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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 07

fetish thecloned22 2018-08-27

To Siella's left where a pair of black skinned women Chiva/Nura. At the moment the Princess and her body mate, Eltra, were "venting" with two other disciples, a Rosetta/Silica and Jeera/Valerie. Not too long ago, Lady Celestine and that Eltra girl were also confused and worried about things going too fast. Celestine/Eltra pulled the pair up to them until Rosetta/Silica were eye level. Without saying a word Celestine/Eltra and Rosetta/Silica stood up and approached Jeera/Valerie. "But as we said first we rest at Mud Town," Silica said as the two pairs of women knelt down by Jeera/Valerie crotch, "Then massive orgy." They then proceeded to eat out Jeera/Valerie pussy with Eltra and Rosetta licking away and Celestine and Silica kissing around the crotch.

Clothes Make the Man

fetish bobellen 2018-08-27

As I undressed, he came up behind me and put his arms around me and started to play with my nipples. I don't know what is was but the sensation of his fingers on my nipples or the material of the bra, but the sensation was unbelievable. Bob knows that I like him to stop doing whatever he is doing when I come, so he stopped playing with me nipples. I held the bra to his chest and started to flick his nipples. Just like I like Bob to stop when I come, I stopped playing with his nipples when he came. I don't know what it is but when you rub my nipples through it, it feels like nothing I have ever tried before.

Afternoon's Delight

fetish sliplover 2018-08-27

She had been folding her lingerie, and she thought he seemed to look more often when she had a slip in her hands. "Can you honestly tell me that what you are holding in your hand feels any different than when it is your cock wrapped in a slip?" Lets enjoy this together." She relaxed her grip and he tentatively began to stroke the nylon covered shaft in his hand. As she lowered a breast to his mouth she said, "Then lets make sure it really needs washing first." With that she shifted, grabbed both cocks in a nylon wrap, and began to stroke, feeling both cocks react in her hand.

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 04

fetish Davie46 2018-08-27

This never fails to get me squirming and I know that his educated tongue can feel the contractions start from deep within my pussy, even if I give him little vocal confirmation that I'm approaching orgasmic heights. I realized how well his training was going when there was no hesitation before be began to lap up the jizz, and I realized how much pleasure I got from his licking and playing with my cum-covered nipples. And that I am a little wistful at the lost years of pleasurable sex we'd missed, because I didn't tell him outright of my absolute love of his cum-covered tongue inserted in my pussy.

Kitchen sink dramas

fetish 2018-08-27

Sniffing like a c***d as the tears flow I take all that you have to give until I feel your fingers part my cunt lips...’Please Eddie, don’t’....I try and squirm away from you as you gently tug on the string of my tampon. ‘Oh look Jude, it’s your birthday’ I hadn’t even heard you light the candle and my eyes widened as you pass it up and down my body, the heat making my skin prickle and me finch away. ‘Well well, what have we here?’ You hold the filthy spoon in front of me and surprizingly you see real fear in my eyes as I try to apologise but still have the candle in my mouth.

One Very Yummy Mummy

fetish nicklast10 2018-08-27

She knew she would get looks, Posh cute girls like her always do, but she had no intention of cheating on her husband of 4 years. Ben needed Lucies feet. "Ww what are you doing!?" Lucie was coming back round and felt this teen sucking her feet. "Shut the fuck up you posh bitch!" Ben spat out with venom and slapped Lucie's pretty face once more. Ben took Lucies delicate foot oit his mouth and got in top of her. Ben didnt waste any time he reached up Lucies legs and pulled her panties to the side. He pulled his cock oit of Lucie's abused pussy and unloaded on her beautifuly painted toe nail and soft feet.

Golden Lust Ch. 08

fetish HypnoticGold 2018-08-27

Tammy (Cindy's Roommate at her Sorority of all people; Who caught me drinking down Cindy's piss, and got me to end up drinking her own pee WITH Cindy's encouragement), who was sitting next to me rubbing my dick at the time, ended up discovering my big sisters playful antics towards me; When she saw Samantha's particular pic, and her text along with it, telling me how her panties had gotten really soggy during her class; And how she was thinking & wishing I were there with her, so I could eat her out & lick up all of the sticky juices between her legs right there.

Gangbang Dreams Ch. 01

fetish sexywrites22 2018-08-27

Now that my Daddy had left me I struggled everyday fighting the urge to drink cum or beg to be fucked up the ass. I constantly thought about the emptiness I felt in my pussy and how it needed to be filled, the idea gradually developed as the emptiness grew. Over time I decided that a whore like me needed all three holes filled at once to be satisfied. There had been times I spread my cheeks and shook my ass asking them if they wanted a taste. Everyday I got message after message from men who wanted to fuck me, and with so many men to choose from I knew that I would find the dick I craved.

Cuckold Training Practice

fetish DickLover59 2018-08-27

From the smiling and attractive female face that stared out at Doug from his lap-top screen, came the voice saying: "You know you're under-equipped to please not just your wife, but any woman, right?" There was a slight pause, where she smiled even more broadly, and then she went on to say: "You know that. Say: 'I have a very small dick, and I can't please my wife, or any woman, for that matter!' You know you'll feel a lot better for admitting this. "What's the matter?" The attractive female said as she looked straight out of the screen, as if she could truly see Doug setting there in front of her, with his cock in his hand stroking it.

'Swingers & Roundabouts'

fetish unassumingmistress 2018-08-27

He was very attentive, fairly confident, clean (that’s a massive bonus lol), quite easy going and thankfully not in the least bit clingy (something which I find hugely unsexy and in the past a real problem!) He liked to spend a short while relaxing into the enviroment, chatting and generally having a laugh, and then when ‘eeyore’ left the room to have a cigerette etc ’great days’ would lean over and kiss me, briefly at first but by the second or third time eeyore returned we were invariably getting a bit more into the swing of it (no pun intended) Like I mentioned before he was very attentive and enjoyed letting his hands wander while we kissed.

First Full Pelvic Exam

fetish constance22 2018-08-27

can I get dressed?" She stops writing and looks at me, both of us blushing hard and a breathing a little heavily, my wet vagina still out in the open, and says with the slightest hint of a smile, "actually, I noticed something on your anus and I'd like to have a better look at it, if you don't mind." Suddenly I feel a hand on my right butt cheek while Dr Lane says soothingly "okay we're going to insert the enema nozzle now" as I feel the hard tip press into my anus. I stand up with nothing covering my waist and remove the paper vest, completely naked now with some sort of plug in my ass and a distended enema belly, and she doesn't feel the need to look away.

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells

fetish pdkdpdk 2018-08-27

In an instant she responded and in moments she was raining her big lips all over my face and moaning how much she loved my mouth before driving her tongue all the way to the back of my throat just filling me her incredible digit. Her mouth was so spit filled...she just kept letting it run into mine and onto my face so I was soaked but then she enjoyed sucking it up with her big lips so it just was such a slimy delight to french and french and french. Kendra eased her freshly slimed cunt to my waiting lips as she freed my 7 inch dick and wasted no time in simply sinking to the very root so her breath was coming in short blasts from her nose on my ball sack.

A Taste of Love, A Taste of Lust

fetish Laughingman987 2018-08-27

The moment Kelly arrived at her former teacher's house, she knew that she wasn't going to be able to focus on just studying. From the moment she'd met Laura at the community college, she'd had an inexplicable fondness for the 26-year old history professor, a brunette, slim beauty who made what Kelly thought would be a dull class exciting and fun- if only by virtue of not talking in a dull monotone like her current professor, a balding, old, shell of a man who couldn't even be bothered to hand back papers in a timely fashion. Because when the thought of the most intimate encounter with a sculpted bodybuilder romantic of a man couldn't warm her, but the thought of Laura Danason merely kissing her made her take excessively long showers, there was little doubt about it.

My New Life Ch. 03

fetish quietguyin_tn 2018-08-27

I smiled and moaned quietly as I felt his hands reach under my dress and slowly, firmly caress my butt cheeks. Satin panties rubbing a hard cock, this was not going to last long, I thought to myself as I felt his hard cock through his panties sliding up and down the crack of my ass. "You want me to fuck that ass of yours, I can tell," Pausing to catch his breath as he slowly ground his hard cock into my backside. I want to shoot all over the crack of your ass so that you can begin to enjoy that wonderful feeling of hot, sticky cum all over your crotch and ass, just like a good little bitch!

Jekyll & Hyde: A Panty Sniffers Story

fetish Acetabulum 2018-08-27

Though in reality, I knew they would win in the end, and I'd find myself in the guest room clutching a clammy panty gusset to my face while my brain sent fireworks off and my cock preformed its own little explosives show. I closed the place down for the night and Lisa roughly pulled me into our bed room, she was down to a bra and panties in a heartbeat and i got to see one of my favorite things..a little wet spot at the crotch of her gray panties. In my head i though....I'm sorry hon..but after being teased all night, you're going to get fucked..and your friend is going to hear it...because i want her to cum listening to us....because I want to know the smell of her fresh girl cum.


fetish cumjunky26187 2018-08-27

As she got the legs pinned, she asked about the “seat” of my pants, they were baggy now. She asked “how I wanted them to fit.” Comfortable, or a little tighter to “show off my butt.” These should fit nice I told her as they were dress pants. Good and with that she grabbed a dress from the end of the bed and turned away from me and dropped her pants. I gained some confidence and half jokingly told her it wasn’t fair, she got to rub my butt when she pinned my pants and I didn’t get that opportunity. She quickly grabbed her legs and pulled them back and pointed her crotch to the air.

The Love of Panties

fetish chuckp7860 2018-08-27

I was able to get access to lots of panties as I grew up and different chances arose, some when I would be around for days staying in different houses visiting, others that I knew and would go to their homes several times over sometimes years. From one time adventures as I had dinner at friends houses, to wearing pairs I would find in the laundry basket as I visited and sat and talked with the owners of the panties, them not knowing of course, to having the opportunity to explore every pair the girl had over periods of weeks to even a few years.

Confessions of a Blowjob Addict

fetish oraldave39 2018-08-27

Now don't get me wrong I can look very "girly" when I want to and have been asked out more than my share during my adult years, but when I wanted to shoot basketball I would try to dress as much like a boy so that I didn't have to hear "no girls allowed on our court!" which I had heard several times before. Carl pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion to reveal a rock hard cock that looked slightly smaller than Tom's. "I am going to cum." He said as he started to pull his cock out of my mouth. Steve rented a VHS porno tape one time and it showed women going into a adult book store and sucking cock through a glory hole.

Gulliver's Travels the expurgated parts.

fetish oggbashan 2018-08-27

The Lady Petrova and Griselda seemed satisfied that this was indeed a veritable duplicate of my humble self and commended the jeweller to display it to her Majesty the Queen forthwith. The v******e with which maid attempted to impale mistress and the frequency of the maid’s thrusts seemed insupportable yet the Lady Petrova seemed to be enjoying the encounter even when Griselda sank her fingers deep into the lady’s soft mounds. The Lady Petrova hoisted up her skirt and petticoats to don a harness similar to that previously worn by Griselda to which the translucent dildo was attached. The behaviour of the Lady Petrova and her maid Griselda had demonstrated that this was manifestly not the case in Brobdingnag although to first appearance it had seemed that men were the dominant sex.

my panty fetish 2

fetish sissypete 2018-08-27

Dee came home the next night with her panties soaked with cum and told me to clean her up as usual, I noticed the cum oozing out of her pussy was whiter and thicker, and tasted better than before. Dee told me that Hooten pulled her panties off and started sucking her pussy like a wild man and then fucked her a lot harder than Ronnie does. The next night, Dee called me before leaving work as she always does, and reminded me that she would be more than 30 minutes late because they were going to the motel, and i told her i might just go on to sl**p and wake me when she gets home, and she said she would.

Short History of a diaper girl

fetish 2018-08-27

Once and a while, pretty much at random, the nuns would have all the girls line up right before class and would lift all of our skirts to make sure we were wearing our regulation panties. Worst time was a morning where I overslept and nearly got to school late; I had to rush to class and it turned out to be a panty-check day so I had to stay in line then go strait into class and before the first ten minutes were over I had a puddle under my chair and a wet pair of regulation panties sticking to me.

My Mind's Eye

fetish DaltonWickham 2018-08-27

"Do you want me to piss on you, slave?" I was certain she was there, my body again convulsing as another hot jet of pee escaped my cock. Mistress..." I managed nothing more as my cock again throbbed, sending forth another jet of the golden fluid, my body relaxing as I rocked backwards against the wall. My love..." I panted, crying as I came; it happening with such force that I sprayed my entire front, sticky cum planting itself on my chest and stomach before running down over my hands and balls with the unstoppable was of piss. My mind snapped back to reality just as my vision ended, my lover crying out in ecstasy as I filled her with my cum, my hands firm on her hips...

Hotel: Bar

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-08-27

I cross my long bare legs under my knee-length skirt and squeeze the thighs together. I imagine if her skirt was like the blouse, I could see her panties or the outline of what remained of the missing leg. I think of the woman with one leg as Beth, though I don't know her real name. She holds her hand up and smiles at Kate then whispers 'another'. She twists in the chair and the skirt slips up more, revealing the end of her missing leg. He stands and I wonder what his face would be like between my legs. Mike still talks to Beth and I think about her missing leg. She smiles and watches me for a long moment before sipping her drink.


Got a PM on Xhamster

fetish nudehunter 2018-08-27

I pulled out the dildo and lube up my rock hard cock, he got up on his knees, and I rammed it all the way in, slowly pumping in and out, he reached back and masturbated, he started to cum, slowly, I grabbed the bottle of poppers and took a big sniff and handed the bottle to him and he did the same, as the dirty feeling increased I couldn't stand it much more and shot a deep load in his man pussy, and grabbed on to his hips until I came down off my organism high.