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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish malesub01 2018-08-21

One of them grabs my head and I feel the heat of what turns out to be his cock, he puts the head in my mouth and I suck and lick eagerly, that’s right bitch keep him hard while I prepare my pussy for a good fucking, something a pathetic little cuck like you can’t do, the mix of having him in my mouth and her humiliation makes my cock throb uncontrollably. Half way to being my slut, she announced as they both leave the room.Alone with my thoughts as I savour the taste of spunk mixed with her juice, my cock aches hard against its cold steel cage, I know any orgasm I may have tonight will be prolonged and uncomfortable, even so I will enjoy it as a grateful slut should, this is not about my pleasure, this is about my mistresses’ pleasure.

Marrying The Right Man

fetish Deecee29 2018-08-21

“Now darling, since you’ve proven the first part of your love, I know you won’t mind letting your mouth prove you say what you mean, and mean what you say.” As Gwen was speaking she began to undress. It was strange, but after I first committed to accept Gwen ‘whether fucked by other men or not’, I don’t believe we ever made love again when she didn’t have George or some of his buddies sperm in her. Of course by the time the wedding rolled around, it was all over town that George had fucked and impregnated my fiancée and that I was still going to marry her with his baby in her.

Carny Ch. 02

fetish velvetpie 2018-08-21

She squeezed me again and I moaned, opening my legs wider as she left her hand in my lap, caressing the hard outline of my cock. "It's not very often that a good-looking guy with blond hair and blue eyes wants to fuck me." "My name is Steven." I carefully licked my fingers, enjoying every bit of her fragrant cream and I smiled at the dark look of lust that passed behind her beautiful eyes. "I want to believe you," I heard the hesitation in her voice and gazed into her eyes, taking her hand and raising it to my chest so that she could feel my pounding heart.


Double Trouble

fetish knotcrafter 2018-08-21

The rope running down between her legs was pulled tightly, cleaving her shaven lips and imbedded deep inside her ass, tied to the several turns of rope around her waist. Mom stopped in her tracks just inside the bedroom doorway as she saw her daughter tied, gagged, naked, violated by the pulsating crotch rope. His hands rubbed and massaged her swollen, tender breasts as she tried to close her legs together in an effort to manipulate the vibrating crotch rope. Mom watched helplessly as her daughter was brought to another climax, her hips rocking increasingly against the ropes holding her in the chair. Her mom watched wide-eyed as he withdrew his cock and then leaned down to kiss her daughter fully, deeply on the mouth.

Mud Pies

fetish tarred 2018-08-21

Hilary smiled, Sarah dragging her forward had caused her to step into the bog also and her leather boots were starting to sink more slowly into the thick mud. You are going to drown us!" The two women were now lying in the mud, Sarah slowly sinking into the surface under the weight of Hilary. "How?" Hilary grabbed a handful of mud and flung it at Sarah. Spitting mud Hilary lunged at Sarah, she slammed into her and they both sank into the deep pit. Sarah reached forward and ripped open Hilary's blouse beneath the mud. As Sarah offered her hand to pull her out Hilary grabbed it and pulled her back into the mud with a splash.

Recycled Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2018-08-21

I was sitting there one day jacking my cock off and I looked over to the left of me and there was a cock sticking thru a hole in the wall I reached over and started playing with it and then I wrapped my lips over the head of it and sucked real hard I felt his cock swell up and there I was getting my first taste of cum besides my own. I learned later these holes in the wall where called Glory Holes and one time I looked in a hole and the person backed there ass up to the hole and I could tell he bent over and I lubed his asshole up with the saliva off of my tongue (lick lick) then I stuck my cock in his ass and fucked it thru the hole right before I started to cum, he could feel me swell up, he jerked my cock out of his ass and sucked me off with his mouth.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 06b

fetish gbr2004 2018-08-21

"That is why Stephanie decided she wanted to be a sissy whore," Mistress tells them. "Stephanie, you go be a good little whore for your Mistress," she tells me. Tell me that you want to be a piss drinking whore," he says. He pulls his cock from my mouth, my head goes down looking at the floor, not believing what I have been made to do. "Let's see if we can raise that voice a little higher," he tells me, then jerks my balls up hard between my legs, squeezing and twisting them. "Then go lay down on that padded bench, your head away from the mirror whore," he tells me.


fetish kilee8080 2018-08-21

Actually my gag was just my red panty which Gye has stuffed in my mouth and fixed it with a big stripe of tape. He also knew that I had a big fetish for socks, stockings and androgynous cloths, but when he later took of his shoes I was happily surprised to see black nylon on his brown feet. At first I felt a bit ashamed showing my chubby body to a total stranger, but I don’t know, if it was the joint, but standing in front of Gye like this started to turn me on minute by minute. It didn’t take long and Gye came in my mouth, unfortunately I couldn’t take everything so that some of his cream landed on my hair and on my face.

Not What I was Expecting

fetish gbr2004 2018-08-21

I started reading more stories involving feminine domination and couldn't believe how some of them made me feel. Stevie, take a nice picture with your phone showing your pretty panties so you But not you Stevie, you were a good boy, went and put on a pair of pink panties like some sissy boy, took a picture of it, which I did send to my phone, and asked me to show the picture to some strange women. She gave me an address and told me come to that address at nine o'clock on Friday and to wear a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt that we would be going out. When it was time to get dressed, I slide the pink panties on and had to admit that they did feel nice.

The Sperm Donation

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-08-21

For the past fifteen minutes the older woman had been doing her best to excite the little Asian girl and by the time Jack entered the room she was hot as a fire cracker. The little Asian girl pushed herself down as far as she could go to drive Jack's cock as deeply into her pussy as possible. Finally the orgasmic contractions faded for the couple on the treatment table and the girl dropped exhausted into Jack, his slowly softening cock still within her pussy. But after a moment of quiet gentle persuasion the little oriental girl was persuaded to get up, get dressed, and leave the room quietly, leaving Jack still sleeping on the table.

Auditor Tales Ch. 02

fetish peelover 2018-08-21

I want to feel your piss wet pussy. She let me flick my tongue over her wet lips tasting the pee drops she left there. We made love in the hotel room I was staying as she (like Francis) was still living with her parents. I do, she said, but that does not mean I don't want to kiss you and suck your dick, lick your balls and stick my finger in your ass. She ran her hands over my body the same time but her favourite part was my cock and balls. I moved my finger up and down in her ass, while my other hand was on her breast. Her tits were touching my body and getting wet with her own piss.

Vampires! Ch 5

fetish pornaholic63 2018-08-21

Sharon pointed the torch back to Anita's bust as Danny reached up with both hands and cupped the vampire's big tits through her blouse. "Just be careful of her fangs," warned Sharon, reaching over to Anita with the hand that wasn't pumping on Danny's cock and grabbing a handful of the vampire's blonde locks. Danny gave a moan and a nod as Sharon moved Anita's head back and forth over Danny's cock a few times, gripping the unaware vampire by her blonde hair. Sharon was silent a moment, but still moving one hand on the lower part of Danny's cock and the other was pushing Anita's head down on his prick.


fetish CockBoy1970 2018-08-21

so i did what she asked me and started on one stocking and rolled it up to the top of her thigh were it stretched out and made a little indent in her very milky white fleshy thigh making a tiny bit of her flesh just overspill the stocking top, i was entranced with this it looked very attractive, i then moved to her other side and did exactly the same, and when the other stocking was in place i found myself taking pride in my work and trying to straighten them up and smooth them on her thighs, and my hand pulled up the stocking into place as i reached the top of her thigh a mere few inches from her vagina I'm was definitely sure this time she let out a soft moan

Outfit Fantasy: Hotel Secretary

fetish Stusion 2018-08-21

As the day progressed, I kept the image of Emma's little legs encased in those dark stockings, picturing what panties she was wearing which was distracted me as I worked, often daydreaming making the tradesmen and my boss wondering what the hell I was doing. "Take them off dear, take my panties off, they're yours to keep." Excited, I reached under her skirt and slowly removed her little cotton red panties, taking my time enjoying the view and getting a good chance to caress the length of her stocking legs, just to get them passed her heels and my reward was received. The train had pulled up as I watched her slowly move to the door looking right at her sweet bare ass under her skirt, knowing that I had her panties right in my pocket.

Divine Office Soles

fetish thedeathecchi 2018-08-21

"I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a foot boy again." Divya giggled, nearly making me stop. "Yes, Mistress Prasad." I buried my face in the heel and started pumping. The smell of her sweaty feet mixed with the worn leather of her heels filled me up, and my erection grew ever larger. "That's it, stroke it, slave." Her voice was silken and steel, dominant and encouraging, feet mesmerizing as she scrunched her soles and wiggled her toes. The sight of her feet teasing me and the acrid, sour smell of her shoe was driving me mad, as was the dominant, sexy glare she was giving me. "Yes, Mistress Prasad." I replied as I began cleaning her desk, cock and balls still bobbing freely.

Distance Makes the Man Grow Harder

fetish DrLit 2018-08-21

A trip that far from the USA is not cheap so this time my wife had to stay home. Finally, on the middle day of the trip, one week from leaving home my wife said, "Today you get to cum. My wife said, "I can't wait to get your cock in pretty silk panties when you get home. I'm going to ride you cowgirl to start and pound my pussy down on your cock and panties. She said, "Cum for me baby, cum for me just like you do in my pussy here at home in our fuck palace." I got video phone sex without cumming for the rest of the trip.

In The City, City Of Cumpton Ch. 01

fetish Anachronism 2018-08-21

He was shadowing the director, as commanded, but found it hard to capture Shonda's shiver inducing slurps, burps and congested mouth breathing with hyper ass, Napoleon complex Grady wind-sprinting back and forth around the bed with the camcorder. Grady had stopped dead in front of Shonda now, craning his head and camcorder forward while beckoning to her with his other hand. Cock a Diddle Videos now owned them until they earned their already blown advance money back, just like a rap artist's contract. These naïve ex-waitresses and receptionists would be paying for their shiny new cars, shoes, jewelry and designer clothes with their pussies, assholes and mouths for a hellishly long time, 200 videos by Grady's count.

Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 02

fetish hotmetalman 2018-08-21

This description should have been humiliating, but it just made my cock grow in its cage as I thought about how good her pussy feels, a feeling that Lynn told me is now denied to me. As she continues to tease my balls, I think of all the times I have awakened next to her delicious body and wanted to make love to her, but knew that was off-limits so would just hold her with my hard horny cock pressing helplessly against her soft skin. It feels so right that my hands are still tied and my cock caged so that while I desperately want to make love to Lynn, I am helpless to act on it.

The Virgin Unbirth

fetish oggbashan 2018-08-21

Both of us came alone, because I was still hurting from being dumped by Sophie and because Gabrielle's new husband had been sent on a residential course at short notice. Now I wasn't so sure because I didn't feel like starting a new relationship or even looking for a one night stand. Jonathan had intended to introduce his new bride to his friends but now he was away on an unexpected Management course. If Gabrielle hadn't been such a new bride I would not have been so sure that she wasn't looking. Gabrielle smiled "You'll be glad to know that he went on to say that as far as he knew you were a very nice person.

Tasting the seed of betrayal-true cuck story

fetish Fiveinchreach 2018-08-21

Anyway she came home one day acting strange, she walked into the room, striped naked and started masturbating on the bed. I couldn't taste anything strange, but i could feel that she was swollen, i started to worry. She pushed my face back down to her pussy and proceeded to tell me how she had fucked a friend of hers named Chase, and that she had let him cum inside her. Make up and eye liner smeared, cum all over her face and chest, that was now starting to dry. She grabbed the back of my head and f***ed her sweaty cum covered chest in my face and told me to lick.

One Kentucky Day

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-08-21

Cindy gripped his cock tightly in her hand, causing Jason to groan as she squeezed it. By the time Cindy was done, Jason lay on the bed like a limp doll, soaked in sweat and exhausted. I love giving guys their first fuck, so I'm going to ride you real good baby." Cindy said, stroking her cock slowly. Jason closed his eyes and swooned as her tongue slowly worked his hole open, her hand squeezing his cock. Cindy watched the look on His face as she slowly fed her cock into his ass. Cindy began to slowly rock her hips, only moving her cock a few inches at a time.

Hair Tickles

fetish HairAddict67 2018-08-21

Every day in high school I'd walk into the living room when I got home and just see her hair there, draped over the couch, longing to at least run my fingers through it but never knowing how to even ask. I love having my hair long, but while taking care of you I didn't always have a lot of time, so I kept it to as manageable of a length as I could while still making sure you got to school every day, got fed, and went to bed on time. Plus, like I said your hair is amazing and I would love to feel it draped and dragged over my naked chest." I bit my lip back, worried I might have gotten carried away, but my mother beamed up at me, clearly happy with my response.

Cruise Ship Cuckold

fetish 2018-08-21

I swallowed whatever pride I had left and said, "Please Captain Wellworth, please Steward Daniel; let me suck you cocks hard so you can fuck my Angel." As I watched him beg to suck the dicks that are about to pleasure me, I couldn't help but feel, a little aroused by the sight of my man, on his knees, sucking cock and a sense of pride that he, who I know takes no enjoyment from licking dick, would be willing to do such a thing, just to give me pleasure and not welch on a bet. That's right my sweet little white slut, you fuck my nephew real good, and you, sissy husband, can start sucking my cock hard so I can fuck your pretty wife in the ass.

My Teasing Goddess Ch. 01

fetish casper33 2018-08-21

I groan into her pussy as I feel one of her sexy stiletto heeled shoes slip between my legs and under my balls causing my hard shaft to press against her silky stocking covered ankle. Electric sparks were shooting up from my groin and I could feel an orgasm starting to build from deep inside me as Mei slowly and loosely stroked the sheer stockings against my rock hard shaft. As my hard on throbbed in the cool air, Mei laughed and perched her sexy bottom back on my desk and one leg at a time smoothed her sheer stockings back on to those long lovely legs of hers.