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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My First Experience Being Milked

fetish NTsarina 2018-08-19

The living room like I said was furnished and looking closely I saw it all came from IKEA, which made me smile. To my surprise the bike Karl had left me was not an old iron thing from the last century, but a pretty new looking Mountain Bike. She looked beautiful when she laughed and the sound of it was like nothing I had heard in a long time. When I came back home after carefully bringing my bottles and other goods back on the bike I made myself a long drink with Whiskey, ice and water. She took my hand and led me into the kitchen to the left and swung me around so I sat down on a wood chair next to a round table in the same material.

Boss's panties

fetish 2018-08-19

Not too disappointed though because her collection of thongs, lace panties and oh so hot boy shorts made my cock start to get hard. I was picturing her wearing these sexy little panties and strutting around for me. I kept switching panties and was leaking more and more precum onto the sexy garments as I continued. and maybe some of those sexy thongs she will wear for her boyfriend and they will still have my precum on them. The best part is she will never know I was naked on her bed jerking off with her panties and precumming in the crotch of them and she'll never look at me differently.

My Pantyhose Mistress

fetish legman674 2018-08-19

She told me, she learned when she was a little girl how to get guys like me to do whatever she wanted, simply by wearing short skirts with the sheerest of nylons and spiky high heels. "Thank you!" I told her, and then I brought her shoes up to my nose and let out a small whimper as I could smell her wonderful foot sweat mixed with the natural scent of nylon and leather. The sent of her cunt, the wet nylons pressed against my nose and mouth, and my cock against her wet and skillful tongue was almost to much to take and I was grateful she was sitting on me so firmly, to muzzle my screams of pleasure and unbearable ecstasy.

Spring Training Awakening (My girlfriend's pu

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-08-19

I had begun to suspect that Holly might want to have a threesome with another man in the days and weeks leading up to our tryst with Joe. She was openly bisexual and we had often talked about bringing another woman or a soft swap couple into our bed but a few weeks earlier she had said that we might have to expand our search parameters because of the difficulty we were having finding a woman to join us. I looked at Holly's pretty face and slowly sank my cock inside her liquid core as my heart fluttered with a powerful combination of love and desire. "Yes Ma'am," I said softly and opened my mouth allowing Joe to push the fat head of his circumcised cock past my lips.

Dinner for 3 & 2 Unexpected Guests.

fetish Pacemen 2018-08-19

It was here that alice grinned and turned to them and said “If you would like to know why diana and I wear the collars & why we are sitting with our nude butts on the seat, meet us in the Pub after you finish here ! Some 15 minutes went by then the couple walked up to us, they both looked a little rattled but said they would like to know about the collars and why both women were sitting on the seats the way they were.

My Cousin My Keeper Ch. 02

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-08-19

She never said a word, but I understood exactly what she wanted, I slid my seven inch, and very thick cock into my small aunt, and began to fuck her. The next morning I woke up to a text from my eighteen year old cousin Maria, Anne's oldest child, telling me she needed me to stop by the house if I had time. I did as I was told and as I stroked my cock over her small frame maria played with my balls, and then reached through m legs and started fucking me with the large plug that was already thrust deep inside of my ass.

My Lesbian Friends

fetish SaraLezCD 2018-08-19

My lesbian girl friends are Becky & Janet, both in their early 20's and they consented to accept me as a 3dr lesbian in our home, as long as I dress and act as one of them. She had served the other 3 girls some milk each and it was running down all the breasts and tummies and onto the crotch areas too. What I did not notice until I opened my eyes was she was still bleeding from having the baby and I was being bathed in a combination of her blood, cum, and urine as she continued to hump my face harder and harder. Starting with Janet, each girl stands over my head pees like there is no tomorrow.

SD Wild Pony Races Ch. 03

fetish SDcowboy 2018-08-19

"I have hired the four girls in the van to take part in a pony racing contest and then to entertain you tonight at a little party that Sara, Shannon and I have been planning for the last couple days " I explained to the men. Ali moaned loudly as Nigel rubbed her sore looking ass cheeks with one hand, while he fucked the crop handle in and out of her pink slit. Nigel probed her pussy with two fingers and fucked her butt hole with the handle of the riding crop until the full length of the plug was deep in her very sexy ass.

Cherries and Cream

fetish Darla_Darling 2018-08-19

There are only so many times I could sweep the floors and scrub the milkshake machine before I began to feel like my actions were kind of redundant. A peculiar thing I remember about that shop was that there was a big glass mirror on the wall behind the counter, which I guess the owner had installed because she thought that it gave the illusion of more space. Even the cupboards behind the counter going down to the floor were covered in mirror glass, so that if you leaned forward too far when you were scooping up ice cream customers could look up your skirt. I guess it was a good thing, huh?" He was slightly turned away from me, I believe in the vain hope that I hadn't noticed his (rather impressive) swelling.

Feedee Nation Ch. 01 - Sam

fetish MissSkye 2018-08-19

Sam and I got out of our seats and followed Ms. Williams and the other girls through the door into the classroom. "We've got a new member of our club, I see!" We all looked towards Sam, causing her to blush a little bit. We started off the meeting with a name game: going around in a circle saying our name, year, and favorite food. "Hey, um, I'm Sam. I'm a freshman, and my favorite food is strawberry ice cream." Next, I went. "Hii guys, I'm Amy. I'm a junior and my favorite food is deep dish pizza." just talking about food made me feel hungry- I wasn't starving or anything, but after this meeting I definitely wanted to get my hands on some pizza.

The Black Stockings

fetish PrincessErin 2018-08-19

Calli Ann fixed her black stockings and then walked into her bedroom. Calli Ann giggled and grabbed the black strappy four-inch high heel shoe. Keith was leaning against the back wall watching the sexy woman with the high heels. Keith could feel his cock swell against his black jeans and he gulped back his third beer of the night. His eyes were glued to her stockings and high heels. Calli Ann grinned and leaned to brush her pink lips against his earlobe. "Oh fuck that's hot." Calli Ann grinned and leaned over. "Oh yeah." Keith could only moan as he saw his girlfriend's cute feet, clad in those black stockings he bought her, covered in his hot cum.


A Whole New World

fetish airoralover 2018-08-19

Adam replied that he didn't know how long he was going to be away for but, as he didn't have any family or other friends who would be able to do it for him and, not wanting to pay an expensive lawyer to do it, he was happy to accept. Rebecca checked Adam's blog every day, added to the comments on some of his photos, texted him once a week to keep him up to date on the probate and, a month into his odyssey, sent him a couple of documents that he needed to sign and return.


Cat Scratching Royalty

fetish footshrimper 2018-08-19

Twenty year old Lady Jane Ryder managed to spill some champagne on the magnificent ballroom gown of non other than the notorious woman herself, the Baroness Isabel Matthews. Isabel adjusted her black garter belt, trimmed with fine imported ribbon at her beautiful nylon clad thigh, while Jane kneaded and tweaked one of the stiff nipples topping off her supple young bosom. To prevent their beautiful gowns from being bloodstained or sweaty during the fight, the two corner girls also stripped down to their under garments, suspenders , stockings and high heeled shoes. With tremendous effort she was successful and then managed to spring forward, but Jane caught her around the knees and brought her right back down again, this time getting onto her back and pressing Isabel firmly down to the floor.


fetish klammer 2018-08-19

Bunny hated when she committed small indignities like that on him. Bunny had to stand by obediently, like a servant, while she unhurriedly Bunny nibbled his lower lip and tried not to look Bunny couldn't stop thinking about his trapped penis. Once Bunny started to 'ask for it' that way, not only pushing out his She stepped away from Bunny, exposing his red face and still puckered intruder reached down and gave the side of Bunny's face a few playful from Bunny and locked eyes with Bella, telling her, "This arrangement is Bella got onto her back and lifted her hips so Turk could gently slide Bunny pulled down the boxers and Turk's exceptionally long, virile cock That was when Bella said, "Hey, Turk.

The Slutty Webcam Girl

fetish IntellegentTR 2018-08-19

I masturbated every day at high school in the room behind that small door in the washroom and I'd felt so desperate afterwards I just kept doing it in my bedroom and I always did it with the webcam on so I could watch myself being the slut that I am. I purched my ass up closer to the webcam and I could feel my asshole touching the lens. I felt the tip of the lens going down from my asshole and sliding to my clit. I went faster and faster and even pressed my ass closer so when the lens reached the asshole or the bottom of the clit, it would slide in ever so slightly.

Fresh Eyes Ch. 02

fetish teresawrites2u 2018-08-19

"If I let you kiss me there," she said pointing to her hard petal pink nipple, "will you promise not to hurt me?" She asked. "Now, I'm going to lick your other nipple slowly." This time he dragged the length of his tongue across Sammie's other bud feeling it rise up hard to greet him and he dreamed that one day it would be her clit. "Then I'm going to wrap my lips around this huge beautiful pink petal and suck just a little and I promise that I won't stop until you tap me and I won't suck harder unless you tell me to, ok?" He asked ask his lips came down to pull at her mound.


fetish 2018-08-19

"Lean a bit forward for me please...good now just let your body hang down from your arms...good very good Mrs. Crum." The nurse then came around to the front and made sure that my gown was in a tent like fashion. I felt the doctors gloved hands on my lips and I looked down just in time to see him pull the arm down and arrange it so that its probing tip was right at my opening. I closed my eyes for a bit until I felt the stimulation's increase again and I started to throw my head back and forth once again as I knew that I would soon be in a orgasm world with my body feeling the electricity going threw it.

Mom's on the Line

fetish Bammy 2018-08-19

With both Julia and Elisabeth watching intently, Tracy proceeded to unclip her bra and drop it to the floor, revealing her small but firm breasts for all to see. Elisabeth, having spent most of her teenage years on Facebook buzzed immediately, leaving Kate no time at all to offer her answer. Kate and Tracy, whose spirits had already been broken, proceeded to crawl over to Amanda while Elisabeth and Julia looked slightly disappointed as they pulled off their strapons and walked over to the gorgeous host. She motioned to Tracy to move between her legs while Kate and Elisabeth took her breasts and Julia moved towards her mouth. Now let's all say goodbye to Julia, Elisabeth, Kate and Tracy!"


fetish MrBlack86 2018-08-19

The groggy agent tried to focus and match the face to a name, but the Woman was wearing a black rubber surgical mask over her lower face and appeared to also be wearing a SMART suit. "The Synthetic Material Automatic Rubber Technology, or SMART suit, is a very complex piece of equipment, but it does have its flaws," the Baroness began to lecture her, "did you know that when you exceed the voltage capacity of the fiber optics it overloads the sensors giving the wearer an electrical shock. Each time she nearly reached orgasm 409 would brace herself for the shock lessening the effect, only for the suit to adjust and all the phantom hands began messaging and pleasuring her whole body again.

Tonight, Just For You

fetish Kessler 2018-08-19

After a few minutes Sharon sat up next to me and sandwiched my limp cock between her long calves saying, "This is the best way to get a leg man like you hard." I watched as she squeezed some baby oil on my cock and her legs and began to jerk me using her legs. Please don't stop." Sharon smiled saying, "So you like the way that feels." I felt her press the tip of her big toe even harder up against the vein running it up down along the underside of my shaft all the while continuing to jerk the head of my cock between the toes of her right foot.

Ebony's Punishment

fetish Knot_By_Numbers 2018-08-19

“OK naughty girl,” her Teacher began, “you want to show off that cunt?” Rolling his chair around he sat in front of her with a digital camera in his hand. “Beep” A perfect picture of a long cock shooting a load all over her young, firm breast while another, buried all the way to the curly hair at the base, unloaded down her throat, a look of intense passion on her face as she had difficulty taking the whole thing so roughly. Her high heels spread wide exposing her cunt and beautifully round ass, her skirt shoved up around her middle, the straps of her thin pink bra a bright contrast to lightly brown skin, her hands reaching out to grip the corners of the desk, just waiting to be taken by him.

She Hulk vs the Vicious Trio

fetish lilguy41 2018-08-19

Stunner grabbed her tits, twisting her nipples making She Hulk scream. "Look like your starting the party without us" Stunner Said She parted She Hulk legs and slipped her finger deep into her pussy. Killer was massaging She Hulk nipples and molding her green breast like clay. She licked her lips and started eating She Hulk's pussy. She Hulk screamed as Tilla went to town on her pussy, twisting in and out of squeezed she Hulk ass needling it with her hands like she was making bread Mankiller held She Hulk wrist over one another as Titania took one breast and "Fuck can fit my whole fist in this bitch's pussy" Stunner Said "Time to kick

Goddess Mina: Banished

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-08-19

I am satisfied and at home my goddess begins to slide her feet around my face with expert precision. My goddess rubbed her feet on my face in a circular motion and did so with some force. I did so with love and with my eyes watering and struggling with intense jaw pain I bathed her beautiful rounded heels. My goddess put her right foot to my mouth and told me to open. She moved her toe in and out of my willing mouth like a cock. I licked the balls of her feet like a pair of balls and lovingly washed them from heel to toes and back with my mouth. If you find a goddess like this in life don't ever let her get away.

Cumslave & the boyscouts pt.5

fetish SafeSexting 2018-08-19

other boys how to do it?...Just cram your hand in the slut's cunt and fist-fuck With a shrug of his shoulders, the boy punched his hand into Cumbag's cunt. Cumbag choked on the boy's cock when he fucked his cock into her mouth. Cumbag shuddered as the boy fist-fucking her cunt drove cock!...Hmmmmm...So good!....Feed the slut some more cum!" Cumbag begged as she The boy fist-fucking her cunt pulled his hand free as another boy started "Now you boys whack those fucking slut-bag tits the whore is hanging down as As her throat filled with cum, the laughing boy fist-fucking her ass screamed at The boy fucking her throat pulled his cock from her mouth. slut some more cocks!...Fist my fucking cunt too!