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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Fall of Mistress Diana Ch. 02

fetish worzel 2018-08-25

Saturday eventually came and the time to prepare was getting closer, Arwen had cleared both herself, Mistress Toni and Diana of anything that resembled work for the rest of the weekend. Once the Taxi stopped sometime later the three got out, Mistress led the way followed by Arwen and Diana who were still hooded and Gagged, and chained together like cattle. Mistress walked over to Diana and put her in similar bondage, Except she replaced the chain for another leash, with that she gently pulled her two slaves along behind her until they reached what looked like a padded bar to tie up horses, As they stopped Mistress picked up a pair of corsets.

5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 6)

fetish braducles 2018-08-25

"I'm sure this will keep her busy while we watch the game." I handed the long green cucumber to Jim as we moved into the entertainment room, Tara couldn't see what we'd exchanged. "I want to watch the end of the game, and in that time I want you to fuck this cucumber like it was my dick, because you're just a fucking useless whore, and you need something in that pussy of yours." I could see Tara's neck straining against the pressure on the rope, she was almost to the point of tears. "You're just a fucking slut, a two bit whore." Tara's eyes shot open and Jim rammed the cucumber deeper in her pussy, leaving only a small little rim of green still visible.

Skinny Bitch Ch. 05

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2018-08-25

You would think that two people would get sick of being around one another constantly, all day, every day, but even after three months of flirting and trading lewd stares at work all day and fucking like animals at night, showering together and eating together (or not eating, as it were), Tracy and I never got sick of each other. With the other arm, I sorted through what seemed like miles of silk, finally negotiating with the dress to maneuver my hand between Tracy' legs. I paused, kissing Tracy's bare, corded neck tenderly, and withdrew my fingers from her pussy. Now it was my turn to moan helplessly as she caressed my chest and, struggling to kiss my neck, her hipbones pressed and released and pressed and released my dick against my leg.

Gerty and Jeff

fetish shoeslayer 2018-08-25

"Gerty wants to watch you to stroke it and cum all over her sexy black half-glasses, the ones you came upon that time, blow thick ropes of love all over them so I can lick it off them, Oh Jeff you must have been been very happy to see my glasses sitting there, knowing what you wanted to do then doing it." "Oh Gert, I think any kind of sex with you would be so great, When Mom asked if I could check out your fan, I was glad to say yes as I always liked you a lot to begin with. "So Jeff, when I answered the door, your eyes were fixed on my black half-glasses and not my boobs?"Gert asked in a slightly sad way as though her feelings were hurt.

Chance meet with Stud

fetish Jizzylady 2018-08-25

The guys was astonished and Nathan heard him and put his big hand on my ass.Yeah mate she mine, he said. The balls were swing upwards and hitting my ass too.I sensed now we were not alone in the place and Mick said later a few guys had followed us from the crows in the bar plus others who had wandered in to the place!!! Nathan was lifting me higher and higher on his dick, his pants slipped about his boots, the guys outside could see that too, the heap of pants and bare black ankles, occasionally up on his toes for a big deep preventative shove! I looked down and he was right, my cunt was leaking my Black cargo, guess I was getting a bit stretched now and not able to hold in Nathans love juices when stood?

Follow-Up with Doctor Wells

fetish crimson175 2018-08-25

When Gary Neal and his wife Theresa finished their heated fantasy "doctor" session, she had told him to make a follow-up appointment in a week. After Kelly and Theresa started spending so much time together Gary had watched the neighbor girl bloom from a skinny little girl into the attractive, pixie-like young adult she has become. Having a good head on her shoulders and following advice from Theresa, she realized taking her first two years of classes there and living at home would still give her a good start on her degree program and save her parents a fortune in tuition, room and board at a time when they were trying hard to save for their impending retirement. Gary's erection shriveled at the sheer humiliation of his current predicament as Theresa scolded Kelly, "Miss Thomas, you will either maintain your professionalism or I will have ask you to leave."

Brod: Breeding Osaka Pt. 01

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-08-24

I'll talk more about it after the story, but if you didn't know, at the beginning of the month I held a survey for people to put in their thoughts and help determine the future course of Brod. "Yes, and we've stood by as Brod knocked up tens of thousands of mothers, just like you!" said Ghali, a little hum in her throat. "Shizuka-san, tell the ladies that Brod has impregnated tens of thousands of mothers with strong little babies, and he has had sex with over a 120,000 women." Shizuka turned to Jane and said, "Ah. She wants to go first." Oh, Brod, I bet you feel like you're going to explode!" laughed Nahid, delighting in my sperm-fueled misery.

Panty Husband Fulfills Fantasy

fetish DrLit 2018-08-24

You also know that my wife went from not liking anal sex at all to falling in love with fucking my ass while I wear panties. She said, "I'd really love that, but can you eat my pussy and finger my ass first? My wife, said, "I appreciate your concern for my pleasure, but that little finger in my ass was great. She then sat up and took the time to enjoy a thick cock in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass. With you in my pussy and the plug in my ass I feel like I'm getting fucked by two men. Eventually she said, "I want your cock in my ass doggie style, no finger first, no butt plug.

Dirty Work Ch. 02

fetish awopas 2018-08-24

I didn't know if I was relieved or just more frustrated but even looking back at the class on my hands and knees with my entire feminine charms on a filthy display I couldn't help leaving out a lustful moan. "C'mon bitch you're moving too slowly," Sylvia said grabbing the bag off Bobby and removing what looked to be a collar and leash from it. To my further horror though instead of heading into the female locker room on the right side, Sylvia with leash in hand led me and Bobby into the male locker room. Sylvia ordered me down into the bath and as I stepped down I found myself eye level with their knees but at least I figured I couldn't be too far away from getting clean.


fetish SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-08-24


Milk Nurse Ch. 01

fetish evilbread666 2018-08-24

I wonder what my wife would think if she knew I was hanging around a girl with huge breasts. Thinking about a skinny girl handling these breasts almost made him shoot a load in his pants, but he somehow kept his composure. She seemed like a really sweet girl, and to think such dirty thoughts about her felt really sickening, but it was hard not to given the situation. "Okay, let's get started then." They headed to her bath tub, which conveniently had a stool placed right outside of it. Rachel made his wife look like a little boy. She had begun to wonder over time if she was a lesbian, as she would get wet while feeding girls while they struggled with her massive breasts' weight and milk volume.

His Burning Desire

fetish Purpleguy1812 2018-08-24

She could feel his body press against hers and for a moment she felt as though something wasn't quite the way it should have been. Her throat felt dry and she couldn't help herself, her body seeming to move on it's own as she reached out to pull them away, to release his cock. She watched it, almost in a daze, not even hardly feeling the way his hands moved and pushed on her shoulders, sending her yielding body to it's knees. She tried, one last time to avoid him and the situation that was arising by scooting away, but he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back, forcing her onto her hands and knees and throwing the nightgown up to expose her ass and pussy to him.


Small Town Life

fetish Julius_Mayfair 2018-08-24

Elle walked a little behind John on their way to school, looking through her backpack for something she had lost. John, being the all American boy, blonde, pale, and blue eyed to Elle's black hair and dark olive skin and dark eyes. "I bet you use that line on all the legal girls of this school, I'm reporting you." She turned to go, but he hand her arm again, his other hand running through her hair, sliding the scarf away, "No... She looked up and realized, John was right, Mr. Little's hair did glint ginger in the light and she closed her mouth around the head of his cock and sucked gently.

Family Dinner

fetish Totzman 2018-08-24

Her mother Sally was having a lot of difficulties making ends meet as a single mom, so since moving in with Jeff, Kelsey and Allison began enjoying benefits they hadn't had since even when their father was alive. Kelsey heard her sister's car pulling into the driveway, so she decided to take a moment to tell Allison that no, there would not be dinner today but to get something from the fridge, like her mother had just said. The pain, the embarrassment, the discomfort that followed her for days afterward, there was no punishment Kelsey wanted less than a spanking, but Jeff knew it was the best way to get his point across to his disobedient stepdaughters.

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 01

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-08-24

You've just come back from having a nice fuck and probably from the look of it have a pussy still full of cum don't you?" I asked. "As I said, I think it is very reasonable to have a policy where the one wearing the panties in this office eats the cum out of your pussy! "As I said Karen, "If your pussy ever needs cleaning and I happen to be available and wearing panties I'll do it VERY happily. I got harder still as Karen described David and his 12" cock and how god a hard fast fuck he'd given her as I licked the results from her wonderful pussy.

Male Cherry goes...POP! Pt.3 Male Cherry goes...PO

fetish Strap0nDiva143 2018-08-24

Feeling his hard dick on my nearly bare ass (I decided to be panty-less) It turned me on and without notification he bent me over on the dance floor, throwing his hips in motion to the music. Though I found it quite alright that he wanted to feel me fill his ass with my strap on, I didn’t think a man would want to stroke it. Moaning with his eyes closed tight, wit his hips, Bryan began to chase the head of my strap, eager to have it inside of him. While looking back at me Bryan says, “This is your ass, don’t stop until you nut” he said. Now, sit on this dick!”.Mama, I don’t want to crush you, he said with a little chuckle.

A Torn Newsprint Picture

fetish Timothe 2018-08-24

We met eyes for several seconds and I felt myself becoming aroused just looking face-to-face with this strange woman in my one-room studio above my busy street. I don't know if I was surprised or not but she was incredibly wet and she closed her eyes and moaned around the apple in her mouth, a little moan of pleasure, humiliation, and apprehension, and moved her little black haired pussy against my aching red dick. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, and I pulled the apple out of her mouth and stuck my cock in it, squeezing her chin roughly with my other hand as I felt my cock spasming in her mouth.

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 04

fetish tom6432 2018-08-24

Loudly for the class to hear I said: "For the remainder of the week you will wear white cotton regulation school girl panties under your clothes. Directing my attention to Linda I said: "Young lady lift your skirt above your hips right now," Linda could not believe what she was hearing that I would ask her to show her panties in her office in front of her administrative assistant. Linda her face now scarlet stood in front of her 28 year old assistant and said: "Miss Emma please paddle my bare cheeks." I watched as Emma lifted Linda's short skirt and told her to hold it up above her waist.

He Met His Match

fetish LipsandHips 2018-08-24

Hannah told Shane that she wanted to pull over to stretch her legs and to get snacks. As soon as she turned off the car, she told Shane that she "needed" to suck his dick. The way Hannah's lips looked on his shaft let Shane know that he would never let her live peacefully with anyone else. After sucking him off in the car, she told him that she wanted to finish, but in the men's bathroom. He would enter the restroom and look around for others while Hannah would "wait" for him by the entry. Shane checked the scenery, gave the signal and Hannah entered. Hannah heard them first and placed her hand over Shane's mouth.


Opps I think she is pregnant part 2

fetish 2018-08-24

My cock started to unload in her mouth, I slowly oozed it out, followed with her cleaning it all off. Once she got close to me mouth, her pussy came down for a visit. I grabbed her sexy body, holding her as I tongue fucked her pussy. "Oh baby, I want to fuck you all night long," Jen said. I watched Jen climb off me, then licked my stick cleaned, and she was smiling with a sexy grin. Jen came, and she moaned when she did, but I got her ass as I broke free. I stick my cock into her wet pussy, holding her ass, I fucked her fast. "I cuming to fuck in your pussy" I said as I came, and hard.

Fertility Check

fetish lalupin 2018-08-24

"One moment." She left the room and immediately after returned with a nurse, pushing the portable ultrasound machine that looked like something from WWII. The doctor returned with the redhead and a new machine, just as a drop of pre-cum went slowly for the floor in a long thin string from the tip of my cock. The doctor leaned in over her from behind studying, not the monitor, but my cock and balls and the hands of the redhead moving, fondling, and massaging around the gel. The doctor stood up - without interrupting the slow machine-like stroking of my pink and newly shaved cock shaft now lubed up with the steady, almost pulsing flow of pre-cum now also dripping from my balls and moistening my anus.

New Girl in Podash Ch. 02

fetish mlyn 2018-08-24

Angie followed the girls, feeling like she was one of the baby ducks following mother duck Ophelia as they trailed into the beauty shop a minute later. Ophelia took a seat in one of the dryer chairs, right behind Betty Lou's station. "Your hair looks g-nice, uhm, real cute." Silently she kicked herself and then took the chair Betty Lou had turned around for her. "Now, while that works, I'm going to turn you over to Marie." Betty Lou told her as a middle-aged woman with a poodle-cut, the prettiest shade of lavender, came up beside her. Soon she was left to redress and return to Betty Lou. The small mirror in the room reflected the half inch golden nipple rings and belly button one.

Pain and Pleasure from PlaisirMP

fetish 2018-08-24

You resumed your pussy dildo fucking, and your free left hand started teasing your breasts, cupping them, and pulling your nipples, wanting to alienate your mind from the need to cum to the sharp stings on your nipples. I waved my cock on your face, slapping your cheeks with it as I knew you loved that, it makes you feel more degraded when I slap your face with my cock… and then while I bend down a little I kissed your forehead and said… now stay there till I come back and check on my cum on your face, I said… knowing this moment you would need alone so the whole session would be played again in your head and you would have a second orgasm hands free.


Wife Forces Me To Type This Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-08-24

I told my husband again to quit typing and to pull Dave’s cock out of Bob’s asshole and to suck all the spent cum out of Bob’s asshole. My husband licked up all of Dave’s cum and was sucking on Bob’s balls when I heard Bob moan and pump my asshole full of cum. I ordered my husband to lick my ass clean and to suck all the cum off of Bob and Dave’s cocks. I just love watching a big hard cock sliding in between my husband’s lips while I am sucking on Dave’s balls with three fingers wedged in his ass. I then instruct Bob to quit sucking on my wet pussy and to pull the butt-plug out of my husband’s ass.