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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Role Reversal

fetish ryder77 2018-08-26

Sue began to wrap some smaller diameter rope around my wrists and proceeded to secure the other ends to the sideboards of our bed. I could hear her fumbling through the basket of toys in the closet and when she came back to me she immediately began stroking my prick again. Sue pulled my shaft back towards her and began sucking it again while she violated me with her fingers. Slowly, sue began to pull off me and make her way north. Just hearing her talk like this got me aroused again and I began hungrily attacking her pie with my mouth. Sue began thrusting against my mouth like it was a symbian and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Have you ever made a porno?

fetish repairman302 2018-08-26

I didn't want to engage in any kind of real sex act with this guy so I began to get up but when I did he quickly dropped his mouth down on my dick and began sucking me off on a rampage while fingering my asshole. I felt myself beginning to cum hard rushing into his mouth as he sucked it dry and swallowed the load like it was nothing. I laid there on this swing thing with cum dripping from my dick, my asshole feeling weird from having a finger in there and my body covered with sweat. When he came back two more guys were with him also dressed in latex and they each took a turn fucking me in the asshole.

Pleasure in Paradise

fetish Nomean_feet 2018-08-26

I even almost came without touching my cock when the blonde sat up on her sun bed to give me a front row seat as she slowly, almost seductively, rubbed sun cream into her big round belly; she looked over in my direction when she began to rub the cream into her chest and I'm sure that when her hand disappeared under the cup of her bikini top to ensure full coverage she gave me a playful little smirk. Dejectedly I sat at the table outside and dealt myself a hand of solitaire, after a few minutes I snuck back into the room to grab a couple of beers from the mini-bar before resuming my position; the energy and adrenalin that had fuelled my desire to listen to Tina getting fucked was keeping me awake so I figured I may as well stay out on the balcony for a while to let it subside.

Exploration Tickle

fetish Johnthomas1969 2018-08-26

"Tickle, tickle," the beaded man said as he actually slid his finger inside Zoe's asshole. The bearded man tickled Amber first, while his partner in grime, tickled Zoe. They switched back and forth after finding the best tickle spots on both women using either the brushes or the duster. The men kept mother and daughter turned on as well, as they would stop tickling and finger and or lick their pussies and play with their tits. "Let's see how ticklish you guys are," Amber said and both women started tickling the fuck out of the men. When the men had been tickled for awhile, Zoe joined her mother and climbed onto stubble mans face and told him to lick her asshole.

Texas Mini Vacation

fetish johntwoj 2018-08-26

Kay was feeling very relaxed by the time dinner arrived at the table and she made sure that a nylon clad leg or high heel was always visible or rubbing on Ed. He couldn't get enough of her sexy feet. By the time they got to the elevator Kay's eyes were getting glassy and she was a little wobbly in her heels. Kay looked deep into Ed's eyes and quietly said, " It has always been my fantasy to be taken like that. "Well they make feel sexy, I just love wearing them, and in the forums I saw they were pretty common along with the sleepy stuff, I figured if a guy was attracted to the nylons the odds were better for the rest too."

New Panties For Him with a Twist

fetish jennycnnn 2018-08-26

When he was done came to the kitchen and was smiling, he knew he would be getting lucky tonight if he played his cards right because I picked a thong for him to wear and my hand happened to brush his cock as I walked past him. I was also wearing a black garter and thigh high stockings and I wanted to be sure he saw them before I completely obscured his view, which I did by scooting up a little bit more, but I stayed inches from his mouth. Especially when I thought about scooting up just a little further in the bed and seeing if his tongue would slide inside of my ass like had happened so briefly last night, but I resisted my urge for what was coming tonight.

Sloppy Seconds shock

fetish gallo69 2018-08-26

This Girl I know, came round my house today as she split with her fella, they had sex and he ended it after she came to mine teary and upset saying she felt dirty as they had had sex and he ended it. i asked her if she used protection and she said no, but he didnt cum up her anyway!!! we started looking at porn on the net just messinng about, next thing you know im facedeep in her pussy!!!!! next thing you kno im face splat in her pussy and his spunk is still there!!! YOU LIED I SAID! SHE SAID YES HE CAME TWICE AND SMASHED THE SHIT OUT ME!!!! WE DIDDNT STOP NEXT THING I WAS BALLS DEEP IN HER FUCKINNG HER PUSSY COVERING MY COCK IN SPERM!!!!

The Transformation of Simon

fetish simon66_99again2 2018-08-26

Quickly Simon pushed the big plug back into his protesting anus ,pulled up his pants, washed his hands and buttoned up his shirt and went and sat down. From the first time they had met on line Sir knew Simon was one of those whores she could take all the way. Sir really did look like one of those Big Black Cocked slut fuckers from the porno movies who get to fuck the shit out of little white girls. I’ve got new for you” Continued Sir. “Not only am I going to **** the shit out of you, but I’ve got a bunch of people I’ve shared all your photos, your movies, your little stories with, who want to meet you.

My Giantess in Blue

fetish mr_rippley 2018-08-26

"You must spend hours shaving your legs," I said, a bit out of breath in my excitement. I put her in my mouth and felt her squeeze her legs around me like an anaconda. I could hear her muffled moans and I could tell she was very close, so I began fucking her with my hands and my mouth to match her rhythm. I grabbed on to her ass cheeks and ran my cock along her sopping wet pussy lips to moisten it a bit. Smiling she pulled her hair away from her face and leaned down onto me leaving little lipstick kisses down my torso. Her mouth felt so big, so warm and wet, that my hips instinctively began to pump.

Oh Baby

fetish katnip_21f 2018-08-26

You put so much effort into tonight, I want it to be special too." He put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Tell you what, let me go take a shower. But the shock must have been clearly written on my face, because she took my hand and said softly, "Sure it was tactless, but maybe he felt he needed to explain why you've been trying so long but it hasn't happened yet. Near tears, my voice began to break, "And I've been on damn fertility pills for months now, dealing with mood swings and breakouts and night sweats, all so we could have the family we always wanted – the family you said you wanted!

Carny Ch. 03

fetish velvetpie 2018-08-26

Lance's eyes popped out when I met him out front, pushing Lacey's wheelchair and he dropped to his knees in front of her, spouting flowery words of adoration. "Let them say whatever the fuck they want." Lance chimed in, patting her shoulder. Again, she hesitated but she smiled quickly, squeezing Lance's hand. I let Lacey choose the place since it seemed like she didn't get out much and I was very surprised that she chose Chuckie Cheese, professing a love for video games. I want to feel something when we cum together." Lacey's eyes were closed and bright jewels of tears glittered on her eyelashes. I set my glass down, closing my eyes for a moment and letting my body enjoy the moment before my little brother returned.


The Letter

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-08-26

I gazed at the screen, mouth hanging open as Jess opened her legs a little, licked her fingers and plunged them deep inside her inviting hole, probing in and out until droplets of creamy white moisture oozed out around her moving fingers and soft squelching noises interspersed her moans on the soundtrack. "Yes, fucking yes!" I cried out loud as the image of Jess' luscious mouth clamped firmly around my cock as I peed down her throat, raced through my mind. I wanked vigorously as I replayed the video, pumping myself hard as my beautiful Jess fingered herself to orgasm and pissed herself all over again. I withdrew from Jess's slippery cunt and dropped to my knees, grasping her ass cheeks with both hands and thrusting my tongue deep inside her delicious hole.

The Computerized Bed Ch. 2

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-08-26

Wow Jennifer looks like you been practicing with some bots also. Back in the room were Paula is being fuck hard the bots are feeding him load after load of their cum, cum is all over his face, the look on his face is one of oh hell what have I done went and got myself into. Oh Paula call me Jennifer, I want use to be like sisters from now on. Wow Paula you got a good head on your shoulders, and I might add that mouth is umm nice also. Jennifer steps out of the room and has almost the same look as Paula, but her outfit is purple, and so are her panties.

The Date

fetish odlum 2018-08-26

However, before he could grasp the door handle, an intolerant middle aged women yanked open the door and said sarcastically, "...After you of course." Ryan smiled, politely thanked her, and quickly entered the mall. Ryan reached out and removed, with a gentle flick of his index finger, a dollop of guacamole from the side of Erica's mouth. Erica's hands grasped the back of Ryan's head and pulled him into her. Erica's legs quivered and shook in response to the movements of Ryan's tongue. "A girlfriend is going to call at 11, just to check in and make sure I'm OK...But before I go..." Erica spread her legs, arched her back, and enjoyed the feeling of Ryan's cock slipping through her pussy lips and deep inside her.

Not So Gentle Way San Dan

fetish grgy56 2018-08-26

Charlotte or Char for short, was a young student when she started my class; cute face with green-blue eyes, full lips and long, curly, honey blond hair. During ground work practice, Charlotte would sometimes inadvertently brush her hand or head against my stiffness making matters worse for me. My cock felt the hot cunt juice spread on the crotch of my pants. The tightness of her cunt sealed against any air seepage as her pumping motion caused a vacuum in her womb literally trying to suck the cum from my balls as if my cock was a straw. Mona had watched Charlotte and me and our "ground work." She smiled at me and said "I think I taught her well!"


The Gym

fetish irishblackgirl 2018-08-26

I hurry to the pharmacy in the mall, and purchase two bottles of their enema, and shower gel, and rush back to the gym, just in time to find you about to close the door behind you as you leave. The cool water and your pressing fingers force the piss from my body, the release, and the feel of the warm liquid running down my legs heightening my pleasure. This time the head of the plug plops out of my ass, along with long, loud, wet farts, and a stream of brown liquid splattering my legs and the ground and the wall behind me in the most satisfyingly disgusting way. I'm getting close again, and I know you can feel my confused ass alternately trying to shit you out or hold you in.

BBC for Cissy

fetish 2018-08-26

I continued to suck the cock that was fucking my mouth, before long I heard my anonymous face fucker moan and felt his cock spasm, then I tasted his cum as the unknown man drained his balls into my mouth before abruptly pulling out. "You got some good pussy, sissy" Moses taunted as he savagely took me bareback, Jousha continued to throat fuck me. Passing a trash I threw the empty condom box away, I realized besides Moses a dozen men had fucked me and I had swallowed and was wearing at least that many more loads, god I had a great time sucking their cocks and letting all those men use my pussy.

Sex with young, hot mummy

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-08-26

Minutes later she came into the garden and started chatting to me and said she was letting her hair down as it was her first outing for months. I set to work with my tongue and she came almost instantly I slide two fingers into her arse and said is that good and she said yes - I told you - I am up for anything I fingered her arse and her pussy feeling all my fingers through the thin membrane. I went back to fingering and licking her until I got hard again then let the seat fully down and fucked until she came for a third time at which point I gave her all my cum deep inside her.

Bianca Comes to Worship

fetish furlickle 2018-08-26

Her mind was pressed against the nature of the place she was in and so the priest spoke his usual words of reassurance, the words that would open the way to a true statement: At that precise moment the woman turned and looked Bianca straight in the eyes with all the magnetism of a mind reader. Bianca shuddered with the pleasure of the fur, the liberation of being stripped, the intoxication of feasting on another woman's beauty. The girl was writhing with pleasure as the priest fucked her from behind and as the deliciously tasty Tiffany enjoyed the benefits of her eager young tongue. "Oh God!" said Bianca as she pumped and bounced ,wanting the hard cock to drive right into her core.

My Fiancee and her Best Guy Friend

fetish Erect-eruption 2018-08-26

Now, Shela's a very sexy woman, long black hair, blue eyes, she's slim and works out, nice legs, a big pair of D cups, and a nice ass that I wish she'd let me fuck. Now, I'm going to tell you guys everything the same way she told me (she tells me what she did with the guys she's with to help me not let my mind run wild, and to get me off). Shela: He started moaning, and that turned me on even more to the point where I was cuming all over his big cock. A few days ago, I asked her if she wanted us to fuck other people till we where able to move into the same place (she would fuck Brain and I would fuck my BBW friend from my last story).

The bridge thing

fetish John9090 2018-08-26

Feeling a little like having fun I grab your one hand with mine and bound you on one of the ropes of the bridge. But you do a jump and you bring your legs behind my head and then you push my head very hard to your pussy so I have to lick you a lot stronger. But I keep a smooth licking and then I bring one finger in your pussy and then you want more and so I do first the second and then the third in you. And I bring it before your pussy and then I go a little in you just with the head of my dick and you are screaming again.

The Bull (pt.1)

fetish 2018-08-26

Stephen was breathing heavily through his nose, trying to take more of John's cock in by opening his mouth, moving up a little bit, and closing his lips again. And Stephen leaned forward, put one of his soft hands around John's cock, and slid his lips over the head, and up the shaft, and then back again. She watched as her husband, with his eyes closed either in concentration or in order to pretend this wasn't happening, pulled a stranger's cock in and out of his mouth, slowly, as he had been told. John began pounding his thick cock in and out of Stephen's abused asshole, the lube making it almost effortless to pull his cock out and then shove it back as hard as he wanted.

Sex Therapy & Creampies

fetish creamypussylover 2018-08-26

Derek drove in one more time, then pulled out, accompanied by a loud "Sluurrrpp." Lillian moaned, and he wiped his slick cock on her labia lips again, and as he pulled away a stream of wet fuck juice hung between his dick and her pussy, seemingly reluctant to let him go. I think I might need the bed in a little while." She didn't wait for an answer, but grabbed both Peter and Derek by the cocks and marched to the bedroom, Rachel and John followed closely behind. The feel of two people cumming made John grab Lillian by the hips and shove his cock in as deeply as he could, and then his manhood started to spurt it's load into the hot wet full cunt too.

It was only a Fantasy Until Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-08-26

As I watched from what seemed like a place outside myself, Rob moved in close and gently pressed his mouth watering cock against my now quivering lips. I began thrusting Rob's hips more vigorously, fucking his irresistible cock harder and harder with my mouth, and imagining how turned on Mark was as he watched. He was a little surprised by that but still didn't get the message, so I did it again, but after pushing him back out I pulled him right back down and pressed my mouth hard against his root to feel him as deep in my throat as possible. Just as Rob had done, Mark tried to pull his cock out of my mouth before blowing his load, but this time I was anticipating that.