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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

From Soccer Mom to my Pantyhose Slut Part II

fetish jarhead40 2018-08-21

Lori slid off her heels and started to stroke his cock between them scooting down so her legs were spread and her skirt up she began to stroke her well lubed pussy barely touching it as she definitely did not want to cum and with the view she had of Bob she was sure she wouldn’t. I knew exactly when she did because Bob grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth hard “That’s it bitch take my meat all the way down that slutty throat of yours.” I lost it and I shot my load into Lori’s pussy Bob soon followed and Lori tried to swallow it all but it was too much and I could see it leaking out the sides of her mouth and down Bob’s cock as she sucked him dry.

Online Goddess Ch. 01

fetish subboy129 2018-08-21

She told me that if I was to become her slave, I would have to sign a contract, be locked in chastity the entire time with no release minus cleanings, and I will be required to become her domestic slave. Something came over me, but I actually asked her if we could cuddle, and she said yes, and she laid her head on my chest and i played with her hair, and we just laid there naked, talking for almost 3 hours. We cuddled for a bit and we made love, and this time i was allowed to cum, and then she decided that I was going to be tied up at the foot of her bed and was to worship her feet all night.

Public Humiliation

fetish bandanna1 2018-08-21

She slowly tried to get up, careful to keep one arm across her chest to conceal her big breasts, but I gleefully grabbed her ankles and pulled them, dropping her flat on her tits and relieving her of her remaining shoe. I had her hair pulled back so she had to use her free hand to try to keep her balance, leaving everyone in the bar with a full frontal view of the 5'11", 21 year-old knockout with her 38D tits. The nude, disgraced, 21 year-old brunette with her panties and pantyhose at her ankles, tried to keep her balance while covering her tits and crotch with only her hands.

Dirty Work Ch. 03

fetish awopas 2018-08-21

I could feel the shit in every orifice of my body, slithering down my throat throughout my body, simultaneously expelling from my mouth between my tits and yet still Sylvia's ass was still painting my face with poo. "C'mon, I'll make it worth your while, I want to see what titless looks like with a cock in her mouth," Sylvia retorted and began to rub her shit covered hands along Bobby's semi erect penis. "Suck it clean BITCH!" mocked Sylvia as Bobby began thrusting his penis maniacally in my mouth, until eventually causing me to gag as he reached my throat. Sylvia kept up her barrage of degrading insults simultaneously pumping my body with one hand and grabbing my hair with the other as Bobby's cock unceasingly slid in and out of mouth.

Nicole's Sauna Sperm Bath

fetish dirtyparisian 2018-08-21

Men standing round with huge cocks in hands, masturbating over a woman drenched in spunk, while a woman is busily licking between her legs. One of the bolder men took up position between her legs and started licking, and she put out hands for any cocks that wanted to be stroked. The first guy about to come -- aged round 45 with a good thick cock -- moved over her face and jets of spunk shot out, landing on her neck and left breast. Soon her face was thick with liquid and Gerard had to step forward to clean her eyes: 'happy birthday' he whispered as he did so; 'thank you my darling this is wonderful' she replied.

I Love Very Slutty Whorish Women

fetish HookerLover 2018-08-21

The more a woman looks and dresses like a hot slutty streetwalking prostitute the more I am attracted to her because this is my ideal looking and dressing woman and who I am most proud to have at my side whenever and wherever and regardless of what anyone else thinks. They look at her and I with disgust and hatred, they laugh at her, call her names and find me a loser to be with such a slutty looking tramp or think shes a hooker I hired...etc...etc. I want a strong slutty fetishy dressing woman who not only doesnt give a fuck what others think of her hooker look, but she loves their disapproval and as a result looks and dresses even sluttier!

Never Going Back Again

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-21

"So, you like sneaking up on guys and getting a peek at their cocks, do you?" I started to explain what I was doing in the locker room on Friday but Jerry wasn't interested. I knew this was going to be over soon and I decided to really try to focus on the feel of Jerry's hard cock in my hand. As I realized how much I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, I thought back for just a second on how different I felt now than I had back in high school when I was servicing Jerry.

Special Delivery

fetish canddykink 2018-08-21

I would of course prefer to taste her sweet juices, and feel her tight wet pussy around me, but this would have to do until I got home, and I rather enjoyed the anticipation of a new pair for me to use. She rode me for a few more minutes, and really seemed to be enjoying it, and then she said, "OK, you've been a good boy, you can have Nina's panties, but first you have to lick her pussy thru them." I was trying to figure out what she was saying, when I noticed another silhouette approaching from a dark corner of the room. I was told to start sucking Nina's pussy thru her panties, while Diane continued to fuck me.

Useless white husband turns into cuckold

fetish whitewhores 2018-08-21

"A man far superior to you has spent the night fucking your wife in a way you never could, and filling her willing pussy with his superior potent black cum. I kissed his cock at least a dozen times telling him on Jenny's orders that he had a magnificent stiff dick, and that I was glad my wife was to get the fucking she properly deserved. I continued to suck Earl for several minutes, having been told by my wife not to forget to pay attention to his big, hairy cum-filled balls.

My Sweet Obsession

fetish Aphroderos69 2018-08-21

I took the anal beads pushed them into my horny ass. My cunt was now dripping so I pulled out the anal beads slowly to build my orgasm, and put in the butt plug, I then shoved the vibrator in as far as it would go. I slid another into my ass and he waited until they were melted enough then pulled the sticks out leaving the popsicles inside me. Finally, finished with that, I took the yogurt and had him spread it all over his cock and back to his ass. (He is very open about liking to be fingered and licked in the ass) I then licked/sucked all of the yogurt off his cock and worked my way to his ass.

Cum Party

fetish Sally5050 2018-08-21

On the day I was finishing at school some years later her friend came up to me and told me that Susie had given birth to a baby girl called Poppy. One day Poppy said “Dad you look like a woman with your smooth skin and jutting breasts, behave in a feminine way and wear girly clothes all the time – I can’t really call you Dad anymore”. With shiny sticky faces we had the longest kiss and then swallowed down 2 Kumtwat cocktails each whilst Sally undid our dresses letting them fall to the floor and using a garden spray covered us in a fine mist of cum and immediately threw her latest invention Cumfetti which stuck all over us.

The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 02

fetish magas911 2018-08-21

He knew exactly what I wanted and he gave it to me." Clara moaned and cupped her tits in her hands. "There hasn't been a night since then that I haven't thought about lying there with my face against the cold, damp steel, with my pussy dripping with Kurt's cum, him standing behind me knowing how much I loved the way he'd just fucked me. I really need to play with my clit." Clara slid her right hand down her body and inside her panties, teasing her clit. Clara leaned over and whispered in ear, "Oh, for fuck's sake, I'm getting out of here." She glared at Kurt, then turned to the group and said, "I'm sorry, I need to find the ladies' room."

How to Eat out a Woman with a Big Ass

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-08-21

Well, this was not the first time I had the pleasure and challenge of eating out a pussy with bulbous labia majora (and it was not the last). She was uttering full sentences like, "Nobody's ever gotten their tongue as deep into me before." "This is the first time my clit has been licked." "I don't think any guy has ever seen my inner pussy." "Oh my G-d, your tongue is inside me." I don't want you to stop eating my pussy, but I want your cock in my mouth now." I was loving all of her comments and utterances up until now, but this one nearly made me cum on the spot.

Lick My Feet - Lick My Ass

fetish Kayb1234 2018-08-21

My body started to shake and spasm on her bed and I let out a deep moan as she laughed, released my balls and pulled her foot away from my quivering mouth. I felt the toes of her bare foot pressing into my balls, pulling them down onto the mattress of the bed and causing my hard dick to stand vertically on it's own like some sort of leaning tower in the wind. She wasn't going to get off me until I lost consciousness and I felt a burst of real fear slice through the insides of my stomach as I lay there shaking on the bed with the ass of that Asian Goddess covering every entire inch of my face.


fetish Krisexy26 2018-08-21

Nikko turned himself, his body still on the girl shoe, and noticed the cat was looking at his master with angry eyes. Is that you?" Marissa calmed herself and kneeled on the ground, looking at Nikko closely. "So!" said Marissa as she put a naked and unhappy Nikko on a desk filled with flowers and cute letters she wrote. Marissa turned on her side and looked at him, resting her head in her hand "I mean that I don't know how we could hide you." "Hello mum, I'm three inches tall now, help me!"" Marissa said, taking a stupid ton, and then becoming serious again "She'll probably have a heart-attack!" she sat on the edge of her bed, slowly re-walking at him.

The Bet Ch. 04

fetish ssnatch 2018-08-21

As she smothered my face with her pussy, I could feel her begin to slide her whole body onto mine, her hands stroking along my abs, then down legs. "Ohh...yes Mistress, please fuck my little slut ass..." "Yes, my little slut...tell me how much you like it in your little slut ass." The waves of pleasure were nothing I had ever felt before. "Now, let's get back to that fucking." Sarah again removed the plug from my ass, and just as before, I felt her dildo slide inside me, filling me completely. At one point, she began to roll her hips like she fucked me, allowing me to lick her from her ass to her clit and back.

Jerkin’ game! Cum Slut or Pee Whore? Choose

fetish cowboyfromhell12 2018-08-21

You are allowed to fully cum only if you assume the Sissy/Loser Cum eating Position and you are allowed to do it only if you break Edge Record and only twice over the choosen time span! If you fail to break your Edge Record, if you cum more than twice, if you don’t assume the Sissy/Loser cum eatin Position, if you don’t swallow, or you have failed any of the tasks described you have to endure the following punishment. 5. If you don’t swallow cum every time you are supposed to do or you cannot manage to assume the Sissy/Loser Position after breaking Edge record, you will like what’s in store for you.


First Little Piggy Pt. 03

fetish TurvyTopsy 2018-08-21

"Well then my dear you leave me know choice but to make these pictures and videos public, I think I've got enough to start my own little porn website with you as the star." she smirked as Lilly's face grew red with anger and shame. Next Lady Wolf came along with with a bucket which she emptied into the trough before them, Lillys position meant her head was virtually resting in the trough anyway, so a lot of it splashed up onto her face, to her surprise it wasn't some awful leftovers, it looked more just like a very milky porridge mixture, and a quick test with her tongue proved it to be sweet and warm.

Corset Retaliation

fetish oggbashan 2018-08-21

Kay went into the curtained area and returned with a corset folded in her hands. Kay lifted me to a standing position and the two of them helped me across the room until I was leaning against the filing cabinet. She stood me back up and reached behind the filing cabinet to pull out Kay's notice. Laura rested my head beside mine as Kay took more pictures of me in various poses held in Laura's arms. Each breath had to be fought against the constricting slip and corset as Kay took more pictures. Kay handed Laura some things from a desk drawer. Kay removed the camera from the tripod and handed it to Laura.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ch. 04

fetish yummymess 2018-08-21

By the time Bryan stepped out of his pants and got his shirt off, his sister had finished coating two pieces of bread with smooth creamy peanut butter - much more than you would ever put on a sandwich you were planning on actually eating. As Bryan spread out the jelly, Brenda wiggled out of her tight university tee shirt and unclasped her thin white bra, revealing her tiny pink areola that surrounded protruding nipples which were now hard enough to cut glass due to the sight of her naked brother preparing the sandwiches. Chunks of sandwich were flying off and sticking to Brenda's tits as she continued to stroke her brother's peanut butter and jelly cock.


fetish gimmie_your_load 2018-08-21

I drink it all in lustfully, and rejuvenated, I begin to push my head forward in time with his ragged thrusts, trying to force him deeper into my throat, moaning with joy as my cum-encrusted eyelids flutter while I attempt to look up into his eyes. "Woman Wanted: To provide stress relief to lumber industry workers in northern Quebec." Although I at first passed over the ad without a second thought, that night in my sleep I had an intense dream about a multitude of big, hairy, powerful men, all using my as their personal cum dumpster. Today, as I find myself, bruises, sore throat, and aching jaw, on the filthy floor of the bar where I worked, it is my last night at the camps.

Sissy Sharon's Saturday

fetish scatpetsmaster 2018-08-21

Frank hands my clothes to Mistress Angela and then bends me over facing the hole on the left hand wall of the room and clips a chain from the corner to my collar. If I almost stand up, my boi pussy matches the hole in the wall, so it’s possible for two men to use me at the same time. When I’m not being fucked in the pussy, I can kneel on the slightly padded floor (Frank is very thoughtful) and just suck the cocks that are constantly poking through the left hand hole in the wall. I’m usually brought here a couple of times a month, and Frank makes good money when men know I am available.


fetish SwiftWenlock 2018-08-21

Realizing I was staring with my mouth open I started to say something, but Charlie beat me to it with "What do you think?" and she gave me a perfectly executed twirl, which revealed that her back was entirely covered with flowers with the intricate and beautiful design just peeking out below the seam of her dress that finished just above her knees. As out tongues met and started to explore each other there was a sudden 'click' and Charlie pulled away taking a couple of steps backwards and holding her mouth. "Huh." satisfied with my answer she made her way back to me, placed a hand on my should and purred "So are you going to fuck me or not?" I pulled her and kissed her deeply, her piercings bringing my cock to attention almost instantly.


That Time

fetish Mr James 2018-08-21

A deep moan, almost a growl of lust slid past her lips as he reached around to cup her breasts and trap her swollen, aching nipples between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently, then tugging at the gilded rings through the base of her excited flesh. Leaning over her, so that the tip of his cock brushed against the blood covering her skin, Andrew took her nipple between his lips and suckled gently on the swollen bud, nipping it softly with the edges of his teeth. At last, she could only taste his cock and pre-cum, she had swallowed every trace of her blood and Kat pointed the tip of Andrew's cock between her lips, then slid them down to the base, swirling her tongue over and around the hard shaft stretching her mouth into a lustful grin.