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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cream Filled

fetish anoche 2018-08-27

The spice of her perfume, the sweet fruit scent of her hair and the vanilla mint of her freshly soaped skin cause my eyes and mind to quickly stray from work and fasten on to her for the rest of the day. The rain was falling even harder than before and like me she hadn't worn a coat so by the time she reached the door Stephanie was soaked to the skin. Taking a slow step toward her but never taking my eyes from hers I drew a deep slow breath as I neared Stephanie's heady mix of scents that her rain-wet skin and uniform seemed to magnify.

If the Shoe Fits

fetish pedicur8her 2018-08-27

"I see you really like my shoes now", she said teasingly, rubbing the pre-come over the head of my throbbing cock. I could feel her tongue flicking and caressing the head of my cock as her lips nibbled and sucked the shaft protruding from the toe of her shoe. She looked up at me and said, matter-of-factly, "Well, you're going to have to come in my mouth then," and wrapped her lips over the head again as her eyes flashed, daring me. She reached up, unbuckled her shoe, and kissed up the last drops of come from the head of my soft cock.


fetish Boomerang7 2018-08-27

Thursday I wanked again, with less pain from my balls, then on Friday I stayed chaste in anticipation of having sex on Saturday morning with my wife before going off to my exhibition in Birmingham on Sunday. Saturday morning my wife touched me and teased me, but said that she wanted to leave having sex until the early evening, so I didn't have to do without for too long. Saturday morning I was awake early, going through hell with my cock continually trying to get erect, not helped by the fact that the only subject I could think of was sex.

Five Women Sex

fetish feelsgood 2018-08-27

"We have always shared our men especially if you guys have a big cock and really love to eat pussy." Then she said, "Mike, let's get naked here and fuck." No kidding, she did say that, almost her very first words out of her hot, dirty talking, and cute little mouth. Yes, Michael I said a dick and balls because like what I hear about you and mouthing a girls pussy, I so do equally like to suck big old cock in my mouth and a big hanging nut sack to chew on." I think t is extremely hot that you like girls too as long as you like what I plan do this afternoon to your hot little cunt." Then I took hold of her and planted one very big wet tongue filled kiss on her open mouth.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 09 Pt. 04

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-08-27

It holds my dick hard as the flesh light is bumping against my cocks head. The flesh light is forced over my cock it is slid down till the whole thing is inside it. She tells Lauren to grab the flesh light and lube it up. My wife instructed Lauren, now just hold it there and guide your boyfriends cock inside. Then it happened, he pushes his cock inside the flesh light. My wife tells Lauren to hang onto it real good we don't want it to slide inside his butt. I feel him grab my hips and thrust his dick into the flesh light harder and faster with each stroke. My wife tells him to go ahead and pull his cock out when he is finished.

My Last Summer at Home

fetish stifleurself 2018-08-27

fingers as his hard little cock throbbed in his jeans. "Hmm, what do you think?" Jill asked, looking at his cock and then When he didn't answer, Jill stopped and his cock twitched in her hand. "Guess you don't want to watch the movie then" Jill laughed and her hand I stopped and squeezed the base firmly like Jill did, to keep that little "Have you had a hand job before, Rickey?" Jill whispered and he nodded. "Go get us one, Rickey" Jill said and we leaned forward so he could free "Time to thank you for the cokes" Jill whispered as our hands brought "Poor Rickey, now your pants are all wet" I said as I pushed my lower

My Secret Service Ch. 08

fetish HConway 2018-08-27

Even as my cock leaked the last of my load and started to shrink, she lifted off me and slid forward, planting her cum-filled pussy on my waiting face. The sex mix on my face, coupled with Missy's full weight pressing her pussy into my nose and mouth made it harder and harder to catch a breath. "So how do you see this working?" I asked, as her fingers left my nipples and trailed across my body until they found my erection, causing another moan to escape my lips. "Slowly, you slide his hard cock into your mouth, letting your lips and tongue pleasure his shaft. When she released my soft dick, she slid up and planted a kiss on my lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 06

fetish TConcord18 2018-08-27

Sean was about to get kicked out of the league if we didn't win our tag match and I felt like I was losing respect from the rest of the league. If I won the tag match, it would still make Sean feel like shit because he needed his friend to win a match to even keep him in the league. "Good thing this isn't a match, Rob. I don't want you holding back on me." Lindsey said with a smile. Rob, you might want to call Sean and find a time to work with him on the tag-team match. Sean climbed in and Clark was able to start in on the rules for the tag-team match.

Roommate Shift Ch. 02

fetish SatinSlip 2018-08-26

Cynthia gasps as Robert's cock slowly penetrates her from behind. As she kisses Noel, the lesbian couple both delight in playing with Cynthia's big breasts. Cynthia pulls Noel's shirt up and squeezes the girl's somewhat smaller tits. You can have my sloppy seconds." The girl tosses back over her shoulder, with a friendly grin as the couple enter Robert's room. Over the next few days Cynthia would let Robert touch her around the apartment whenever and however he wanted. Robert sits at the head of the bed and slowly strokes his hard dick as the girls explore each other's bodies. Cynthia pushes the smaller girl to her back as she kisses her way down Hannah's body. Then the shorter girl gives a long moan when Cynthia's lips reach her tender pussy.


Her First slave

fetish defiant_1 2018-08-26

At the beginning of the year, Helen had seen Phil in class watching her dangle her high heel off the end of her nyloned toe and play with it, slapping it against the sole of her foot. Phil obeyed quickly and Helen told him to stay in position until she was ready to let him kiss her feet. She hesitated for a moment, looked down at him and, establishing direct eye contact, said, “Your dreams will come true now and many times in the future, Phil, if you agree to be my slave.” But, from that day forward, Mistress Helen always insisted slave Phil eat his own cum as a matter of course.

The Weekend Ch. 09

fetish jsg1966 2018-08-26

"I really don't like the toilet paper at this hotel." You stepped over to the tub, spread your legs a bit and bent over, hands on the edge. Soon I felt you pressing more firmly against me and i knew that I was no longer cleaning you, but licking your pussy for more sexual purposes. OK, take off all that lingerie." I obeyed quickly, wondering a bit how getting completely naked was a lucky thing. While I didn't have to hold it in place, I needed to take small steps or my leg would come out the parting of the towel like Angelina Jolie at the Oscars.

Angel Connors of Gravid Glen Ch. 2

fetish rivan51 2018-08-26

Angel sagged atop Peter's face for a moment, her hands softly caressing the huge fullness of her pregnant waist, head hanging limply from her shoulders, a sea of red hair hiding her face as she gasped for breath, her big, stiff nippled breasts rising and falling in tandem with her gasps. Soft little "ooh"s, and "oh"s of pleasure came from Angel's pursed lips as her body slowly, undulated sinuously atop him, her hands rising to caress her gravid form, then rising further to gently tangle themselves in her hair as she slowly moved her head from side to side as her passion began rising once again.

How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT2

fetish 425olds 2018-08-26

"Hey," he yelled back, "I'll drop it if you want, but man I know how much you liked sucking my dick, dude." His voice dropped in volume dramatically for the last four words of his statement. I mean, this isn't going to be, like, an all the time thing," he continued, "I'm still gonna have girls coming in here and I'm gonna make sure you get some action too so you don't have to feel like you're being left out, you know?" I took a hold of it and began stroking up and down the shaft, similar to how I had started during our first encounter, but instead of waiting for him to ask I slipped the head of his cock into my mouth immediately, earning an exhaled moan from John.

Friday The Thirteenth

fetish JustAPearlGirl 2018-08-26

Not because now we'll be late getting to Memphis, we've already called the hotel and explained it to them so our room will be waiting for us when we get there, but my boyfriend wants to kill time hanging out in the bar drinking. Eddie drops the air sickness bag of piss into her trash bag, says "thanks" and she turns around and walks back to the front of the plane. "Hey let us know when you're in your room and we can make plans," Amanda says before her and Spencer head to their room. I mean the day started with the damn plane delay, then Eddie drinking so much and having to pee in a bag on the plane, then the damn room not being ready, the bartender not realizing I exist, and now this asshole wanting to get drunk again.

Email Cuckold Ch. 05

fetish illicit_writer 2018-08-26

She didn't know anyone besides Tracy and Jill, but that hadn't made the night awkward for Karen at all. Jeff smiled, zipped up (with a little difficulty), slipped out of the seat, and grabbed Karen's hand. Jill gave Karen a comforting look and she returned it with a nervous smile. Jeff finally let go of Karen's hand as he allowed himself to be led to the couch. "I do believe she's ready now." Jill's voice seemed far away to Karen as she tried again to go down as far as she could on the massive cock. He got up off the couch and Karen was about to follow when Jill moved up and began to stroke her friend's hair.

The Education Of Richard Ch. 04

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-08-26

I'd like to say I was a more active participant in what happened next, but the fact of the matter, is that Richard skillfully used me as he pleasured me, his hungry mouth sucking at my little button and each of my pussy-lips in turn, his arms moving at the same time to effortlessly jack himself off between my still bra-clad breasts, his precum still seeping out to coat my white blouse in a nasty, nipple-revealing wetness. Richard swung his cock back and forth as he jacked it, shots flying wild over both my shoulders and head, then he was aimed at my tits, one huge shot after another coating them in such a thick layer of gooey gunt that my poor hooters visibly sagged from the sheer wait of it, like some strange bra-in-reverse of white cream has been slapped on by a mad tailor of fuck-fabric.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 09

fetish dongstar 2018-08-26

"I'm gonna need my controller..." Tony tried to point at his game-controller without looking in its direction and studiously tried to avoid noticing that Tasha's slowly expanding cock was pushing it to one side as the fist-sized head of her dick crept toward the hem of her skirt like a sneaky python. Karen Juggs was still riding Val and Denisha's monster cocks like the world's most inappropriate mechanical bull, alternating between whoops of joyous orgasm and streams of obscenities as she hurled abuse at her two fucktoys. Val could feel gallons of cum gushing through her cock, could hear the jizz sloshing in Karen's womb as fat ropes exploded inside the horny cop's bloated baby-maker, she even sensed the pressure behind her beginning to decrease as her hyper-productive balls unloaded gallon upon gallon of thick, creamy spunk...


I have been found out

fetish 2018-08-26

That day I was watching a movie 2 Shemales fucking the shit out of each other one latina with a big ass and huge cock and a Asian with small tits and a long bent Cock. "Get on my cock and ride me bitch" as I was over her and pressed her dick on my hole I started to lower myself down onto her shaft, it was huge and in so deep. " Your such a good whore " I let out a deep moan she spanks my ass cheeks hard and I squeal her pumping getting faster her spanking getting harder" yeah slut take my cock, you fucking like that?

Sitting on Shane

fetish lolmid55 2018-08-26

He kneeled over top of her right calf and began to massage her legs, slowly covering both thighs with oil, starting to spread her open wider to work on the insides, getting more and more of an eyeful of her beautiful pussy. "Now Shane, my little one, I haven't had the pleasure of really riding a face in a long time, so I'm gonna have to take my sweet-ass time and get some enjoyment out of this, ok hunny?" she asked, as she was finishing with his right hand. I want you to use my face like a toy—" he was saying, but got no further as she took him up on the offer and dropped her pussy and the weight behind it squarely onto Shane's open mouth.


fetish alibodge 2018-08-26

Now I am not racist, you sir could be black brown yellow red or white and it don’t bother me a jot; to screw my misses you just need a dick and a sense of humour cos though I wish to watch, I don’t expect to be treated like I am some sort of week or wobbly Nancy boy, I don’t cross dress, or touch forelock, I don’t wear a chastity device, or have a super small dick either. I sat on the ottoman and watched, my head slowly clearing as my mate ravaged my ladies body it was masterly as he fetched her to the boil it must be said that the man was a genius with his hands.

The Other Night

fetish bubbles94 2018-08-26

Feeling liberated I fell into a submission, just like we had before, but I knew this was going to be different; because as soon as I said mistress, she let go of my cock, smiled, and took me into her lips one more time. "Yes mistress," I said immediately," mmmm, I love your cock inside me; I have always wanted to know what you feel. By one more task, she meant shoving her pussy, still dripping, into my face, suffocating me one last time, watching me continue to eat her, to love every second, while she grabbed my cock; playing with it again.

Panty Boy and the Landlady's Daughter

fetish Mag58 2018-08-26

By the time I was 18 my sisters had all left home and my Mother was quickly deteriorating into a drunken mess; so I chose to go to an Art School about 40 miles away meaning I had to stay in student accommodation and eventually share flats; usually with girls as the boys 'thought I was gay!' I had a room all of my own of course but while they understood my need for privacy; their doors were rarely locked; giving me ample opportunities to accidentally see my roommates in their skimpies or occasionally naked. With a big smile and another raise of the eyebrows Avril lay alongside me on the bed and immediately began licking my dick and balls again as she curled a leg across my stomach; so I could see how wet her knickers were.

Going Home

fetish hairy4135 2018-08-26

"I knew it had to be him, every time he came over he had to use the bathroom." The older woman said as I sat there with my hand on my cock and Gail's panties covering my face. "Ya and his dick seems to grow inside of me he is going to be one great fuck before we are through with him' Rita said as she lowered her head to Gail's tits and sucked the nipple into her mouth. I went back to my room and opened it, inside I found a picture of Gail looking up between Rita's legs with her clit in her mouth and a big grin on her face.

Caged! Pt. 01

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2018-08-26

Carrie remained a good friend to me and a great mother to our kids but I stopped having sex with her. The next day at work Jennifer told me that she felt so bad about what we had put Carrie through. I did not feel like sex with my fat wife but the constant tugging of that cage on my balls had me going wild with urges! When he finished spurting and started going soft I kept a good hold of his balls, took my mouth off his cock and swallowed down the load. Once the kids went to bed I told Carrie that I wanted to have sex with her. Carrie laid back on the bed and I got between her thighs for the first time in years.