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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Letting go

fetish jenknotty 2018-08-20

She pulls back to take him in a moment, "your so damn sexy" she smirks, "not sure how I got so lucky to find you." His arms wrap around her, resting his hands with an ass cheek in each hand while they kiss hard and deep. "Ooh yes you know how much my feet turn me on, make my pussy saturated with anticipation!" When she's had enough of her foot fetish she returns her thighs to the comfortable support of the arms of the chair and gently pulls the leash to bring his mouth to her legs. "May I suck your tits mistress?" "Yes" she whispers in his ear, "then you may taste my wetness." He takes his time suckling each breast several times to build more anticipation before burying his face in her pussy.

Secret Fantasies

fetish TheNaughtyWife 2018-08-20

Soon the woman being finger-fucked was squirting cum all over the place and screaming so loud Annabeth had to turn down the volume. When that video was over she began to scan the rest of the categories and came across a topic called golden showers. She closed her eyes and marveled at how good she felt, soon her hand was slipping down her abdomen, slowly disappearing between her legs. In her fantasy it was not the first time she had sucked a man's cock, or let the water pleasure her. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander back to her imaginary shower and her naughty fetish.

For The Love Of.....

fetish JamesWalters 2018-08-20

I'll then kneel down in front of him unzip his fly and play with his balls until his cock is erect and then take out his girth and tease his bell end until his every inch is down my throat, I'll then lick and suck slowly until he explodes. The way, his eyes wandered up and down my fit body fixating on my neat pussy was enough to know that he wanted me, as much as I have wanted his cock. Letting my dress slip to the floor and slowly moving closer towards him until my naked pussy was pressed against the grey bulging material of his trousers, I slid my hands down his legs helping me onto my knees until I was facing his zip.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 02

fetish sethwaite 2018-08-20

"One coffee as ordered" I said handing the cup to Ann "you girls both look very nice for your shopping trip". Pulling the bra tight around my cock felt lovely and looking down I could clearly see my engorged cock head through the lace of the cup. Each downward stroke stretched the bra cup over my cock, causing the lace to rub across my slit, all adding to the wonderful sensation. The feel of Ann's dress in one hand and the lace of her bra rubbing my cock with each stroke soon had me getting that tingling feel in my balls and I could feel I was right on the edge.

Dollfie Love (Suggested by Bucket_)

fetish bigtitsfutalover 2018-08-20

This story is based off of 100% fantasy and is in no way representative of real events. In that tiny, single-bedroom apartment, I live with quite possibly the most beautiful thing in the world, Debbie. She's actually a Dollfie, a tiny fuck doll with big silicone breasts and a super-stretchy yet tight onahole pussy. I fuck her rubber pussy every day and every night. It's always a great feeling to unload inside her doll pussy after a stressful day of classes. I'd tell how happy she makes me, how I want to fuck her silicone brains out and make her feel incredible pleasure like none other... Lying on my bed, I find not the tiny Dollfie I knew, but a living, breathing, gorgeous woman exactly in Debbie's likeness!

Mother's Milk

fetish fifty5 2018-08-20

Cathy was moaning about having to push Gazza in his buggy all the way up the hill, so without thinking about it I said that if she'd come to mine (all of 50 yards along the flat), I'd only had a couple of bottles, so I'd give her and her kids a lift. As kids do after a day out in the fresh air and sun, they were asleep almost as soon as their heads touched their pillows and Cathy and I were out on the landing, pulling the door closed. As we regained our breath, I kept my hold on her bum, keeping us close and keeping my prick inside her, but she lifted up enough to lick the milk that we'd squeezed from her breasts off my chest and offered me her mouth.

My fourth night as a slave......part one

fetish LisaCannons69 2018-08-20

He messaged back and said "now go find another place to expose your tits and take my picture," I stood up, pulled my skirt down, and walked to the end of the car where a corner was semi private. I pulled up my skirt, spread my legs, spead my pussy lips apart, and rubbed my clit as I twirled around for him again. The danger of being seen or caught was such a turn on, I stood there with one hand finger fucking my wet pussy, and my other hand grabbing and squeezing my tits. As I'm m*****ed by all their hands, and having this stick shoved violently inside me again and again, I look up at John in the back seat.

The Harem Slave Ch. 06

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-08-20

Sucking on her titties, Becky found Sophie's pussy and drove three fingers into her tight hole. She opened her mouth to scream in agony, only to find herself screaming with pleasure as Becky fist-fucked her pussy violently, drawing orgasm after orgasm from her spasming little twat. Cunt juice squirted everywhere, soaking Becky's arm and tits, as well as her bed, even splashing onto the floor. As she continued to fuck the girl's stretched cunt, Sophie licked and sucked on her asshole, driving her tongue deep into the tiny little anus. Sophie licked and sucked on her clit, ducking occasionally between her thighs to drive her tongue deep into the girl's slippery pussy.

Trust Ch. 02

fetish noglory 2018-08-20

She wore a red halter-type bikini top that held and displayed her gorgeous breasts to their full advantage, a pair of worn and faded short denim shorts that showed just the right amount of her shapely thighs and most wonderful of all, at the ends of her lovely long, slender and very shapely legs tapering to the most sexy looking ankles I had ever seen were a pair of beautifully shapely feet wearing brand new, pristinely white Keds lace-up plimsolls with the softest looking cotton rich white ankle socks.

Husband uses technology to see wife with another m

fetish XXXNoBounds 2018-08-20

Jim's plan was to use the nanobots to transform Jack Ross, a friend of his, to look like himself, and then to have Jack have sex with Carol. In that way Jim could provide Carol with the experience of sex with another man without her experiencing any of the guilt. A broad smile crossed her face, which only served to confuse Jim. Was Carol happy that he had deceived her into having sex with another man? She arranged for her best girlfriend Cindy Ross (Jack's wife) to impersonate her and have sex with Jim. When Jim had sent his wife upstairs to open the package, she had Cindy take her place while she hid in the bathroom. When Jim/Jack had left the bedroom, Carol took Cindy's place and Cindy quickly dressed and sneaked out the front door.

Heather's Halloween House Party

fetish msgrant67 2018-08-20

(She was always terribly afraid of looking like a slut and so she dressed and acted very prim and proper; it was probably a good bet that guys, upon first meeting her, had no idea the bombshell that awaited the patient ones just underneath her layers of clothing and pulled up hair) Anyway, Greg had just recently come into an inheritance and had to go away for a few days to his hometown to finalize all of the legal issues. I stopped by the school on the day of the party, at a time that Heather had told me that Greg would be unavailable, and began asking around for him. "But, how do you even know that Greg wants a French maid?" Heather asked when I told her my story.

Training Taranjit

fetish aguycelmar 2018-08-20

If you do, every person that works in this company, including your husband and in-laws, are going to get a clip of you dressed like a slut, in Balbir's arms, with his cock out. She felt warm breath and a tongue touch the hand which was holding Balbir's hard cock, followed by a kiss. Jassi removed her hand from Balbir's balls and, placing it on the back of Taranjit's head, guided her mouth towards his stiff cock. As Taranjit seemed to become more comfortable and familiar with sucking Balbir's cock, Jassi removed her hand from the back of Taranjit's head and began to help massage his balls again.

Michelle Learns a Lesson

fetish MinXxX 2018-08-20

He spread my arms out to the sides so there was no way to shield myself, and hot piss streamed from him, soaking my face, running down my naked body and puddling on the floor where I knelt. I writhed in his spray, opening my mouth so that I could drink it, thrusting my naked tits out further to bathe in it and spreading my thighs feeling it soaking through my already wet panties as it ran down me. 'Open wide,' he said and as I did I felt him hammer himself home deep into my throat, gagging me and choking me.I couldn't breathe but he left his cock in my throat, and I started to writhe around trying to get air.

Thong You Very Much

fetish jopo11 2018-08-20

The girls went into the store and in no time Caitlin was in the changing room with a stack of pants Emily had helped her pick out. At that point Caitlin turned around in surprise, and just in time to see Emily, who was in the midst of trying on her pants, standing there in a skimpy, white lace thong looking back at her. look Caitlin, that underwear is fine for jeans or when you're exercising or something, but those are thin stretch pants and girl, you've just got to wear a thong," and with that Emily went over to Caitlin's dresser and pulled out a blue string thong.

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 01

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-08-20

I was looking forward to a nearly 4 month summer break before going back to university for my final year, I lived on the South Coast of England and on the day this story started, I was killing time walking along the seafront, enjoying the numerous examples of the female form wearing bikinis on the beach and not a lot more by those up above on the promenade. The joy of this time of year comes from the near naked girls frolicking and lying on the beach, and if not on the beach, the light summery clothing on display, delicate, translucent fabrics making up summer dresses and skirts, tiny shorts and tops, all adding up to an impossible distraction to any serious activity being undertaken by the male of the species.

Let's Play Doctor/Patient

fetish tulsaliza 2018-08-20

He then removed the was covered in my pussy juices...then I heard the doctor removing his steri gloves...I felt his bare hands return to my inner thighs...then his fingers were pulling my pussy lips apart...his mouth returned to my clit and then licking and sucking on my labia lips...his wicked tongue fucking my hot, honey hole...then I felt a finger massaging my tight rosebud... "That's a girl, fuck that're so hot and wet...gawd, your pussy feels soooo good," he told me as he fucked me faster and faster...I didn't want him to stop, this felt so fucking good...he reached up and began pinching my right nipple ever so slightly as he stroked my clit with the other hand...I was about to cum pussy clenching his cock, massaging it, jacking him off...

The Girl Who Pissed Champagne

fetish NorthwestRain 2018-08-20

Cyprien's twinkling eyes never left mine and although I'd never done this kind of dancing before, I took her in my arms, wrapped a hand around her slender waist and began to move with her. Her beauty startled me up so close to her face where her soft cheeks flourished beneath those brown jersey-cow eyes, and the bangs of dark hair, so askew across her forehead seemed to be perfectly placed yet still looked as if she'd just climbed out of bed. I watched as she produced saliva on her lower lip and allowed it to hang in a strand towards my mouth, before I held my tongue beneath it and sucked it into my mouth then kissed her again and began a steady thrusting motion, my finger buried in her hot rectum.

Cruising The Slums

fetish northwind 2018-08-20

She was much thinner than before, and it was clear to Jake that Tina had probably lowered her standards considerably over the past year when it came to "an acceptable date." "Good girl and jiggle your stupid young boobies for me sweetheart." Jake interrupted her thoughts. "I think you would enjoy having things stuck up your little brown bottom wouldn't you Tina." Jake pressed on. "This feels good to you doesn't it Tina..." Jake whispered suggestively in her ear in a tone that clearly outlined the answer he wanted to hear. "Good girl sweetie....nice little fuck toy...." He murmured in her ear as he began to wiggle his fingers around inside her warm inviting hole.

Caught in the Act Ch. 02

fetish SirAerus 2018-08-20

She tells me, "Get on your knees in front of me." She lights one of her cigars, takes a good long draw of it, then blows the smoke right into my face. Arielle tells me to stand up and piss on her while she's shitting and smoking her cigar. Using just my right hand, I smear that shit over the opening of Arielle's wet cunt, then I shove some of the poop into her pussy. Arielle takes another drag of her cigar, grabs my hard cock, and blows the smoke over the head of my dick. Arielle takes another long drag of her cigar, holds the smoke in her mouth, then takes my shit covered cock into her mouth.

The Power of Clothing Pt. 01

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-08-20

Like that, we kissed more as his hands went down my body, stroking, then gripping and then squeezing the cheeks of my bum inside the tight skirt. At the same time, I had opened his trousers at the top and had wiggled my hand inside his nice, tight boxers, easing them down a little so that his cock was uncovered apart from the tail of his shirt, which annoyingly kept flapping round my hand. Without them, and with what seemed like acres of leg on show, I felt as if everyone was staring and would somehow know I wasn't wearing any knickers. He got on top of me, caressing my breasts and feeling my bum, I was holding his cock.

Married Preachers Daughter Chapter 14 Rachelle

fetish harleyrider6969 2018-08-20

Rachelle, the preachers daughters, just like her s****r Laura "Master Bill, please fuck my married pussy with your hard cock...please fill my cunt again...please Master....I need your cum...I need to feel you swell inside me and pump me full..." and so forth. Ray standing there getting hard watching his wife on her knees swallowing my cum and some on her face and chin and Rachelle just smiling and smirking and saying, "Laura, you and I know better and we were not raised like this!" Laura embarrassed said, "I know" and at that time I told Ray and Laura that Rachelle and I were going out for breakfast, then shopping, then for a day of play at a hotel room.

Teach Me To Suck Dick Daddy

fetish 2018-08-19

By the time I had watched one hundred cum-shots and an equal number of blow jobs, I was ready for anything. "Your mother got her greatest pleasure when she started with a soft cock, felt it come to life in her mouth, sucked out the juice, and then felt it go soft again. "Remember, Baby, wetness and variety are the keys." I can't find the words to describe how good her virgin mouth felt on my cock. By the time Bob returned she was a very accomplished cock-sucker, and he loved the expert blow job she gave him. After describing in great detail how she had sucked her boyfriend off, she asked, "Daddy, will you teach me how to fuck?" I'll tell you how that turned out some other time.

At My Pleasure

fetish Kevsta 2018-08-19

In dismay, you moan as your over-worked pussy forces the toy inside you out, bit by bit, your clit losing the nibbling vibrations of little rabbi ears first, you feel it travelling down the walls of your pussy, trying to clutch at it, till the tip slips out, brushing your tight bum as it drops to the bed. You feel the heel of my hand on your clit, teasing, as my fingers spread the lube through the fine hairs, round and down, over your bum cheeks, over your twitching little star, till there is no friction between my skin and your desire.

Pornography Punishment

fetish adoration 2018-08-19

Annie said something, then Lorraine replied: "Yes, I know I doubted you, but you were right. Annie, as I've said, has a lovely lush body and while I'd often ogled her cleavage when she's been wearing sexy dresses, I'd never seen her like this! Then Lorraine, off to my right, dropped the thick envelope with my major file of internet porn, onto the bed, ahead of my position and in a place where I would get an ideal look at the shots. "Next picture," announced Lorraine, turning over a shot of the gorgeous Amanda Lexx, bare breasted with a little denim miniskirt which had been hooked over her hips, displaying her super snatch with its prominent piss flaps.