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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Suzy's Socks Ch. 02

fetish dougsdadog 2018-08-22

After Suzy had left the room I lay on my on my bed in a daze, it all felt unreal, had my sister really just made me jerk of for her, the taste of her panties and my own cum which she had made me suck through her dirty sock told me without a doubt it had happened all right. Carefully I did as I was asked, when both Suzy's socks lay on the floor, I turned to Sara, I felt a twitch in my cock as she held out her small feet with their cute little white cotton socks.

Husband In Training

fetish 425olds 2018-08-22

"I don't think I'd like to play that game for real, but I could tease you about it if it would turn you on," she said as she unlocked my chastity device, freeing my throbbing cock from its cage. "I mean me, taking a black cock into my fertile pussy unprotected, you know what could happen." I told her I did. I nodded, "Well get it up again and plow me with that small cock of yours, and maybe this time I will feel something for a change," she said as she turned around on the couch sticking her ass high in the air.

Ashes to Ashes

fetish BOFHUK 2018-08-22

John walked over and slipped his arms around Liz, still marveling six months on at just how much his wife had changed while carrying Paul, his body still remembering holding her like this back then, and how different, how right it had seemed to feel his son growing in the woman he loved. Liz let out an odd mix of hysterical laugh and scream of passion, all partially muffled by the pillow, and he felt every muscle in her body tense at once then literally pulse with pleasure as she lost control, John still licking and sucking her toes throughout.

Lady Owns Me Ch. 03

fetish lapitup 2018-08-22

You're my little cumeater and soon you will be my little cocksucker," she said as she waved the plastic cock up and down near my face. Taste my cock for me," she said with a little huskiness to her voice. "You look so cute as a cocksucker Joey," she said. "You're going to get my cock up your virgin ass honey, you do know that, right?" "That's better baby, open up, take me inside you," she said as she slowly worked the head in my virgin hole. My God I felt so full and I knew it wasn't even close to all the way inside me. "My little Joey loves cock and I'm so happy to make sure you get it," she said.

profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 7

fetish padronebastardo 2018-08-22

Il dolore, l’irritazione e la sofferenza che Profumo di Dafne sentiva per essere stata costretta a masturbarsi in quella maniera non diminuiva e continuò imperterrito per tutta la notte nonostante l’acqua fredda e la crema che aveva cercato di darsi per lenire il dolore, in più Profumo di Dafne non si era neanche azzardata a bere un bicchiere d’acqua per tutta la notte per paura di dover tornare a fare pipì cosa che le faceva subire le pene dell’inferno dato lo stato di irritazione della sua passerina.


PART 3 Becoming a Ttannie slave who becomes a work

fetish mickeymouse1953 2018-08-22

From the cocks in my mouth and ass every day, to being the ladyt of the house made to cook and clean.Slowly they were starting tio have me wear stockings, garters, bras and panties.One night they said we were going to a party at a hotel. They each came in my ass cunt and made me lick the ass juices cum and lube off their big cocks.My 2 men said can we have the money now. Then one pulled me on top of him and shoved his 8 uncut cock in jy oussy while the other one face fucked me and then had me eat his hairy ass. The next day I was sl**ping one of the men said wake up the Prince wants you in the bathroom.

Meg's Unwanted Sex (Not Really)

fetish CherryCherryBoomBoom 2018-08-22

After walking around town for a bit i decided to go to this bar that i knew got a lot of sleezy men in it. This one guy asked if he could walk me home I knew he wanted sex so I said yes, I mean I was leading him on on purpose anyway. I felt him tighten his arms around me as he pushed the door closed behind us. He slapped my ass repeatedly, kept saying 'like it you whore'. I felt him slap my ass and then push right above my asshole. Then he pulled out and started pushing his hard cock into my asshole without any lube or anything.

SunniDee (SD) arrives at NATTC Memphis - start of

fetish dspb08 2018-08-22

SD told me that she had trimmed her bush a few times to make sure pubic hair didn’t show out of her bathing suit but never even imagined shaving herself up to that point in time and that it was Dee W’s take control behavior and smooth talking that made the difference She said that Dee W proceed to shave her slowly and methodically making sure that each small section was smooth before moving on to the next section. She said that Dee W continued until she had her mound shaved and then Dee W put the razor down and picked up the dildo, telling SD that this would make the final shaving much easier and proceeded to open her pussy lips and insert the dildo.

Game Bet

fetish BuckAustin 2018-08-22

Joyce, one of the younger girls, added that the licks would be administered on the pommel horse in the middle of the gym, while a winning squad member held the losers legs and wrist. We figured we would never hear from them again, but the next afternoon a guy from Turkey River gave Carol two original agreements back with all their squads signatures on them, along with their teacher witness. About a week before the game Carol's brother, who had a good friend on the Turkey River team, told her their Cheerleaders had quietly informed the team that if they beat Charleston Tech they would give them a very private party, after the game, that they would never forget.

Gwen The Pissmop Sinks Even Lower

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-08-22

So with her face just in the murky water I took great delight in donning a pair of rubber gloves and shoving her head fully into the gloom, and honestly it was my intention to flush the pan after a second, but I seemed to forget and wouldn't you know it poor Gwen felt the need to open her mouth to complain allowing a mouthful of the effluent to enter. Fifteen seconds later I told Gwen to remove her head from the pan and smile for the camera, she was a rare old sight, her hair tangled and saturated and various brown stains and suspicious splotches on her face.

American Whore Story - Asylum Ch. 05

fetish TheTitLover 2018-08-22

Connor completely missed Meg glancing at his crotch, and therefore misinterpreted her following statement, believing she was referring to his company, rather than the rumours circulating regarding his equipment and Ms Sarah's apparent interest in them. Glass started ramming himself into her, shoving her head back and forth as he face-fucked her. It hitched as her incredible ass cheeks refused to part with the treasured, sexy material, but finally, she stood, bent over her desk, naked, wet and waiting for Glass. "Oh fuck yes, Sarah, so good, unh, yes, god, yes," he moaned as he started sliding his cock in and out of her. Glass watched as her sensual lips opened in a wide, round expression, his cock inching towards promised bliss.

Online Cuckold Looking for Love Ch. 02

fetish subboy129 2018-08-22

The girl from the store was a bit taller than Goddess but chubbier, was wearing a jean skirt with a brown leather belt (I'm guessing Goddess told her of my jeans and belt fetishes), brown leather boots that came past her knee, and a grey and white plaid shirt. I assumed my position on my knees where they just left me to stay for a few minutes while talking about me serving Goddess and what the night before was like as her cuckold. Just like the night before, I was sent to the bedroom where I can be bound and forced to watch Brad fuck the shit out of my Goddess. Goddess tied me up as before except made me sit just at the end of the bed and worship Brad's feet while he fucked her.

Bailey, the Family Pet

fetish HuckPilgrim 2018-08-22

Petting her head, he slipped a salty meat treat into her mouth and let his fingers linger. Wrenching her attention from him, Bailey turned to face Evelyn, who lit a cigarette, inhaled deeply, then put her hands on her hips. Taking Evelyn's foot in her hands, Bailey pressed her warm cheek against the cool skin. Bailey turned her head and pressed her lips against Evelyn's foot then raised her eyes. "Bailey, we're going to have to talk about Warren." Evelyn talked around the cigarette in her mouth. The pressure against her asshole stopped, but Evelyn's thumb was still back there, her fingers still tantalizing Bailey's pussy. Evelyn plunged her finger into Bailey's mouth.

Bound to Please

fetish Littlemissblair 2018-08-22

"Our tables are full up right now and those three women standing by the door asked if I would inquire about their dining with you. She pulled the panties from my mouth and lowered her lips to mine. That didn't last long as I felt the squishing my panties must have surely been making. I suddenly realized I was sucking on Susan's tongue. Susan pulled her tongue from my mouth. I felt the head of the massive cock rubbing on the entrance to my cunt. I felt Susan lunge forward and bury that huge, thick dick into my pussy. UGH UGH UGH," I grunted like a pig as Susan kept plunging in and out of my swollen mound.

50+ women are hot

fetish rogue-1966 2018-08-22

First just kissing the head, then her lips slowly start slipping down my cock. She starts rocking her body and her huge tits were sliding up and down my cock.  I suck her clit faster and faster, JoAnn is holding her breath, releasing it with a deep moan.  I keep flicking my tongue across her clit, JoAnn is moaning louder and louder; Oh My God, oh damn, I'm gonna cum again Sliding an hand between our body she takes a hold of my cock and guides my cock into the opening of her pussy.  I take over, I lean up on my hands as I push my hips forward and my cock easily slips into her wet pussy.

For Cheri

fetish 2018-08-22

Cheri explained that she would be in town for a few days, and that she wanted to know if I was still interested in filming our lovemaking. In the time I had known Cheri, she had never hinted at wanting a serious committed relationship, so the news that she wanted a baby came as an utter surprise. She also admitted that she constant wet dreams about how her belly and breasts would expand with the baby, and how much she wanted someone to suckle warm milk from her tits. The next day, Cheri brought all of the filming equipment (cameras, lights, makeup, and costumes) over to my house, and we set up the master bedroom like a real porn shoot.

Creampie Lover Ch. 01

fetish jealouscuck 2018-08-22

She sat back on the bed and pulled my underwear down and began to suck my hard five inch cock. She pushed my shoulders a back and said,"Don't you dare cum until I get mine." However, she knew that I would have no staying power, so she reached her finger to her hard clit and rubbed out another shattering orgasm. Finally, she kissed me and then looked me in the eyes and said, "Honey, I love sex with you, but I can't get off on just your cock." We are hot together and make each other cum." She said that we were friends before we were lovers and she could not understand how telling of a sexual past event should have such an impact on our friendship.

I Am A Cocksucker

fetish 2018-08-22

I spent the rest of the ride to the second floor and walkway to the parking garage feeling his quickly hardening cock, I withdrew my hand as the doors opened, several of the passengers got out including Atty X and myself. I stroked his cock as I licked and sucked his hairy balls, I worshiped his cock and balls for several minutes getting it very wet, but without taking it into my mouth. He was getting close, I could feel his cock growing "I'm gonna cum in your mouth cocksucker, is that what you want" he panted. "take it cocksucker!!" he yelled as his cock exploded in my mouth, I sucked just the head and pumped his balls letting his cock fill my mouth with his cock juice only stopping after I had drained his cum filled balls.

Sammy's Panties Pt. 02

fetish wordyone 2018-08-22

I went back to my room wishing that I was working at the pharmacy too so that I could spend all day looking at her beautiful tight derriere beneath her thin cotton trousers, her elegant ankles perhaps adorned in little white nylon socks and her feet disappearing into the simple canvas shoes. I carried an erection the whole of that shopping day but despite having a very exciting time looking and enjoying seeing many horny Spanish women fingering panties and bras and hosiery I wasn't able to find a little red tanga brief with the golden eyelet in the side strap. Standing at the exact same spot that Sammy had occupied I selected four pairs of minuscule lacy nylon panties, two red and two black, all tanga briefs but each color in two different sizes, S and L.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 02

fetish Suzanne James 2018-08-22

I was amazingly turned on, and was ready to jump him right there, but at that moment Jack pulled away--just a bit--and looked at me, smiling playfully. As he approached me with yet another spoonful of the delicious, creamy, rich dessert, he'd whisper "Come on, eat one more bite for me--let's get that belly nice and big" or "You're making me so hot--I can't wait to taste those beautiful breasts". We sat on the sofa, and I reached for his crotch as he kissed me, but he pulled away my hand: "We'll have time for that later--this is what I want right now", as he slid my dress's straps down my shoulders and pulled down the bodice, exposing my bra and my breasts fairly bursting out of it.

altruistic sexual mothering

fetish Fridagirl 2018-08-21

Danny was a boy I was familiar with, he was a wanker who's sheets I had washed on his many stay-overs, and last night I had been singling him out for special treatment, teasing him, and now, he was inside me feeling my heart pound down on his cock head, gripping my breasts and tugging on my nipples, and no doubt looking down on my pink crinkled anus puckering to his exertions, there was nothing left to see of me, Danny was now experiencing the ultimate, and I was actually enjoying being fucked by jail bait. My son has a darling girlfriend, tall beautiful, and bi-sexual, and now I can see why men like us that age, my son's at collage now, as I turn in my bed and take hold of her, this is my first time with a girl, I hope she will remind of two people in my life, myself at her age, and of course Danny, my sex toy-boy.

Cocksucking Ex Girlfriends

fetish 2018-08-21

She would ALWAYS pull out her perfect perky C cups so I could fondle them while her pretty face and tight lips would bob up and down on my swollen purple member, cupping my nutsac with one hand while her other hand twisted right under my swollen glans, her hot tight wet mouth exacting absolute perfect suction while her strong tongue flitted about my head, building me to the moment right before orgasm, in approximately 5-7 minute increments. Whenever the mood struck her, my fly would be unzipped, she'd whip out my cock, and furiously start bobbing her head, moaning in ecstacy as my swollen rod pulsated in her mouth, not slowing the pace for even an instant until at last she had a gooey load spraying into her mouth!

Diapers Inc.

fetish SubAmyStein 2018-08-21

Jessica did just that, "Yes Ms. Molly, I want you to put me in a diaper." Alexandra smiled, almost wickedly, clearing the papers from her desk as Jessica lifted her clothing, she made sure to wear a skirt today, and laid on the desk eager to feel her panties be slipped off. The video stopped, Jessica heard a familiar whoosh, and then then a generic sound she wasn't sure of and her boss tossed her phone in with her panties, locking the drawer, before saying, "I think it's best I hold on to your phone while you're at work from now on." Jessica could only give a fearful nod in agreement, keeping her hands firm on the edge of the desk.

Watersports Other than Surfing

fetish Metrocurious 2018-08-21

Luckily the hazy photo was able to catch the eye of several women, including a Japanese girl around my age, known only as 'Jasmine.' Her photo must've been professionally touched-up, because there was no way this beautiful girl would be wasting her time with me if she looked that good in real life. From afar I recognized her from the photo on the dating site, but as I got closer to her she looked ten times better than her photo had suggested. I don't know what it was but some primal instinct in me just wanted to tear the table cloth off the table and start fucking her right there in front of everyone in the restaurant.