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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dolly Pt. 07

fetish ofloveandlust 2018-08-21

As was their new habit, on weekends when Dan had his girls he would drop them off Sunday afternoon and then stop by Dolly's apartment. "I guess I do have a fetish." Dolly clipped one cuff around Dan's right hand and smiled devilishly. I think I fetish has to be more aberrant." Kevin said thoughtfully. "So wanting a dick isn't a fetish?" Dan joked, drawing a giggle from Dolly. "Do I have a fetish?" Dan asked Dolly. I think you like us fat girls." Steph was smiling. "Steph, come here." The girl joined Dolly on the floor. He hadn't gotten any since dolly left Thursday morning and he shot what felt like gallons on their tits, it rolled down the large mounds and onto their bellies.

Take my Breath Away

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-08-21

The sensations I felt were new, exciting and her eyes never left mine and she began to apply the slightest pressure to my throat. Every time she would squeeze my neck just a bit harder I felt the blood rush to my head, it pulsed and throbbed but it wasn't just in my head. The sensations in the back of my eyes, in my clit, were like nothing I'd ever felt before. My body was thrashing around on the sofa and I was grabbing her hand with my own, trying to get her to squeeze harder, longer; I wanted her grip tighter. My life was in her hands, literally, and I felt so close, so exposed, so aroused.

my Key Holder shows her displeasure

fetish redunder 2018-08-20

I was being punished by my key holder and my wife sat back and watched it all happen. When my key holder tired, my wife and her left the room and went into the kitchen. Then she took a sip as my key holder returned to the room. I watched as my wife handed her a tube of lube and my key holder lubed up her cock. I looked at my wife as my key holder pressed the head of her cock against my opening. She verbally and physically abused me as my wife showed her approval by sitting there and raising her wine glass in salute. And as they had me kneel naked before them, I had to watch my wife hand my chastity key back to my key holder.

Scat Schoolgirl

fetish Zolrender 2018-08-20

Paul was have a hard time concealing his manhood now, as the sight of his young daughter in school uniform kneeling in front of him while he sat naked on the loo was making him very hard. Just stay still while I fully clean up" and with that Kym went back to avidly licking her fathers dirty shit covered anus. Paul didn't know what she meant till suddenly again her tongue was on his ass, but this time, his little girl stiffened her tongue and slid it up inside her fathers shithole. Then with his cock absolutely covered in his shit, Ill take it into my mouth and lick him clean, all the while looking up at him."

Massaging Mrs. Lindsay’s GILF Feet

fetish milfleglover 2018-08-20

"Uh, Kevin," she said as the boy continued to inhale deeply the moist vapor of her sweaty black sock, her calf muscle rotating in a ball as she wiggled her toes, pinching his nose between them, causing him to groan loudly. "My my how you've grown, I've never seen one this big...Does your lovely, leggy mother do this, son?" she growled, sitting back and letting her meaty calves slowly encircle his throbbing manhood, resting on his bloated balls, making him gasp and grip to sofa cushions, watching in wide-eyed wonder a woman three times his age grip his cock. Caroline moaned and her pussy went wet again as she felt his hot tongue and lips explore every inch of her wrinkled, hot calf meat, cleaning it, sucking it off her sock, her shin, her bony knee.

Like daughter, like mother

fetish bhminfl 2018-08-20

As I drifted off to sl**p, I was surprised to have the covers yanked off of me and hear, "Wake up sl**py head!" I laid there startled with my hard dick sticking up, only to look eye to eye with Donna, Maggie's mother. She stopped pumping my cock and reached up and grabbed the back of my head by the hair as my fingers danced on her hot outer pussy. I buried my finger in her hot box and looked her in the face and told her she was going to get fucked so good. I leaned my head to work her nipples with my tongue and mouth as I slid another finger inside her.

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 03

fetish Alfamann 2018-08-20

But I knew masturbating myself, and bringing myself to orgasm, while naked in front of Henrik and Steven, was a mission far too impossible. Steven said nothing the whole weekend, and I began to wonder if he was going to take pity on me, and perhaps set another task I was capable of achieving. Despite my incredible fear of what I had been asked to do, over the next 24 hours I began to develop a quiet resolve I was going to prove to Steven, and myself, that I could let go of all the inhibitions that had been instilled in me through a lifetime of conservative upbringing. Their parents were going out for the evening so Steven very kindly offered to let both of them stay the night.

Choking Kirsty

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-08-20

I climbed on to the bed behind her and without further ado I grabbed the end of the white robe belt, pulled it and thrust my straining cock once more deep inside her soaking wet pussy. However, I was to be proved wrong, she was coming and undoubtedly it was related to the fact that the white belt in my hand and around her neck was absolutely taut and the colour was rising in her face like nothing I had ever witnessed before. She slapped against the bed beneath her and grunted as best she could and shoved her ass hard back against me so that I was literally banging into her as I fucked her and within seconds I felt a warm, wet flood encircle my penis and knew she had cum and I instinctively released the belt.

Coffeehouse Encounter with Stranger

fetish nupursaraswat 2018-08-20

She thought about how her legs would look wrapped around a stranger's ass while he thrust himself into her on a kitchen counter top. As she took the first sip she felt the stranger move, looked up and saw him coming towards her. He pulled her closer and she slid deeper into the seat, possibly as deep as his tongue ventured inside her vagina. Her legs wrapped around his waist, one hand on his ass, and another holding on to the edge of the window. There were times she thought she would scream and the whole world would hear her - or at least the waiter.

Watching Her Go Ch. 05b

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-08-20

"I know what we should do...will you pull it out, Brent?" She took my hand in her own and brought it down to her urine soaked pussy. I want you to stick your hard cock inside me right now, before I start dripping blood all over you." As we both slowed and tried to catch our breath, I could feel the frothy mixture escape from her and flow past the ring of her pussy to coat my groin and balls with our bloody cum cocktail. Right in the middle of her come, I jammed my finger back inside her ass, quick and deep, causing her to slide forward further, until she barely sat on the seat, my wrist trapped between her thighs and the front of the toilet.

Lu & Cindy

fetish rmlooker 2018-08-20

They made their way to a car parked right outside the door and Cindy opened the passenger door for Lu. She held her crutches while Lu backed up to the seat, sat down and reached down and unlocked the knee on her left brace and using her hand lifted it into the car. Lu murmured her approval and reached up with her left hand and took hold of the stump rubbing it all around her breast and nipple. Cindy finally started kissing her and used her left hand to play with her breast. She then moved down and spread Lu's legs jackknifed open and started using her stump to rub her pussy.

Proud Holders Ch. 08

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-20

Miss Sarah boarded the minibus and found Anne defiantly sat in her seat, arms crossed and clearly in no mood to co-operate. Look Anne, if it's what you really want you can pack your bags and leave the moment we get back. All sorts of people come on this course from every walk of life you can imagine and some you can't - or perhaps would rather not think about. A fair number of my students have made it big in one way or another - except they haven't mastered the art of controlling the need to wee so that it only ever happens when they want it to.

Up All Night With My Dreams

fetish phanatical 2018-08-20

"I take it by your stunned expression and that large bulge in your lap that you are pleased with the disk that I made just for you?" She pushes my chair back from my desk and slowly lowers her mouth to mine and plants the most sensual kiss onto my lips and then whispers into my ear, "Hit the space bar if you want to continue." I would softly move her hair out of her face so that I could see her sucking my cock and would tell her how fucking sexy and hot she looked. She looked back over her shoulder and told me that she needed my cum deep inside her hot pussy and to make sure she got her way, she reached down between her legs and softly squeezed my balls.

The Doctor is In

fetish redhd 2018-08-20

He pulled the scope out quickly and pushed in a rubber gloved finger from each hand, stretching and releasing for a while opening up her very tight anal sphincter. It was too much for him so he shoved his cock hard and fast right into her anus, balls deep in one motion and began to fuck her frantically his hips a blur and pounding so hard the entire couch shifted. He pressed deeper than before, now almost up to the middle of his forearm and began to fuck her pulling his hand in and out past the knuckles, spreading her arse hole wide with each motion. Her arse was too wide open now for him so he pushed quickly into her cunt again thrusting deeply, then pulled out and went to her face.

Naked Souls

fetish Tara_Neale 2018-08-20

She found herself occasionally thinking about what it would feel like to have a naked man walking around the house, while she remained safely clothed. Linda smiled as she hugged the phone closer to her body and began to type away a long message telling him everything. If she had been afraid that nightmares of gun barrels exploding and projectiles hurtling towards her would fill her dreams, she was pleasantly surprised that the only thing to haunt them this night was young men walking around naked. And in the afternoon and evenings, Linda and Josh played their game online. While they played the game, she fully clothed and Josh naked. Josh had been hard the whole time, stroking his cock intermittently as they played.

Tiny Tit Dreams

fetish imaginethis 2018-08-20

He could feel the pressure building in his balls as he fantasized being with this fairy-like creature who looked almost like Tinkerbell as he masturbated and sprayed all over those innocent pink tits, watching in his mind as his cum trickled between the slight cleft between her exquisite breasts. Brenda was shocked as she watched him unzip his jeans, take out his hard as a rock cock, and begin fucking this small girl's young, tender, pink breasts with utter abandon like a maniac. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of pictures, including the horrific BDSM collection, the infamous file labeled "Entitled", showing large breasted women with ropes tied painfully around their tits, electrodes and other deviant devices attached to their vulnerable nipples, faces etched with pain.

Double Dessert

fetish bjking 2018-08-20

Finally he said, "OK, show Pam." I turned my head toward her, let her see my mouth filled with Rick's semen, my tongue coated with thick white cream. All you need now is practice!" He held his cock to my lips, saying "Clean me up real good, then we'll see if Pam is ready for some fun." While I sucked Rick clean, Pam took off her clothes and went over to the bed. Jason was pumping his cock in and out of Pam's mouth, nice and easy, while Rick did his best to work her up to another orgasm. I took Rick's cock in my mouth, all the way down to the root, and sucked it clean.

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 03.5

fetish cby2 2018-08-20

As I hadn't had a good filling in many weeks, my lustful thoughts of Mistress Alexandra began to creep in - all five foot eleven inches of her dominating Ms. Gere. Ms. Gere easily placed the large red candle firmly into my ass while Mistress Alexandra struck a match and lit the wic. Without permission, Ms. Gere removed her mouth from Mistress Alexandra's cock, and begged: From my awkward vantage point, I could only see Mistress Alexandra's ass furiously pumping Ms. Gere full of cock, and I could only hear Ms. Gere begging. Mistress Alexandra removed Maximus from Ms. Gere's sopping wet pussy, and then slid it slowly into her ass. Mistress Alexandra slid the head of her cock inside Ms. Gere's ass.

Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish Coral_is_Far_More_Red 2018-08-20

It had been a long day and I hadn't had much sleep the night before because I had spent much of it sucking on the pussy of a stranger while you fucked me from behind. You ram you hard cock in me, and started fucking me as my orgasm winds down. "Mmhmm," you fuck me hard and fast and you can feel my pussy gripping your thick cock again. I scream out as I cum hard on your cock, you hold on to me, tight as my body convulses in waves of pleasure. You plunge you cock in my throat and pull it out as I start to suck off my cum.

Little K gets a Daddy... Our 1st Meeting

fetish daddy4girls 2018-08-20

I told K to stand with a foot on each napkin and then lock her fingers behind her neck. I then moved my hands up to her breasts and could feel her hard nipples through her thin bra. I told her to close her eyes and lot open them until I instructed her to do so. As my tongue slipped into her open mouth, I placed one of my hands behind her waist and pulled her into me. I then got my camera and took several pictures of the topless K with her eyes closed, and her hands behind her neck forcing her little titties to stick out as far as they could. K then took 20 more open hand slaps on her already pink ass.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Carmen

fetish fantasyboy 2018-08-20

That's it Chris is nearly there, are you too Carmen, I'm rubbing Chris's cock really fast, yes, he's cumming, his spunk is shooting all over my stockings, I can't believe how much there is, I wish you were here now you could lick it all up.' Carmen replied, Oh Mrs. Wyles, Roberts sucking my clit now, its wonderful, I'm cumming too, oh fuck, my cunts on fire, I love it, oh Robert keep on sucking it I want to cum again, oh yes, its here, now, suck, suck, suck, oh its heaven, I've cum again. Mrs. Wyles then said, 'Right its time for Robert to cum, Carmen I want you to jack him off and make him cum in your shoes, then put them back on and come back here to the shop wearing them and then Chris and I can lick your stockings and toes clean for you.' Carmen stood with her face only inches from my rock hard cock and had her shoes nearby.

domination fantasy

fetish 2018-08-20

I increase my pace as I let one of your legs wrap around my waist pulling me closer and deeper into your cunt, you moan my name like a little slut and I slap your breasts making you gasp in pain, I'm drilling your wet cunt with ease whilst I grip your breast between my hand, you feel my left hand squeezing your thigh as my cock begins to pulsate, your pussy gushes again as your wet lips squeeze my shaft, you scream out in pleasure as I fuck you deeper, relentlessly.

Friends with Benefits

fetish nyxtingale 2018-08-20

His hand rubs my leg slowly, and when I look up at his face, I see the familiar soft smirk. I moan quietly at the taste of Ryan's tongue, grabbing the back of his hair roughly. I gasp and let out a loud moan, straddling the sides of his face with my legs. "That was your punishment." He sucks on my core gently, lapping up all of my fluids and slapping my asscheeks once more before letting me off. "Yes, kitten, yes." Ryan groans again and pulls on my hair a little, thrusting forwards. I widen my mouth and let his warm fluids spill onto my tongue, looking up at him as he closes his eyes in ecstasy.

My work colleague's soft and shiny tan stocki

fetish lovetanstockings 2018-08-20

She said she just wore tights to work but hold ups on special occasions and started blushing so we changed the conversation. I quickly checked the drawer below to see if there was any other interesting things and found some more tights and a few pairs of stockings. When she got out of the bathroom, she was wearing the same outfit she wore to work, her hair was down and she had a bit more make-up on. She shoved her old tights she worn from earlier today at work in them and I took them out and quickly smelt them. When I got home, I took my cock out and rubbed it furiously with the stocking taken from her drawer - remembering the smell of her worn tights.