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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dahska Beginnings

fetish the giant peach 2018-08-23

"Hi sexy, um, You taste great, " Oxard came out of the water behind Ashley wrapping his arm around her body as he licked his finger. "Fucking cunt, " Oxard threw up his middle finger at Dahska as she swam away to shore. "Yes, here now, " Ashley moved her hand letting his cock rub her hot pussy. "Yes, baby it's so fucking hot seeing you take it, You don't want me to stop do you, " Oxard was flexing his hand and relaxing it to his heart beat which was fast. "Well, you see Groanen got Dahska to drink his piss and he told the guys and um they want to piss in her mouth too, " Oxard looked like he was scared.

Doctor Visit

fetish drew1207 2018-08-23

Diane sat up slightly to see what was happening as she felt Dr. Linda position her feet in the two foot holders so she was now spread wide open for her son to see under the harsh light of the examination room. "I see young Jimmy is ready to go, how about you Mom?" Diane took her son's hand and pushed him away. "Jimmy, honey, can you feel your cum?" a flustered Diane asked of her son, a question which she never imagined escaping her lips as long as she lived. Do you know what it feels like before it happens?" Jimmy moaned dreamily and Linda seemed satisfied that was a "yes." Meanwhile, Diane couldn't believe how good this was, nor how long her son was lasting for his very first time.

End of Year Promise Ch. 01

fetish pheonixstar82 2018-08-23

The reason for this promise was that at 25 this is my first teaching job since completing my studies, and to secure a full time job at this school I needed to demonstrate to the board that I was capable of teaching, and I thought that showing a class of above average students would secure my place, and being what I consider an attractive young woman standing 166 cm, full bodied 36C bust, light brown tanned complexion, deep blue eyes, and dark blonde shoulder length hair, I thought I would use my extra talents / gifts as incentive. It was after a second glass of wine that dinner was ready, by this point I could feel that I was getting quite light headed, Sarah and John seemed okay, and however, they were more active in conversation.

No panties at work

fetish KatieDid 2018-08-23

The reason I decided to go commando yesterday is that I’m having a bit of a fling with one of the lads I work with and he loves it when I don’t wear underwear. I didn’t even take my shoes off, I just hitched my dress up round my waist, climbed on top of him and eased myself onto his hard dick. Obviously he knew I’d been commando in work all day and I made a story up about how a couple of the lads in work had noticed I was braless. It was less than two hours since I’d fucked the lad from work and I was on my back on the bed with my gorgeous husband between my wide open legs banging fuck out of me.


fetish InkedAngel504 2018-08-23

A branch of control and moral upstanding snaps in our kiss and you immediately guide my body back to the bed with the nudge of yours, pushing me gently to sit then lay under you as you fear you won't have a chance to tempt fate again, you pump your cock hanging out of the zipper of your jeans with your fingers a few quick times before pushing it against my clit and letting it push into me on its own will. Feeling you twitch after many position changes and orgasms on my end, i grab your forearms as they pin my hands over my head and moan "Please come inside me." Seeing the surprise in your eye.

Jan, or Rather John Ch. 2

fetish Kary_M 2018-08-23

"You better go wash your face and fix your make-up dear," John laughed, "people might give you strange looks if you go out in public with cum hanging from your chin." I went into the bathroom; I couldn't help but laugh at the cock-sucking slut looking back at me with a dollop hanging from her chin. "You got me so hot," John growled into my neck sending tingles down my spine, "I'm going to fuck you right here." My knees felt weak so it didn't take much for John to force me to the floor so that I was staring at the huge bulge in his slacks.

Sissy ghetto bitch!

fetish 2018-08-23

4 ghetto guys was surfing on porn sites, looking at random sissy babe pictures when they accidently found a picture of someone they know. The guys had such a stone hard erection after watching all the pictures, they even said "I Would bang that sissy pussy 4 sure!" and everybody agreed. After 2 weeks they made this sissy want to meet eachother, what the sissy didnt know is that they are his old elementary school buddies who lives in the ghetto waiting for his sissy ass. After the sissy met this guy online, sissy sended constatly porn videos what "she" wants and pixs of herself playing with her ass-pussy getting stuffed. Jamal was starting to spank my sissy ass and demanded me to suck his cock until he cums.

Tripper Taken by SexyVixen

fetish Tripper_Dude 2018-08-23

Well were playing together a couple weeks ago when she started to lick my ass, and as she found out I enjoyed it, guess she could tell from my increased hardness of my cock and the moans of pleasure and no doubt my own movements of me on my back with me bending my legs over my head trying to expose myself more to her. Now I agreed, though skeptical that I was ready, as she got up to get the toy, which she described as a great toy apparently invented by a lesbian doctor that went in her and had what looked like a very big fake cock for me to try and take, plus it vibrated.

My first time being dom'd

fetish 2018-08-23

we where chatting on msn and i told him i was going to be alone with the next 30 mins, he then went of line and i did not think much about it, till you guest it about 30 mins later a knock on my front door {i had meet him before] and at the door was the guy i had been chatting to.

Friday Night

fetish Biffbillington 2018-08-23

She fucked my ass and I felt her cock growing...throbbing...I knew she was about to cum. She asked if I was ready to be her bitch I replied: "Yes Miss Tammy, please make me your bitch." She chuckled a little and said she liked that and gently slid into me. Diana said I was going to cum soon as she came up onto the pool table with me and crawled over me so we were lined up cock to mouth...both of us. she said Holly and the others have been recording the entire evening and unless I wanted to be outed as a cum slut I would report to the bar every Friday night until they got bored with me.

The House of Lesslie Ch. 03

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-08-23

Caroline hadn't smoked, had always thought it to be a filthy thing, and just as so many who rail and rant and rage against filth, it was what she had always secretly wanted, to be a proper smoke whore, relishing the glamour and sexuality that came with letting your mouth flood with creamy, ghostly and bitterly flavored cigar cum. Caroline leaned forward, alternating between breaths and drags of her cigar as I slid my piss-filled morning cock into her mouth, gasping quietly at the cold steel balls that engulfed it from her tongue, providing the perfect bumps for my raw and electrified fleshy snake.

Breakfast In Bed

fetish tripper87 2018-08-23

Running from just above your supple breasts, then down the middle of your body in a line to your lovely spread legs, there your pussy is covered in white whipped cream holding several berries and along just the inside of your thighs a strawberry on each leg. I slowly lick your pussy with my tongue, cleaning off the whip cream and sucking on your hot pussy lips and spreading you open while sliding my tongue across your clit and teasing it as I wrap my tongue around it and suck it hard into my mouth. My tongue working deep inside you as I spread you open so that I can lick and suck the berry out of your hot throbbing pussy.

Prom Night

fetish LuvHosedToes 2018-08-23

“Wait”, she said, “if you’re still up when I get home, I might have a little something in mind for you.” With that, she lifted her leg, pointing straight out toward me – her beautiful foot, wet with my saliva, distracting me from her nearly bare pussy – and bent her foot into a small wave goodbye. I get a foot rub, you get to touch my feet, and Mom gets a husband without having to put up with his sick fetish.” The sound of pseudo-disdain with which she spat the words ‘sick fetish’ only turned me on more, but I held off on answering as she continued the terms of her agreement.


fetish 2018-08-23

Then, you must know that a lot of my female collegues (some of them being real hotties) are married women or just involved in long term relationships, VERY unsatisfied by their men, so you can imagine that, with one like me, being in my 20`s, with a nice future in front of me, for lots of them being the only one around at work (and for some of them, not only at work), I`m the man. Doesn`t anyone ask me first if I`ve got time for this or if I even want it?...we`re at work and, c`mon, is my cock, u know?...” But in the next second, I felt I was grabbed, I can`t remember who was exactly, but I`m sure was one of my horny collegues, eager to show us all her ambitions in blowjobs.

Janet's Obsession - Chapter IV

fetish evolg99 2018-08-23

As Gary left to retrieve the order, both ladies retrieved a cigarette each, with Janet lighting both given Angela's a.w.o.l. lighter. As Janet kept on talking about how she had amassed quite a wardrobe of various retro leather gloves, coats, boots and so on, Angela's eyes were fixed on Janet's seductive lips moving, hearing the sound coming out of that delectable little mouth, the words registering in her brain but almost not listening, only taking in the fact that she was seated across an incredibly sexy little minx who she yearned to grab and make love to.

Back In The Swing Ch. 02

fetish Rings3 2018-08-23

The previous night over dinner, although disappointed that there would be no fun and games this night, both Garry and Justin readily agreed to the girls' plan, even agreeing to Mia's suggestion that they preclude sex from their activities until after dinner on the deck the next evening and just mess about playing tennis and swimming, but mainly resting up for what they all hoped would be several hours of uninhibited fun. Receiving an affirmative nod from each of the others, Mia headed off down the beach track as Garry watched her trim figure through the telescope, he laughed to himself, " I am one lucky guy to have such a wonderful wife, so beautiful, so sexy so loving, so uninhibited", even now heading down the beach, wearing totally see through panties and halter top toward a couple they'd watched moments before fuck each other almost senseless.


The fantasy

fetish 2018-08-23

I lift myself up , get on my fours for a while, then again slithered back on floor crawling my way to the couch where Master and Mistress were sitting & enjoying a t.v show. ( I hand scrub these, but it doesn't help when he walks around outside without shoes.) He pressed the huge damp sole against my face and held it there while I worked on the other boot -- this time it was a little more difficult as I was blinded and basked in the dizzying aroma of his sweaty foot. They abuse me, spit on me but i still hold my position shining Mistress boots and worshiping Master's feet.

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 05

fetish clitomus 2018-08-23

I didn't take much longer, I whispered dirty thoughts to her, commenting that she liked doing this while I was talking on the phone, and that it turned her on, knowing I was having an everyday conversation, while she was on her knees. I recall this one night I had been out and about, I was walking home passed her house, and it was lower than the road, so you could look into her dining room/kitchen area from the footpath without actually having to go down into her property. It set my inner voyeur alight, as I walked past I caught a glimpse of her moving in the dining room area, I was going to wave and catch her attention, but then I quickly clicked she was completely butt naked wondering around her house!

Denise Pt. 01

fetish rewriterewrite 2018-08-23

She felt a squirt of pee release from her, and only barely managed to stop it. Denise nearly relaxed and let her bladder go right there, but she stopped herself when she noticed bags of diapers near the register. The hiss of her pee continued for a long time, and as she began to rub herself through the diaper, her face flushed red with arousal. She slowly slid her hand down her skirt, and into the diaper, and began to rub her clit. And while she could still felt the warmth of her accident, the orgasmic energy made her hips thrust uncontrollably, and her juices squirt everywhere inside on her hand and the diaper.

All Oral

fetish mysterylady927 2018-08-23

Your tongue laps at my hole, licking, sucking up my juices. I feel your nose and tongue being rocked from my hole to my clit. You fingered me slow and deep, while your mouth licked, sucked at my pussy. Your tongue is flicking over my pussy from hole to clit. My hips rock, your fingers go deeper in my pussy as my ass is tingling from my toy. Your tongue licks up my pussy juices, licking, sucking till the spasm ceases. My tongue licks lifting your cock to my mouth. Sucking a little harder, working the head, twirling my tongue around it. Long hard thrusts, licking the base of your cock with each suck of your dick.


fetish venus_can 2018-08-23

I looked up and there was Jay, smiling and holding out a butane lighter. I held his foot in my hands, massaging it, gently running my thumb over his big toe. I placed my feet on Aaron's lap, coaxing his cock out from the confines of his pants. I moved Jay's hand and placed it on Aaron's cock. With Jay's hand and my foot, we massaged the thock shaft. Aaron did not seem to notice that there was a hand playing with his cock as well. A thick wad of cum spewed over my feet and some over Jay's hand. As Jay brought his hand up to lick the cum, Aaron suddenly realized what had happened.

The Red Couch

fetish Ransome 2018-08-23

Lauren was weighed down with piles of jeans and looking through the sales racks at Stacy's when it occurred to her that she had to pee. She set the pile of jeans on the couch and rushed to the middle stall only to recoil from the unflushed and ghastly mess she found. She was startled to find herself aroused and was just reaching a hand between her legs to enjoy the wetness but just then the door burst open and a woman walked in. The woman went into the middle stall, unfazed, and Lauren slid a finger over her clit. Just as the woman was going out the door she noticed Lauren's pants around her ankles, scowled and rushed out.

Like A Hole In The Head

fetish Hypoxia 2018-08-23

"Oh yeah Marva, you're just so fucking TIGHT, goddam I love your asshole, unh unh unh AAARGH!!!" he yelled, his long fat black dick skewering me, his red-hot jizm exploding into my waiting bowels. (And okay for me too, when he was reaming my ass -- not too far there, thanks.) He could fuck their heads, ramming his short fat prick all the way in, banging his balls respectively against Whitney's cheek or or Lavonne's neck, WHAP WHAP! Leon is busy fucking Lavonne's ear while she happily swallows Dwayne's cock and fingers Whitney crouching beside side her: a 'shocker' up Whitney's slithery pussy and anus with one hand, and the other thumb swirling inside her sensitive eye socket.

Last Night I Dreamed...

fetish Ithiaca 2018-08-23

I can feel you with my left hand as I caress your leg and buttock; my right is draped over my eyes and touching you, ever so lightly. I hear the soft mewl and gasp of pleasure, as the wind caress's your naked body, gently your hands came up and pull at my shirt and unbutton first my shirt then they go down to unbuckle my pants. As we both lay there panting in the afternoon sun, as it warms our bodies, as we lay beside one another clasped together in contentment, my right hand and your draped on your swollen belly feeling the movement of the children.