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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Discovering Charlotte Pt. 05

fetish twynn2257 2018-08-22

Even still, my hands slips under her panties and it doesn't take my finger two seconds to find what I'm looking for. She also had to know my fingers weren't going to come out smelling like roses. It wonders what it'd be like to get in that huge bed and use Charlotte's big ass as a pillow. When I can resist no longer, I close my eyes and scoop the panties into my hands and bring them directly to my face. The fact that I've had to walk around all night with my fingers smelling like ass is enough to make me want to go wake up Charlotte. When my hand gets tired, Charlotte takes over with her mouth again.

A New Start Ch. 2

fetish bunny11a2000 2018-08-22

"Now lick your hand clean and put the underwear on, don't forget to make sure the ring goes tight to the base of your thing" she said walking out of the door. Sue handed her the g-string and told her to put it on him quickly before he began to harden, once stiff it wouldn't even fit over the head of his huge cock. Sue explained her plan, tonight they would see how many times Dominic could cum and still stay hard enough to fuck, while I would not be allowed to cum but teased and teased until the pain made my cock deflate. "Now I want you," said Jill looking into her eyes, "I thought you would never ask" replied Sue taking her by the hand and leading her off up to the bedroom.

The Expansion Experiment

fetish SparkleKitty 2018-08-22

"These first few sessions will likely not produce any milk," Johnson noted to Gus - pointing to collection jugs that were connected to the breast pumps. After the women had left, Johnson and Gus measured Jenn's milk production. Using a dropper, Johnson removed the milk from the flask and then, instructing Gus to open his mouth, placed a drop on his tongue. Jenn felt proud of herself for bringing Gus to orgasm and she opened her mouth, preparing to suck Johnson's cock. "Tilt your head down and then open your mouth so you can suck my cock at the end of each stroke." Jenn tilted her head down and Johnson began to simultaneously fuck her tits and mouth. Johnson instructed Gus to begin as he placed his hands gently on Jenn's shoulders.


fetish FLBIGCOCK 2018-08-22

We enjoyed kinky sex together and she liked fucking me with a strap-on and I would ass fuck her and then stick my juicy cock back in her mouth! There was a couple fucking on the floor and another girl tied to the wall and getting her pussy and ass slapped around. It was kinda soft and I at first thought it was a finger or a nipple but suddenly, I felt my mouth f***ed open and thats when I knew that someone was shoving a cock in there! My girlfriend laughed at me and told me she had set the whole thing up, figuring that I would enjoy a good ass fuck since she knew I liked being fucked by her with a strap on.

The Island (Chpt 2)

fetish wastedaway 2018-08-22

Whether he whips me or even does something really awful to me, or when he takes me up in the clouds with that lovely, silly thing he has between his legs - I’m glad I’m not a man and have to carry one of those around - it’s always fresh and new and sparkling. I was sitting happily thinking about whipping her bottom and hearing all the rude things she would yell ate me, when I’ll be darned if she didn’t saunter up cool as you please and rub me the wrong way at the start by saying in baby talk "Is poor little puppy dog all chained up then.

And Then The Door Opened Pt. 01

fetish BadWriter 2018-08-22

My stainless steel chastity belt was locked on and it's key was on the dresser across the room (the collar key of course was just barely within my reach for when I was exhausted), and I was just starting to climb the peak of sexual frustration caused by a week's abstinence followed by an expected several hours working like hell to achieve an unattainable climax. I'm not sure if Joe and Sue (our guests) had been briefed on what to expect or not but while they stared (both of them seemed quite interested) they didn't appear as surprised as you would expect friends of Sid and Kathy who only knew me casually to be to walk in and find me nude and locked into a steel chastity belt (my normal "go to work" collar really is subtle enough to be mistaken for jewelry).

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 02

fetish occasus514 2018-08-22

He would not go back to the house until his head was cleared and until he knew he would be able to effectively deal with the situation in a way that would not damage the relationship that he cherished with his wife of one year. He would chase her around the house, until he caught her, shrieking and giggling, she would struggle as he turned her over his knee and gave her some playful, yet efficient and stinging swats. He thought back to the day he realized he wanted to marry Jenny....the first night he met her, he knew. For the remainder of the Rose Bowl, if Jenny made a comment about the opposing team, he would give her a stinging swat that would leave her shrieking, and breathless with excitement.

My Name is Sue

fetish sueamp 2018-08-22

It was his right arm and I asked if he was right handed, he grinned and nodded his head yes then shrugged his shoulders. I asked if he was going to get a prosthetic arm and he mouthed yes and wrote as soon as all the swelling was gone in his stump. We stood and I asked if I could give him a hug; he got a puzzled look again and I walked up to him and when I was very close lifted my right leg up and put it behind his thighs pulling him to me. Jim mouthed thank you and I said I was going to leave him sleep now and would see him tomorrow evening and that I had to get back to work in the morning.

Anita Ch. 01

fetish rrspence2002 2018-08-22

Whatta ya mean by that?" Ron asked as he opened the door and watched as Anita gracefully sank to the seat and swung her legs, provocatively clad in black strap 4" high heeled sandals with 1" platforms, into the car. They picked up her car and Ron followed Anita back to her place for "some wine and more conversation." It readily became apparent to the two of them that "that chemistry" became an even bigger reaction through their kisses. At the point in the evening when Anita lay back on the couch and lifted her right leg skyward into the air, stretched her hamstrings and flexed her foot while stroking her calf and thigh, Ron nearly blew a gasket.

The Creamy Pie Club

fetish jakkinmd 2018-08-22

"Babe, if you can't stand one guy watching you take your clothes off, then you're going to be in trouble in a room full of naked people," I told her. Ricardo made sure to walk behind Linda to watch her big ass wiggle as she walked. I had practiced eating my own cum out of Linda's pussy to get used to the taste so I was ready to dive into this new muff and begin my oral assault. Linda was stroking me off, and Ricardo had just settled in between my wife's legs eating his own homemade creamy pie. Seeing me move, Linda got up on her hands and knees and took my cock in her mouth. Ricardo stopped licking Linda and concentrated on thrusting up into Maria's quim.

Out for a run part 14

fetish 2018-08-22

As the garage door finished opening I was able to see it was my husbands car, him staring at me facing him in his MG, tits swinging in the wind, he didn’t know what else was going on until he drove into the garage, closed the door, got out of the car and looked into the MG – I still had the gear shift firmly in my pussy.

Sara The Astroslut Ch. 04

fetish Agent86 2018-08-22

Stuart grabbed her hips and drew her cum-soaked pussy to his face, driving his tongue into her folds, licking and slurping on their combined juices, his enthusiasm both pleasuring and inciting Sara as she sucked the same mixture off his cock, now rapidly hardening again. The pair crammed into the probeship's small bathtub, and were soon coated in lather and once again screwing one another's brains out, the soapy slipperiness opening further options for sexplay, as Stuart discovered to his delight as he slid his cock in the delightfully slippery yet hot and tight groove between Sara's breasts, as she wrapped them around his cock, her tongue licking the head each time it came near enough.

Innocent ( Story of an Habitual Masturbator)

fetish fillmeup2 2018-08-22

I took my index finger and traced the lips of my young twat. I did it slowly,I wanted to feel the sensation of a young man discovering pussy,for the fist time. So I closed my eyes,imagining a young teen like myself, getting his first time at eating pussy. I could feel his eyes locked on my pussy area. I began to rub my pussy slowly. He sat beside my face, staring down at my pussy and the handy work I was doing. Fucking my cunt with a flashlight, and him letting me suck his cock, was too much for this young girl. I let out a moan and pulled the flashlight out of my pussy.

My New Life

fetish cuckytoher 2018-08-22

When all the dishes were dried and put away I went into the living room and saw Suzanne sitting on the couch, her blouse unbuttoned and Thomas playing with her tits as she stroked his massive cock. Suzanne then instructed me to start on the laundry and told me when I was finished with that I was to go to Thomas's condo and move the entire contents with the exception of the furniture over to our house. There I stood, totally shaved from head to toe, wearing the pink baby doll, the long blonde platinum wig, with pink fingernails and toenails, pink lipstick, rouge, and pancake makeup, complete with eyeliner and eye shadow. "Well don't you look pretty in your little baby doll?" Suzanne said as her and Thomas burst out laughing.

Service the Bitch Ch. 02

fetish rapidpulse18 2018-08-22

She squeezed my balls and gently pulled ‘em, visions of pain filled my head, but I was soon distracted by Mary’s hot mouth sliding up and down my cock. I still wasn’t fully hard, yet I felt sure it wouldn’t be long before my cock was completely erect and ready to slide inside my Mistress for the first time. We continued our forceful pumping rhythm, and Mary removed her panties from my nose, but only to turn them inside out, and then she began pressing the wet gusset into my mouth. As she began to relax I felt her body weight for the first time, it was becoming quite uncomfortable, but with my hard cock still deep inside her soaking pussy, I didn’t want to move.

Baby Seed

fetish tittany 2018-08-22

'You want to talk?' Bessie asked, gasping from yet another shot of the vodka. Justin wasted no time, and slid carefully but quickly into Bessie's slick passage. Bessie was so far gone that she didn't notice the warmth trickling into her, and soon the rubbing brought her to her own climax, milking the remaining seed from the sheath. Brittany and Angie were a bit slutty and had already done other guys by the time Justin found them passed out in their dark dorm rooms from their orgasms and alcohol consumption. Three months later, he watched with pride as Angie, Bessie, Brittany and Shannon's previously flat abdomens all got chubbier at around the same time.

The Pack Ch. 05

fetish Quin 2018-08-22

When the man returned to his seat Ian placed his free hand around the back of me and after dragging on his cigarette blew the smoke away before turning my face toward him to deliver brief kiss. As Ian finished his cigarette I sat still, submissively letting him deftly and gently pull apart my skirt so the men would be able to see the V of my panties, then tantalizingly undo some of the buttons of my blouse, slipping his hand inside. "I'm not answering that!" I snapped, knowing how obvious it looked with me sat with knees parted, knicker gusset showing to all the men in the bus.


Little Alex, Smiling Sam Ch. 01

fetish happywife82 2018-08-22

Sam (short for Samantha) was lying in bed, peering through the half-open bathroom door where her husband was toweling himself off after a shower. That was one good thing about small cocks, she thought, he husband seemed to get hard instantly. "Come here," Sam said, staring at his penis. She fell back asleep contentedly; meanwhile five feet away, Alex's thoughts were in overdrive as he mentally planned his pantied day. Alex stepped into a pair of large size Victoria's Secret panties ... He actually felt more potent and more "male" in some ways while pantied - maybe it was because his little penis was in a constant state of semi-arousal and therefore approaching a respectable size.

Lisa Lets Go

fetish Goldlion1 2018-08-22

She remembered watching from the small dusty web-covered garage window as Damon, the husband of her Jamaican born best friend, screwed his 11-inch dick into Christopher's ass. She was so mesmerized, so lost in the moment that it took her at least a day to recall the four hard "cums" she had standing on the side of the unit, hand down her pants nearly fisting her sloppy drooling pussy. She remembered the freedom as the cock pushed forward into her, the freedom to be naked, swear like a sailor and piss and shit not only in front of (in the case of the liquid waste, on) another person, especially a woman but to do it both inside and out.

Kinky Experiments 02

fetish bigothboy 2018-08-22

We watched as her tight bowels stretched and squeezed, the little rubbery ring of muscle performing its first motions...then, in great, fat, greasy logs all the sweet desserts we had so generously fed her a couple of hours ago began coming out, looking tastier than ever. I could hear her screaming and I began rubbing her pussy as best I could from under her jelly-belly, all the while try to pound faster and we careered screaming to the plateau of ecstasy, I heard a tiny, wet sound and felt a warm sensation on my balls- I let myself go, every muscle in my body convulsing as I splattered white goo in her guts, and then I was back to Earth.

The Ira Saga Ch. 1

fetish Insanity 2018-08-22

Over the years, I've worked my way up from being a girl with a backpack full of felonies, barely making a profit, to being the queen of my own little empire. I even have a mini-pool in the living room that's got a floating, fully stocked bar at its center, and a large-screen TV at one edge. Dani is my personal assistant, and if you think that you can last five minutes in the drug world without a girl like her, you're mistaken. A loose little smirk on my face, I walked right up to him, water dripping from every inch of my smooth skin as I placed my palm against the center of his chest.

Tim and Grace--Round I

fetish 2018-08-22

“A toast to the case, and your Reno visit.” He smiled, looking deeply into her eyes. “No. She stripped off her blouse and skirt, pulled him down to the bed, and felt his heaviness settle atop her body. He was smarter than most men. Most men were idiots. Wouldn’t you rather have me do that?” Don’t you think I know how to finger you?” Tim asked. “Well, I’ve got a special way of doing it.” Grace didn’t want to show him. “No, I mean it. And he was doubly glad that she was a good looking cop, too. He thought it was a combination of all of those factors. But she was a smart cop; that wouldn’t be a problem, she thought.

Our Evolving Relationship

fetish rnumbers123 2018-08-22

One day they went to a spa and in the steam room Anne told Sheila that Mike wanted her to sleep with other men. Nothing actually happened, but the weeks turned into months and Anne would update Sheila on her progress. My eyes were in the back of my head as I asked her if she wanted to be like Anne. It was funny, because Sheila began to bring up Mike in our sex play, but I was too ashamed to admit I wanted to fuck another woman. Sheila found a better job and Anne and Mike were now out of our everyday lives. I told her he will be like Mike, nothing will happen.

More wet, anal sex with Wife

fetish ZydrateAddict 2018-08-22

She closed her eyes and seemed to perpare for a monent before her beautiful pink snapper clamped down with more f***e than I'd ever felt and my now fully limp and spent prick was expelled out of her wet snatch with a loud "Slurp!" Followed by what felt like a fair amount of the load I just shot inside her leaking out across my shaft and balls. Her hand brushing across my balls as I worked in and out of her, her grunts as I pushed my thick cock up her ass, and the occasional wet, sloppy sounds her butt hole made as the air was pushed in and then escaped around my shaft was making my head spin.