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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Piss on the Bride

fetish lfullback 2018-08-26

Based on how things were going so far, I was sure that all of these girls were going to want to suck on my cock a little, and I couldn't have been more right. Now, some of you may be thinking that the girls sucking my dick and me shooting a load on the bride's face was the little something extra that the maid of honor had paid for. I increased my licking as I watched the maid of honor suck the bride's tit into her mouth. I'm cumming!" She started bucking her hips up into my face and grabbed the back of her maid of honor's head, moving it up and down on her tit like she was getting a blowjob.

I Love My Hairies...

fetish hairyladieslover 2018-08-26

Lynda has a typical BBW body to die for, with absolutely massive and extremely saggy/droopy tits which hang down really low and if she is sitting down her biggest tit, her left, rests fully on her lap while her right tit hangs about two inches above her thighs (like most other women her tits are not symmetrical and are quite lopsided, in fact her left tit is more than 3 inches longer and wider then her right and looks amazing when we are out shopping when she is of course bra-less under her sheer top) she has a lovely arse too (which is symmetrical) with a really nice belly and an amazing 'treasure trail' all the way from her pussy, out and over both thighs to well above her belly button, in fact that hair meets the hair growing downwards from between her tits.

Cuckold shortcut

fetish klammer 2018-08-26

charming smile and said, "I know there won't be any problems." I couldn't wait to bed my gorgeous wife and let off the steam that was The way she said that got ME thinking about it non-stop. Then she looked down at me sympathetically and said, "You can feel penis was, remembering what she had said about no woman wanting me as a My wife nodded toward my crotch and the woman, Estrella, went wide-eyed, looked to my wife for support, to be told I didn't have to demean myself Back at home I could see that my new life wasn't going to end. went out the door, Lupe said, "Have fun clubbing with the other girls.

Theresa Shakes It For The Guys

fetish Jerrycurious 2018-08-26

Theresa put her hands beneath her breasts and began to move them up and down as she walked around the stage, startled that she could feel drops of what must be milk dripping onto her protruding belly. "Fine Terry," Dave replied, " and I think you might be surprised how many men feel that a pregnant woman is just about as sexy as anyone gets." "Look Terry," Dave said, " I think you know that I don't have any bad intentions. "Ah, c'mon Terry," Dave said," I've got extra clean shirts and as big a guy as I am I'm sure they would "Unnnh, oh god that feels so good baby," Terry groaned, " whatever you want," and with that began to slowly unbutton the big shirt with a shy smile on her face.

Lunch With Alexis

fetish crushedice 2018-08-26

Anyway on the first day of my mini vacation as I was going down on my wife she started saying wouldn't I love to see a woman eat her out. Beth started emailing my wife about how she would be gentle with her and that the touch and feel of another woman's body on hers would be heavenly if she would only let it happen. As the days went by and we had not heard from Beth my wife said the lady probably had second thoughts. When my wife sucks my cock it is more aggressive, but with Alexis it was like I was floating in air enjoying the soft sensations of her mouth and tongue.

Lovin Mouthful

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-08-26

She thought for a second and said, "It feels a little like raw oysters but not exactly the same taste--not fishy at all. Like a lot of guys I had played around at tasting my own semen but really couldn't get past just trying to get the flavor my pre-cum--and that was pretty tasteless from what little of it I sampled.) I could start to feel myself begin to come when she stopped sucking and slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth. I could feel my come in my mouth, warm and slimey but I couldn't really taste it until I did what my girlfriend had done. I understood now what my girlfriend was talking about when she said she loved giving me a blow-job and swallowing my cum.



fetish 2018-08-26

He put on a rubber glove and put shi index finger in my mouth. Feeling thick and hard finger, tasted of a rubber glove. He pushed his hands on the chair back, slowly pushing his dick in me. He pulled his finger from my mouth, whispered in my ear. I want to taste your pretty mouth.’ He pressed his lips hard against mine. While he right hand slowly danced down my body. He slowly pulled his dick out and rubbed my clit. Slowly rubbing his hand around my lips. Our lips pressed hard to each other I pulled my head back to look at him again. He pulled my shirt down to cover me, kept looking at me.

Rooms of Sin Ch. 02

fetish Blue_Suzi 2018-08-26

The men took turns at her pussy, thrusting wildly so their rubber clad thighs slapped against Sophie ass. The other five men stood in a circle around them, stroking their hard cocks, watching the other man began his anal assault on Sophie. Each man took his turn, emptying his full balls of cum, until Sophie's ass was brimming full of sticky white goo. One of the girls on the bar began lapping at the others ass, digging her tongue into her cream filled hole, while fingering her own wet pussy. "And towards the end," said Sophie, "Having both those hard cocks in my ass at the same time felt amazing, those horny guys in latex were insatiable!"


fetish Slipperydick 2018-08-26

The last thirty years of his life had therefore consisted of the only method of masturbation available to him, grasping his micropenis between his thumb and forefinger and working himself to completion. He had tried humping and grinding when he was younger, but his tiny penis didn't achieve enough contact with the surface he was trying to masturbate to stimulate him to orgasm. As the prostitute lowered her fingers down to stimulate her clit, he tightened his thumb and forefinger more firmly and began pushing his penis down into his pubis. Sometimes his thrusting caused the very tip of his penis to touch the prostitute's wet, glistening lips, which was both incredibly arousing and also horribly unsatisfying.

A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster

fetish shmoe13 2018-08-26

More tentacles began to rub my kitty, making me leak girl juice as my lover told me what I needed to do. When he hit the back of my kitty again, I looked down, never letting the tentacle in my mouth leave, and gaped when I saw it was only about half of the way in. The slime lubricated the way, and soon my lover was thrusting mightily into my behind and my mouth, even as I wanted desperately for him to keep going in my kitty. When this started, my lover began to pull back till only the tip was in my womb before thrusting back in, making me grunt around the tentacle in my mouth before it started spitting more of the delicious green liquid down my throat.

Wife and Mother-in-law

fetish hardnose 2018-08-26

I hesitated for a moment and then I felt the sharp smacks of the paddle on my ass from my wife as she said to me that she wasn't going to stop till I started to orally satisfy her mom. My wife continued fucking my ass for about 5 more minutes before stopping and saying to her mom that this is good exercise, and if I did this everyday I would have a nice and tight stomach. Oh, and my mother-in-law visits more than she ever did before, about once every 2 weeks, so she can paddle, fuck my ass and orgasm with my face in her pussy.

Who needs SM-gear if you have your body? Nürberg p

fetish SlaveMichaelSanders 2018-08-25

Owner told me she wasn't a Dominant, nor a Mistress, but she simply loves to hurt people using only her hands. Owner pulled me out of the corner and turned me around to show my naked body to the Woman and the Male. Seems like she was satisfied, according to the tone of her voice as she spoke in Czech language words I didn’t understand, while of her hands went down over my belly towards my dick and balls. My cock was rock solid hard ( I’ll get a kick out of pain) but the Viagra pill Owner f***ed me to take did it job as well. Every time she hit my face her body came up a little and went down, alternating between her left and right hand.

At the Bookstore

fetish Middleagepoet 2018-08-25

Well it was during one of my searches, as I passed from the quality fiction room in search of the paperbacks that I happened to slide past an attractive Hispanic woman with the most beautiful long black hair. I looked up at the woman with the long black hair and immediately answered, "No. I ah, well yes, no, I don't think so it's just I keep seeing you." I looked back at the woman, noticing her dark black eyes, deep and alluring eyes and replied, "Thank you." Moving quickly down the aisle, turned so no one could see the front of my pants, I moved into the restroom to try and clean up some.

New Years Eve at the Local

fetish 2018-08-25

Her pussy was surprisingly tight, and as I worked my fingers in, savouring the sound of the wet hole giving way to my searching digits, I noticed her plump teenage body trembling and her dripping cunt beginning to pulse. As I looked at the mess I’d made, cock in hand and inches from her wide open, pink hole, her cunt let out a gasping slurping sound and once again, a torrent of warm piss gushed out of her, soaking my cock and it continued to spray from her pussy, I pushed my cock deep inside again and let the warm fluid cover my still achingly hard rod.

Dorm Girls Discover Anal Fisting

fetish Rickyroma 2018-08-25

Yes she will, just a minute," Janice held her hand over the phone and looked at Mary. Janice stopped spanking Mary and continued her conversation on the cell phone, "Yes Andrew, yes it was very firm. Janice spoke into her cell phone while she continued to push her finger in, "Yes Andrew, it is one of the tightest I have ever felt. Janice whispered, "One last thing before you let go of your nice round cheeks Mary, hold perfectly still and pull them apart as far as you can. Janice moved her hands down to Mary's naked bum gently caressing the red marks left from the yard stick, then carefully raising her panties up over her nice round buttocks.

Being Watched

fetish 2018-08-25

Shifting in my seat I took hold of his hard shaft in my right hand, I slowly drew his foreskin back, then allowed it to return as I gave his prick the first tugs, Alex's hand moved under my vest pawing at my bra-clad boob, " That OK?" I asked as I began to increase the tempo of my wanks, " God you're a fucking gorgeous bitch but such a tease, please suck it!" His eyes still held my every move, just as they had in the supermarket, " Fuckin' gorgeous, I just love your blonde hair babe, it'd look great as your head bobbed on my dick!" I just chose to ignore him, I was in charge now.

Size Does Mother Ch. 02

fetish copywritersdesire 2018-08-25

"Excuse me, young man?" uh-oh, doctor went straight to the bossy-tone "Is there something you would like to share with us? Now, Mrs. Novak, you'll be wearing this," the therapist handed my mom a 14" strapon, "this replica is the size of a soft average-sized penis. Dr. Anderssen continued: "And to answer your other questions - the reasoning behind you wearing fake penis at home is to intimidate and humiliate Tom. You need to compare the penises constantly. Eventually, he gets that his penis is too small and useless - since his mom has a bigger one and is reminding him all the time. Because of Tommy's penis size, I can't consider him a fully grown man.

Stacey needed to pee.

fetish Jedah 2018-08-25

Pulling her up to me, I pressed my lips against her's and to my surprise I feel her hot, wet tongue slide its way into my mouth before I can get mine into hers. I know that I want nothing more to take my rock hard cock and violate her quivering, soaping wet flesh with it, but in time. I suddenly thrust my whole tongue into her pussy, collecting her dripping juice on it for a moment before drawing it back into my mouth and drinking her precious fluid. I finally take my lips off her pussy and draw my arm across my mouth, not realizing that she hasn't entirely finished and another spurt of her piss arches out of her and strikes me in the neck.

A Day with Eleanor Ch. 01

fetish Nomdeplumfutuo 2018-08-25

I sat there in my bed, thinking about it, with her panties held tightly against my nose, inhaling her scent, and remembering the softness of her skin, and the feel of her pussy on my face, wanting badly to bury myself in her again. I pulled my middle finger in, separating her lips and feeling the slickness of her core as the fabric slid over her slick cum, and in one motion glided it up the length of her pussy until I found the hard nub of her clit. The sight was magnificent and I wanted to drop between Eleanor's legs and taste her, but I settled for my hand.


fetish goinstrong 2018-08-25

After seating them, she stopped at "our" table and said, "Will you be dining together?" We both nodded at the same time, and the host smiled & walked away. What are your plans for the rest of the night." Honey commented, "I need to check in at my hotel, too." When asking her where she was staying, she said "the Ramada." Zounds! After a moment, I said, "Whatever you'd like!" After Honey was settled into the tub, I stepped in after her, placed a foot on either side of her waist, and asked her to let me know when she was ready.

Aunt made me a girl

fetish Ilikestroking 2018-08-25

Stepping into the water, I let it run over my head and washing my face and neck. I run a finger across my pussy and slip it in. Stepping out and drying off, I apply moisturizing lotion on my legs and arms. After slipping on a pair of sexy panties and a lace bra, I step into the cotton dress. I know she wants me to look my best so I lay out a matching white bra and panties, white grater belt and stockings. I can't help running my hand over my pussy and tickling my clit. Bunching up a nylon I slip it up my leg,smoothing it out and straightening out the seams.

Thursday in Jeans

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-25

Mission accomplished, Anne further congratulated herself that despite the isolated toot whilst helping Brian pack, she'd not farted once on the way to the airport. Much as she enjoyed the sensation, Anne soon realised that if she didn't get to a toilet quickly she'd end up in a mess sooner or later. Much though she disliked using public loos she realised that stopping off for a shit in Woodchester was her only option if damage to her jeans and the car seat were to be avoided. Pulling up outside the Bishop's Palace, Anne got of the car and walked as briskly as she dared across College Green towards what she hoped would be a source of much needed relief in the nick of time.

After the Wedding

fetish dsoul 2018-08-25

Tibbs got into the limo first and I helped Kaylie with gathering her wedding dress as she slid inside and then I came in and shut the door. I came on my knees before him, unmindful of the car's movement, and Kaylie held Tibbs's cock closer to my face. I listened to the sound of his cock pounding Kaylie, my beautiful bride, like she was nothing but a dirty whore to him. Kaylie has always being such from the moment I assisted Master Tibbs with seducing her toward loving his black cock. I couldn't wait for Master Tibbs to cum inside my bride. Tibbs poured his load inside Kaylie's cunt and he rolled aside and I ate out her pussy.

Anal Piss Enema Sex with my wife

fetish Shittyanal 2018-08-25

I said things like, "is your hole ready for tonight", "I'm going to fill your dirty ass with very warm water and then fuck it while you hold the enema water inside", "maybe I'll spank you first with your big black vibrating buttplug up there". The dirty talk really gets her pussy wet, so I added a finger to her cootchie hole while I continued to play with her butthole. Sloppy, wet, gaping, ass and pussy fucking went back and forth for about 15 minutes until we were both ready to move things along (sexually speaking). One final hot blast of liquid up her hot backdoor, she finished right behind me CUMMING with a huge final push that shot my cock, cum, water, and piss out of her BUTTHOLE all at once.