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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

fetish Fit Like 2018-08-19

your mouth feels so good!" Terry moaned as Selina swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. Terry's mouth fastened on her clit, sucking it between his lips as his tongue flicked over its swollen tip. Selina wriggled as Terry pumped his fingers in and out of her arse while, all the time, his tongue beat a steady rhythm on her clit. She pinched and pulled her nipples as Terry fucked her arse with his fingers, his tongue lashing her throbbing clit. Removing his tongue from her clit, Terry cupped his mouth over Selina's pussy. "Mmmmmm, yesssss!" Selina moaned as, with a single powerful lunge, Terry thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

My summer of teen love

fetish igglepiggle 2018-08-19

I moved my mouth down and licked at his sweaty ball sack, the taste of boy in my mouth turning me on, sucking at each ball, taking it in my mouth, pleasuring my boyfreind. I gave one last hard suck and pulled his cock out of my mouth just as he squirted a hot stream of cum all over my face, i opened my mouth to recieve my boyfreinds hot juice and licked my lips with the pleasure of the taste. I handed him his sweaty gym socks and he wiped my face and his cock with them, soaking up all the cum. I lied there in the arms of my boyfreind feeling safe and loved as he held me close sniffing his sweaty cum soaked sock.

I Really Needed the Job

fetish bhp 2018-08-19

Let's get on with the exam, then," she said and put her fingers in my sack and did the "cough test." Dr. Whitmore just stood there and watched the entire thing. "You're welcome, Dr. Harrison." As she turned to leave, Sue told me "Please be sure to stop by the main desk before you leave Mr. Thomas." She gave me a once over, looking straight at my stiff cock with the same little smirk, then back at me before leaving the room. "Please Mr. Thomas, we're running way behind schedule," Dr. Harrison commanded, "I need that sample right now." I couldn't believe she expected me to masturbate with her and Dr. Whitmore standing right there!

Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 09

fetish hpm12 2018-08-19

As Brittany was sucking off Dave she worked her hand up my coat and dress and repeatedly pinched and pulled on my nipples, forcing me to squeal and beg for her to stop into James' cock. I felt the bouncer eying me up and down as I walked past him and was glad that Brittany hadn't offered my services to him as I could only imagine that his cock would be a mirror to that of Jerome's, which surely would have split me in half the night before had he won an auction to fuck my pussy instead of my mouth.

Babysitter's Revenge

fetish slowdeep 2018-08-19

All day long I was thinking about Jennifer and how I would love to feel her lips wrapped around my dick, rub my dick over her ass and bury it deep in her sweet pussy. "Yes Jennifer, you got me so horny I've needed to stroke my dick all day long." She started stroking my dick and talked to her friends "look at this little dick and he thinks I'm going to make it cum? "You promised me you would let me cum if I did want you wanted." She slid his dick out of her mouth, turned and looked at me and said "you're right. I couldn't help from stroking my cock when I saw those wonderful pictures; thinking of her sucking my dick until it exploded.

A Tied, Ticklish Tease

fetish MartinFaust 2018-08-19

She struggled a little against every thing, but I think she knew what she was in for. I held fast, and when she began to let go and move her hips up and down, I removed the vibrating devil from her pink flesh. I toyed with it slowly, enjoying the feeling of the hot little nub under my finger. She was nearly screaming at the tickling assault, when suddenly I switched to the vibrator and placed it directly on her slick little clit. I ran my fingers softly up and down her ribs, tickling a little as I went, but at the same time, I ran up and down her moist slit with the vibrator.

Steph and Giulia Ch. 01: The Betrayal

fetish BigHand32 2018-08-19

Before Stephen knew what was happening Alex had leaned into Giulia a little more, lifting her skirt slightly and putting his right hand on her stockinged upper thigh. And finally, Alex, watching her hand on Stephen's thigh, asked her "So are you guys, like, dating or just friends?" There was an awkward wait, and Giulia squeezed Stephen's thigh a little bit, waiting for him to respond. "We were playing spin-the-bottle, and when Stephen got to his turn, he spun it to hardfucker and just started making out like he forgot we were all there."

Farm Voyeur

fetish bawdybloke 2018-08-19

The slick glissade of my torso as I submerge into the dirt sends makes you feverishly wild; I've seen the bush shake to your lustful rhythm, savouring the graceful slipping and sliding of my body as I move around my trough, coating every last inch of my rubber catsuit in the earthy mixture. I take a deep breath as I slip under the water line, closing my eyes as my body is submerged for a few moments before returning to the surface, wiping my vision free to look directly at the bush. I can see you staring in awe through the bush, waiting for me to climb out of the mud and walk bare-arsed back to the house while you admire my naked body one last time.

The Gray Cotton Panties

fetish RossDaniels 2018-08-19

In an effort to catch Johnson's eye, Susan had for the past few weeks, paid special attention to her tennis outfits, trying always to choose one that accented her best features. So it was on this particular Tuesday, as she walked toward Court 1 to meet her regular playing partner, Autumn, Susan thought she looked especially good. But as she was trying to retreat quickly to reach one of Autumn's forehand lobs, Susan felt her ankle give way and a sharp pain shot from her foot, all the way up past her knee. Followed closely by Autumn, who had collected Susan's tennis racket, water bottle and bag, Johnson carried her over past the bleachers and gently sat her down on the lush grass, her back propped against the trunk of a large oak tree.

Confession of a Panty Thief

fetish Cicero6 2018-08-19

There is a slight charge I receive when I know a pair of panties once in my possession has been returned and continues to be worn by the subject. I have kept her panties on and off over the years and one pair in particular was returned after a year or two absence. Except this time she wore a loose skirt and at one point stood up and snapped her panties as she pulled them from her cheek. I could see her panty lines and actually considered taking a photo of her under the table as I sat across from this beautiful creature. This was the first and only time I could enjoy the panties with a photo of the subject wearing the actual pair.

Ex-Boyfriend Needs Solace

fetish notnice66 2018-08-19

Fuck!' He slumps a bit, panting, and I grab his cock with my free hand and milk it, stroke his prostate, and get another two long oozing blobs. 'The thing about sex like that,' he continues, 'is it just makes you want more.' I hold the back of his head as he tongues my ear, making me squirm and pant. And Gavin responds to the toilet talk, his tongue and lips flurrying faster every time he hears a word like 'poop' or 'turd'. 'Jesus fucking Christ that's tight!' he says, hands firmly on my hips, pushing and corkscrewing forward until his thighs press into my cheeks, that fat tool all the way into my rectum.

Husband become a slave

fetish klammer 2018-08-19

encircled his shaft, stroking in time with my mouth and urging him to cum. I stopped sucking in order to capture his cum in my mouth. feeling his cock shrinking and the cum beginning to ooze out, and thought "I like watching these guys cumming in her. "But I really like watching that girl eating the cum As I came, my pussy ejected much of the cum John had injected into me. loved eating cum from me, and that night he put three big loads in and thought nothing of the fact that he was eating his friend's cum from me. I could feel cum dripping out and wished that John was cleaning me. Yes, under my tutelage, John had learned to love eating cum.

The Giggle Girls Pt. 01

fetish CareBearPunk 2018-08-19

Small sleepy towns were best for this sort of work, little shops with doddery old women or disinterested girls behind the counter who either didn't realise or just plain didn't care what Jack was up to. While her schoolyard reign of terror was going on Samantha's older brothers were busy muscling their way into every racket in their small sleepy hometown starting off as foot soldiers for the town's gangsters before building their own unopposed empire of extortion, fraud and general skulduggery. The video showed Jason in just his boxer shorts strapped to a pink X shaped bench in the basement of "Rizzo's" Samantha's nightclub that she had named after her favourite movie character and which was infamous locally for its raucous hen parties and ladies nights where only the bravest male strippers dared to work.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 11

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-08-19

Kate was lying casually on her side with her legs together and Brad was looking between her thighs and the hem of her shorts to see if there was gap through which he could see out. "Okay, so sometimes I 'accidentally' slip into my leather trousers and stuff," Kate giggled while trying to position her head so that her long hair reached down to touch him, "but it's only because I want to keep you safe and warm... Brad was hidden inside a short cream coloured dress which reached only halfway down Kate's tanned thighs. Wearing nothing but Brad and the jeans, Kate stepped gingerly into the hot bath, breathing slowly as the water soaked through the denim, through Brad and into her body.


fetish spice16 2018-08-19

As I hear him moving around the room I follow him with my eyes, but as he comes closer to the bed I close them. My eyes are tightly closed and my body is beginning to feel very alive. It smells like him as I breath deeply, feeling my muscles relax, he grabs my hands one at a time and puts a cuff on them. I begin to feel my body come alive as I listen to him, not knowing what will be next. His hand reaches out and softly caresses the mark he left on me, my body feels alive again, aroused, excited.

Look At My Tits

fetish yankeedog 2018-08-19

Just for a while to see what it would be like to finger myself, or to have some man want my body and hunger for me the way that I had hungered for woman in the past. “Oh I wish I were a woman just for a week, just to see what it would be like...” why is this coming out of my mouth. I rush into the house to my waiting wife and kids, kiss them all and head to our liquor cabinet. Need to cut them worked through my mind as my head continued to pound. I force my eyes open a bit and my head begins to pound harder.


fetish hazedpreppy 2018-08-19

Under my buttoned-up suit, I am wearing my neatly pressed white Brooks b*****r's oxford shirt, and silk baby blue tie. Before I can complain about my suit, Patrick shoves me against the wall, and rips open the front of my jacket, popping off each of the buttons. As Patrick pulls me from the wall, Mike grabs my arms from behind and holds me, as Rob takes a pair of scissors to my jacket. Using my tie, Patrick pulls me upright, and he and the other two guys make comments of my appearance, and Mike takes a piece of my torn suit jacket and wipes my mug clean.

That Old Adage...

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2018-08-18

As much as I loved James, I always thought he could use a little brother, but whenever I mentioned this to Helen, she would fly off the handle, talking about how she would have to do all the work carrying the baby and taking time off of work, and she simply couldn't do it. I fought hard for custody, but back then the courts felt a nine year old boy needed his mother more than his father, and in the end Helen won and she and James moved to Texas, and at 39, I was faced with the daunting task of starting my life over again.

Cheating to Cum Slave

fetish bisexaddict 2018-08-18

She came down to kiss me and asked if I liked licking Kenny's cum from her pussy. Kelly got pissed that I was watching him clean his cock off and said out loud, stop looking at my husband and start cleaning my steaming pussy, as Kelly said this she cuffed my hands with the Velcro cuffs and slipped a black blindfold over my face, so I couldn't see a thing. So as I lay down she crawled up on top of me and wrapped her muscular legs around my head and commanded me to lick and suck my spent cum from her fat, sore, bald pussy, so I did as I was told.

Caught in Panties Ch. 02

fetish pantyperv 2018-08-18

"So...what is your name again?" I was going to lie, but Tammy quickly chimed in and said, "His name is Mike, but we're thinking of coming up with another pet sissy name for him since he likes wearing panties. The sales girl took my cock in her soft little hand and I thought I would explode right there. "Well seeing as how you have been having so much fun with your panties I thought it was time for me to start enjoying my end of the bargain." I felt a sick feeling in my stomach because I knew that that meant she was planning on taking another man's cock later in the week.

Out Of (And Back Into) The Kitchen

fetish topcattopone 2018-08-18

Bob spoke to Alison, "If Diana takes off her panties, are you going to finally lose the jeans?" I pulled Bob's penis into my mouth and slid my hand up Alison's thigh. As she kissed Bob, I slid into my earlier position and cupped her breasts, but this time I pushed her bar up and took those firm lovely mammaries directly into my hands. I told Bob "I've just asked Alison to come back with us. Alison waited for me to make a move but soon followed quickly behind me as I began to kiss one of Bob's feet, licking and sucking his toes, (It was a good job we'd all had a shower!).

Brod: Elasticity Ch. 01

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-08-18

A woman a couple of tables away covered her child's ears and shot Nahid a laser-eyed look. "Ah. Besides, Nahid, Brod's a fat little Asian fuck-slave-slut-boy who likes it when we use his face as a chair for our sweaty glutes. Then you're going to fuck the control group, then the experimental group, in that order, so as not to transfer any of the solution to the control-cunts," said Nahid. Yara said, "I know we're asking to meddle with your biology, Brod, but we both have confidence that this will work. Yara wasn't even aware that she looked like Korra till I convinced her to watch cartoons. I looked down to see Thalita and Valeska smirking at me, both of them pumping my cock.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 01

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-08-18

I honestly can't put my finger on a point in time when Julie started to work on my fantasy weekend. She proudly reminded me how she was able to trust me without question when I set up her fantasies and asked "Why can't you trust me, too?" She had a point, so not wanting to hurt her feelings, I told her "Sure, Babe, if you asked me to do that, I would." "Here's what I think," she said, "You're freaked out because the dildo looks like a real cock. She kissed me and cradled my head in her hands and said "Honey, I think you're afraid you might enjoy it this way and embarrassed that I might know you enjoyed it."

I Came Early

fetish Denny 2018-08-18

I thought I had heard the front door close when I was in the shower but I couldn't be sure. Every time she bent over the tights stretched tighter and I could see her little butt hole through them. She sat down on the bed for a minute and started pulling her tights off. I could feel the sperm moving toward the head of my penis and all at once out it came. I've been waiting for you to take me like this for so long, I couldn't wait any longer," she said as her breaths were getting shorter and shorter just as mine were. I did reach over and grab her still wet tights of the doorknob and pull them over my head and take a deep long breathe.