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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

adventurous hiking trip with wife

fetish 2018-08-24

As I continued my story, Jenny slowly reached out to grasp Marty's cock and started slowly stroking it again. Jenny lifted up off of Marty and cum ran out like a flood down his cock and balls. Barely pulling back from her pussy, I replied, "it's great, Jenny!" I snacked on the creampie a little more and then added, "the taste of both your cum combined is much better than I would have thought." I was stroking my own cock as I ate their cum. Jenny continued to clean up the cum on Marty's cock, as well as what ran down on his balls and legs. I tasted your cum mixed with Jenny's, but I want to feel that big cock of yours explode in my mouth!"


fetish 2018-08-24


Meeting Miss Ma'am

fetish Saint_Columba 2018-08-24

There was a gas fireplace in the room and you went and lit it, placed the candles around the room and relit them and dimmed the lights before finally taking off your coat and returning to remove the panty gag from my mouth. But my gasps and sighs and whimpers were beyond what you cared to hear from me at that moment, and so you reached into your suitcase again and produced a black rubber two-way dildo gag. You attached weighted nipple clamps to me, wordlessly and came around to the side, leaning down with one hand softly rubbing my buttock and another holding my chin to where we were eye to eye and said "I haven't even started yet." You kiss me on the forehead and disappear behind me.

Queans of Japan

fetish Rallynoangels 2018-08-24

He had asked for her help after school and she tried her best to act like a teacher of the old world, level headed and clear minded. "Lisa!" Kairi blushed and looked away as John came back and gave a judgmental glare to his aunt. He broke the spell with a shake of his head and looked to Kairi, "Hey, sorry for springing this on you, but I actually have to get back home to sort something out. "What would you like?" John asked Kairi. That's very..." Kairi realized Pallas wasn't interested in talking and decided to submissively open her mouth. "Well, you aren't going down on him that's for sure." Pallas said casually as Kairi coughed a few more times.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 12

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-08-24

As soon as the cigarette was lit Kevin began fucking her hard again, I could hear the wet slopping noises of her juices flowing freely as she was being filled with a stranger's cock while his cum still painted parts of her body from the day before. I picked up my pace, slamming my cock's full-length in and out of Amber's used up cunt while watching her face contort and begin to turn a light shade of red while she struggled to contain the crack smoke inside her. Once there Kevin would help Amber shoot up a small bag of heroin and then load a crack pipe and a bag of a few bumps of coke to get her through the day.

Lady Warrior Seduced

fetish runic42 2018-08-23

All too soon, Auborn found herself standing, her tall, powerful form bound by her wrists with leather restraints to a cold metal pole in Kharseron's dungeon. After several moments of torturous waiting, during which Auborn's pussy throbbed with desire, the dead, quiet stillness was broken with a sharp THWACK, and pain shot through the young warrior's body as the leather straps found their target, the feeling intensified by the water's softening of her backside. Each time Kharseron's leather whip smacked her ass, it would cause the warrior's clit to move over Silussa's tongue, the delicious mix of pain and pleasure was overwhelming her, flooding her senses, until finally Auborn screamed out:

The Stranger Ch. 02

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-08-23

Shelly's last orgasm had sent a river of juices running from her pussy down the cleft of her ass cheeks. He returned to the foot of the bed, knelt between her spread legs, and said, "I want you to piss, right here, right now. A tiny stream of piss squirted from between her fat pussy lips. Her pussy twitched and squirted a little more piss, this time onto his face. Shame and embarrassment washed over Shelly, but the stranger just licked harder at her pussy. He wasted no time but attacked her dripping twat with his whole face, licking her clit, nuzzling her lips and hole with his nose, putting his mouth over her whole pussy.

A Different Relationship Ch. 02

fetish Newbottombitch 2018-08-23

Her commanding tone always makes me so hot and I could feel my dick trying to get hard in the chastity device. As she stepped out I realized that Linda wasn't just shaven clean but that she somehow removed her hair completely. The chastity cage on my penis was moving as I was trying to get hard inside of it. After Linda was finished she quickly put the chastity device back on and my penis was once again locked away and I could not touch it anymore. Then Linda kissed be good bye and grabbed and yanked the chastity device a little before she left.

A Dog's Life Ch. 04

fetish Compliant1 2018-08-23

"It's true that I had sex with Danny, and I want you to know that I will take a lover if and whenever I feel like having a real man inside me. This was the first time Gretchen acknowledged that everything she made me do all summer revolved around dogs. Well, since you've spent the entire summer as a dog and you want to remain as my pet dog, there is only one thing left to complete your training." This is going to sound strange, considering all of the humiliating, emasculating tasks and punishments I experienced that summer, but I knew that the act she wanted me to perform would seal her dominance over me.

Bananas With Bill

fetish badteacher 2018-08-23

Should she or shouldn’t she…she continues to ask the question, stopping by the bar she looks at the cool whip tub and the banana. He uses his fingers to open her honey hole then he leans down and sticks his tongue against her clit and begins to circle it slowly. Bill slides his finger down and begins to stroke her as his tongue continues to drive at her clit. She wraps her legs around his waist and lifts her hips, pulling him deeper and making him loose his balance. Silently Nancy nods her head and smiles knowing this fantasy was not over yet and before it was, he would be the one laying atop the bar and she would be feasting on him.

His Foot Goddess

fetish stryker53 2018-08-23

For as long as he could remember Max had wanted to be near female feet. Then he yelled to the other guys, "Hey Max likes her feet, what a freak." The men laughed long enough to fluster Max, and then continued tossing dollar bills toward the girl. It's alright Miss Trudi, I know you'll be calling your mayor friend and have me fired for being a freak, but remember, you asked." He opened it and said, "Yes Miss Trudi and thank you for understanding Ma'am." She handed him a crisp fifty, turned and went inside. On the appointed date and time Max rang the doorbell of Miss Trudi's home.

Sissy Blane's Liquid Assets

fetish EvelynT 2018-08-23

I'd arrived that morning for my weekly 'therapy' and had only enough time to hang up my outer clothes in the Sissies' cloakroom and don my Eva Gabor wig before a facilitator poked her head in and told me I was wanted in Madam's office immediately. I stepped up to the desk and she placed her hand into the teal nylon gown I was wearing and slipped her fingers into the leg-hole of my underwear and pulled the material away from my hip, (I should say here that I was still wearing the men's jockey bikini briefs I had arrived in.) I started to tell her this.

Italian Hair Ch. 02

fetish belab 2018-08-23

Her left arm quickly shot back up covering her breasts while her right hand moved to lower her panties. Then she moved down by my tool and sitting next to me and brought her beautiful face down until she felt the stiff pubic hair surrounding my balls touch her pretty nose. The beautiful woman pressed her back against the bed and pushing up with her legs, slid her body up to a standing position. My fingers eased from her huge tits and then I pinched her taut nipples between my fingers and lifted her arms and started licking the long thick hair in her unshaven armpits. Her pubic hair covered her entire mound and the head of my penis gently pushed into her.

Bondage And Discipline

fetish spice16 2018-08-23

No wonder Robert likes it so much." By the time Karen put down her crop, the exposed parts of Jennifer's body were burning bright red. Reaching inside her jacket, Karen retrieved two long, thin pieces of metal with what looked like spurs from a cowboy boot on their ends. "Hmmm, let's see...better start with the rope." Karen went to work harnessing Jennifer's upper body in hemp. "Wow. Now I know why I wouldn't let Robert use one of those on me." Jennifer closed her eyes and tried not to think about what her weight on the rope between her legs was doing to the butt plug.

Angela and Vonda

fetish carvohi 2018-08-23

It had started when the two McNaughtons, Brandon and his mousy little sister Vonda, had managed to undermine and nearly bankrupt her father. What Angela didn't know was Vonda had been adopted into the family when Brandon's father had been involved with another woman while in Europe. As their plane touched down on the McNaughton's private landing strip Brandon reminded Angela that she should always try to respect Vonda's wishes when they were home. The swell of Angela's taut little breasts was very distracting, and her hair, he thought, was in dire need of a good tousling, not to mention how he'd like to rub his hands up and down those magnificent legs.

Philaburton's Fetishes Ch. 01

fetish MeredithEighty8 2018-08-23

"Tonight baby girl, it's your turn to make your Stepdaddy feel good," he said, his breath reeking of alcohol, his long, hard penis pressing against my stomach. My Stepdaddy started stroking; slowly sliding his huge cock inch by inch into my pussy, wanting to get his full length inside me as I futilely struggled beneath him. Knowing what we were going to do, I had left the house without panties or bra, and after taking off my jeans and t-shirt, I sat naked on the seat beside him, my skin warmed by the sun, nipples hard as pebbles and pussy wet in anticipation.

Black Prisoner for White Sexy Wife

fetish Jizzylady 2018-08-23

It was all arranged I turned up at the jail, dressed as before.looking like his Lawyer!even the guard thought I was and quickly took me to the private f****y room, he flipped open my letter and saw he had it wrong about me, as I said that I was his long term girlfriend in it. With my little had on his hard balls I could feel the rubber flapping about on a fucked rubber, it could not take what this big black prisoner had given it! Then yes in went the 1st delivery...he groaned out loud and shot a big heavy, hot piss load of filth in my poor white cunt!

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 04

fetish Scribler 2018-08-23

As we drove to Jolene's house Josie went over things I need to know on behaving like a girl like how to sit and how to get up from a seated position. "Welcome to my Mistress's home we hope you enjoy your stay." I thanked her and then Josie took my arm and said I bet you thought everyone was going to laugh at you didn't you?" I nodded my head then she said, "I told you I would never do anything to humiliate you." This has to be the best wine to come out of Napa in a long time." Josie told me When we were driving Josie said that she needed to make a stop to pick up some make up and conditioner seeing I was now using as much as she was.

Dare 01

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-08-23

The dark stain between her feet got bigger and bigger and slowly some of the people in the bank grew aware of what was happening (though not that it was on purpose, only that a smartly dressed, sexy young woman was pissing her pants beside them). Julie did not know where to look and flushed with embarrassment wanted to rush for the door but needed desperately to squeeze the last of the piss out so she stood there and continued as the realisation spread through the bank. Once back out onto the sunlit street Julie fairly hurried back to her car, and not just because of the suspect dark stain all over her light skirt and the unpleasant aroma emanating from that area, no she wanted to do something else urgently.


The Specialist

fetish yellowbelly2011 2018-08-23

"If you could lift your arms, so I can check your breasts." I tried not to meet his eyes as his hands gently palpated my breasts, moving in circles. "Please relax Mrs Jones, nearly there." I heard the scrape of his chair as he moved it closer; I felt his breath, hot on me as his fingers ran down my now wet labia, gently opening me. He lifted his head and murmured, "There's one more place I've not examined yet!" He moved his hand away from my nipples and began to insert a finger into my anus; a second one, making me gasp in pleasure, quickly joined it.

St. Paddy's Day Party

fetish cuck2serveU 2018-08-23

Shelly, never one to follow the rules had her lover fuck her ass instead, leaving a huge gape that he was able to shove most of the cereal into her crap cave. When Ty finally spewed another load into my belly and I had properly cleaned off his still hard cock Shelly came over and told me she had a surprise for me. When the gang couldn't spit any more Shelly rubbed the mess all over my face and scooped up as much as she could forcing me to swallow it as she shoved it into my mouth. Shelly reminded me as she dropped me off that she was going to try to convince Jennie to let her have our daughter Gigi cuck me.

Smoking Mistress Ch. 01

fetish fetishstories07 2018-08-23

It was becoming erotic the way she used it to turn me on and tease me, even though i generally don't like smoke one bit, the fact it was hers drove me crazy. "Thats a huge fucking hard on slave, are my gorgeous feet turning you on?" She looked me in the eye, with her eyebrow raised again. Massaging my balls, fucking my ass and breathing her smoke onto my dick caused me to erupt, but feel little of the pleasure. As i lay there recovering from the tough ruined orgasm, Christina got up and started getting the box ready, placing a towel along the bottom and checking the lock worked. I don't take kindly to slaves who disobey." She gave me an evil smile and then blew a puff of smoke into my face.

Breaking Mistress Dana

fetish Latex_Rose 2018-08-23

Watching Sarah's ass as she bustled about, adjusting chairs, shouting at slaves to make sure everything was perfect, Dana mused on the fact that something would have to be done with the old queen... I'm not going to put on that slut's costume and be showed off like that!" Dana's eyes roved over the catsuit with the holes to allow access to breasts, ass, and pussy, the high ballet boots, the black leather armbinder with the rising series of locks almost like piercings, shining silver in the bright blue light from the screens. Suddenly Dana felt her attention wrenched away and back to her predicament by Sarah approaching her with something heavy and black folded in her arms, something frighteningly dark and gleaming like liquid luxury.

My Girlfriend's Mother's Friend

fetish ndamood4sum 2018-08-23

My girlfriend started to lift her head so I quickly stopped and we went about our business. So when we got upstairs I told myself if my girlfriend passes out, like she normally does when she drinks, I would go back down stairs and see if I could mess with her mom's friend. Well I got to stroking and it was feeling so good that I started to get daring, I would touch the tip of my dick to her lips and when she would move I would back away. Then she noticed what she was in the middle of and pulled her head back as if she was about to stop, then she looked up seen it was me and smiled slightly and put it back in her mouth.