moaned as she let go of my dick and I guess started fingering herself. I watched my aunt fuck herself with the brush when I felt Brian moan loudly and start to buck his hips. Moans surrounded the room as my cousin came inside me and my aunt fucked herself with reckless abandon while watching her son come inside her nephew’s ass. Brian started to moan and rub the precum coming out of the tip of his rock hard dick all over the head and shaft. Looking at his father cum all over his aunt, Brian soon started to buck and moan.

Toilet Games

fetish Rikki 2018-08-28

Mr and Mrs Berger sorted through our clothes, then gave Hilda my grey, V-neck, waist-length cardigan, which she handed to me. All of Peter's clothes were discarded and Hilda was handed my white blouse, bra and panties. 'Mr and Mrs Berger want toilet maids,' Hilda said, 'so Peter will now be called Petra and will wear ladies clothes.' When I returned Peter was lying in my place and Mrs Berger was seated on the commode peeing on him, wetting my blouse and underwear with a huge stream of piss. When she had finished she returned to her chair and sat with her legs open, 'Panty boy suck.' Peter knelt down in front of her and buried his face in her bush.

Burgundy Lips Ch. 03

fetish qdata 2018-08-28

As I sucked her hard nubs, I held a lovely breast in both hands, squeezing and moulding the soft flesh quite roughly but Jutta seemed to be enjoying the treatment she was receiving: she was almost purring like a kitten. I never fully deflated because of this stimulation and when she presented her nipple to my mouth, I latched my lips round the hard nub and suckled like a baby, my tool started coming back to life. We kissed again, tasting the lipstick in a long and unhurried smooch as she encouraged me to play with her breasts and finger her sloppy pussy, her own hand toying with my soft penis and testicles.



fetish sexychiclove 2018-08-28

I heard punching and screaming. "NO THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!!" I heard my dad scream. I heard the car door open and 5 guys with dildos and knives came in and surrounded me. "Please don't hurt me or touch me!" I yelled. Another 2 guys reached down my pants and fingered me. They sucked my pussy and they were naked. They finger and fucked my tight ass!! They ripped open my pussy, and the worst part, they got it on tape. He got up and turned me over and oiled up my ass. They fingered me so bad and fucked me so hard. "Stop!!" I screamed they kissed my pussy, and sucked on me a while more then stopped. "Ow!!!" They hurt my back a lot...

A Pig's Life

fetish Haxcall 2018-08-28

Feeding time!" The woman yelled, ignoring Lilly as she poured the buckets of slop into the trough. Her only hope was that the hooded woman would stop refilling the trough so she could at least go in a corner, but no, the feeding continued and Lilly continued stuffing her face with slop. The thought of being plowed by a hogs disgusted Lilly, but the pig part of her had been wondering the same question ever since mating season began. Lilly, on the other hand, was squealing and bucking about like the wild pig she had become, thrusting her body in tune with his and letting out farts that she was too excited to notice.

The Gold Digger Ch. 06

fetish carvohi 2018-08-27

The first thing the next morning Bob slipped down to a nearby Walmart and bought Carol a soft robe. Carol walked out and sat in one of the hard wooden chairs typically found in a doctor's waiting room. The little girl did as she was told, but by now everyone was looking at Carol, and in her wan condition, the flowers, the vine, and the leaves on her left cheek all showed up clearly. If she's suffering from blood poisoning, and I'd be surprised if she wasn't, she'll be on a strict regimen of antibiotics and other medications for quite some time." The doctor reached out a hand and put it on Bob's shoulder. Bob shook the doctor's hand, turned and smiled at Carol.

Magic Potion: Roseville

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-08-27

Jean had seen few nude pictures, never of a woman missing both legs and what it looked like where the leg used to be. When she picks it up, she finds on the cover a picture of a lovely amputee woman missing a leg leaning sensually on her crutches. Jean rests the book in her lap and looks around feeling as though everyone knows what she is reading. Jean takes her eyes from the woman's butch features with short gray hair, and looks around behind the counter noticing a pair of crutches, long aluminum crutches that people with broken legs or sprained ankles often use. Alone at home, Jean reads more of the book, her mind in overdrive at the thoughts Judy had left with her.

The Hung Games Pt. 01

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-08-27

I, Jasmine Carter, sat on the pelvis of Blaise Jackson, locking my grey-blue eyes to his, sweat spraying off of my body with every bounce of my ass, every clap of my insanely large breasts, with every swing of my head as I fought the orgasms that threatened to carry me away at every deep thrust of the cock burying itself in my ravenous cunt over and over. The man's timing was impeccable, his huge cock felt twice as big when employed in that deep-drilling configuration, and his balls weren't the biggest or lowest-hanging I'd ever seen, just mounted perfectly to hit most clits at the apex of their swing, a perfect signature for his incredible fuck-strokes.

Insatiable for Cum

fetish jptune 2018-08-27

We entered one of the booths and my girlfriend Julie tells me that she wants to wait for a nice big black cock to come through one of the holes before she starts to fulfill her fantasy. I open my cum filled mouth and start to engulf this nice huge cum coated black cock. She then placed her mouth right by mine and while my cock was in my mouth she started to let the nice load she was holding in her mouth pour into mine, further engulfing my cock with cum. When I was about to blow by load I stopped sucking and she continued to jerk me off and asked me to start swallowing all the cum in my mouth.

Handling Emil

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-08-27

His eyes were already beginning to glaze over as I went face first into his crotch, this time latching my thick, strong lips to the base of his meat, clamping them into place with such strength that when I pulled my head away again his whole body tried to come with me. "Em-ULMPH!" I said as he batted his massive scrotum against my face, using one hand he trapped my head from behind by grabbing a fistful of my hair, the other he used to manipulate his huge nuts against me, making sure each part of my face was smeared with his massive balls.

The "Cuckold" Therapist: First Visit

fetish DickLover59 2018-08-27

So, let me ask you" (he turned to face me as he began) "how do you think you will feel if your wife here should, at some point in the future, decide to---'have sex'" (and he made the inverted comma sign with both hands) "with someone else other than you?" But, eventually, I said: "I have been thinking about that for a long time; and, though I might feel a little bit scared, even worried, I think my wife deserves to enjoy a bigger cock than the one God gave to me." If by saying something like 'fucking my wife' helps you deal with your quest to becoming a cuckold, then fine.

The Pet Ch. 01

fetish StephanieRose12 2018-08-27

Princess quickly got out of the car and after opening the cage and swapping the chain with the leash, helped puppy from the back of the car and began leading puppy towards the entrance to the building while Master closed the back of the car and hurried to catch up to the pair heading into the building. About the same time that Master and Princess got their scrubs on, the doctor turned to puppy and pointedly asked if she knew what was going to happen today. Princess and Master both really wanted to make pet watch as she was more and more dehumanized, but the doctor was more concerned with the problems that would arise should she only use the same method as she did removing the fingers.

Fetish: Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories

fetish Selena_Kitt 2018-08-27

When they arrived, he discovered his ex-wife's return address on the package. Smiling, he responded, he always had liked the big girls best. He turned her on so much, her panties were soaked, and he asked her to keep them on. John and Marsha went to dinner with Helen and Dave. Marsha asked Helen to accompany her to the bathroom. Helen smiled, "Just let me put on my shoes." Smiling, she turned, surrounded by strong men and the delicious smell of leather. At the checkout, the girl remarked, "That's a lot of roughage!" Linda smiled at her lover. During the best man's toast, "May the couple live a long and happy life together!"—he found his own happiness under his new bride's gloved hand.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 04

fetish Many Feathers 2018-08-27

The moment I did that, they each came...crying out loudly, though Bella of course now began adding a bit of her own frothy cream to the mix, saturating Doreen's cunt, wetting it even more so than I had, though all three mixtures now became a blend of rich frothy sauce the likes of which I had never seen before. I could almost see it already, and briefly wondered how Doreen would react to it when Bella sprung it on I said, she certainly knew how to make things interesting. "Any time Andy feels like he'd enjoy seeing us together, or perhaps even be comfortable enough to have David there watching us with him, let me know."

Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 1, The Set-Up)

fetish biguy4youall 2018-08-27

I'll pull out our double dildo (6 inch cocks connected by balls in the middle), suck on it briefly to lubricate it, then put one end into my wife's pussy. When I stick it back in, I'll start licking her clit, at the same time fucking her with the fake cock. I can't believe how horny you get thinking about me having sex with guys." I was eating her pussy when she said, "I did suck Bob's cock, though." I stopped licking and looked at her. He came a lot." I didn't know if this was just a giant tease, or if it was true, but I moved my face from her pussy to her mouth and began french kissing her like crazy.

Hijabi bengali gets it hard

fetish Belaluddin 2018-08-27

The store room was an open plan room that covered the whole entire bottom floor in size, there was cardboard boxes everywhere and sarees lying around, she couldn’t see anyone but then looked over the to the far side of the room and she could she a man standing with his eyes closed slowing rocking forward and backwards and moaning quietly, he then spoke saying “ oh beti rayna, zeh bala lageh, aktis nah” (oh rayna it feel so good, don’t stop) then Fatima heard her sasi rayna saying “ar farsi nah, afnar boga shoktho oigehseh, amar muk bish korer” (I cant do it anymore, your cock has gone hard now, my mouth is starting to hurt).