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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Note about my Fiancee, A Stripper

fetish geoffelectron88 2018-08-24

As a mid 20's guy getting a MA in social sciences and working full time I can't always control what happens in my life, but I've learned to love losing control. She loves the thrill of getting high and drunk and fucking multiple guys multiple nights a week. She told me that she'll apologize to them, saying that her boyfriend has a tiny dick and she needs to get fucked at the club. During the times she's been pregnant she has let other guys cum in her. When she wouldn't come home at night I'd know she'd be getting fucked by some hung weed dealer and maybe a couple of his friends.

The Last Weekend before School

fetish Freddy-satx 2018-08-24

Pamie also looked, at his bare muscular chest in a new way; she giggled and covered her mouth, as she felt her little pussy tingle. Billy, put on a t-shirt at least….you know not to sit at the table bare chested,” Kim said, as she stared at the lump of his limp cock in his shorts. Pamie looked at her br(o)ther occasionally, and she wasn’t showing as much shyness now, Kim noticed…..but, Billy didn’t notice, because his eyes were on her. “Pamie….tell your br(o)ther how much you liked your pussy being sucked and licked…..” Kim laughed, as she watched her daughter blush deeply with embarrassment, she could also see Pamie was very excited, also.

My Pee Problem

fetish Pelios 2018-08-24

By the time I was thirteen, the problem hadn't gone away, and to make matters worse, I was developing an interest in sex. I was all the way down and I liked the feel of it in me a lot really, and I merrily bounced away actually doing a pretty good job of it, not realizing yet how much I was bleeding. "No!" I was a little horrified at her frankness, "Listen, I've always had problems with my genitals, I wasn't about to treat them like a toy and maybe make things worse!" "Well of course many girls are very attractive," I began cautiously, "And you not only have a pretty face but apparently a nice figure." Which may have been true, not that I could really tell with the way she was wearing a smock.

Fucking a submissive MILF with her husband.

fetish hungcumblaster 2018-08-24

At that moment I remembered that the husband said she liked anal (though was new to it) I walked around the bed, grabbed some lube, and began to rub her asshole with my fingertip. He climbed off of the bed and asks me “want to throw a condom on and get in there?” 
“Ohhh yeah!” I exclaimed, as I wanted to fuck her senseless since I walked in the room so I slipped on a condom, grabbed her by the thighs, held her legs up over her head and pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy. I teased her with my cock, slapping it against her clit, rubbing against her lips without going in, then finally slipped the end of my dick into her dripping wet pussy.


fetish Dirtydavedep 2018-08-24

My hands responding, gripping her waist, drawing her into me, pressing her ample breasts into my chest; one hand slipping gently down and fondling her lovely arse, the other, sliding down her raised thigh, feeling the silkiness of her stockings then up her hip then back to her neck, stroking it and pulling her in deeper as we literally ate each other's faces off, till we finally had to come up for some air. When Belinda was relaxed she smiled again, and slowly moved her stocking clad feet back to my erection, slowly working up from my balls, first gently with the sole of each foot, slowly and gently up over my smooth balls and cock, flattening them against me, then adding a little more pressure each time, making me harder and harder with each stroke, then spreading her sexy toes feeling my balls between the big toe and the one next to it, massaging first my balls then my shaft.

Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 02

fetish nylonjo 2018-08-24

"So yesterday, I saw someone wearing pantyhose and they looked absolutely gorgeous in them." I stop short of telling Jess that it was her. I don't really know what came over me but I opened her drawer and there were these pantyhose that looked just like the ones this woman was wearing." I'm wringing my hands together, unable to keep still. My pantyhose feels so good on my skin." As she says this, one hand grips her thigh while the other slips between her legs. She begins to move her body up and down slightly, rubbing my cock between her pantyhose clad legs.

Shared Secret Smoking

fetish sirhugs 2018-08-24

“After we seal the deal with the smoke, I’ll tell you,” she said, passing me the package and cupping her hand around my face as she sparked her lighter. “Quit admiring the view and fuck me now,” she said more emphatically, shoving my cock towards her crotch and using her other hand too peel the thing away from her swollen pussy lips; there was just enough moonlight for me to admire their perfect pinkness. It was like so hot just pushing my dress up and my panties free so he could bury his fat cock in me from the rear.” Or better yet, think about me smoking your cock like a fat cigar.”

The Diaper Confession

fetish paddedpervert 2018-08-24

David then forced himself to look up at me of his own power and said, "I pee in my diapers and I masturbate in them. "Good little dirty boy," said Katrina as she massaged his penis. there's no wetness indicator, they just look like a real diaper." I continued to rub my clitoris as he talked. Meanwhile Katrina was a natural -- almost a bully, even -- constantly searching for openings and vulnerabilities and skillfully fleshing them out, making my poor David look and feel insignificant and weak. At that moment Katrina squeezed his penis really hard through the diaper and his face sort of relaxed. Katrina continued to grasp the tip of his penis through the crinkling diaper while she massaged his prostate region.

Wife and her BF

fetish biguy52x 2018-08-24

We sat in a booth and I pulled her dress up and pushed my finger in her pussy several times during dinner. His cock started pushing against his shorts as we talked. Finally John said her tits and staring at his cock was making him horny. He pushed his cock into Carrie's wet pussy and started fucking her. Soon John came in her pussy. I pushed my cock into her and started fucking her. As soon as my load was in her John moved into position again and pushed his cock into her sloppy pussy. John entered her pussy again but this time his balls were slapping my face as I tongued her clit and licked his cock as it went in and out.

Panty Party

fetish stac2918 2018-08-24

Still unable to see what was going on as my view was blocked by Jayne's skirt, I felt the panties continue up my legs until they were cupping my balls, the g-string was pulled up in to the crack of my ass and I then felt a hand manoeuvred my hard cock in the panties. My hands were full with my trainers so I wasn't able to take the panties out of my mouth in time and my cock was still blatantly making a tent in my jeans, everyone on the landing went quiet and just looked at me, the only sound was that of the girls laughing in the bedroom behind me.

Tiffany's Party

fetish dualwriter 2018-08-24

Shirley directed shots three and four from mouth to tits then let the last of my goo dribble onto her stomach before she pulled my dick to her mouth and began vigorously sucking me to keep me hard. I looked up to see Shirley, Nancy, Bonny and several other of the women jacking guys off and directing their second shots at Tiffany. Bonny and Shirley fell to their knees between Tiffany's legs and buried their faces into the pulsing pussy on display, slurping up both Tiffany's juices and all the donor guy goo drooling around her pleasure center. Bob was filming the last of the action which was Nancy sitting on Tiffany's face while Bonny and Shirley were snacking on the Tiff's pussy full of sauce.

Room Service, Texas Style

fetish Chrysse 2018-08-24

Taking my time, I licked up all the mashed potatoes, then started on his cock, tasting the sweet tangy barbecue sauce and swirling my tongue all over his head and shaft to clean off every last drop. Coating one finger in chocolate I slipped it quickly into his ass and fingered him deep inside while sucking him faster and harder, as I began to cum he cried out with the sensations of my mouth and finger, an intense need rising from deep in his balls and spreading hotly into his cock as he came hard into my mouth… his cream mixing with my chocolate… an unforgettable combination.

winter storm

fetish trotter155 2018-08-24

Being the good son I am I reached under the blanket and started to rub and warm her ice cold feet. Slowly I went back to work rubbing her feet all the while trying to get my pants opened up without her knowing what I was doing. As careful as I could,I worked her feet slowly down as I rubbed them until I could start to feel her nylon heels now against the head of my cock. I only wish the blanket wasn't covering up what was going on so that I could see her sexy nylon feet on my cock. Mom looked at me and thanked me for helping her warm up and said she was going up to take a hot shower and go to bed.

Time and Pressure

fetish stateofdenial 2018-08-24

His aching, caged cock tingled in anticipation, as it did every time. Lastly she would tell him that he was allowed to cum, but if she came first then he would be re-caged and have his time extended since he obviously wasn't that horny. You can admire the body you have been pleasuring but unable to see, you can stroke yourself till you cum, or time runs out. . Perhaps you'd like to save your time, in which for every second you bank I'll add it to your next special day. " I think you should start out stroking, then see my beautiful body and then if there is time left over you can bank it.

Christian's 2nd Date with Emily Ch. 02

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2018-08-24

Christian had told Manny about one woman that could put her feet behind her head, about another woman that only liked to have threesomes so she brought her hot cousin along to fuck, and not to be forgotten but the woman that could actually ejaculated when she came. Guys, this is Emily, the woman you wanted to meet so badly." Christian introduced hurriedly. She knew a lactating woman wasn't all that unusual, but it embarrassed Emily terribly to think of Christian telling his friends all about the way her milk sprays when she cums! You told them all about your newest fuck friend and her milk-leaking- tits didn't you?" Emily accused, with fire burning in her eyes.

How I Became a Full Time Cleaner

fetish DavyLicks 2018-08-24

It sounded like one of the girls had slipped the words "get his tongue deep in there, make him lick it out!" into their chat before talking normally again. You will lick every bit of that dirty ass clean, you are going to get your tongue deep inside her and suck it out! Obediently, I lifted my hands to spread her bum cheeks apart and started greedily poking her hole with my tongue and sucking noisily as hard as I could to try and get it clean, avidly poking it deep in search of more mess, half hypnotized by this act of shame and degradation, half in shock & panic.

Adult nursing - sharing the milk with friends

fetish 2018-08-24

He said, loudly, “relax – you’ll get used to it, If you weren’t pregnant I’d be fucking you in the ass girl and that really would hurt!” To which Mark laughingly replied “next time b*o, next time!” Gary then started to move in and out, gently – presumably because of my condition – all the while holding onto my swollen belly. When I mentioned to Mark that night that I thought the baby was close, he decided that he wanted Gary to fuck me one more time wilst still heavily pregnant and knew the next day might be too late.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 07

fetish Suzanne James 2018-08-24

Jack continued to monitor my feeding regimen that kept me gaining weight--he liked my increasing girth, which balanced out my swelling breasts. As my both my belly and breasts swelled, I became more aware of how much Jack enjoyed my role as his milk cow. Jack loved my new bounty, and he enjoyed milking me, telling me that he couldn't wait until he knocked me up. He nuzzled my neck and whispered "I'm looking forward to watching you waddle into Saks tring to find something to fit the new body we've built," I could feel Jack's smile against my neck and his hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks.

A Good Walk Spoiled

fetish jujou2006 2018-08-24

In fact, she thought, "maybe I'll just hike the entire trail naked as a jaybird!" The thought of the sun caressing her naked body for a few days turned her on immensely and while her dinner cooked on the campfire she paused for a little bit if self loving refreshment. Eschewing the tent, she instead chose to sleep beneath the stars atop her bed roll and as the full moon rose above the tree top her fingers once again traveled through her red curls and parted her neither lips and the night was silent save for the moans of the lovely little redhead. Looking up at the tree she said "You win" and trudged back to her lake side camp to try and get some sleep.



fetish KrystalLWatson 2018-08-24

When you returned downstairs, grabbed your books & headed for the door, your Mother reminded you, "He'll be here for dinner tonight, I'm going to make something special, so if you go somewhere after school, be here in time." "I will Mom, I will," you grinned as you closed the door behind you already wondering how many classes you could stand before you'd have to ask to be excused. We've done that quite a few times when we knew you wouldn't be coming home straight from school." You watched your Mother's color & I said, "You're going to hear & see everything Krystal.

A Vacation like No Other

fetish Richcranium 2018-08-24

The way I was laying on the couch I had a great view into her room as she stood in front of her dresser picking out her panties and bra for the day. Amanda was first to go in the bathroom, follow by Deb, who came out wearing her sundress and the panties that I had wiped my precum on earlier in the day. After closing the bathroom door I went right to Deb's swimsuit bottom and grabbed them off the shower rod. After sliding the suit case back in the closet I walked back into the bathroom and began to hang her bikini on the shower rod, but not before admiring the generous amount of fresh cum that was covering and absorbing into the gusset.

Drinking It All In

fetish alexovitch 2018-08-24

I reach up and lick deep into the crack which is wet with her cunt juice and with piss. I love the feeling of her cunt so close to my face, the taste of her juices on my tongue, the thighs either side of my face. I hear her breath coming in short gasps, and then a scream as she cums, her legs shaking, her hips grinding her cunt onto my lips, wanking herself on my mouth, wringing each drop of pleasure out of this orgasm; wringing a final few drops of piss out of her piss-hole. I slowly fuck her mouth, letting the softness of her tongue turn me on.

Jodie's Second Appointment

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-08-24

Nurse Bush waited patiently as Jodie fiddled with the buttons on her blouse, she felt a little woozy from the heat and the nerves, but her pussy was already becoming wetter and wetter with the anticipation of what the doctors would force her to do this time. "Feels pretty good to have a hard cock in your mouth, doesn't it slut?" Asked Doctor Lewis as he stroked his meat while watching his colleague fuck her face. Jodie felt his hands on her head pushing it firmly down on Doctor Shaw's cock until she gagged a little, he was right behind her and whispered into her ear.

Suzy's Savior

fetish taz_carlson 2018-08-24

At first Suzy was scared as the king started to pump his hips up and down enjoying the feeling he had, but then Suzy realized that his cock was so small that instead of being inside her pussy he was actually just humping her between her thighs, but he did not know the difference. With each stroke her hips would rock harder and her fingers would slide in farther all the while remembering how wonderful it had felt with Todd's cock deep inside her, and how no matter what he did the King could never make her feel that way.